I keep tryin' to tell myself this is just another job.

Another time, another place.

That Mal'll turn on me,

That I'll turn on him for the right price.

But I've been here longer than anywhere else,

And that right price ain't come around just yet.

Got no troubles brinin' in that prissy Doc and his crazy ass sis,

They's easy money waitin' fer me.

But what about Kaylee, the Shepard, and the little man?

Don't much see the profit in killin' them, iffin I could...

Jayne ain't a girl and Jayne ain't a dumbass.

So I'll wait on Serenity,

And wonder if that right price is comin' at all...

Right Price -- Seriously, who else is wondering if Jayne'll ever turn on the crew of Serenity? He mentioned it in the pilot and maybe acted out a bit in Ariel, but he hasn't gone up against Mal personally, or at least personally in Jayne's mind. Truth is, Serenity's probably the best and only real home Jayne's got, or will ever have. And he can't put a price on that.

Okay, I'm done being sappy. Thanks for reading!