What Sam & Danny Do -
This is my smutty little fic that I wrote at midnight listening to My Chemical Romance. It contains lewd descriptions and possibly some odd fetishes. If you like reading stuff some perverted girl wrote way past her bed-time, then go ahead! But if you don't like what you see.. Leave. Don't be dissing my smut. Kthx.

Cordie ------------------------------------------------

"Hey Danny"
Danny turned his head to look at his girlfriend, Samantha. Or Sam. As she generally preffered to be called. Or else you'd have to deal with her steel-toed boots.
"What is it Sammy-kins?" She scowled at him with a smile. Despite the fact that they had been dating for two and a half years now, she still didn't take well to the nick-names.

"Well, Danny-kins" She purred, emphasising his name. "I was thinking that to celebrate our two and a half year dating anniversary we should do something, oh; I don't know.. Extra special." She grinned with feline guile. Danny raised his eye-brows and glanced again at her from the steering wheel.
"And what would that extra-special be, then?" He was curious. Sam was an extremely unique individual... Special with Sam had to be something truly.. (for want of a better word) special.

"Hmm.." Sam smirked and looked out her window of the car as it pulled to a stop outside the bookstore she worked in. "All I can say is that you might want to buy something that comes in lots of different flavours and is not for children." She gave him a quick kiss on the lips and climbed out. Danny blinked and drove off to his workspot.

Now, don't think that Danny and Sam hadn't done anything. Believe me they had explored quite a bit. After all, they had been living in the same apartment for about.. 3 months now, was it? HOWEVER. They had abstained from one particular thing for all this time because they had not felt it right. Yes they had done things to eachother. Dirty, sordid things. Things that would make a pair of underpants worn by a tramp for three years appear reasonably clean.. But no sex. That's right! NO SEX.

So, obviously Danny was excited. He was a man and I'm not holding it against guys, but men love sex. They can sometimes live on their desires alone. And some guys just need the thought of doing it to get them going. So, of course he was going to be hyped. All he needed was some simple misleading words and he'd start thinking things. Guys just get horny easily. (Believe me I know.) Back to the story.

Danny was excited. He was going to feel the warm wetness that can only belong to his Sam's v-
"Aah, uhm. Yes, Mr William, sir"
"You seem distracted.. Were you paying attention to what I was saying"
"Yessir." Blatant lying is easy to recognize. But Mr William was the nice kind of boss. The kind who if he caught you slacking he would cough loudly and make you just feel guilty enough to make you get back to work, but he wouldn't be angry. Unless of course you were seriously fucking around. Then he'd kick your ass. I'm getting off-topic again.
"Right, Daniel. As I was saying, you've been working rather hard these past few weeks; so I've decided to give you the day off as soon as the clock hits 4:30." Of course, he hadn't actually been saying that to him before, but he could tell that Danny was itching to get back home. Mr William was that kind of person.

Danny grinned, his childish charm had not left him despite being 21. Perhaps his ghost powers had slowed the aging process down? We don't know. What we do know is that Danny only had to wait about two and a half hours 'till hometime.
'I had better find something to pre-occupy me while I'm waiting.. Time has a weird way of slowing down when you don't want it to'
He went about sorting out the CD's, then the DVD's.. And then the rentals. And then he browsed the store computer to see the new orders he needed to make and what was new. He kept trying to keep himself busy in whatever way possible. Soon all that was left was five minutes.
What's the best way to pass five minutes of your time when you have nothing to do?
I'm not sure. But what I do is count along with the second hand of the clock that I am watching.

'60.. onetoothrifouFIVEsixseveightnineTEN.. Come onnn.. Come onnn.. Thirty-fiiive.. Fourty-twoo.. Augh! Comeon. Fifty. Good enough for me. I'm gone'
He peered around the store to see if anyone was watching; then when he was sure no-one was looking his way he ducked under the desk and "went ghost".

Phasing through everything quickly he headed toward the chemist's. He walked in and quickly began souring the shelves for an assorted pack of condoms. He went up to the counter to pay for them. The chemist blinked.

"You're Danny Phantom"
"What?!" He looked at himself in the counter's reflection. "Uhm. Yes. I am, Danny Phantom. Can I please have these?" He pointed at the condoms. Double-take. Ghost-boy super-hero buying condoms. Wow. This is a first.
"Uhm.. That's be $15.65" (I'm not sure how expensive condoms are in america. I'm just guessing. :B)
Somehow, Danny managed to pay for the condoms and flew home. (Random Reader: What happened to the car? bonk'd)

He had called Sam before-hand to tell her he was coming home early. So when he opened the door, she had already prepared.

The entire apartment was dark and filled with candles that smelled really good. And there on the sofa was Sam. Her hair, long and black spilling over her shoulders onto her chest not quite covering her boobs which were perking towards him. Then there was the trail of chocolates that appeared to be glued in a great big 'X' across her nipples leading down to half-way past her thighs. And then, oh man.. Whipped cream instead of the little patch of fuzz he knew she kept as pubic hair.

"Wow." was all that he could say. He un-ghosted and slowly approached her.

She smiled at him. "I've been waiting for you.. Daniel." she purred, seductively.


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