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Where they actually have sex together. C:

What was going through our dear Danny's mind at the moment, we shan't know. But it was probably the equivalent

of a holocaust on mute... I wouldn't be surprised. Anywho, while he was staring, flabber-gasted, at Sam; he had

managed to phase through his clothes and was slowly walking towards her. Soon he found himself merely inches

away from her, staring down slightly because she was lying down on the couch. He inhaled deeply. She smelled so

intoxicatingly good. Or was it the candles.

'Who gives a flying.. fuck' Danny thought as he watched Sam propel her mouth forward in slow motion on his rapidly

stiffening penis. One quarter, a half.. Three quarters into her mouth. And out. "Ohh my fucking god.." He breathed.

Sam smiled coyly up at him, her tongue-tip on his second head.

"What's the matter? Cat got your tongue?" Danny shook his head dumbly.
"Sam got your dick?" She smirked as he watched again in amazement (and maybe even in detached horror) as she

started to suck on his erection with one hand wrapped around the base. She took her lips off him again, letting her

tongue leave last. A little bit of spittle clung on to the tip.

Danny knealt down to look closely in her eyes. Those eyes that belonged to the girl he loved.. and the girl that was

currently giving him head. He opened his mouth in hope of saying something appropriate.. Failing that; his brain

decided to do what was second best. Smooch the living day-lights out of her!
And he did just that.

Sam moaned a little as she felt his tongue sliding down the length of her jugular vein, teeth and lips leaving a trail of

moist, slightly bruised skin. Then the mouth that was causing shivers down her spine decided to take a left and head

for her boobies.
Danny watched has her pale face grew pink with the arousal. Her chest was warm and the skin was velvety soft.

'And it smells so good..' he thought absent-mindedly as he slowly stopped suckling, heading for lower regions.

I'll bet you, now that some of you have forgotten about the whipped cream she was wearing. Well, guess what? So

did Danny. That is until he accidentally breathed in some. (Real sex is never perfect.) He spluttered a bit, pushing

his tongue out to widen his air-passage.
Sam didn't notice the spluttering, but she did noticed that something warm and wet had just glided over her vulva.

And to hell with it if she didn't love that feeling.

"More.." She begged with a gasp.
Danny didn't have to be told twice.

It was like drawing things in ice-cream with your tongue. Except, it wasn't icecream and it didn't melt as you drew

letters in it. But it was very sticky. 'Heh..' thought Danny. 'It tastes kind of like yoghurt.. I wonder what it would taste

like with mashed banana..' His thoughts were brought back to earth by a very loud gasp. He stopped licking, his

tongue still stuck to her lips. He felt a surge of warmth against his lips and flutterings. A few drips of "yoghurt" hit his

tongue. He ate them up, then moved upwards to give Sam a kiss.

Her lipstick had smudged and her lips were swollen. Her pupils had dilated and he could feel her pulse beating

quickly. She smiled at him. She was flushed.
"You.. are so beautiful." He whispered to her, then drew in to feel her.
"What?" Danny asked with concern.
Sam got up and got a condom out. "We almost forgot.." She giggled and with a little difficulty, put it on him.
"Finally.. I get to know you.. biblically." He growled slightly and dove in for the kill.

Most authors put stuff in here that makes it sound like one of my mom's old romance novels. I won't. It makes

things seem more than they actually are. Okay. No more rambles.

Sam gasped in slight pain as he thrust himself into her. It felt so good and hurt a little too. She couldn't think

straight.. There was nothing but the moment. Wrapping a leg over his back and her arms around his neck she

kissed him fiercely, then as he replied she let him take control only to strike it up again as he got used to the

rhythm. All the while the pumping of their hips carried on like the steady beat of a drum.

Danny felt amazing. Or so he would say to Tucker the next day when relating the story. It was undescribable (to

him). He kissed Sam, exploring the inside of her lips with the tip of his tongue. Her eyes lit up and he felt himself

being pushed down on his back. He let out a sharp breath as he felt her gyrating her hips, letting him feel every

single inch of her insides. And then he felt he contractions. The contractions of a woman when she is feeling the

climax of her carnal desires.
That pretty much sent him over the edge. He gritted his teeth as he felt the reflexes kicking in.

A few minutes after they have had their fun...

"You're amazing.."
Sam laughed sleepily. "You weren't so bad yourself..." She nuzzles against his chest. "I love you.. never leave me."
Danny kissed her forehead gently. "I never will."
And they fell asleep together.


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