A/N:: I can't believe I'm admitting this, but the idea for this fic actually came from an episode of Zoey 101 (TV show on Nickelodeon) entitled "Chase's Grandma." (What can I say? I have to watch it with my 12 year old sisters.)

This is set just after the beginning scene in PS/SS.

FanFic 100 Challenge #:: 006- Hours

As the Hours Pass

Minerva McGonagall made her way through the enormous crowd of partygoers. She had been searching for her best friend and colleague Albus Dumbledore for what seemed like several hours. It was, she reminded herself, his fault she was there in the first place, and now it appeared he had abandoned her.

Albus had been invited to the party in celebration of the long-awaited defeat of Lord Voldemort. Since the Dark Lord's demise, feasts and celebrations of all sorts had been going on at all hours of both night and day. Albus had been reluctant to accept the invitation but finally agreed on the condition that Minerva joined him. So here she was, but where on earth had he gone? Surely he would not have left without her…

"Have you seen Dumbledore?" Minerva had begun asking every witch and wizard with whom she had previously been acquainted.

Unfortunately, no one had seen Albus, and a few (rather drunk) partygoers responded with, "Who'z Dummbledorr?" On several occasions, as she had begun walking away from a small group, Minerva distinctly heard the urgent but broken whispering among the people.

"That's her… and Dumbledore… I hear they fancy each other... No wonder he made her his Deputy Headmistress…"

Minerva clenched her teeth and pursed her lips tightly to keep from turning around and giving everyone a piece of her mind, but she was learning to deal with the rumors; this was by far neither the first nor the last time she would hear this sort of gossip.

"Hagrid, have you seen Dumbledore?" she asked the half giant.

"He went outzide," he replied in an alcohol-induced slur, "Told me not ter tell anyone.."

"Thank you," Minerva said quickly as she made her way outdoors.

The night air was warm, but no stars were visible in the sky. It was then that it began to sprinkle.

"There you are," she said to Albus in a relieved voice, finding him sitting on a large stone fountain.

Minerva wrapped her arms around herself as the rain feel harder.

"I've been looking for you," she added.

She had meant to playfully scold him for deserting her at the party, but something in his silence changed her mind. His head was bowed slightly, and he appeared to be anguished with thought.

"They don't care that so many have lost their lives in the hands of Voldemort and his followers. They celebrate his defeat, but they do not acknowledge those that have been murdered."

The haunting severity and simplicity in his voice startled her. She sat down beside him and placed an arm around his shoulder. Without another word, the hours passed as they held each other and cried together as the rain washed away the tears.


A/N:: Yeah, yeah, I know it's random and ends pointlessly, but… that's all, folks.