"Yes Kyoya. Fuhiri, Ai. One year younger than you. Everything is arranged with her father." "As you wish father." Kyoya bowed and went out of his fathers study. He should not have been surprised. His two oldest brothers were not married less than a year ago. And since he was now at his last year at Ouran it was just natural that his father had picket a fiancée for him as well. He was aware that refusing to marry this girl would not just look bad on the connection between the two families, but also lower his merits regarding his father and his dream of becoming his successor.

He was heading to his room when the alarm on his mobile went of. The meeting with his father had taken longer than anticipated. He turned and walked to the garage as someone called him on his cell. He looked at the id, sighed, and answered. "She is gone. She is nowhere on campus. Where is she Kyoya? Maybe she has been kidnapped?" "Calm down Tamaki." Kyoya interrupted him before he could say something even more ridicules. He entered the limousine, and the driver started to drive to school. "Second are working on their social studies projects all week. She will be at the club." "Sure?" "Yes." He heard Tamaki give a sigh of relief, and hanged up.

A smile formed in his face. "Tamaki, you fool." The car stooped and Kyoya got out. He walked up to the third floor, and discovered that he was nervous. This surprised him as he had been doing this for three years now, and that they didn't even have any clients today. Just an ordinary club meeting. He opened the door, and almost got hit in the head by a flaying ball. "Sorry," Kaoru bowed and went after the ball, which was now in the hall. He sighed and walked in. Although he would never admit it he liked the twins. As he, surprisingly found out, liked all of the hosts. Mori and Hunny, who, even after a year since their graduation, was member of the club. Even the host king, drama queen Tamaki, was an important part of his daily life. Maybe that was what had shaken him up earlier. That this was his last year as a host.

He looked around for the last host, and sighed as he looked at the clock. She was late, as usual. "He is just inside. If you wanted to talk to him." "It's not that important." Haruhi opened the door, in her usual attire of the male uniform, and dragged a girl after her. Kyoya knew immediately who she was. She was cute, not pretty, but cute. She looked rather ordinary with her body type and long black hair. The only thing that was out of the ordinary was her eyes. They where blue, and even though they weren't big, he immediately was drawn to them. His father could have made a worse choice. A lot worse.

He bowed, and terrified she responded. "I apologize for the interruption Mr Ohtori." "No apologizes necessary. We don't have any clients today so there is nothing to interrupt. I'm guessing you have come here verify our arrangement." She nodded. "Yes." "That's good. Then its settled." She smiled, apparently relived her business was over, and turned to get out.

"What are you talking about? "

Ai had almost gotten out of there. She clinched her teeth as she turned. She wanted to run away. But thoughts of her father mad her stay. She looked at her fiancé. He was quit good looking, even she had to admit that, but she knew he was only going to marry her because of their fathers. A boy like that wouldn't look twice at her otherwise. She was cut from her line of self-pity as she noticed six pairs of eyes bouncing between him and her.

What where they looking at? Where they judging her? Were they wondering why she was engaged to a boy like Ohtori? Did they even know? Had she mess it up? Was he going to cancel the engagement? She looked at him, but neither his face nor his eyes gave away any emotions. Was he happy? Sad? Disappointed? The silence made her mad. Did he want her to introduce herself? Was he going to introduce her? What was he going to introduce her as? His fiancée? A girl? Did he even remember her name? Ai head started throbbing.

"This is Fuhiri, Ai. My fiancée." They just looked at her. She knew if she didn't say something she would go mad. "You can call me Ai." She bowed her head, and quickly rose. Nice one Ai, not only are you slow, but dumb too. A girl from her class, Fujioka, who was masquerading as a boy for some reason came closer. "I'm Haruhi. You're in my class aren't you?" Ai nodded. Never been so grateful in her life. Haruhi smiled, and Ai had never seen such a beautiful smile since, well for a wile. Haruhi pointed at the Hitachiin twins. "They're in our class too. Hikaru and Kaoru." They bowed their head. "At your service." She pointed to a little child and the tallest man she had ever seen. "That is Hunny and Mori." They too bowed their head. Ai had never seen such a different group of people. "And that's Tamaki." The blond boy she pointed at looked as if he had a small heart attack. Ai got the feeling of running away again. The longer she was here, the longer Kyoya would notice how unfitting she was as a wife. She knew the shame if he refused her.

Ai looked very quickly at Kyoya to judge whether or not he was pleased. Again she didn't know what to think. He was impossible to read and that scared her even more. "Tamaki is the leader for this host club." He didn't move. He didn't even blink. She took a step closer to Haruhi, who she knew she could trust. "What is he looking at?" "Don't care about our lord." "He's one of the special-students." "You know, one of those who need special attention." "I'm sorry. This must come as a shock for all of you. I shouldn't have come." She looked one last time at Kyoya before she turned to walk out of the room. "Is what she says accurate mother. Is she your fiancée?" "Yes, father." Mother? Father? Ai turned again. Not quite knowing what to say, think or do? Tamaki took her hand and kissed her. Ai felt the warming blush appear in her cheeks. "The we must give this princess the treatment she deserve." Ai looked at Kyoya, and she could have sworn he was smiling.

"More tea?"

Ai was terrified as the host club hosted her. The only acceptance was Kyoya, who sat opposite her on a chair. He was glad his friends had accepted her so fast. If not for anything else, it proved she was genuine person. He knew and trusted their judgment, as well as his own. But he was disturbed about how little he knew about her.

He knew she was the 6th best in her class, that she was the oldest daughter of Fuhiri Katsu, and that her family dealt with catering and chefs. They educated and feed everyone there was to feed. Even their own family chiefs were educated at one of their schools. Her family was on the rising, and his father had done a good judgment as to combining the two families. On a more personal matter, she had two younger sisters, identical twins, and she had to take the role as the female leader quite early as her mother had disappeared 8 years earlier. When she was 9. On paper she was the perfect wife, and he knew this raised his merits with his father.

He measured her as she sat there, trying to talk to all six at once. And doing a good job actually. He was impressed at the way she not only had six different conversations, she also, to a degree, told the difference between the twins, probably thanks to her own experience with her sisters, and ate the cake Hunny forced on her. The only thing he noticed was that she didn't touch her tea. "What is the matter Ai? Don't you like tea?" She blushed, and looked down. "I'm sorry, but I don't like tea that much?"

"Why not?" Honny was always surprised when somebody didn't like sweets as much as him. "Tea was the last thing I drank with my mother before she disappeared." She looked at him, and Kyoya was stunned. There was so much sadness in her eyes, and yet so much hope. "I think I have to go. It's getting late, and my sisters will be wondering where I am." She stood up, and they followed her example. "Then it is affirmed." She had a puzzling look in her eye, before she remembered. "Yes." He followed her to the door. He had been calmed by this visit. She… He could have done worse, a lot worse.


Ai was stunned to suddenly she the teacher in front of her. She had been far away. The 40orsomething female teacher had a disappointed look on her face. And as Ai was working hard to not blush she could hear muffled laughs, which only made the job harder. "I know its exiting thing for you young girls to be engaged, but as long as you are a student at this school, I would like you to pay attention in class. It would be a shame if you didn't complete your education." Ai just nodded, not looking anywhere else but her desk.

How come everyone knew she was getting married? Then she was struck with a deeper fear. What if Kyoya didn't allow her to complete her education? Suddenly she was desperate to know. She bent over and tapped Haruhi on the shoulder. "Do you think Ohtori will let me complete my education?" "Of course Kyoya will." She whispered back. "Why wouldn't he?" Ai shrank in her chair. Afraid she had offended Haruhi. She couldn't tell her that her father hadn't let her mother complete hers.

She turned her back and started staring over the empty desk and out the window. Contemplating about what kind of husband Kyoya would make when he and Tamaki suddenly was standing right outside her window. Like he knew she was looking at him he looked up, and Ai was so startled she threw herself of the chair by accident attempting to get out of his view. "Fuhiri." Ai didn't even care that people was laughing at her. She was shaking and could almost feel how pale she was.

"She doesn't look to good, maybe she's sick." "Your right Fujioka. Fuhiri go to the nurses office." "Can I follow her?" The teacher nodded, just wanting to get back to teaching. The door closed behind them. "Thank you." Haruhi just smiled. "You are welcome." They went down the halls in silence, when Ai couldn't hold her curiosity anymore. "Why are you pretending to be a boy?" Haruhi, to Ais big surprise, didn't look surprised. "Debt, to the host club. 8 million yen, and to pay it back I need 1000 guests dedicated to me. Your fiancés work, though it was Tamaki who wanted me to be a host, Kyoya ads to my debt every time he gets." Ai was surprised. "Its better than some of the other things they wanted me to do." Ais mind was suddenly filled with scary pictures, but she quickly suppressed them, knowing logically none of them could be accurate.

"So the only reason you're a host is because Ohtori keeps adding to you debt?" She recognised Haruhis smile as one Kyoya had smiled the day before, as she was forced on the sofa. Ai got another glimpse of the two boys outside, and she stopped and looked down at them. "What kind of man is he?" "He is smart, calculating, knows everyone?" "But that doesn't explain what kind of man he is." Haruhi came up next to her, also looking down at the two boys. "He is the shadow king of the club. He pretends to be selfish, but is neither that nor greedy. He is loyal, and even thou he denies it he watches out for everyone. His best friend is Tamaki, and in many was they are very much alike." At the moment Ai couldn't see the resemblance between the bubbly blond boy, and the stiff, almost cold dark boy. She laid her palm against the chill glass. "Is he I good man?" "Yes. Very much so."

"Kyoya are you listening?"

Kyoya got the same feeling someone was looking at him, and looked up. He caught her eyes before she stepped away form the window. "What are you looking at?" When he was sure she wouldn't reappear he turned to his friend and fellow host. "Nothing. What where you saying about the winter dance?" Tamaki got a weird look in his eyes. A look Kyoya couldn't read. Or maybe he just had to much on his mind? He had tried to find out more about her, but had not succeeded. He didn't like how fast things where going. Things where moving to fast. She was only 17. He knew so little about her.

"Kyoya are you listening?" Again Kyoya tried to give Tamaki his full attention. It was about the catering. "I have already talked to someone at Fuhiri catering…." Kyoya glared at him, and to have something to do he opened his book, and started writing. Nothing particular. Just so he didn't have to look at Tamaki. "We could probably get a discount since I am engaged to the Fuhiri heir." He made the mistake and looked at him. "Is this what you want?" Kyoya closed his book, furious at himself for being so stupid. "I could have done far worse. She is a dissent girl from a respected family." "That's not what I asked Kyoya?" Kyoya glanced down at his clock. He needed to get away before he said something he would later regret.

"I have to go." "You still haven't answered my question." Kyoya stood up and left his friend behind. How could he explain? If he did this, he would be one step closer to his dream. After all it was he who had given him the hope that he could actually be named his father successor one day, regardless of him being the third son. But he did have his doubts. Marrying someone he didn't know. He knew so little about her.

"Ms Fuhiri, you have company."

Ai looked up from the book as Mana cam in. She was Ais mot trustworthy servant, and had worked in that household since before Ai was born. "Who is it?" "Seven young men. One is mr Ohtori." Ai stood up, mildly panicking, but had learned long ago not to show it. "Show them inn, and ask the chief to make some snacks. Cake to mr Haninozuka, but otherwise a little bit of everything. I'm not quite sure what the others like.

Tell them I will be joining them in a moment." Mana left, and Ai looked down now desperately trying to get nonexistent dust of her green dress. She had to get used to seeing them now, she guessed, since they where here fiancés best friends. Hun breathed in and out a couple of times, and had to sit down before she fainted. Her grip on the chair tightened until her fingers where white.

Why am I doing this? Her eyes rested on a picture of two eight year old girls with short hair and big brown eyes. Oh yeah. She let go of the chair, rose once more, and went to greet her guests as the hostess she was.