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"Ai, will you marry me?" "If you want to." He rose. He was angry, and Ai bit her lower lip. "I'm sorry Kyoya, was that not what you wanted to hear?" "This isn't about me or what I want Ai. I thought you had finally realised that. Do you want to marry me?" She looked at him. How can he still not get it?

"Do you remember my promise? About doing everything I could to help you get your dream." He nodded.

"Do you know why I made that promise?" "No, but…"

"Because I realised that you and I were not that different. We were both haunted by a dream that seemed impossible because of the surroundings of our birth. Given to us by men who didn't seem to see us."

She took his hands and kissed them. They smelt of cologne and medicine and were smooth to the touch.

"Five years ago I would have married a boy I didn't know to save my sisters. Now I want to marry the man I love, because I haven't dreamed of anything else the last six months." Kyoya smiled and went in to kiss her but was stopped by her laughing.

"What?" "Yesterday, Haruhi dragged me into a bride shop to try on dresses. It was like she knew." "She did know. Who do you think was my consultant on the ring?"

"And she didn't tell me?" Ai looked smiling up at him as she went in for a new kiss. "I'll have to thank her one day." They kissed, and just like the first time her entire body was on fire.


"Yes father." He hadn't talked to his father in five years, never quite forgiving him for what he had done to Ai.

He just told his father the good news, and he took it like expected. Like he really didn't care. Kyoya rose to leave. Furious that his father still couldn't be happy for him.

"Have I told you about your mother?" "No." Not since I was six and got scolded for bringing her up.

For a moment his father looked very tired. Like he had carried the world on his shoulder for a long time. Some of Kyoyas resentment left him, but only some.

"I met you mother when I was about your age. She was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. Dumb as a doornail, but kind as the day was long. There wasn't an evil bone in her body, or evil word in her mouth. But she was poor. Your grandfather was furious. He said that merit is the only thing worth working by and working for."

Kyoya wanted to point out that his father had told him the same thing as long as he could remember, but decided not to.

"I was young and in love, and I married her. He said I wouldn't inherit, but died before he could make it official. That was actually the last time we talked. When I heard about Ai I thought se was like your mother. She was always so quiet when I treated her."

"If you really thought she was like mom, why did you let him do that for her? Why didn't you try to help her?" "It was an agreement Kyoya. Work related. And by the way I did try to help her. Why did you think I wanted her to marry you?"

Kyoya just looked at him. His father kept looking out into space, remenicing about a past only he remembered. "But I was wrong. Ai is smart, brave, and not nearly as lovely as your dear mother."

"Dad, if you are trying to say you don't want me to marry her, after what you did." "If I asked you to chose. The business or Ai, what would you choose?" Kyoya was confused, to put it lightly. "If I told you that you would inherit the business if you didn't marry Ai, what would you choose?"

"Ai. Of course I choose Ai. Father, if I am to inherit I want it to be because you think I am the best. I wouldn't exchange Ai for anything, and I will marry her blessing or not." Kyoya rose and started to walk out of the office.

"Kyoya, you have my blessing." "Thank you." Kyoya closed the door behind him. He was angry with his father, but pleased as well. He felt like he had been tested, and won.