His Guardian Angel: Sneak Peek

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I'm doing this more or less to alert people to the presence of the sequel, hereby updated!! Think of this as kind of a trailer thing. This will also be used as a summary in the beginning of the first chapter of HGA.

My name is Anna. I used to be an assassin, the best in the world. Then, naturally, the best had to come face to face with the best, and I was challenged by no other than L, the world's greatest detective.

It was a long and tiresome struggle, one in which neither of us could best the other. The victims increased, the death toll was counting. I was confident of my win. And then, of course, he went and took an action I never thought he would. Despite his brilliant and daring stratagems, I held strongly to my bias that the authority were people who put themselves behind locked door, directing others from a haughty and omniscient point of view. I believed that they hated to get their hands dirty, and they would never dare to confront me without comfort of their guards.

I thought L was the same, just like them. No name, no face, just a brilliant mind behind a locked door with no intention of putting himself in danger.

Except then, he shattered everything I believed in.

He stepped out of his locked doors, he had no back up, he got his hands dirty, he confronted me alone.

Even then, breathless as I fought him, I thought I could take him down. But then, he allowed me to capture him, and ripped apart my safe haven from within, destroyed everything I had, everything I worked for, and gave me something new. He gave me a will to live.

He's saved me from the executioners, but not only them. Five times he saved my life. Only a few times I repaid the debt. Despite my efforts, I owed him, and I couldn't let that happen. So, I was eager when I received his call, asking me to be his black hand in tracking down the supernatural murderer, Kira.

Nothing ever goes the way you expect to when you're with L. But this time, something happened that neither of us expected. Through this series of events, I saved his life, he saved mine. I fell into freezing rivers, was pounded down by a rain of bullets, overcame all my fears, and confronted and defeated a Shinigami in battle. All because of him.

All for him.

And then, I died, and I promised him that….since I still owed him favors, I would come back.

I would come back as His Guardian Angel.

I didn't realize though, the mistakes that we'd made, the hearts we'd shattered, the promises we'd broken for each other. I didn't see the monster we were creating, until it was wreaking havoc upon the world. I didn't realize it then, and now it's too late.

It's too late, because I no longer remember.


My name is Delilias, the sin of Deceit, the Eighth Sin.

I am a Halfling Shinigami, one of the Greater Dead, and second in command of the Shinigami realm under command of the Shinigami King.

My mission: to destroy the Seven Archangels and the Kingdom of Heaven.

My assets: all the armies of Shinigami I desire, and the power of the Seven Deadly Sins.

My obstacle: L Lawliet, and the faint, vague memories of my love for him.

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