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Summary: Uchiha Haru died a thousand years ago. Or did he? As events from the past catch up on both Naruto and Sasuke, can they all stop the oncoming evil, in the form of Uchiha Itachi and Madara. Along with the hordes of evil souls which come along with them. HPNarutoxover

Uchiha Haru

Chapter I: The Origins of Uchiha

By The Morrigu

'Theres something I cant see
something living in the way you smile
Behind those eyes you lie
And theres nothing I can say
Cause im never gonna change your mind
Behind those eyes you hide' – 3 Doors Down

My name is Harry James Potter. I was born July 31st 1980. I died October 11th 1998. You are now asking yourself – how could he be dead, if I am writing this? But in the terms of the magical community, it can mean many things. At the age of 18, I had graduated from Hogwarts, defeated Lord Voldemort, and was one of the richest men alive. But, I had no care, for these titles nor my worth. My friends had left me for the other side, leaving me to wallow in self-pity. As mentioned before this all changed when I died. It happened quite quickly. One second I was drinking some alcohol in my apartment, the next I was being pinned down b y a woman of unparallel beauty. All I felt were two sharp pinpricks of pain and then I lost consciousness. When I reawakened, I was in a large room, in an unknown place. Surrounding me were my things, which had been hastily packed from the looks of it. Then, from the corner of the room, a feminine voice spoke. Whose accent was of unknown mixture.

"So, you have awoken." Violet eyes stared out from the darkness.

My head turned towards the corner, as I watched a woman step out from the darkness. She had long black hair, and pale skin. Full, blood red lips. She was quite tall for a woman, and had the air of someone much older than they appeared.

"Where am I?" I asked, trying to sit up in the bed, but my head swam, and I felt extremely weak. 'Who was this woman?'

"Hush my childe, sleep." I felt my eyes begin to close, as sleep consumed me. Buy my last thought was 'Childe?…Only vampires…what has she done to me!'

My fears proved true, naturally. On October 11th 1998, I died. Yet, you could also say that my life began, in the form of an undead. My sire, by the name of Alessandra, was a little over two thousand years old. She had once been an east European sorceress, before she was turned. Now, she was one of the oldest vampires in existence. She kept me locked in her manor, in the far North of the planet. She taught me about the way of the vampires, the abilities they had. She also let me go through her library, which had two thousand years worth of books in there. I think that she found me amusing, as I could catch her staring at me from time to time. It seemed to me that she had an obsession, with 'her little vampire'. My main concern was that of the wizarding world, and how they were reacting to my sudden disappearance. But as the years passed – I lost my care. I lost my care for most things. Except knowledge, and my wish to escape. At first I thought that my sire kept me locked in because direct contact with sunlight for a vampire as young as I was, was fatal. But as I aged, I realised that I could go out now, without harm to myself.

But still, I remained locked inside. My hatred for my sire increased. To the extent that five hundred years after my death, I killed her. I drained her dry, draining her of blood and power. So, when I watched her body turn to dust, my mind was reorienting itself. I had the knowledge and power of three thousand years existence, and the blood of my sire on my lips. I felt invincible. Yet, I knew that I wasn't. Once I had calmed down, I emptied the manor and shrank everything into a trunk. I then shrunk the trunk, and put it on the back of a locket, which I wore around my neck. From then on, I began my travels. The first place I went to were the old temples of North China. I met with the monks, and trained myself. Although I was an 'evil creature', they treated me no different than anyone else. For five hundred years, I travelled the world. I learnt various languages, cultures. Read thousands of books, both muggle and magical. Books on biochemistry, algebra, old Egyptian Hieroglyphs, alchemy, necromancy, blood magic, and wandless magic.

This was until I found a place to settled. I had heard of a country, hidden, unless you knew it was there. This country was on the coast of Japan. Where it was said people with amazing abilities lived, these were the true ninja. I journeyed there. A place where no one had heard of me, a place where I could be free.

I had no idea how long I spent journeying those areas, changing my looks and identity with casual ease. Then, once I had learnt everything about this society, I joined them. I made a home for myself in the Country of Fire, in one of the many villages in the area surrounded by many ninja clans who protected the country and its people. I had found that I had a talent for music, my one and only creative skill. So I set up a shop of music, creating and selling instruments, and teaching people how to play them. It was during this, that I met my future wife. Her name was Hyuuga Hitomi. She came to the shop one day looking for an instrument to play. In the end, she chose the flute. During my lessons teaching her, we got close. Over time, I proposed, and we married. During this, I met her family and got threatened numerously by them. So, on May 15th, Hyuuga Hitomi married Uchiha Haru.

"Haru." Called Hitomi, watching her husband, as he sat under the cherry blossom trees in their garden. He opened his green eyes, and smiled at her. "Matsumi want you to help her with her violin. She is having problems."

"What is Madara up to?" asked Haru, standing.

"Training with his uncle." Said Hitomi, while Haru rolled his eyes.

The two had gotten married eight years ago, and now had a pair of seven-year-old twins as a result. Both of them had dark hair, and pale skin. However, their eyes were a black-green colour, which meant that they had not inherited the Byakugan. Hitomi and her family had decided to begin their training early in order to make up for the missing Kekkei Genkai. While Madara spent as much time as possible with his mother's family, training. Matsumi balanced her time between the Hyuuga's, and her father, learning how to play the violin. It was no secret that Madara held more respect for his mother, than his father. His mother was a powerful ninja of a powerful clan, his father was a civilian. Though both he and Matsumi, who although they were twins, agreed rarely. They agreed that something about Uchiha Haru made the two seven year olds listen and obey. Something strange, at time they would catch their father's mask when it fell, revealing a deep loneliness and loss. But mostly, Haru was a happy go lucky guy, who only found peace playing music, and being with his family.

Haru stretched his lithe body out, and got up, revealing pale skin to the sun. A strange thing about being a nosferatu was that once you got old enough to withstand the sun, your skin never changed colour. Several healers had asked him on his travels, if he was anaemic. He just laughed it off. Haru made his way into their moderately sized home, and to the place where a seven-year-old Matsumi stood before some music scrolls, written by Haru himself, and held a violin in her pale hands.

"Otousan." Called Matsumi, grinning at him. Haru smiled, happy that at least one of his eldest children liked him. Matsumi and Madara did look alike, so to see a smile on Matsumi's face, made it look as though Madara was smiling at him.

"Your mother said you required help?" asked Haru, walking towards her.

"Yes, I can't quite manage the last few notes." Stated Matsumi, pointing at them with her finger. Haru then took the proffered instrument, and closed his eyes as he began to play music that he had long ago memorised. He played it at a slightly lower tempo, so his daughter could see his movements. He opened his eyes, to see Matsumi nodding her head.

"See where you went wrong?" asked Haru, handing her the instrument back.

"Hai. Arigato."

"Not a problem. If you have any more problems call me. I will be in my work shop." He left, leaving to the noise of his daughter's music.

As a vampire, he didn't need sleep. Nor did he need to eat, drink or even breath. But he did all of those things to appear normal. The only thing he had to do was drink blood. Which he did do but to the extent where he could survive, and he never killed anyone. So one night, Haru remained awake, listening to his wife's breathing beside him. He closed his eyes, getting his mind to relax, when he heard the sound of the slightest footfalls, outside of the house. He scowled slightly. Intruders. Keeping his eyes closed, he tracked their movements as they entered the house and went to Madara and Matsumi's room. A scream awoke his wife, and he pretended to awaken as well. Both of them ran to their eldest children's room, momentarily ignoring their other two children who peeped out of their room.

In the twin's room, two masked individuals had intruded upon them. Matsumi had been pinned to the wall, and had a kunai inches from her throat. Madara was fighting back. Both of them had red eyes. Ignoring the irony. He watched as Hitomi entered, like a lioness protecting her young, and no long after both trespassers exited the room via the window. Haru then disappeared from the room, before reappearing not long after wards, wiping his mouth on his shirt. He then sent the five-year-old Kai and the three-year-old Senou back to sleep. Returning to the twins' room, looked at the two pale faced, and shocked children.

"You two okay?" asked Haru, watching them, as they stared at the red eyes mirrored in one another. Astonished.

"Our eyes are red." Said Madara, confused.

"Most likely an evolved Byakugan. Activated when your lives were in danger." Said Hitomi.

"I was never in danger." Said Madara, stubbornly.

"That is a matter of opinion." Replied Haru. "Can You turn them back?" Both children concentrated, and then their eyes turned back to their original black-green colour.

So was the discovery of the Sharingan, and from this began the discovery of what it was able to do. Over the next five years, the twins improved. They learnt a lot using the Sharingan, learning new jutsu's and fighting styles in a matter of weeks. While Haru didn't appear to have much influence over Madara, he explained to Matsumi that relying on the Sharingan was a weakness. She reluctantly agreed, and became both sly, cunning, and a genius in her own right. All without using the Sharingan.

Over the years, Haru had let himself artificially age, so as to no arouse suspicion. It was, however, a dead weight upon his magic, but when said magic recovered it would be more powerful than before. More years went past and when the twins became young adults, and extremely powerful ninja in their own right, Haru realised it was then that everything began to go bad. Matsumi and Madara were friends with all of the Hyuuga and especially with those of their own generation. One evening, Haru was playing the cello, his preferred instrument. Matsumi, Madara and Hyuuga Rei, went into the forest to train. Minutes, maybe hours later, he heard Matsumi screaming. Haru stood up and swiftly left the room, heading towards where they had gone at a fast pace. When he got there, the grounds, trees, everywhere, even the very air you breathed, had blood and body parts on. The coppery smell and taste was encompassing, and Haru felt his darker side react with it. Aching to be released. These body parts, he recognised as being that of Hyuuga Rei.

Matsumi was knelt on the ground, sobbing and screaming. She was covered in blood and appeared to be trying to claw at her own skin. Madara stood before her, blood on his hands, and staring into her eyes, a malevolent grin on his face. His Sharingan was activated, but it looked different. When Madara's gaze switched to his own, Matsumi's screaming stopped, and she collapsed to the ground, unconscious.

"Father." Said Madara, sneering.

"Madara. What happened here, and what is wrong with your sister?"

"She's weak. That is what is wrong with her. Can't stomach a little death." He chuckled darkly. "I wonder if you can?" His eyes flared dangerously. "Tsukiyomi."

Haru felt something try and enter his mind, but the feeling disappeared as fast as it came. Madara widened his eyes in shock.

"I take it you have been experimenting with your Sharingan, and found something new. But you wouldn't have killed Rei for no reason. More than likely, you realised what was required for you to gain this new level of power. Using this new level, you tormented your sister. How disappointing."

"Me? Disappointing? How about you? Who spends his time creating musical instruments and writing music. That is nothing to be proud of." Hissed Madara.

"The best kept secrets are those just in front of your eyes." Replied Harry, mysteriously, before disappearing and reappearing just behind Madara. "I suggest you run, Madara. Fade away from existence. I suggest you go, before I do something that I might regret."

Madara didn't know quite what to do, but decided to leave. That was the last anyone saw of Uchiha Madara for a very long time.

Haru stepped forwards and picked up Matsumi with ease. He carried her back to the house, and laid her upon her bed.

"Tousan!" called one of the younger ones, as they began to search the house for their father. Leaving the room, he closed the door. They couldn't see their sister like this.

"I'm here. Where is your mother?" asked Haru, as Kai stared up at him.

"She's outside. What's going on?" asked Kai, before staring at his father's hands. "Is that blood?"

Haru stared at his son, whose eyes had slits in them, before they returned to normal. Haru nodded his head, before walking downstairs.

He had realised some time ago that the two genes, which resided in him, the vampire and wizard ones, has both passed onto his children. Whereas in him, both were harmonized, while somehow remaining dominant. In his children, one was dominant, while the other recessive. It was this, which allowed the Sharingan to exist, when mixed with the Byakugan. In each of his four children, this mix was different. Kai was a dominant vampire, whereas Senou was a dominant wizard. The twins, however, were different. The genes were balanced to a degree, with both genes fighting for dominance at different intervals. Madara seemed to have inherited the vampire blood lust, general better than average wizard senses, and supernatural abilities. Whereas Matsumi had the flexibility, hearing and memory of a vampire, while having the unused abilities of a witch. Her aversion to blood, while being a ninja, showed this.

Haru sighed. For all of his four thousand and seven hundred years of knowledge, he didn't know what to do. He had to tell his wife. But didn't want her to feel guilty over what happened. So he gave in and told her. Hitomi had been devastated upon hearing about what happened, and severely disgusted with Madara. Matsumi remained in a comatose state, but she was awake just unresponsive. As the years went passed, soon the only one living in the house was Haru, Hitomi and Matsumi. Hitomi now helped her family out, having been thinking about retiring as an active ninja. Haru cared for his only daughter, who hadn't spoken a word for twenty years.

Haru cared for her, spoke to her, and told her of his life. He told her all about vampires, their customs. He also told her about magic, and the sheer wonderment that magic was. As time passed further, Haru realised that it was time he moved on, and 'died', so he did just that. To the world Uchiha Haru died at the age of sixty-three. Remembered for being a loving husband, father, and for being a brilliant musician. His grave was the first grave within the Uchiha Graveyard. This graveyard is the same place where every Uchiha is buried, for hundreds of years.

Haru disappeared flitting through countries, on the trail of his son. He travelled home to his own world, and still found no trace. By the time he did, he saw that it would be a fruitless venture. So he returned to the hidden countries. Here, he befriended a family, and gave their family a task. When it was time for him to awaken, they would awaken him from his sleep. They agreed. Then at the mental age of five thousand and four hundred years, and the physical age of two thousand seven hundred and fifty four, Uchiha Haru, otherwise known as Harry Potter, went to sleep. To be awoken four hundred years later.

Uzumaki Naruto awoke from his fitful dream, breathing heavily and sweating. He looked at the clock on the wall, and saw that it was far too early to be awake. He sighed. The dreams had begun fifteen years ago, when Uchiha Sasuke had first spoken to the Kyuubi no Kitsune. It appeared to have unlocked something from within him, of memories of a women with black hair and red eyes.

The woman would always be standing on an endless amount of water, smiling at him. She would speak to him, but he couldn't hear her. It had been like this from the start. The odd thing about her is that she appeared to have a very Uchiha-look about her. Naruto shook himself from his thoughts, and began to get ready for the day ahead. He put on his ANBU cloak and mask. A fox mask – oddly fitting. Obviously Tsunade's idea of a joke.

The thirty year old sighed, and exited his apartment, moving towards ANBU HQ. Inside, he entered the mission centre, where the teams were already preparing to switch from night shift to day shift.

"Kitsune-sama." Murmured a younger member, letting him past almost immediately. Naruto smiled beneath his mask. Those of his generation who were ANBU, were the best their age. They were the oldest active ANBU members, as most usual retired after five years. They had all been ANBU for at least eight years.

"Batto-sama." Murmured Naruto, as one of his comrades walked past, before stopping and nodding to him. Hyuuga Neji.

"Ohayo, Kitsune-san." Said Neji, staring at his friend and teammate, through the slits within his mask. He knew something was wrong, he always did.

"Where is Ookami-san?" asked Naruto, as he picked up a report, and began to scan it.

"He's out doing his business, as per usual. We should expect him here soon." Replied Neji.

"Good." Murmured Naruto. "Looks like we have the site of one of the old villages to patrol. How boring."

"Not everything in this life is supposed to keep you occupied." Replied Neji.

"Well, it should." Shot back Naruto, childishly.

The two ninja made their way to the entrance, when a third member appeared, wearing a wolf mask.

"Your late, Ookami-san." Murmured Neji.

"You are getting more and more like sensei as time goes by." Stated Naruto, as the three ran out of the gates of Konoha.

"Don't compare me to that hentai, dobe." Shot back the masked figure. Otherwise known as Uchiha Sasuke.

Naruto rolled his eyes beneath his mask, not bothering to offer a retort to the statement. Something, which startled both of his team members. Something was definitely wrong with Naruto.

Throughout the day the three of them went through the old cities and towns, which had long, since been untouched, checking for signs of new activity. Once they had made a few rounds, they began to make their way back. Until Sasuke slowed down, causing his companions to do the same.

"What is wrong?" asked Neji.

"I cannot run through this area. It would be against all respect I ever had for my clan." Stated Sasuke, his eyes focused on the gate ahead, which had the Uchiha Symbol on it. Neji quietened, as did Naruto.

"So this is the Uchiha Graveyard?" murmured Neji, his eyes flicking towards Sasuke.

"Do you want to go in?" murmured Naruto, who for some reason felt the sudden urge to enter. But didn't. That was Sasuke's choice. Sasuke shrugged his shoulders, and the three of them entered. Sasuke began to walk a seemingly well-worn path. While Naruto looked towards Neji for answers.

"All Uchiha's have always been buried here on these grounds. They have been in the family for years, well before Konoha was ever thought of. Neji pointed towards an old, derelict home. A ruin. "That is where the family lived before Konoha was established."

Naruto spared a glance at Sasuke, seeing him standing in front of two graves. Didn't take a genius to see whose graves those were. There were hundreds of graves here. The older ones far more ornate, in comparison to the newer ones. Naruto's eyes focused on what appeared to be the oldest grave there. He walked towards it, before cleaning off the mould, reading the inscription.

"Uchiha Haru.

A Brilliant Musician

A Loving Husband

A Loving Father

Till The Very End."

A sudden image of a tall man, with long black hair, pale skin, aristocratic features and green eyes entered his mind. As did the sounds of a haunting, cello song.

"Naruto." He whipped his head around, to see Sasuke stood next to him. Why didn't he sense him coming? "Something wrong?"

"No." said Naruto, hastily. His eyes remained upon the grave. There was something odd going on. "Sasuke who was this guy?" asked Naruto.

"The first Uchiha. My great great whatever grand father. Why are you so interested?"

"I don't know." Said Naruto, massaging his head. A migraine was coming on. His vision began to darken, as his senses faded out. He vaguely heard his teammates calling out his name, before he blacked out.

"Where am I?" murmured Naruto, his eyes scanning the area he was in.

"He's coming." Echoed a feminine voice.


"He's coming."


"He will save us from the doom."

"Who will?"

"My father."

Naruto whirled around and a woman was crouched, her long black hair trailing behind her, and her dark green eyes were watching him like a hawk.

"Who?" murmured Naruto, as the woman's somewhat crazed green eyes stared at him.

"Watch out for the weasel and its master. They are coming after you, Uzumaki Naruto."

"Who are you?" hissed Naruto.

"I am you."

Naruto opened his eyes, seeing a pair of brown ones inches from his face.

"Aaaah!" screeched Naruto.

"Good to see that you are awake." Replied Tsunade. He looked around the room. They were alone. "You had us worried."

"Hmmm…" said Naruto.

"What happened? Why did you pass out?" demanded Tsunade, staring at him.

Naruto looked down, unsure of what to say.

"Do you think that dreams mean things?" asked Naruto. Tsunade raised an eyebrow.

"Are you asking me as a friend, or as a medic-nin?"


"Personally, dreams can represent many different things, our aspirations, our fears, why?"

"I keep dreaming about a woman."

Tsunade smirked slyly.

"Not like that. I do not know this woman, I have never seen her before in my life. Then while I was unconscious, I saw her again. She spoke to me. She kept saying, 'He's coming.' That 'He will save us.' She was referring to her father. She told me to watch out for the weasel and its master." Here he paused.

"What else?"

"She said that she was me."

Tsunade's eyes flashed.

"But the only thing that can give that reply…" Her eyes drifted to his stomach, where the seal was. "Kyuubi."

"I know."

"So this woman…is the demon. In its original and true form. The human form it was in before it became what it is." She paused. "You fainted in the Uchiha Graveyard." He nodded. "Then I get the feeling that the Kyuubi no Kitsune, no, this woman, is an Uchiha."


Many miles away a small family home, hidden away in the mountains. A woman awoke, her eyes wide. Her father, many years ago, informed her of their family legacy. Why they remained living near the cave for the past four hundred years. They were to guard the caves that led into the mountain. Only when the time came were they to enter the caves and awaken what was inside. Cho, that was her name, smiled grimly. She realised what her dream was. It was the sign. She made her way out of the house and walked towards the caves. She continued until she came to a cavern. Within the cavern was a cocoon-like thing. She walked up to it, and pressed her hand upon it, and felt tiny sharp pricks al over her palm, and saw that her hand was bleeding.

Stepping back, she watched as the cocoon unravelled itself, revealing a dark haired, naked man, wearing a locket around his neck. Suddenly, glowing green eyes opened, capturing her with their depths.

"Yes, it is time." He hissed.

Time Line

1998- Harry died. Age: 18.

2504- Killed sire. Age: 524. Mental Age: 2664

3021- Finish Travels – Goes to Hidden Countries. Age: 1041 Mental Age: 3181

4094- Settle Into Hidden Countries Age: 2114 Mental Age: 4254

4096- Marry Hitomi. Age: 2116 Mental Age: 4256

4097- Madara and Matsumi Born. Age: 2117 Mental Age: 4257

4099- Kai Born Age: 2119 Mental Age: 4259

4101- Senou Born Age: 2121 Mental Age: 4261

4104- Sharingan Discovered Age: 2124 Mental Age: 4264

4116- Madara's Discovery. Age: 2136 Mental Age: 4276

4139- Haru 'dies' Age: 2159 Mental Age: 4299

4177- Kyuubi Materialises Age: 2197 Mental Age: 4337

4734- Goes To Sleep Age: 2754 Mental Age: 4894

5190- Naruto Time Line Starts Age: 3210 Mental Age: 5350

5208- Haru Awakens Age: 3228 Mental Age: 5368

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