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Sakura dropped her bag.

Correction. Sakura threw her bag to the floor in blazing fury.

In her mind, she was riding every possible explanation to this situation. After all, cellos didn't break themselves. Who the hell did this? What would possess someone to take a two thousand dollar instrument and play baseball with it?! What sane person would take someone else's property--her teachers property--and utterly...

Sakura snapped her fingers against the wall. Without a second thought, she reopened her door and slammed it behind her. Her jade eyes lightened their hue, bordering on a translucent icy green. The stairs loomed before her, offering an obstacle between her and her prey. Instead of steamrolling down them, she hopped over the railing and sailed down, her landing creating a pleasant boom in the house.

Massaging her fist, she crossed the living room rounded the corner, stopping at the sliding glass doors. Outside, Sasuke and Naruto were doing pushups, bickering about something.

Fucking idiots.

She took her hand and smashed it against the glass, pushing it aside. Inside, she almost wanted it to break, but that would be a mess. Standing there at her destination, Sakura looked at the ground next to her feet. Slowly, she lifted her head and stared directly at Sasuke. In a slow and venomous voice, she uttered very low her death warrant.

"Strike three, Uchiha."

Gracefully floating across the yard, Sakura stopped in front of Sasuke and bent down. Her nose was inches away from his.

"Absolutely no one calls my food trash when they haven't tried it. No one calls me weak if they haven't taken me on. And positively absolutely no fucking one goes into my room and destroys my fucking property!"

Lifting her hand, she brought it down as hard as she could across his face. The noise crackled in the air, leaving the air devoid of sound for minutes afterward.

Picking herself up, Sakura pivoted around and crossed the yard.

- - - -

Dinner was silent that night.

Naruto wasn't used to this silence--even at home he found ways to keep his apartment from being soundless. It unnerved him. As he watched Sasuke chew slowly, Naruto realized none of them had spoken a word since the incident. He sighed. How long was this going to go on?

Silverware clanked against the porcelain plates, sounding sharp and loud in the void. Every little noise felt like it was going to bust his eardrums. Gently, Naruto put his fork down, not wanting to add to the war of shrill sounds in the air. He picked up his drink and sipped it, looking over the edge at the food. It turned out to be pretty good, despite it's odd texture and taste. From his dusky memory banks, he recalled it to be called 'spaghetti,' or something like that. Even if it did involve noodles, it was defiantly not ramen.

Finally, Sakura pushed her plate aside and stood up. Wordlessly, she scooted the chair back into place and walked away. No one asked her where she was going.

- - - -

"Why does he hate me so much?" Sakura cried, cuddling into Kurama's broad chest. Smiling, he wrapped his arms securely around her and offered his jacket for her use. Nodding, she heartily blew her nose into it, thanking him with a few nods of her head. Sighing, Kurama sat down on the bench, motioning for her to sit next to him. Still slightly sniffling, she plopped down on his lap.

Kurama held his chuckle, instead running her fingers through the locks of her hair. It was so different from the dyed and primped hair of the other girls, who go so much out of their way to destroy what was already fine. So vastly different, was this Sakura Haruno.

"I do not think he dislikes you, Sakura," he breathed, kissing the top of her head. She looked up from his shoulder, her eyes shimmering with tears.

"He completely demolished my cello! My teacher's cello! How can he not hate me?"

With another warm smile, Kurama leaned down and took her lips in his own, gently sucking on them. She opened them slightly, her head feeling light as his tongue entered her mouth and made contact with her own. Why couldn't the guys at home be like this? To just take girls in their laps and kiss them 'till the pain goes away? She shut her eyes and languished in the moment.

Finally, Kurama broke away, leaning down further to the delicate portion of her neck. He kissed her skin gently, breathing a hot trail of kisses to her ear. Breathlessly, he whispered her name, giving her another solid kiss to her temples.

"How could hate anyone as beautiful as you?"

Speechless, Sakura turned and shyly touched her lips to his cheek, not sure what to say to that. Nothing but the intense pounding of her heart penetrated her thoughts. Really, had anyone ever called her beautiful and kissed her so lovingly? Why couldn't the guys be like this at home indeed. She'll just have to take him home.


The thought struck Sakura like a heavy lead pan dropped from a roof. Would she really have to go back? Back to being the third wheel?

Kurama lifted her, making her eyes level with his own.

"Something else is bothering you."

Sakura turned away, slightly stunned at his ability to read her so well. Sighing, she nodded, wiping a fallen tear from her face.

"I don't want to go home," she mumbled, pulling herself closer to him on his lap. The wind was gently nipping at her, the moon starting to float above the trees like soap suds on dishwater. Even the breeze was more inviting than the harsh gusts at home. Kurama's bright laughter broke the cheerful air.

"Not thinking of running away with me, are you?"

Sakura jumped in his lap, her shock evident on her face.

"What? I--I--no! I can't do that! My mom--and--and--missions--!"

Kurama placed a quick kiss on her lips.

"Just joking with you, love. Now, I think I can help you," he cooed, tugging his jacket off. While gently setting her feet on the ground, he pulled it over her shoulders and stood upright. Almost immediately she enveloped him again. Kurama laughed, using his foot against the bench to keep himself upright. Under his chin, he felt her laughing along with him.

Nothing could ever compare to the happy leap his heart made in his chest.

- - - -

Amazing, she thought, watching his strange plant put back the last fragment of wood. Tiny vines emerged from the rest of the cello and snagged the piece, weaving it back into place. Suddenly, the instrument shuddered, vines escaping out the bottom and returning to the seed in which they first peered from.

"That was totally cool, Kurama," she whispered, picking up her instrument to examine it. It felt exactly the same as it had before.

"No problem. If there is anything else Uchiha-san has 'impaired,' I can quickly assess that as well."

"Oh, no! The cello is all! Hey, I know! Let me play something for you! Just give me a sec, I have to tune it," Sakura said as she leaped for her bow, brimming with sudden inspiration. Tightening it briskly, she set it back aside and plucked her strings, making quick adjustments using the pegs. After doing the act so many times, she was getting pretty decent at it. Even Ms Sears said so. And that woman never gave much praise. Animal-loving hockey nut, yes, but loving and praising teacher--not. For the class to receive a word of good will from her it would take something next to God.

Propping the cello up between her knees, she brought the bow over the strings and placed her fingers on the fingerboard, smiling. She looked up at Kurama, simple happiness pouring out of her eyes from her soul.

"I'm not that good, but Ms Sears says if I practice, I can do it. Just don't laugh, ok?"

Kurama chuckled.

"I would not dare. Please continue."

Sakura nodded. Taking a deep breath, she lifted the bow in the air and put it back down. It was a ritual she developed, special to her alone. Such a small gesture, but it helped calm her nerves somehow. Finally, she picked a note out of the air in her mind, visualizing what the first sound be like. Grimacing, she tugged her bow across the strings and hoped for the best.

Deciding it was enough of that note, she moved on to the next one, progressing up the C major scale. Born from her clenched hands was a second note, slightly wobbly compared to her first. Sakura panicked, quickly moving onto the third note of the scale. Her eyes widened as it turned out to be sharp, turning her beautiful scale into a freakish mutant mode of nature.

Her eyebrows rose almost into her hairline as she skipped the fourth note completely, her bow sliding over to the G string.

Oh, no! I forgot F! Should I go back?

Biting her lip, Sakura hit her missed note briefly before going onto the sixth note. Dread spread again as this note also turned out to be a warped version of an musical sound. Cursing at herself, she dropped back to G, deciding that she didn't need to get to the top of the scale. Then she played the F again, dismayed when her hand slipped and a random B flat erupted from her instrument. Sakura paused, not sure what she was suppose to do next. Figuring something had to get done, she played the bottom note--an open C. It rang with intensity, echoing against the walls and inching up the hallway. Sakura smiled devilishly, relishing in the pure majestic sound.

Finally, she looked up, grinning from ear to ear. Kurama was smiling thoughtfully, a hand resting under his chin. Sakura was about to ask a question, but a shadow rose from the doorway. Her eyes left Kurama's handsome face to peer at the figure in the doorway.

Onyx eyes were glaring back at her.