March 13, 2003

Disclaimer: The Charmed characters do not belong to me. They are the creation of Constance Burge and Aaron spelling. I just borrow them for your enjoyment.

Mine for Gold

This is taken right after Experiment. But it is not really necessary to read it to follow this one.

She rolled over carefully, having recalled the last time she had done it to quickly. The pain had been so intense for her, she wanted to die. She placed her hand on her sheets and waited a few moments before continuing any further. She then slowly made her way downstairs to the kitchen and could hear her sisters talking. "Morning." She said quietly in a whisper, still trying to ease any strain on her throat.

"Hey sunshine. What are you doing out of bed?" Piper cast a glance at her sister as she sat down next to Prue.

"I was awake." Phoebe whispered quietly again.

Prue tried to stifle a laugh, as she felt Phoebe rest her head on her shoulder, "You know Piper I think this is something we should have done a long time ago. I mean she has been really quiet since that psycho took out her tonsils." Prue laughed again, as she wrapped her arms around Phoebe.

Phoebe didn't even move at the comment, she was in too much pain. Not as much as she had the last few days, but enough that she just wanted to rest at that moment.

It had been two days since she woke up in the hospital and her sisters had explained to her what had happened. And she had in turn told them what she had been through. And it was ever since then, her sisters had been a bit more protective of her.

Piper looked over at Phoebe and knew something was wrong. "Phoebs. You ok honey?"

Prue shifted slightly to get a better look at her youngest sister. "Phoebs?"

Phoebe just looked up at her two big sisters. They were everything to her, "I just got out of bed to fast."

"Phoebe why didn't you say anything?" Prue asked as she ran her hand over her forehead.

"I don't know. I just miss our morning coffee's and I can't have that in my room."

Prue cast a glance at Piper, "Well we can fix that." she gently eased Phoebe off her shoulder and helped her up.


"Come on Phoebe go with it." Piper said from behind them, as she picked up the mugs of coffee.

Prue eased Phoebe back down to her bed and sat up beside her. "For the next few days we have morning coffee in here." She said as she placed an arm around her sister. "Phoebe you need to rest and not be over doing it. In case you forgot, you had a ruptured spleen. That's going to take some time to heal sweetie."

"I know. I just missed you guys." She whispered

Piper just smiled at the softness of her sister's voice. "You're right Prue. We should have taken her tonsils out. Maybe there wouldn't have been as much yelling in the Manor." She laughed, as Phoebe glared over at her and stuck her tongue out.

Piper fussed around the kitchen as Prue was grabbing everything she needed for a photo shoot she needed to go to.

"Piper you sure you're gonna be ok?"

"I'm fine Prue. Look just don't forget Phoebes ice cream."

"Double Chocolate fudge and Cookie Dough. Got it." Prue picked up her bag and gave Piper a quick kiss, "Love you."

"You too." Piper replied back as Prue started to leave the Manor. "And don't you be over doing it either, missy. I may have lost the fight to keep you home, but I have my sources if you're overdoing it. Got it." She glared at her sister as Prue blew her a kiss and headed out the door. "Augh those two will be the death of me."

Piper made her way through the Manor as she got ready for P3. She had already spoken to Prue and she was going to meet her there later after her photo shoot. She stuck her head into Phoebes rooms and saw her and Leo playing poker. "I hope you know what you're doing Leo."

Leo didn't even look up. "Not to worry Piper. The guys and I would play all night when I was in the Army." he looked up at PIper, "I always took home the pot."

"Just tell me you aren't playing strip poker." Piper smiled as she came and sat on the edge of the bed beside Phoebe.

Phoebe didn't even take her eyes off her cards, "Piper now would I do that to you. I mean your guy is the one that is giving up his night with you to be with me all night." her voice still soft as a whisper

"Yes you would. Remember Kevin Johnson?"

"Now hang on that wasn't me, that was him." She shot back

"And you knew you could take him, so you were the one that suggested strip poker." Piper said as she tweeked her sisters nose

"Well only because Marcy dared me to. And because she and every one else knew I would win."

"Augh! Ok, you two behave. You know where to find us if anything comes up."

"Ok yeah how come Prue gets to go out and not me. She was shot worse then I was."

"Because you my baby girl had your appendix removed, had your spleen sliced open and your tonsils taken out. That explanation enough for you?"

"No. But it will have to do for now." Phoebe looked up at her sister with her big brown eyes.

"Good. Now get some rest and don't even try and get any more off my man here in this game." Piper leaned over and kissed Phoebe on the forehead before turning and giving Leo a passionate kiss. "Take care of my baby sister hun."

"Like she was my own." Leo smiled back at her as she left the room for a night at the club.

Prue set her purse on the seat beside her as she watched the crowd forming in the club. She couldn't believe how successful it had become: And it was all overnight. But then she recalled the night it had 'made it' in the city, at the help of Leo. She looked back on that day and also saw how she and Phoebe had almost ruined her sisters' dream, just by asking that banker to help them out. But in the end they had stuck together, like sisters, and prevailed over the evil that was there.

"Hey Prue. What can I get you?"

"Oh hi Mike I'll have a Perrier please."

"Coming right up. And hey, glad to hear you and Phoebe are on the mend after what happen outside the Manor."

The staff at P3 had heard what had happened, they just didn't know all the details of Phoebes disappearance and missing pieces. They just knew there was a drive by shooting and they had been hit.

"Hey you, sorry I'm late. I had to stop our baby sister from playing strip poker with the babysitter." Piper sat down next to her sister. "How was your day?"
"I can't believe you left them there you know she will kick Leo's butt. And my day was good." Prue started to tell her about her day when she looked up and saw the entourage coming down the steps. "Whoa Pipe. Who's the VIP?"

Piper cast her eyes in the direction that Prue was looking and saw them all walking on. Everyone seemed to draw their attention away from what they were doing and to them.

"I don't know but I'm gonna go find out." Piper got up and started for the group, only to be stopped by one of the men at the front. "Hey. Be nice. Or leave."

"I do not take orders from a woman."

"Well you do this one pal if you expect to stay here. I own this club." Piper explained as she removed the mans hand from her arm. She knew Prue was not far behind her and she saw Mike in the corner of her eyes, ready for anything.

"I apologize for my friends behaviour my lady. He does not know your customs as I." The man reached out taking Pipers hand in his and placing a gentle kiss on the back of it.

"Well then maybe someone should educate him."

"You are right. My name is Jameer."


"Hush." He held his hands to silence the man beside him. "I am pleased to make your acquaintance.."

"Oh sorry Piper. Piper Halliwell. And this is my older sister Prue."

"Two beauty's in the same room. I am glad my father sent me to America."

"Come on Leo a deals a deal." Phoebe laughed as Leo dropped his cards on the bed.

"You do know that Piper will kill you when she finds out."

"No more then you. Now come on please."

Leo looked at Phoebe and knew he had lost more then just the card game. "Ok but hurry up. And we are NOT leaving the office."

"YES!" Phoebe moved as fast as she could from her bed and quickly got changed.

"No need to get to dressed Phoebe no one is going to see you." Leo laughed as he watched her tossing clothes on the bed

"Look I don't care, I love the Flaming Lips. I can't believe they made me stay home tonight."

"Because they care about you. And knowing you, you would be at the front of the stage singing your fool heart out and you won't have a voice for a week after what happened."

--- ----

He soon had the two of them appearing in Pipers office at the back of P3. The band was on stage belting out their lustiest hits. "Phoebe you had better not move past that door frame."

"Sshhh Leo I'm listening." But as Phoebe leaned against the door frame her world spun into black and white.

Leo moved quickly to her side, waiting for her to come out of her vision. As she did, she was thankful he was beside her as the power it took nearly drained her. "Ok that's it we're going home." He lifted her up in his arms and orbed out of the office.

Setting Phoebe back down on her bed he looked at her with concern. "What did you see Phoebe?" his concern evident in the sound of his voice. He had become more then a whitelighter to the three sisters. He had become a friend and brother.

"I saw. I saw someone kidnap my sister." she looked up at him with fear in her eyes.

He watched her the rest of the night, as she sat with her sister and as she walked around the nightclub. His father had sent him to America to learn more about the western behaviour and to find himself a bride. As he looked at her as the lights glistened of her hair. He knew he need not look any further. He would have his bride and take her back home with him. He didn't care what the cost.