Sailor Moon: Pro Figure Skater


Lady Razeli

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Violence: Its Sailor Moon of course!

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A/N: Almost all figure skating athletes are real. If you watch figure skating you'll know the difference. Some things probably aren't possible in the skating world, but this is my world so deal.


"Now on the ice is fourteen year old Serena Tsukino returning for the second time hoping to take home yet another gold medal. Last year was her first year skating competitively on the Japan team and she shocked all of us by skating beautifully and at the level skaters like Sasha Cohen and many others if not better," said Mike to announcer.

"You know Mike she skated so beautifully last time I thought she would take all three medals." said his parter Casey. They laughed.

"Yes well Serena had such great speed on her twirls and that straight lined foot work is just so amazing. Now watch how her foot work as she enters her first jump a beautiful Triple Lutz."

"Beautiful just beautiful, and She's been skating since she was two years of age, and from the moment she hit five her mother says she's been moving up from novice and finally at age twelve she became a senior and spent that year training for last years competitions. She brought a gold medal home from the United States Figure Skating Competition and ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating,

"I heard that next year she will be competing in the Four Continents Figure Skating Championships since she will be fifteen and remember the fuss everyone made over her not being allowed to compete in the World Champion ships because she was thirteen and already a senior."

"Yes, and if I remember correctly after she won the Junior World Championships for the fourth time even though she was now at the senior level, she won the World championships."

"Serena Tsukino is truly an angel on the ice. She has such great emotion..."

Serena tuned out the announcers as she did her combination spin. She loved to ice skate and she had finally achieved her dream of going to the Winter Olympics. She absolutely loved this sport and nothing could make her hate it. She moved into a flawless triple axel and than into another combination spin for ending her short program. There was wild cheering as she curtsied gracefully her trade mark odango hairstyle graceful cascading over her now still form. She moved off the ice as little girls who were barely even novices yet picked up flowers, bears, and other various gifts. Serena was the best skater from Japan in the judges opinion and by the end of the whole show she had managed to win the gold medal.

"Honey you did it, you won a gold medal at the winter olympics!" Ikuko shouted happily. Serena just smiled as her brother a junior skater and her father cheered from the stands. Three days later after much celebrating they returned to Japan, but this time they returned to Tokyo. Having lived in Kyoto all her life now Serena was to start a new one with a new coach named Nikolai Morozov.

"Get some rest you start Juban Middle School tomorrow sweetie." Ikuko shut off the light and closed the door. The next day as Serena rushed home from school she stopped some boys from hurting a black cat, who she saw had a beautiful cresent moon on her forehead.

"Well if your ok now kitty go back to your owner." Serena set her down before rushing home for her gym bag or she'd be late for practice and much much more concerning the Olympics.