"Well, well, well look at what we have here." Speed said as the freshmen came in from the courtyard. "New meat."

"Yeah." Lash said leaning up against the lockers."Hello freshman welcome to Sky High, now were gonna need your 15 dollar new student fund."

"Yeah so you can help us out." Speed said getting up and running to them. Lash extended his hand to collect the money.

"Lash, Speed! Knock it off!" Coach Boom said walking over to the freshman."Go to the gym you two I need you to be the judges of the hero/sidekick sort ok."

"Fine." Lash said walking away.

"Whatever." Speed said about to take off before Coach Boom told him no running. He huffed and walked away to catch up to Lash.

"Dude this is gonna suck!" Speed said entering the gym to see Penny sitting on the bleachers waiting for the sorting to begin. They waved and walked up and sat down next to her.

"Yeah but we get to miss class all day!" Lash said. The freshman came into the gym followed by Coach Boom.

"Ok so now im gonna introduce the student judges that will be helping me sort you into the hero and sidekick classes. Ok so first Penny Sash, she has the power to multiply." Coach Boom said as Penny showed them her powers.

"Next we have Speed, his name tells his power and Lash he can extend his body for about a mile." He said.

"Actually its a mile and a half." Lash said looking at a girl with hot pink streaks in her long black hair. He winked at her and she smiled back. The girl was wearing a tang top that was black and had the same skull on it as Lash had on his shirt. She also had on combat boots with a black and white plaid skirt with black legings on.

"Ok, ok, now You first." Coach Boom said as he pointed to a guy with red streaks in his hair and he looked like the girl Lash was winking at."Name and power?"

"Name Crash Baker, power I turn in to iron." Crash said turning into iron and punching the floor making the building shake.

"Then why do they call you Crash?" Penny said.

"Im indestructible so I can be hit with anyhing and wont feel a thing if im powred up." He said.

"Hero!" The judges said and Coach boom agreed.

"Stand over to the side by the student judges." Coach Boom yelled."Ok you there in the hat."

"Me sir?" A boy asked scared.

"Yes name and power." Coach Boom yelled. The boy walked onto the platform.

"Im Gregory Hide and my power is spikes." He said pushing his spikes out.

"Do they pop out and shoot at anyone?" Speed asked.

"No." Gregory said.

"Sidekick." Coach Boom said. Gregory ran into the bathroom and cried.

"Ok you, Gloom and Doom your next." Coach said pointing to the girl that had the hot pink hair.

"Hey thats Ms.Gloom and Doom to you buddy" She said pointing at him and walking up to the platform.

"Whats your name?" He asked.

"Jinx Baker and yes im Crash's twin." She said annoyed.

"Ok Baker whats your power?" Coach Boom asked.

"I jinxs things." She said."Watch that Beam over there." Sh moved her arm to it and a pink wave hit it and it fell down.

"Wow." Lash said under his breath.

"What?" Speed said not taking his eyes off the beam that was now laying on the floor.

"Nothing dude." Lash said not taking his eyes off Jinx. She looked back at him and smiled. Lash smiled back and blushed. Crash cleared his throat making the coach look at him.

"Whats wrong with you Crash?" Coach Boom asked.

"Thats not the only power she has." He said smirking.

"Shut up you magot!" Jinx said.

"Show me your other powers." Coach Boom said.

"Fine!" She said. She focused her stare on her brother and his pants droped to his ankels. He noticed everyone laughing at him but he didnt know why untill someone 'shouted nice boxers'. He pulled up his pants and turned to iron.

"What the hell did you do that for?" He yelled at his sister.

"You asked for it." Jinx said.

"Your so gonna get it!" He said charging to her.

"Bring it on little bro." Jinx said jumping on top of another beam and smirking. He made a rock appear in his hand and threw it at her. She hit it with a pink beam and it broke into tiny peices.

"Jinx! Crash thats enough!" Coach Boom yelled sending a sonic boom at them making Jinx fall off the beam. Lash reached out and caught her before she hit the ground.

"Thanks." She said.

"No problem." He said winking at her.

"Oh someones in love." Speed said low so only Lash could here.

"Shut up you dork!" Lash said embarrassed. Then the bell wrang.

"Ok we will pick this up after lunch and Jinx your in the hero class." Coach said walking out. Speed and Lash went over to Jinx and Crash who were arguing about what just happend.

"Hi you two nice job fighting." Speed said. "Im Speed and this is.."

"Lash." Lash said putting his hand out for Jinx to shake which she did almost instantly.

"Hey what did mom say about getting involved with bad boys?" Crash said trying to pull Jinx away from Lash. She used her power to pick him up and throw him into a wall without breaking the stare from Lash.

"Do you know where the cafateria is?" Lash asked.

"No, I dont." Jinx said.

"Can I show you where it is?" Lash asked. Jinx nodded and walked with him out of the gym. Speed ran up to them and put his arm around Jinx.

"So you gonna help us mess with the sidekicks or what?" Speed said receving a glare from Lash when he put his arm around her.

"Uh sure. Sounds like fun, but why do you want me to help you?" She asked.

"Cause your powers are kick ass dude!" Speed said.

"Ok im in but is that all?" Jinx asked using her powers to move Speeds arm and twisting it behind his back making him cringe in pain. This made Lash smile and laugh at him.

'He has a hot laugh to match that hot body' Jinx thought as she smirked.

"And because we need one more person to play save the citizen." Speed said as she let go of his arm.

"Yeah and all the other people suck so we needed someone good like you." Lash said.

"Ok im cool with that. Oops before I forget..." She said turning to Speed."You ever put your arm around me without my permission I will kill you got it?"

"Got it." He said running down the hall.

"Would you kill me if I put my arm around you?" Lash asked as they walked down the empty halls of sky high because everyone was at lunch.

"Now yes but if I get to know you better then I would let you do it any time you wanted to." She said smirking.

"So what do you want to know about me?" Lash asked. She looked at him confused. "You said if you knew more about me then I could but my arm around you."

"Oh well...do you have a girlfriend?" She asked shyly.

"No I dont." He asked looking at her."Do you have a boyfriend?"

"No but I have a band." She said smiling.

"You have a band?" He said shocked.

"Yep were call ourselfs Skullz and Bonez." She said proud of herself.

"Well im gonna have to see you guys preform one of these days." He said.

"That might not be anytime soon." She said.

"Why not?" Lash asked.

"We just lost our lead guitar player because of creative diffrences." Jinx said.

"That sucks. Hey you know I play guitar." Lash said.

"Are you serious!?!" Jinx yelled making Lash jump a little, he nodded his head.

"If you want I could play with you guys until you find a replacement." Lash said.

"You would do that for me?" Jinx asked.

"Yeah I mean I like you so yeah." Lash said then he relized what he said and blushed.

"You like me?" Jinx said blushing a little.

"Yeah, kinda." Lash said. She pushed him into a locker and kissed him hard on the lips. Lash was shocked but quickly responded and kissed back. She pulled back and blushed.

"Sorry Lash." She said.

"Thats ok. So I take it you like me too, right?" He asked smirking.

"Yeah." She said smiling.

"So do you wanna maybe go out tonight to the Paper Lantern?" He asked.

"Sure i'll call you and give you directions to my house." She said excited. They finished the day and got all the same classes together and rode the same bus.

next chapter will be the date and some of the band. first sky high fanfic so be nice and tell me what u think.