The next day at school Jinx came to school a little late and had to miss first period. So she was sent strait to gym to play save the citizen. Jinx put her hair up in a messy bun and headded out with the other girls from her class. She didnt have to look for Lash for long because he used his powers to grab her and pull her over to him.

"Ok Lash, Jinx, and Speed what do you guys want to be Heros or Villans?" Coach Boomer asked.

"Villans duh!" The three said at the same time. Coach Boomer rolled his eyes.

"Pick your victims." He said.

"We want Stronghold, Hippie, and...Peace." Speed said smirking. They heros went down into the arena and put on the pads. Jinx and Lash were talking about last nights events and Speed rolled his eyes having no one to talk to. Then finally the heros were done putting their pads on and took the ready posistions.

"Ready...Set...GO!" the coach yelled. Jinx looked at Layla and started to laugh.

"Whats so funny Jinx?" She asked.

"You actually think that your gonna beat me?" She said laughing even harder. The crowd made an oh sound. Layla got pissed at this and shot out vines from her hands. Jinx quickly moved out of the way sending a shot of pink beam towards Layla who unfortunately didnt move in time. She was hit with it and was sent flying back into the side of the arena. Jinx sensed something coming from behinde her so she turned around and saw a lamp post coming strait at her. She didnt have enough time to react and she was about to get hit when Lash used his arms to grab it before it hit his girlfriend. He grabbed Will and through the wall.

"Didnt your mother ever teach you not to hit a lady?" Lash asked smirking.Will tried to punch Lash but he moved his body. He Smiled at Jinx as she went back to her battel with Layla. Jinx used her mind power to stop Layla from moving so she couldnt do anything. Jinx smirked. The clock had 5 seconds left 4...3...2...1...beep!

"Villans win!" Coach Boomer said writing something down on his clip board. Jinx unfreezed Layla and helped her up.

"Thanks for the help up." Layla said.

"Your welcome." Jinx said and shook Laylas hand. Lash ran over and picked Jinx up and twirled her around in the air. He put her back down and pulled her into a passionate kiss. The whole crowd went 'aw' and Lash glared at them and they all shut up faster then you could say quiet. The bell wrang and Jinx and Lash had science together. They had assigned seats and Lash and Jinx got seperated to other parts of the room, Lash had to sit by Will and Jinx had to sit by Layla.

"Hi Jinx." Layla greeted politly.

"Sup?" Jinx asked.

"Oh nothing much I just herd that we are going to have to do a lab project today. I hope I get partnered with Will." Layla said staring at him.

"Yeah what is it with you two? Are you guys going out or something?" Jinx asked putting down her pen that she was using to write Lash on her arm with.

"Oh me and Will? No nothing is going on."Layla said.

"You so want him." She said smirking.

"Yep." Layla said blushing.

"You gonna tell him?" Jinx said.

"Nope." Layla said looking down at her note book that was all green.The teache came in and sure enough there was a project to do. The partners went like this:

Will and Warren

Lash and Speed

Jinx and Layla

"Sorry but your kinda stuck with me." Jinx said to Layla. They started to work on the project that was to build a shrink ray. Jinx felt something poke her leg. She looked down and saw Lash's arm holding a note. She picked it up and smiled at Lash who put his arm back to normal and smiled back. She opened the note and it read:

Hey babe,

Lets skip the rest of this class and do something more fun. ;


Jinx nodded to him and raised her hand.

"Yes, what is it Jinx?" The teacher asked.

"I dont feel all that well may I go to the nurse?" Jinx asked holding her stomach and making a about to throw up face.

"Yes." The teacher said. Jinx went out of the classroom and waited outside at the lockers. The next thing she herd was a lot of yelling and then Lash came out of the class with a note he crumpled up and threw in the trash.

"What was that all about?" Jinx asked.

"I got kicked out." Lash said moving closer to her.

"Why didnt you just ask to leave?" She asked.

"Now wheres the fun in that?" Lash asked smirking and placing his hands on her waits.

"You tell me." Jinx asked when she put her arms around his neck. He kissed her hard until they herd someone clear their throats behind them. The turned around and saw Principal Powers.

"What are you two doing?" the principal asked.

"Kissing duh!" Jinx and Lash said at the same time.

"Oh well come with me." she said walking them to the detention room.

'Is this lady retarted? I mean really! Me and a room...alone' Jinx thought.

'Thank you Mrs. Powers now I can have Jinx all to myself' Lash thought entering the detention room.

"Sit here and behave until the end of the day." Powers said locking the door and leaving.

what is gonna happen in the detention room? well ur just going to review to find out!

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