Chapter 1

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A/N: This is based on a theory going on out there right now that Jack has been cloned.

Jack awoke as he heard a large door slam. "Wake up Jack." A voice resounded in his head and he painfully opened his eyes and looked through blurred vision.

Jack tried to remember what had happened. Locke had blown up the submarine, and Jack had gone back to his house. That night they had gassed him.

Jack blinked again and he was finally able to see. Ben was sitting in a wheelchair, looking down at him. Jack looked around and realized he was in some kind of concrete cell, laying down. Jack quickly sat up.

"What's going on?"

"There's been a slight… change in plans Jack."


"Your friends have changed everything. They thought they were coming to rescue you, but instead, they have only done more damage."

"What are you talking about?"

"We can't have Kate and Sayid around, and we can't send them back. They would come back here for you."

"But they think I'm gone."

Ben shook his head and looked at the doorway. As if on cue, Juliet walked in with a television.

Jack groaned at the sight of it. He'd been tricked, again.

"We need you Jack, and since I didn't have any other reason to make you want to be with us, we had to think of something. Your friends coming back for you gave us the perfect opportunity." Ben said calmly. "Tell him what happened last night Juliet."

Juliet stared at Jack, tears shining in her eyes. "Kate and I were in the jungle all night."

"What else Juliet?"

Juliet fell silent, and Ben continued for her. "Juliet has made it clear to Kate that you no longer care for her."

"Where's Kate now?"

Ben nodded to Juliet, and Juliet turned the tv on.

Jack gasped as the tv showed his hallway, with Kate sitting on the ground., but that wasn't what Jack was focusing on. Sitting across from Kate, was himself.

"You see Jack, we've cloned you."

"You.. what?" Jack stammered in disbelief. "How?"

"You wouldn't understand. The important thing is that your friends think that you have been abandoned, and the clone will travel back with your friends back to your camp. We call the clone Jason. His technical name is to long to refer to him in normal conversation."

Jack watched as Kate began to cry. The clone just stared at her, and said a few words.

"What's he saying to her?"

"He is asking about Juliet. We have given him all of your memories. They don't mean anything to him, they're just data. Your friends won't know the difference."

Jack swallowed as his heart sank, but then he became hopeful. "Kate will know the difference."

"Kate will think that you've changed because of her. Juliet told her everything. So there's no getting out of it."

Jack slumped against the wall. "What do you want from me?"

"I want you to cooperate, without any plans."

"And what if I refuse?"

"Then Kate will be killed, and the last thing she will see will be you killing her."


"It's simple. In a minute, Juliet will go get Sayid, and will meet Kate and Jason at your house. If you misbehave, we will contact Juliet, and she will order Jason to kill Kate." Ben explained. "And Jason won't be gentle. He has more strength than ten men combined."

Juliet left the room, giving Jack a long look, and Ben began to wheel out of the room. "I'd suggest watching that screen. It's the last time you will ever see her." Then Ben was gone, and Jack was left alone as he watched his clone stand up, being supported by Kate. Jack couldn't handle watching the clone's arm around Kate, and Jack turned away, fighting back frustrated tears.


Jason knew the girl's last name was Austin, but he struggled to remember what Jack would call her.

He slowly stood and Austin put a hand on his chest. Jason closed his eyes as he tried to recall how to walk. She put his arm around him and he put his arm around her shoulders as they walked out. When they got to the doorway, Jason started to pull away, but Austin kept a hold of him.

Jason looked down at her, and she quickly pulled away.

"We're ready to go." Juliet said from a couple yards away.

Jason smiled and walked towards her. He remembered that he was supposed to pretend to like her, and he didn't mind it at all.


Jason looked up. It was Jarrah. But what was his first name?

"Sayid." Juliet whispered quietly.

"Sayid." Jason repeated.

"Everyone has gone. It's like they've all disappeared."

"We should try to bring some stuff with us before we go." Jason said, trying to think of what Jack would do.

Jason began walking with Juliet, but Sayid called to him. "She is not coming."

"Yeah she is."


"Because they left her behind too."

Sayid stared at Jason in disbelief. Jason looked at Austin and then turned around and walked with Juliet. He knew that Jack had cared a lot for Austin, but he was glad that he didn't have to pretend that. Austin seemed to have some sort of problem with him, and it wouldn't be easy to pretend to care for her.

"Everything okay?" Juliet whispered.

"Yes. What would Jack call Austin?"


Jason nodded, storing the information.

Kate looked at Sayid, and he nodded at her, as if to say that they were going to do this together.

Kate stared at Jack and Juliet. She didn't understand. Jack seemed distant, but he had listened to her the other day. Today he hadn't even acknowledged her. Something was different. She just wished she could figure out what it was.