It's been seventeen years since they graduated. Lucas seems to have the life that everyone would envy. He married the woman of his dreams, he's a published author, three great children, and has a Masters degree in literature. Now teaching and coaching girl's basketball at his old High School, he's fallen into a doldrums. Nathan a storied career in the NBA is nearing its end. Always a warrior on the basketball court now seeks to return to the place of his first and greatest happiness. Peyton now married and running Tric for her mother-in-law. She's slowly watching her family fall apart, as her husband falls into a malaise and her son starts losing control. Haley always the ambitious and faith wife sees a return home as away to raise her sons in a happy peaceful life. Her music career over, now she must be the rock that everyone looks to.


I own nothing

Dante wrote, "Midway upon the journey of our life, I found myself within a forest dark, for the straight-forward pathway had been lost." I feel that way sometimes as I sit in my office and look out the window. The road I thought I was on when I was in High School doesn't seem like the road I'm on now.

Not that my life has been bad. I went to my first choice college and before I graduated college I had my first novel was published. It was a great feeling, and what was even better was I soon married the love of my life. By my Sophorme year we had our first child, a son. By the time I was twenty-one we had added twin girls.

After college I was able to travel with my family, and I wrote two more novels that did very well. That was when I had a revalation and got my masters degree, and returned to my hometown, to teach High School English. Which was good I got to be close to my mother and sister. Only hang up was I couldn't get the Head Basketball Coaching job, they had already had a successful replacement for Whitey. So after a few years I settled to Coaching Girls Basketball, which I fully enjoy.

Lucas wrote.