"Where am i?" Ichigo whispered then suddenly remembering why she had fainted.
She sat up rapidly and was struck by a dizzy feeling, with a scream she looked into the mirror.
"ICHIGO...ICHIGO...ARE YOU OK?" Shirogane yelled as he raced into the room she sat in.
"what did you do to me!?!" she shreiked yet again throwing her pendant at Shirogane's head.
"ARGH! STOP DOING THAT!" He yelled sheilding his head. "Plus i havent done anything at all"
"...it must have been when kisshu kissed me..." She said in a dazed voice.
"...He kissed you?..." He replyed with a shocked tone. Ichigo blushed and looked away.

"Now i know what he ment by 'now you can be mine forever'...this sucks," She added lightly.
"hiya Ichigo," Kisshu grinned cheerfully. "Wow...you look cute with these ears!" Happily tugging at them.
"GET OFF!..." She growled, angrilly pushing kisshu away. "what did you do"
"i turned you into an alien..." He relyed with an even bigger grin.
"..." Ichigo sweatdropped. "And how do i turn back into a human?" She growled about to exsplode.
"I dunno." He chirped, playfully flicking Ichigo's large ear. "You are going to change me back to normal NOW"
"no can do. Your mine now so you will come with me." He stated in a dead serious voice.
"Hurry up kisshu," Taruto sighed as he teleported into the room. "OK OK! Geez..." Kisshu said with annoyance.
"Ichig..." He started but then realised she had gone. He sighed "She's got too much energy."

"Mummy...that girl has weird ears" A little girl giggled as Ichigo ran past. "this is embarressing! I hope no one recognises me..."Ichigo thought to herself.
"Ichigo?...HEY WAIT UP!" Kisshu yelled as he floated after her. "Hurry up and catch her...Pai cant destract the Mew Mew's forever!" Taruto yelled after Kisshu.
"OK OK i get it!" He replyed with a hint of frustration. "Ichigo come here!" As Ichigo spun around a corner.
"...have i lost him?" She thought as she looked around the corner and into the croud...but seeing no aliens.
"Hey Kitty..." He whispered into her ear as he floated above her then chuckling as she fell backward onto the floor with surprise.
"mew strawberry...," She then paused, yet again remembering throwing her pendant at Shirogane. "bummer..." She said flatly.
"...bet that sucks..." Taruto added from a distance while kisshu was on the floor with laughter.
"This isnt funny!" She yelled pulling kisshu's ears angrilly. Kisshu took this as his chance and grabbed her wrist.
"got'cha kitty!" He smirked triumphantly. "GET OFF ME!" Ichigo yelled, slapping kisshu across the face.
"NOW IM ANGRY!" He growled digging his nails into Ichigo's arm. "ICHIGO! YOU ARE COMING WITH ME RIGHT NO"
But before he could say another word she had ran off. "Will you quit with the speachs and just get her!" Taruto yelled angrilly.
"Dam it!" He fumed yet again floating after Ichigo.

"Guys...where is Ichigo?" Shirogane asked with a worried look.
"CAN YOU SEE WERE BUSY!" Mint yelled at Shirogane, rapidly dodging Pai's thunder attack.
"Why dont you go look from her nanoda?" Pudding added with a sigh. "Taru-Taru!" She smiled as Taruto teleported onto the scene.
"Has he got her yet?" Pai sighed yet again inflicting a thunder strike to the mew mew's. Taruto shrugged.
"Not yet...He seems to be chasing her..." he grunted and with a sigh he teleported away.
"Dam it!" Pai growled quietly.

"Get off me!" Ichigo yelled again, Kisshu holding both of her wrists and pinnig her to a wall.
"Ichigo, you are coming with me!" Kisshu growled, then kissing her. "ARGH!" He yelped as Ichigo bit his to tongue.
"I WILL NEVER GO WITH YOU!" She shreiked as she ran away down the road.
"ICHIGO...," He yelled but stopped when Taruto and Pai teleported above him.
"Let her go...We will get her another day...She wont be able to turn back," Pai Said with an annoyed sigh.