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AN: Hokay. So this is just some little thing I made if Bella was high. Not like her at all, but it will be funny, hopefully. This one is only the beginning, the actual chaos will start at the end of this one and onto the next chapters.

Chapter 1 – Advil

Jessica walked up to me as I was walking to my table with Edward. She looked happy, but also a little nervous. Probably because of Edward; I do have to agree it is very easy to be intimidated by him. He's just so perfect.

She stopped in front of me with a smile, "Hey Bella, I was wondering if you'd like to go to Mike's party this weekend. You'll have a blast. I promise."

I looked to Edward, then back to her. I didn't want to sound rude but I'd really rather stay with Edward than go to some stupid party. "I don't know…" I said guiltily.

"Go ahead, Bella. I'm going camping this weekend anyway." Edward said, though he obviously meant hunting, and not camping.

"Great! I'll see you there. It's at Mike's on Saturday at 9pm." She said as she turned and walked away after waving brightly to me.

I groaned; I don't really like parties. "Bella, you hardly ever do anything human. Just do this so I don't feel guiltier for taking away your life."

I smiled and looked at him. "You don't take away from my life. You make it better. Besides I wouldn't go to the things even if I didn't know you."

"It could be fun," he reasoned.

I sighed. I'd do it for him because no matter how much I tried to convince him, he'd still blame himself.

"Fine. I'll go."

He smiled and we sat down at our table next to Alice.

Edward had just dropped me off at the party. It was 9:15, and he was hunting with Esme. Carlisle had to work a night shift, and the rest of the Cullens were home because they had already fed and were obviously not invited to the party. Edward only had to go now because he had to feed more often when he's around me. I probably single handedly lowered the amount of animals in the Forks area.

I walked up towards the door and I could hear music blasting. It was hip hop and R&B which I did not particularly enjoy all too much. Some songs were okay but most were so distasteful. I knocked, and Mike opened the door.

"Hi Bella! I'm glad you could make it. Come on in." He said motioning inside his house.

I was guessing his parents were away because inside seemed pretty crazy. It seemed like a third of the school was here. Half the people were dancing and half were sitting down on the side. The people were spread between the living room, family room and dining room. It was dark and flashing because there was a strobe light. There were streamers hanging off things and I could smell alcohol. I decided that I wouldn't have any because Edward was sure to smell it off my breath. Though he was the one who sent me here, but my scent probably drowned out the smell of it when I was in his car.

I walked around awkwardly, trying to find somewhere to sit and pass the time. I saw a chair and b-lined for it. When I was almost there someone bumped into me and I fell and hit my head on a coffee table. I heard them mutter a sorry but got no other apologies. I picked myself up, rubbing my head and went to sit on the chair.

My head hurt and I could feel a dull throbbing on the side of it.

"Hey, are you okay?" I heard a male voice ask. I didn't look up to see who it was, though it sounded a lot like Mike.

"I just have a headache that's all." I muttered, looking at the ground.

"Hold on, I'll be right back." I just nodded.

A few seconds later I felt someone put a hand on my knee and I shot my eyes up to see who it was. It was indeed Mike, with a glass of water and a tablet between his fingers. It didn't look like Tylenol or anything.

"What's that?" I asked, I thought he'd get me something for my head.

He looked away nervously and cleared his throat. "Its, uh, Advil." He said and shoved it and the glass to me.

"Oh." Was all I said. It certainly didn't look like Advil but their always coming out with new stuff like gels and coated stuff, so I accepted it and swallowed. I thanked him and he left with the glass.

I sat there and hoped it would go away soon, it was beginning to really hurt, and the loud music didn't help. After about 5 minutes, as I was sitting it did start to go away, but so did my feeling in my arms and legs. I vaguely wondered why that was, but then was sidetracked by the floor coming up to say hello to me.

"Oh, hello, Mr. Floor." I called to him. Soon after, he started walking away from me and I reached out to pull him back but he had already gotten too far. "Nooo," I whined after my friend.

"Come on Bella, lets get you some fresh air," I head a masculine voice say.

I was being carried by someone and I did not like it so I started to wiggle around to break free of my captor. It suddenly turned into a life or death situation and I started to bite him on shoulder. "BLAHH, Let me go you fiend!" I screamed.

"OW!" Someone blurted out in pain as I bit into his shoulder.

I was set down and I tried to crawl away but was grabbed by the waist. I looked up to see who was grabbing me but saw a bunny. It looked so cute with its floppy ears. I giggled and started to pet its face. Then it smiled at me and came closer. Its cheeks looked so rosy I just wanted to pinch them, so I pinched them as it got closer to my face. "Aren't you a cute bunnywunny." I said, wiggling its face back and forth with its cheeks still in my grasp. It removed my hands and I pouted. Then its lips were suddenly on mine and my eyes opened wide in shock.

The cute bunny suddenly morphed into a death dealer right before my eyes. I pushed it away, frightened. I then saw all of its little bunny servants hop around me, circling and trapping me. I backed up against the wall. This was it; I was going to die from an army of killer rabbits.

I suddenly remembered the killer rabbit that was underestimated in Monty Python's Holy Grail. I burst out laughing as I remembered this particular film. The rabbits stopped advancing on me and froze, curious as to why I was laughing. I had to agree with my bunny attackers. I was about to die and yet I was doubled over laughing. Oh my, oh my.

I looked around frantically trying to find an escape while the bunnies were sidetracked with my sudden laughing spurt. I could see eyes everywhere. There was no escape. I started to panic, but then saw the most wonderful sight in the world.

A band of purple penguins was gallantly making their way over to me, fighting off the rabbit fiends.

AN: And so it begins. It was acid he gave Bella, in tablet form. And acid lasts for like up to like 10 hours or more soo, the journey has only begun. Mwuahahaha. Cullens, you are in for one trip! OR rather Bella is in for a trip. Acid trip that is! Ahahahaha. Yay. I love being high.