Hey everybody!!! I'm a new Veronica Mars fan and ever since I watched the first season in one weekend a couple months ago, I had this idea in my head. Basically I'm keeping the show the way it went but I'm getting Logan and Veronica together in my own way. Much earlier than the show did it. I know it's been done before but I think mines a little different. I hope you like it.

It starts off at Episode 5 Season 1. You know where Troy turns out to be a jerk off.

Disclaimer: I don't own Veronica Mars, just love the show!!!

Veronica sat at her desk in Mars Investigations staring at her computer screen as Wallace set a soda down in front of her. She was finally starting to trust a guy and seriously falling for him and now he was going to be shipped away. She wasn't going to let that happen.

"You're going to find Troy's stolen car over the internet?" Wallace said in disbelief.

"You'd be surprised what one can find with a few nimble keystrokes," Veronica said smirking.

"All right, then, Velma. Why don't you see what you can find on, say, me?" Wallace asked offering up a challenge.

"It's Daphne, thank you very much," she said sarcastically but she smiled and typed in the web address for Prying Eyes dot com.

"What's that?" he asked curiously.

Veronica smiled and turned so she was facing him. "If you're a PI with a password, this is the gateway to many a skeleton filled closet. Arrests, divorces, bankruptcies," she explained as she typed in Wallace's name. "Rut-roh! Somebody got their license suspended last year."

"I got it back. Bet you it doesn't say that," Wallace said smiling. He walked around the desk so he could sit down.

"Wait, if I'm Daphne, what does that make you? Fred?" Veronica asked carrying on their Scooby Doo theme.

"Oh, no. If I gotta be any of those white boys, I gotta be Shaggy all the way, baby. Shaggy's got mah flavour," Wallace joked making Veronica smile.

"Awwww, you still have a subscription to Mad magazine. You're all about the flavour," Veronica teased shutting her laptop as her dad walks into the room.

"Hey, guys," he said walking towards the fridge.

"Hi," she said but then quietly said to Wallace, "Hey, help me out. So, for my dad's birthday, I'm thinking…rock climbing?"

"Because he loves heights?" Wallace asked smiling.

"Not so much but keep thinking outside the box, I like it. And don't wait on me for dinner, I'll probably get take-out from the Italian place," Keith said heading back towards his office.

"Luigi's? Will you get me some lasagna?" Veronica asked smiling innocently.

"Some lasagna?" Keith asked confused stopping in the doorway of his office. When Veronica just stared at him he shrugged his shoulders. "I'm just saying last time we went to Luigi's, you ate your weight in manicotti."

" And now your birthday will be spent sky-diving;" she said taking offense to her dad's comment. She smiled when her dad laughed from his office. "Alone."


Veronica sat at the computer in the journalism room watching as her journalism teacher excused the class. "Thanks, everybody. Don't forget, interviewing exercise tomorrow." Mrs. Dent followed her student's out of the classroom as Luke rushed in.

"Hey. You're helping Troy find his dad's car, right?" he asked out of breath.

"You're sweating on me," Veronica said not looking away from the computer screen.

Luke takes a deep breath. "Look, I need your help. There's kind of more to this car thing than the-the car. There was a piñata full of steroids in the back seat. I-I did a run for Hank Zigman. He owns the Zig Zag Sports Club. I wanted to get pumped for Varsity baseball. I was…pretty much down for whatever."

"Including shrunken testicles and acne scars. Well, speaking for the women of America – good plan! Wait. What did Troy and Logan know about this?" she asked glaring at him.

"Nothing. I swear," Luke said shaking his head but when she just continued to stare at him he sighed. "Yeah, all right, Logan knew but he wasn't-he wasn't in on anything."

"It doesn't matter anyway. I don't help dealers find their lost products," Veronica said not feeling bad at having to turn down a drug smuggler, even if he did look pathetic.

"Look, don't think of it like that, all right? Think of it like you're saving my life, I mean the guy's built like a truck. He will-he will break one of my limbs," Logan said sounding even more desperate now.

"If I were to help you, you would have to return the steroids and get your money back and then return the cash, not the drugs," Veronica said caving. Maybe she really was a marshmallow.

"Yeah, I'll do whatever," Luke said happy to have her just agree to help him.

"I'll figure something out. Until then just lay low," Veronica said grabbing her mother's fake death certificate from the printer. She stood there staring at it for a moment. Even knowing it was a fake death certificate it still hurt a little to read it.

She was still running the conversation she'd had with her dad through her head over and over. He was dating her guidance counselor. She'd told him she was okay with it but she knew she wasn't. But she wanted him to be happy.

"So you're helping out Luke huh," Logan said from the doorway. He'd forgotten his notebook for his next class and had walked in on the end of Luke and Veronica's conversation. He shouldn't have been surprised to see Veronica taking on another case, it seemed the new Veronica Mars was quiet the super sleuth.

"So Logan, steroids," Veronica said turning around leaning against the table that held the printer.

"If you were paying attention Ms. Mars," Logan said heading over towards the table that had his notebook. "I just knew about the steroids, I didn't actually have anything to do with it."

"Hmm," was all Veronica said. She walked back over to the computer and cleared out the screen but not before Logan read what was on there.

"Your mom is dead," he said surprised.

"No," Veronica said after a moment of silence.

"Then may I ask why you have a death certificate for her," Logan asked curiously.

"It's just for….a case," Veronica said grabbing her bag so she could leave.

"Veronica," Logan said something in the tone of his voice made her stop and turn to face him. It wasn't the psychotic jackass he'd turned into lately but the old Logan, the guy she'd considered one of her best friends. "I just wanted to say thank you." When Veronica just stared at him he sighed. "For the tape you gave me. I'd forgotten we'd made it and it was nice remembering that night."

"It was a great night," Veronica admitted smiling sadly.

"One of the last great ones we had," Logan admitted. When Veronica looked confused he ran his hand through his hair in frustration. "That was the last night we were a foursome. Duncan and you broke up and then Lily, well you know."

"Yeah, I know," Veronica said nodding her head. If anybody knew how much things had changed in just a year it was her. She'd lost more than a best friend, she'd lost three.

"I guess you do," Logan agreed his face flushing when she just stared at him with this all knowing look in her eyes. "I just don't get you anymore Veronica. You've changed so much in a year. I don't even recognize you anymore."

"Who's fault is that?" Veronica asked softly before turning to go.

"Yours," Logan said loudly. "You walked away from us Veronica. We could have used you, Duncan could have used you but no…you had to accuse his father and nearly wreck Duncan's home life more than it already was. How do you live with that?"

"You could have used me," Veronica said so quietly Logan had to strain to hear her. "How 'bout me Logan? Lily was my best friend, my best friend. She meant more to me than anyone."

"Funny way of showing it," Logan said bitterly.

Veronica shook her head and had to ask herself why she was standing here having this conversation. They'd had it many times before and nothing was ever resolved. They'd yell at each other, say things they both believed and then went on their merry ways. But something in Logan's eyes was keeping her from walking away this time. He looked desperate for some reason.

"Oh I showed it," Veronica said seriously. "I show it everyday when I walk down these halls with my head held high listening to the whispers and the taunts that come from people who I use to be so called friends with. I ignore the late night phone calls and the flat tires." She walked to the doorway but turned to say one last thing. "I show it every time I go to Lily's gravesite and tell her that I miss her and that I won't rest until I know everything about the day she died."

"You go to her grave," Logan said surprised.

"She's my best friend and my only true friend that I ever had," Veronica answered smiling as she got a picture of Lily in her head. "You keep saying that I walked away from you and I let you guys down. But the truth is Logan, you let me down. But the worst thing is you let Lily down. Do you think she's smiling down on you right now? Because I'm pretty sure that she's proud of me. I finally became the girl she always wanted me to be." She shook her head sadly when he just stared at her and finally walked away when it became apparent that he wasn't going to say anything. Once again nothing was resolved and she'd just wasted precious minutes on Logan when she could have been working at saving Troy's life. Damn Logan.


'Not bad. Definitely the work of a pro. A pro who knew my schedule quite well last year. Judging by my lack of an eight man, twenty-four hour security detail, I'm guessing Dad hasn't had the pleasure of viewing this little slideshow,' Veronica thought staring at the photo's she'd gotten out of her mom's safety deposit box. She was wrapped up in the pictures she looked up in surprise as Miss James, Rebecca, walks into the office.

"Hi!" she said brightly but Veronica could clearly tell she was nervous.

"Hello," Veronica said shutting the file that she'd downloaded the files on. She watched as her dad walked out of his office and looked even more nervous than Rebecca, if that was possible.

"Hey," he said wrapping one of his arms around Miss James shoulders.

"Hi," Rebecca said softly.

"I thought, uh-" Keith said slightly confused to find her at the office this early.

'I'm guessing I'm early, right?" Rebecca asked her face flushing.

"No, no, it's fine. It's fine," Keith reassured her.

"I'm sorry. I'm just-I was anxious. Hi," she finally said again after taking a deep breath.

Veronica watched as they mumbled a couple more Hi's before they finally kissed which was definitely an eye opener for her. She'd just found out they were dating, she didn't exactly know how to handle the public display of affection.

"Uh, Veronica, Rebecca wanted to stop by and uh…" Keith said but looked at Rebecca when he came up empty again.

"And, uh, just say hello. Outside of school. I'm sure this is a little weird for you so…" she said pointing between her and Keith.

"Well, this," Veronica said pointing between herself and the couple, "is a little weird, but…you two dating isn't. Um, I'm fine. No worries." Veronica smiled hoping that her dad couldn't tell she was lying to his face. She wasn't okay and she wouldn't be okay now that she knew her mom had been forced out of her life.

"Well, I thought, um…" Keith said staring at his daughter.

"And-and I agree," Rebecca said quickly.

"That if you had the chance to talk…things would seem a little less awkward," Keith said making a face when he realized how wrong they'd been.

"And are you starting to see the catch-twenty-two inherent in the plan?" Veronica asked smirking.

"As a matter of fact, I am," Rebecca said softly. "Okay, well, um, is there anything I can do that would…make things easier for you?"

" Can you get me out of fifth period bio?" Veronica asked lightening the mood. Her dad and Rebecca stayed to chat for a couple minutes before they were off on whatever date they had planned and Veronica sighed in relief. She could finally look at the pictures again.

When her Dad had accused Jake Kane of Lily's murder, hell had broken loose. Everybody had taken sides and most of the citizens of Neptune had taken Jake's side forcing her dad out of office. Veronica had stood behind her dad one hundred percent, trusting that he knew what he was doing…her mom hadn't. Or so she thought. She'd thought her mom had bolted hewn things got tough but maybe she hadn't had a choice. Somebody had threatened her with losing me, how could I blame her for protecting me?

Veronica stared at the photo's, still amazed that someone had the audacity to threaten her mom with her own daughter's life. How could they not have known it would come out at sometime? If she showed her dad these he'd flip out and she wasn't ready for that. She had to find out who'd taken these photo's. She looked down at her watch and swore, after she fixed Troy's mess first.


Veronica sat in the car facing Troy as she explained what little she had found out. "So far, it's been a whole lot of brick walls, but I talked to my buddy, Earl yesterday, at the impound yard."

"What do I love more? That you have a buddy named Earl or that he works at the impound yard?" Troy joked making them both smile.

"I'm guessing both. No sign of the Beemer. But he can get you a great deal on a good times van," Veronica said cracking her own joke.

"I'll pass that onto my dad when he gets back. Maybe it'll take his mind off loading his gun," he said pausing for a moment to listen to the song playing on the radio. "I dig this song."

"Yeah, me too. Here's a thought. If Tijuana was Logan's idea then stealing the car could've been the master plan," she pointed out.

"It was more of a meeting of the minds, if you will," Troy replied

"Logan is a jackass Troy," Veronica said not willing to let it drop. "He didn't use to be or if he was I never noticed but after this last year, nothing would surprise me."

"He wouldn't have done it," Troy said shaking his head. "What would he want with my dad's car when he has his own rich father's to choose from?" Troy took a deep breath before he went on. "I think you're barking up the wrong tree with that one Mars. Logan is my friend, he wouldn't do that."

"He was my friend to," Veronica said softly but decided it was time to change the subject. Troy would find out about Logan's true colors sometime. "Ah, so…what was on the menu for this night of grand debauchery?"

"Let's see. From, uh, eight to nine, we brainstormed on how to overthrow Kim Jong-Il. From nine to ten, we deleted the records of the black voters of Florida. After that it was, uh, yeah it was all donkey shows," Troy said smiling.

"So the usual?" she said rolling her eyes.

"Pretty much,' Troy said leaning back in the passenger seat of Veronica's car.

"Anything else?" Veronica asked after a moment of silence had gone by. She couldn't help but think he was keeping something from her.

"If you wanna ask something, you just ask," Troy said getting pissed off now that she was pushing the issue.

"Okay. Did you meet anyone odd or were you followed? Did you see any suspicious activity?" she asked.

"How about all of the above and have you ever been to Tijuana?" Troy asked slightly uncomfortable with her line of questioning.

"I'm not looking for DNA samples. It's just the more information I have about the car, the better chances of you finding it," she pointed out softly. She didn't want to fight with him but she needed to know everything.

"I know. Sorry," Troy said taking a deep breath.

Veronica waited but he didn't add anything else and she dropped it. He was keeping something from her, her Mar's radar was going off and it was never wrong. Okay, maybe once in awhile it was wrong but she had a feeling there was more to this story than Troy was letting on.


Veronica walked out of her apartment and to the parking lot of the apartment building replaying the scene she'd just had with her father and Rebecca. So now she was going to be cooking them dinner. Boy when her father starts dating he starts off with a bang.

"You ready?" Weevil asked pulling up in front of her on his motorcycle.

Veronica just nodded and climbed on behind him. It was a short drive to Breaker's Yard and before she knew it they had stopped and Weevil was talking to Angel.

"Angel! How's business?" Weevil asked as they high fived and gave each other a manly hug.

"Have you found the Lexus that I asked you about?" Angel asked smiling.

"This is Veronica. She's the girl that got me out of juvie. I told you about her. Look, she's looking for a car. A green BMW 740i. It should've came through here a couple of days ago," Weevil said ignoring Angel's question.

"It came and went. We left it really cool," Angel said. He looked at Veronica who was standing by the bike. "Tell her that the client has the receipt and the registration in order, like all my clients. And I don't even remember his name."

"Yeah, I hear you," Weevil said turning to walk away.

"And nephew, don't bring people I don't know," Angel warned.

"All right," Weevil agreed. He walked back over to his favorite private dick and cleared his throat getting ready to tell her exactly what Angel had said.

"Did you ask him about the piñata?" Veronica asked before he could say anything.

"Oh, yeah. One more thing, uh. Did you happen to see a piñata?" Weevil called out to Angel.

"Mario took it. It's his daughter's birthday," Angel explained.

"Gracias, Tio," Weevil said as he climbed back on his bike. "So the car wa-"

"Was chopped. Your uncle won't say for who, but the papers are in order, blah, blah, blah. Please tell me you know where Mario lives, because we need to get that piñata right away," Veronica interrupted him.

"Baby, I'll buy you a piñata," Weevil said slightly impressed that she understood what his uncle had been talking about.

"Will you buy me a piñata full of steroids?" Veronica asked sweetly.

"A piñata full of steroids," Weevil repeated. "What kind of people you hanging out with V?"

"I don't know anymore," Veronica answered honestly. She climbed onto the back of his bike and the ride to the party was quick and finding out the drugs weren't in the piñata was even quicker.

"Dammit," Veronica said kicking the tire on his bike.

"Hey watch the bike," Weevil said but he was smiling as he said it. "Just tell Luke that he's shit out of luck."

"How did you know…" Veronica asked confused.

"I know things," Weevil said climbing back onto his bike. "I also know that Echolls has been watching you pretty closely since yesterday. The only thing I don't know is why."

Veronica closed her eyes. She had made sure not to look in Logan's direction at school but to find out he had been staring at her was a little much. She regretted making that comment about Lily being proud of him. That had been crossing the imaginary line they had drawn.

"We just had a fight," she finally said when Weevil didn't move to start the bike.

"Normal fight or I'm going to have to inflict some pain on the rich boy's ass," Weevil said slowly.

Veronica smiled. "Nothing for you to worry about." She climbed on the back of his bike and tapped his shoulder so they could go. She still had a lot more to do for Troy's case of the missing car and she didn't want to discuss Logan anymore. Soon enough she'd have to apologize, her conscious demanded it.


Veronica sat in her room later that night putting disposable phones into envelopes hoping that one of them would reach her mom. The pictures proved that her mom hadn't just left by choice, some one had pushed her out the door. Now if her mom would just call her so she could tell her she knows about the photos, maybe she could find the person behind it and her mom could come home.

She heard the door open and walked out of her room, shutting the door behind her so her dad wouldn't see all the envelopes and ask questions. "One more hour and this might actually constitute a walk of shame."

"Let's say I'm gonna play the dad card and go to bed. That all right?" he asked sarcastically but he was smiling.

"Actually, I need your help," Veronica said needing her dad's help on Troy's case. She already was thinking up a plan to help Luke now that the steroids weren't in the piñata. She just was stuck when it came to the actual car.

"What's up?" Keith asked surprised that his daughter was asking him for help.

"Troy got his dad's car stolen on his way back from Tijuana and we're trying to find it before his dad gets back so he's not shipped off to boarding school in Albuquerque," Veronica explained knowing that this was painting her boyfriend in not exactly the best light.

"Hmm. He's important to you, isn't he?" Keith asked reading it in his daughter's eyes.

"Yes, he is," she admitted. "And I need you to do some of that voodoo that you do so well.

"I'll be nice to your boyfriend if you be nice to my girlfriend. Veronica?" Keith said seriously.

"Deal," she grudgingly replied. She wished she could just tell her dad what she'd found in her mom's safety deposit box but she wasn't sure what that information would mean to him…if anything.

"Good morning," Keith said walking into his room.

"Good night," Veronica said softly heading back to her room. She still had envelopes to stuff and she did want to get some sleep tonight.


"I mean, two thousand bucks with four bids? These people have no idea what a Barry Bonds' ball's worth," Luke complained the next day in the journalism room.

"No, it's classic bidding strategy. They wait 'til the end of the auction. Try hitting refresh," Veronica asked sitting up so she could read the computer screen.

"Classic bidding," Luke said unhappily.

"See, there you go. Twenty-eight hundred. We're almost there," Veronica said smiling.

"No, we're not almost there." Luke said sounding even more upset. "I-I-I can't do this. I mean, you have no idea what I went through to get this ball. You have no idea what it's going to be worth when he retires."

"Luke. A ball or your life. You do the math," Veronica said holding her hands up like a balancing scale. When Luke just stares at her she rolls her eyes. "It's a ball!"

"Yeah, it-" Luke said but slaps the desk when Veronica stands up and walks out of the classroom.

Veronica headed outside spying Troy across the school yard. She headed that way and sat down beside him.

"What are you doing after school? Wanna come over and play detective?" Troy asked smiling.

"How are you so laid back about all this? I mean, if we don't find this car, we're done. This. Over. Does that not scare you?" Veronica asked confused that her boyfriend didn't seem to care that they are going to be separated soon.

"Yes, it does. I mean it scares the hell out of me," Troy said seriously.

"Then why do you seem so-" Veronica said searching for the right words.

"Let's…let's just say that you've been told you have seventy-two hours to live. How do you spend them? You can dig through medical texts looking for a miracle cure or you can make those seventy-two hours the best three days of your life. And I choose sexy fun time," Troy said shrugging his shoulders.

"Well, I choose a miracle cure," Veronica said her turn to be serious.

Veronica sat in her journalism class later that day staring at Ashley Banks, one of the girls that loved making her life a living hell. She hated these class projects but Mallory seemed to think that they would make them better journalists.

"Remember." Mallory said standing in front of the class who had broken up into pairs." Start with light, easy questions first. Let your subject get comfortable.

"So, Ms. Mars. How do you respond to the rumors that your boyfriend hooked up with strippers in Tijuana last weekend?" Ashley asked smirking when she saw she had scored a point.

Veronica sat there glaring at her because although she'd heard the rumors, she had chose to ignore them instead of dwelling on them. But of course she'd have to bring them up. "Ms. Banks. Have you decided which parent you're going to live with after the divorce? And if I may, a follow up. Can you believe your father's choice in mistresses?" Veronica watched as what she had said sunk in.

"Veronica, I need to speak with you after class, please," Mallory said over hearing what she said to Ms. Banks.

Ashley and Veronica stuck to the light and easy questions for the rest of class but soon enough class was over and Veronica stood in front of Mallory's desk.

"You look ready for a fight," Mallory commented.

"I get that a lot. I guess it's just my usual expression," Veronica replied.

"How do you think Ashley's going to sleep tonight?" Mallory asked.

"I didn't tell her anything she didn't already know…deep down," Veronica said beginning to feel a little guilty.

"Maybe. But sometimes the lies we let ourselves believe are for our own good," Mallory pointed out. "You coming?"

"Uh, in a minute. Research," Veronica said watching as she walked out of the classroom.

She walked back over to the computer and took a deep breath as she sat down. Mallory was wrong, love is an investment. Information is insurance. With someone whose heart has already been crushed, you can't be too careful.


Veronica stood staring at the file her dad had just laid down in front of her. She'd known giving him the file on Rebecca had gone way beyond interfering but she just couldn't handle him moving on so fast. Her mom was out there and she just needed a push to come back. But once again her father decided to issue a counter attack and give her a file on her own boyfriend.

Normally she'd just open it and read the contents but for some reason she knew that opening the file was going to be opening a can of worms. Troy had been keeping something back since the beginning of this whole fiasco and surely the file probably held some information that could shed a little light on the subject.

Veronica took a deep breath and opened the file. It didn't take long before she shut the file and grabbed her bag. Troy and her needed to have a talk. She drove to the school and walked through the empty hallways until she stood in front of Troy's locker.

"Hey, sexy. Give me a kiss, make all my troubles disappear?" Troy asked walking up to Veronica.

"All your troubles? That would take a lot of kissing," Veronica said not able to hide the anger she had pumping through her veins. "I'm just glad we weren't dating when you were kicked out of those two schools for drug possession and trafficking. My lips would've fallen off."

"A-huh. Well, good morning to you, too." Troy opened his locker and put his books inside.

"Although, back then, Shauna was doing most of the kissing, wasn't she? You remember Shauna, don't you? You were kicked out of Pembrooke in Connecticut with her for marijuana possession and then out of St. Mary's in Boston. You crazy kids never learn. Yet now, I'm supposed to believe that you knew nothing about Luke picking up steroids in TJ?" Veronica asked beyond pissed off.

"What are you talking about, steroids?" Troy asked confused.

"Don't even-" Veronica said sick of hearing lies.

"Look, look, I don't know anything about Luke and steroids. Yeah, I got busted in Boston with some dope and big deal," Troy said shrugging his shoulders.

"You got busted for drug possession and trafficking!" Veronica yelled.

"Yeah, so, that was two years before we even met. What does that have to do with us now?' Troy asked confused.

"Because you never told me about it!" Veronica cried out.

"Maybe I would've. You ever think of that? Maybe after I'd known you for more than a month, I'd tell you my deep dark secrets. Or is that too much of a character flaw? Waiting for the girl to like you before you tell her the things you're not so proud of? I don't have to tell you that. You're Veronica Mars. You know everything."

Veronica watched as Troy shook his head and walked away. She knew that she was right, that he knew more than what he was saying but what he said had hit home. She hadn't told him everything about herself either.

"Hey. I got it all. Eight grand. And a little slice of my soul," Luke said walking up behind her holding an envelope.

"Woe is you," Veronica said near tears. She walked off down the hall not paying any attention to where she was going but smacked into somebody. She looked up and tried to push by Logan but he grabbed a hold of her arm.

"What's wrong?" he asked for once sounding like he actually cared.

"Nothing," Veronica said trying to pull her arm out of his grasp.

"Veronica…" Logan said softly but paused as Veronica finally pulled herself away from him.

"Not now Logan," Veronica said feeling a stray tear fall down her face. She closed her eyes but opened them and stared him straight in the eye. "Just not now."

Logan watched her walk off down the hall and wished like hell that he could follow her and make sure she was truly alright. For as long as he could remember Veronica hadn't cried. In fact, the last time he'd seen her cry had been at Lily's funeral, where they'd both held onto each other find comfort in one another's embrace. Now he didn't have the right anymore and he wasn't sure who's fault that was anymore.


She sat down at her usual lunch table the next day and stared out at the sea of faces of her peers. Troy had realized by now that the gig was up. She had found out about his genius plan and had tweaked it. She didn't mind him leaving anymore but she sure as hell wasn't going to let him get away with the steroids.

She saw Rebecca walking across the campus and sighed. She felt bad that her dad had felt the need to end his relationship with her guidance counselor but she also felt relieved. Her mom had called her. Granted she had told her to leave it alone but at least she called. That had to mean that she'd be coming back eventually.

"How 'bout now?" Logan asked surprising her by sitting down beside her.

"What?" Veronica asked confused.

"Yesterday you said not now," Logan said staring intently at her. She looked better today but with the rumors going around that Troy was being shipped off to boarding school today, he was sure that had something to do with the tears yesterday. "So how 'bout now? I mean if you are done grieving over losing your boyfriend, there was something I wanted to talk to you about."

"Grieving," Veronica said smirking. "Yeah sure whatever…and I wasn't crying."

"I know I saw a tear," Logan said smirking. Veronica was back to being her usual witty self.

"What you saw and what it meant are two entirely different things," Veronica pointed out.

"Did you mean what you said the other day?" Logan finally asked getting to the point.

"No," Veronica said knowing exactly what he was referring to. "Yes." She looked away but then sighed as she looked back. "Yes I meant what I said but I shouldn't have said it."

"Why not?" Logan asked. "It's not like we've been censoring anything for the past year."

"What I said was harsh," Veronica said. "I'm sorry for saying it."

"For what it's worth," Logan said standing up. "Part of what you said was the truth."

Veronica stared at him as he walked back to his lunch table and sat down beside Duncan who was staring at her but looked away when she looked in his direction. That had been a surprise and she couldn't help but think that once again her life was about to change.

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