By Hicken15

It was almost midnight by the time officers Maurice Boscorelli and Faith Yokas exited the station house of New York's 55th precinct.

"Need a lift?" Bosco asked his partner.

"Nah. Thanks though. I'll see you tomorrow Bos."

"Yeah, see ya." The police officers headed their separate ways; Bosco across the street to his car, and Yokas to the subway. Faith hadn't gotten very far when she heard Bosco cussing up a storm.

"Shit! Son of a bitch!"

Faith quickly turned around to see what was happening. "Bosco? You OK? What's wrong?" She was worried, she feared for her partner's safety. Sure, they were just outside of a police station, but stranger things have happened.

"Look at this! Some jack-off keyed my car!" Bosco was fuming, he paced around the vehicle surveying for more damage and yelling more obscenities.

"Come on Bosco. Just let it go."

"Let it go? Let it go? Yokas somebody keyed my car! Look at that scratch."

"Exactly! It's just a scratch. Forget about it."

"How can I forget about it? Every time I go to get in my car it's going to be there staring at me! No way. This bastards gonna pay!"

"Oh really? How do you plan on catching this guy? Put out an APB on anyone who looks suspicious? Or how about we question everyone in New York? Or maybe the whole United States? Gee, the guy could be in Jersey by now."

With that Bosco glared at his partner, hopped in his car and drove away. "Man, if he wasn't such a good cop," Faith thought as she watched the tail lights disappear into the night.


"Hey partner. Did you find the guy who keyed your car yet?" Yokas asked with a laugh, "Cause I saw a couple shady looking characters on my way to work today."

"Don't start with me Yokas! I mean it. Not another word!"

Faith rolled her eyes. "Ok, Ok, relax."

It was a pretty tame day for the two officers, and once again the partners were departing from the station. "Wanna go for a drink or something?" Bosco asked, "I'm not ready to go home yet."

"Yeah, sounds like a good idea."

Both officers stopped dead in their tracks. "DAMMIT!" Bosco then proceeded to the car and kicked the door. The car windows were all broken and there was a brick with a not attached lying on the front seat. Bosco's face paled as he read the note.

"Bos? Bosco? What is it?" He handed the note to Faith.

Hey Boscorelli: first your car.... Then you. Paybacks are a bitch!

"Who could have done this?" Faith asked as she looked up to find that her partner had regained his color, and his temper.

Bosco turned toward the station house and yelled, "Didn't anyone see anything? How can this happen with cops everywhere? Can't anyone do their jobs right? New York's finest my ass!"

"Calm down Bosco."

Boscorelli turned on his partner, "Calm down? Easy for you to say. Your car windows aren't all smashed to hell! And no one threatened you!"

"Come on, let's get you inside and file a report."

"Yeah....yeah, ok," Bosco gave in as his partner took him by the arm, and led him back into the station.

Once inside the two officers began the paperwork procedure. As soon as all the statements were given, and pictures of the crime scene were taken Bosco and Yokas tried to figure out who could be behind this.

"The note said something about paybacks. So, obviously it is someone who you have had some kind of encounter with. Lets look through the records of arrests. It's probably somebody you arrested once. "

Boscorelli looked at his partner, "Right, or maybe it's an ex-girlfriend or Skaget or someone I knew from high school." the sarcasm was rich in his voice. He sighed, "Faith, I've pissed off so many people, by the time we figure out who it is it'll probably be too late."

Faith Yokas looked up from the file she had been reading, and for the first time noticed that her partner looked frightened. There were only a few things in this world that could put fear into Maurice Boscorelli, and one of those things was lack of control.

"We'll figure this out Bosco. Don't worry about it. The detectives are on it, everything will be fine. How 'bout we call it a night? This guy isn't coming back tonight."

"Yeah, I'm beat."

"We'll pick up tomorrow where we left off. Let's get someone to drive us home."


The next afternoon Bosco looked like he hadn't gotten any sleep.

"Geez Boscorelli. You look like crap. What? Did you finally have a date with someone who didn't have a midnight curfew?" kidded Officer John Sullivan.

Bosco ignored Sully, and headed for his locker. "What?! No smart-ass comeback? Somebody mark it on the calendar. Maurice Boscorelli kept his mouth shut!"

Yokas stuck her head around the lockers and gave Sully her best mom look. "Give it a rest Sully!"

Bosco quickly got dressed and headed for roll call. He wasn't in the mood to talk to anyone.

"Faith, what's eating Bosco?" asked Sully.

"You didn't hear?"

"Hear what?" asked Sully's partner Ty Davis.

"Two nights ago someone put a scratch in his car. Then last night after the shift all the windows were smashed and there was a note."

"What'd the note say?"

"First your car, then you. Paybacks are a bitch."

"Whoa," whistled Davis, "That's creepy."

"Damn, if I had known I would have left him alone."

"Don't worry about it Sully."


After roll call they headed to the squad. "Maybe I should drive today Bos. You can barely keep your eyes open."

Without saying a word Bosco walked around to get in the passenger's side. Faith was worried about him. "Did you get any sleep last night? Maybe you should go home."

Bosco shot a glare in his partner's direction; "I'm fine Faith."

"I'm just saying that if you're that tired maybe someone else should ride with me today. No sense in anyone getting hurt today."

Bosco was looking out the window, he sighed and then turned to his partner, "Ok, so I didn't get much sleep last night, and yeah I'm tired. But I can do my job. I've got your back. Trust me Faith."

"Ok partner. Let's ride."

After a few uneasy moments Faith broke the silence. "So you couldn't sleep last night?"

"No. I kept thinking about that note, and who's behind it. Plus every time I heard a noise I was reaching for my gun."

"Would it make you feel any better if you stayed at my place tonight? Fred and the kids are going to visit some of his relatives for the weekend."

"Thanks, but I'll be fine."

"Suit yourself, but my offer stands."


Faith responded to the call, "55-David. Two to three."

"A burglary in broad daylight? Somebody's a few french-fries short of a Happy Meal."

"Now that's the Maurice Boscorelli I know!"

While taking statements at the scene of the burglary the officers learned that there were two suspects. Both were white males in their early thirties who escaped in a white car.

"Geez. Do you think people could be anymore helpful? I mean how many people in New York fit that description. Hell! I could be a suspect for cryin' out loud!"

"Well Bos, I guess that's why we make the big bucks."


The rest of the shift was spent like most others; a couple domestic violence calls, a few tips on drug deals and a lot of driving around in circles.

"Bosco you sure you don't wanna stay at my place?"

"Naw. I'll be fine. I'm sure I'll be sawing logs in no time."

"Ok, but call me if you need anything."

Bosco nodded and headed towards his dealership loaner car. "Everything seems to be in one piece," he said to himself as he walked around the car, "Now it's time to get some sleep."

When Bosco reached his apartment there was an envelope attached to his door. "Wonder what this is." He opened the envelope and read the note that was inside.

Boscorelli- I know where you live

Bosco's mind began to race, "Oh man. He knows where I live. Has he been inside? Is he here now? Should I call for backup? Am I overreacting? Whoa! Pull yourself together!"

Bosco decided to go inside and check out his apartment. He drew his gun as he unlocked the door. Slowly he pushed the door open. All the lights were off, but his adrenaline was pumping and the darkness didn't phase him. As he opened the door the light from the hallway illuminated the room enough for him to see movement to his right. As he turned in that direction with his gun in his hands something came crashing down across his arms with a sickening thud. Before he could fight back he was struck in the temple. "Shit." Bosco's world went black as he fell to the floor.