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Dark Hermione
Ginevra Weasley

Yeah, I saw it happening. I saw her withdraw from the world. It started after Professor Dumbledore's death.

I guess it was too much at one time. Dumbledore's murder. Snape's betrayal. Harry and Ron both leaving her to search for Voldemort's horcruxes.

I mean, I was upset, too. My boyfriend—who finally realized I was a woman and he loved me—and my brother both marching off to save the world. I mean, if anybody had a right to be upset…it would have been me—me!

No, I'm all right. Just give me a minute…Okay. No, I can talk about this. I have to talk about this.

To be fair, they were her best friends. Other than me, they were her only friends.

Her parents were muggles, and you know, most muggles, they just don't understand magic. I guess they knew she was being drained by the war. She was probably more haunted-looking every time they saw her. But how much help could they be when they didn't understand the problem? Of course they couldn't understand.

But I guess the disillusionment and the intense aloneness is what did it. She secluded herself completely, studying nonstop. She even resigned from her Head Girl position, saying it was too much work, that it distracted her from her studies.

I should have been a better friend, I guess. I should have wondered what she was studying so intensely, but I didn't. I never asked.

I did think it was strange that she didn't go with them. Harry and Ron, I mean. They were her best friends, and even though Ron'd had that thing with Lavender, I thought she still liked him, still cared. I guess I thought she figured she'd be more help to them if she stayed out of the way, researching anything that might help them. I didn't realize that the things she was reading…

I didn't even notice the first day she was missing. I didn't even notice! She'd been so quiet and reserved—even more so than before—and I didn't notice. It was the next day—Saturday the 14th.

I was working on an essay for Professor Slughorn and having trouble with finding the history of the distilment process of draconic tears. I knew she'd know, and when I couldn't find her…the Headmistress almost fainted when I told her. She went all pale and said, "Oh no, Hermione!"

I don't understand. I just can't understand what made her do it. I've tried and tried and I just…can't. It must have been those Dark Arts books. She was so empty, so vulnerable, and the Dark Arts are so seductive.

The Dark Lord must have found out somehow and convinced her to join his efforts.

But it didn't have to happen. If I'd been a better friend, if I'd been there for her, this wouldn't have happened.

Shut up! Don't try to console me! What do you know about Hermione?

You're just some Ministry flunky they sent to take my statement. You want a statement from me? Huh? D'you want a statement?

I'll give you a statement! Hermione Granger is not a dark witch—she is a good person, damnit, a good person!

It's just that bad things keep happening to her, and people keep leaving her, and now you people are trying to cast her as the anti-potter. Anti-Potter, ha!

I am NOT hysterical!

Shutup!Shutup!Shutup! Shutup!Shutup!

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