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Twelve years later

The chapel was small, and unaccustomed to having so many people inside. It was late evening, and almost everybody present was wearing a nice suit or pressed dress. With the area fairly warmer than most preferred it, several of the men had taken to unbuttoning the top of their collars, despite the reproving looks the women were giving them.

Roy's eyes were transfixed on the back doors as they opened, letting Beth through the doors first as the 19 year old young woman began her walk down the isle. Having graduated from the academy only a few weeks before, she was resplendent in a light blue summer dress and with golden hair exactly like her guardian's. But no one could have outshined the one who followed.

The white dress was simply cut, revealing nothing and yet in its modesty making the wearer appear all the more desirable. Zeke escorted her down the isle, now 22 years old and every inch a man. He was the only one in the military blue, an investigator alchemist that was heading in the right direction for a promotion very soon, and looked very handsome in his dress uniform. Taller than his guardian by at least head, he beamed with pleasure when he handed Riza over to his Uncle Roy and stepped off to the side.

The ceremony itself wasn't long, the vows were simply said and the rings exchanged with a minimal amount of fuss. Nobody's eyes were quite dry when the final 'I do' was spoken, but the cheer that went up when the chaplain told Roy he could kiss his bride shook the rafters of the small building. Proudly escorting his new wife out of the chapel, Roy helped her into the car and drove to the train station while the others followed.

"You'll be careful?" Riza asked several minutes later, now dressed in a traveling suit, as the children prepared to leave with the rest of the military unit for the beach trip without her or Roy for the first time ever.

"We'll be fine," Zeke reassured her in exasperation as he laid a comforting hand on her shoulder, the large appendage easily dwarfing the one she laid over it. "We're not kids anymore, Aunt Riza."

"I still worry," she said with a sigh as she let him kiss her on the cheek. "Have a good time; we'll see you in a week."

"Have fun," Beth told her as the young woman gave her a tight hug. "And thank you for waiting for so long for us."

"It wasn't too hard," Roy chuckled as he draped himself over his new wife's shoulders from behind. "You two spoiled us, a lot, being as good as you are. We're very proud of you both, growing up as you have."

"We just wanted to say congratulations," Gracia said as her and Elysia appeared behind them. "And that we just got the call from Risembol. It's a boy, and Winry is fine."

"How's Kants taking it?" Roy asked with a grin.

"He's very happy, you know he loves his three little girls but he's been wanting a boy for awhile now."

"What did they name him?"

"Edward Alphonse Kants."

"Good, we'll have to go visit them some time. Have a good trip, and we'll see you in a week."

"In a week," Beth replied firmly, almost like she was making a promise. After another round hugs and goodbyes the four left, Zeke slipping his arms casually around his sister's and friend's shoulders, and another couple approached.

"Congratulations, sir, and have a good trip," Havoc said as he shook his superior officer's hand firmly, Maria hugging Riza as he did. "We're very happy, for both you."

"Now you've just gotta work up the nerve to do the same," Roy murmured to the chair-bound man, glancing in Ross's direction meaningfully.

"We're quite happy the way things are now, thank you," Havoc laughed quietly. "But…we'll see. Maybe someday."

"Have fun, and be safe," Maria said as she turned to push Havoc back towards their train. "We'll see you soon."

"Of course."

"Sir?" The newlyweds turned around to find Breda and Fuery behind them, the communications officer holding an envelope out to them. "We'd like to you have this, sir. We took a collection in the office, so you guys could have a nice night on the town on us."

"Falman had to leave, his kid's sick, but he wanted us to congratulate you for him," Breda added with a grin. "Brosh and Marshall too, since they're helping load all of our luggage. Have a safe trip, sir."

"You too," Roy said as he shook both their hands. "And thank you, we really appreciate this."

"Least we could do, sir."

The conductor yelled for the final call and the couple boarded the train together, waving to their friends and family through the window as the large locomotive began to pull out of the station.

"So," Roy said as he fingered the ring on her left hand, the same one she had worn with her dog tags for the last twelve years waiting for their time to come. "Was it worth the wait?"

Riza looked up and smiled, kissing him gently as she settled into his warm embrace. "Every minute of it."

Roy still wasn't particularly fond of trains. The seats were only comfortable when compared with something like the floor unless one could afford the coveted private suites and the food was cheap, tasting like sawdust, or incredibly overpriced and of mediocre quality. The list could go on forever.

But sitting there with his new wife as the sun set and they were sped off towards their honeymoon cabin for a week of wonderful solitude, there was absolutely no other place he would rather be.

The End


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