Another Chapter

By: Missysillivan

Summary (Chapters 1-24): It had been nearly three years since Sasuke left Konoha. Sakura had officially passed her mentor and was preparing to become a Jonin. But after an attack on Konoha, she wakes only to find that she is no longer in the Village hidden in the Leaves, but in the company of traitors, murderers, and a single raven-haired, sharingan user. However, as time is spent in Hell, a horrible secret is revealed. One chapter in her life closes and another chapter begins. Semi-AU.

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Chapter 1: Beginning of Her End


A gasp



More screaming

More blood

Part of the wall collapsed



So many snakes

Jade eyes went wide as a sharp pain shot through her body. The near dead body of her friend – brother, teammate, family – came quickly as her body fell towards it; the darkness began to cloud her vision.

She waited for the cold, motionless flesh to stop her fall, but was surprised when two – warm, strong, alive –arms caught her lead body and quickly, but carefully, pulled her into a hard chest. The said body turned and ran into the forest, leaving her patient to die alone.

"…No…" The pinkette struggled to stay awake as darkness began to creep into her vision.

"Shh…sleep." She looked up at the sound of the familiar voice. Jade eyes clashed with crimson and it was too late for the pink haired medic kunoichi.

Sharingan commas spun aggressively, sending the poor, battered girl into a deep trance. The raven haired shinobi shifted the dead weight of her body in his arms as he turned and sprinted back to the cover of the trees.

"We are pulling out now. The hokage knows. Orochimaru-sama will be pleased." A sick shiver rolled down his back at the sound of the insincere voice. He could just hear the sly smile forming on his glass-rimmed face. "You didn't kill her, right Sasuke-kun?"

Said ninja turned lazily and gave a warning, yet so nonchalant, look at the silver haired medic as he pushed up his glasses so they sat farther up on the bridge of his nose. An annoying habit which drove the former-Leaf to having fantasies of ripping the glasses from his face and breaking them into millions of little pieces.

"Hn." Sasuke continued to just stare at his master's right-hand-man as he shifted the girl in his arms ever so slightly. "Get on with it, Kabuto." He demanded in a rather calm voice when the medic stopped talking and took to just staring at the pinkette in the arms of her former teammate.

"Very good, then. Orochimaru-sama will be very pleased." Kabuto smirked with a small chuckle, covering up the sound of him clearing his suddenly dry throat, as he took a step forward. "I will go ahead. Please hurry. That copy-nin and kyuubi vessel will soon know that the apprentice is missing. I highly doubt you would want to get into a heated battle with your former teammates while carrying the girl also."

"Hn. Naruto will not be a problem." Sasuke said emotionlessly as Kabuto glanced over his shoulder to the barely visible village street where the blonde was still lying in a pool of his own blood.

He smirked and then disappeared into the thick forest.

Sasuke looked down to the girl in his arms. And let out a barely audible sigh. This is so troublesome, he thought wryly, inwardly amused at the use of a former acquaintance's daily phrase.

With this, he fluidly turned on his heel and leapt into the trees, running quickly back to his new home – Otogakure.


The pink haired medic sat up quickly, immediately clutching her sides as her breathing came out quick, strained, and in gasps. Her head began to pound, a ringing in her ears that grew louder and louder, as flashes from the attack, all the dead people, Naruto's motionless body laying his own pool of blood flooded her, entered her already tortured mind. Tears filled her eyes against her will as fear clutched at her stomach and a bout of nausea overcame her. Her breathing became even more erratic as she shook uncontrollably.

Nausea, erratic breathing, high hormones and epinephrine, rapid heart rate: panic attack, her medical side immediately took over as she concentrated on evening her breathing, the only thing she could think about instead of the situation she was currently held in.

And then suddenly, there was someone sitting behind her, and she was pulled back into an uncomfortably familiar chest. Strong arms encircled her waist, keeping Sakura's hand at her sides, stopping the grasping at her chest as it began to feel like she was having an heart attack. Definitely panic attack.

"You have to breathe." The smooth, husky voice whispered calmly as his breath tickled her ear. She noticed that she stopping concentrated on her breathing the moment she was taken around the waist. "It's just a reaction from the sedative." There was the slightest rocking noticeable, but it calmed her down greatly.

Several minutes passed before her breathing finally started to calm down and her heart rate slowed to a more normal beat. And just as quickly as he came, he had left her on the bed, alone and suddenly very cold. The tears sprang in her eyes once again and this time, she couldn't keep them at bay. "Sas-Sasuke…I…they…Naruto…Why….Sasuke…I…." Sakura began talking quickly, unable to put words to what she wanted to say.

"Sakura, stop crying." It wasn't a request, it was a demand. And the look in Sasuke's eyes screamed he wanted silence.

Sakura tensed and watched as Sasuke stared at her with cool eyes. She blinked once before pulling her knees up to her chest. She took in a deep breath and closed her eyes, willing herself to calm down. "Where am I? W-Why…why am I here, Sasuke-kun?" She asked, sounding not as calm as she looked. So broken and mentally drained. She still couldn't get the pale and beaten face of her best friend and teammate out of her head. "Why was Konoha attacked?" She demanded, gathering courage that could only be learned from being around the hyper-active blonde.

Sasuke just turned and walked towards the door. "Sleep."

Sakura jerked her head in his direction and launched herself to the edge of the bed. "Don't leave me! Please." She begged, but Sasuke just shot her an annoyed look over his shoulder.

"Do not leave this room. I will be back with food and water soon." He turned his body just enough to get a full look at the shaking girl. "If you leave…lets just say: I warned you." Sasuke said with venom in his voice. Sakura's eyes got huge. "Understand?"

"H-hai." She squeaked.

And then he was gone.

Naruto…Kakashi…Tsunade-shishou…everyone else, please be okay, Sakura quietly thought to herself as she curled into a ball and finally just let herself wallow in her sorrows.

"How is he?"

"We've lost a pulse already three times, we can't stabilize him."


"Hai, Tsunade-sama!"

The blonde hokage moved into the spot that the young doctor had stood in previously over Naruto's heart. She immediately began pumping her chakra into his chest, cursing under her breath and startling some of the newer medics who hadn't had the chance to work with her before. "He lost too much blood. Get me three more blood bags. He's type B-positive." She commanded. "Damn it, Naruto. You can't die just yet. Sakura needs you."

Pain wrenched at Tsunade's heart as memories of her apprentice flashed through her head. How could Sakura just be taken? Why wasn't someone there to protect her? She had been outside the hospital fighting off the Sound ninja, who had been trying to attack the building, when the letter arrived by messenger bird. When she received the letter the last thing that entered her mind had been that it was a hostage note. She'd figure it was a message about more enemy shinobi invading, but imagine the surprise when it was her former teammate's jerky handwriting on the scroll.

I hope you didn't have a fight or have been holding a grudge against your precious student because your time is up to make amends. You will get to see her the next time we attack. And dearest old friend, be prepared. Our full numbers will be attacking and you will have to deal with my new jutsus in my new body. Until then.


'First Sasuke and then Sakura. I'll give you credit, Orochimaru, you sure know how to pick 'em.' Tsunade thought to herself as Naruto's heart stopped once more. "Shit!"

It didn't make much sense to her. The attack been unexpected. No one knew what was going on when the first explosion at the gate occurred. Women, children, and men who were unable to fight had been led very quickly to the strategically located safe houses around the village by the Genin. Every one capable fought back, trying to keep the enemy at bay, but that hadn't lasted long. Soon the Sound ninjas had gotten into the village and began attacking houses. It was as if they had been looking for something, or rather, someone. And now she knew who. Sakura. Orochimaru had wanted Sakura.

There was only four dead, two were Chunin, one a Jonin, and one ANBU. Lee, Chouji, Shino, and Kiba would be out of commission for a little while, but it was nothing permanent. Tenten, Neji, Naruto, Sakura, and Shikamaru had been in the heart of the battle. They, along with Asuma, Kurenai, Kakashi, and Gai, had been responsible for taking down the majority of the Sound ninja attacking. Ino and Hinata stayed by the hospital with Tsunade to help keep the invaders at bay while the injured were tended to. Shizune had taken Tsunade's post inside, trying to save the people hurt.

Tsunade didn't understand what happened after she received the note. Once it was read, all of the Sound ninja retreated. Two seconds later Neji and Kakashi appeared. Neji carrying Tenten and Kakashi carrying Naruto. Shikamaru, Asuma, Kurenai, and Gai had taken off to scout the village for anymore dead or injured.

Soon after, they returned carrying Lee, Shino, and Kiba. Hyuuga Hiashi, surprisingly, brought Chouji into the hospital a few minutes later. Tsunade had sent Naruto straight into surgery while she quickly healed a life threatening stab on Tenten's chest.

"Tsunade! Naruto is breathing on his own!" One of the medics said happily as Naruto began to stabilize.

"Good. Take over. I used too much chakra." Tsunade said quickly as a medic took over.

"Tsunade-sama, maybe you should go talk to Kakashi-sempei." Shizune placed a hand on Tsunade's arm to make sure she was steady.

"Alright." Tsunade walked slowly out to the waiting room where Kakashi sat, his famous orange book no where in sight. She also noticed Neji sitting to his right and Shikamaru on his left. All three looking dejected and worried.

"How is he?" Shikamaru was surprisingly the first to talk.

"Stable, finally." Tsunade said quietly.

"What about the others?" Neji asked as Kakashi didn't take his eyes off of the ground at Tsunade's feet.

"All are okay. Tenten will heal just fine, more then likely there will be no scar. Kiba, Shino, and Lee will be perfectly okay, as will Chouji, thanks to your uncle, Neji. Four deaths in total." Tsunade's voice dropped.

"Where is Sakura?" Kakashi's voice was quiet, but hard - there was no denying the fact that he was thinking the worst had happened. He finally looked up, hidden anger residing behind his only visible eye. "She wasn't there when we finally got to Naruto's and her last known position. Only Naruto was there. Where. Did. She. Go?"

"Orochimaru took her. My guess is that this whole attack was to get her." Tsunade kneeled in front of the saddened Jonin, not at all put off by the murderous look directed at her, although she highly doubted he had anything against her. She was just the closest thing to glare at. "We will get her back. Once we have settled a little I will be sending three ANBU teams out to look for her. When Naruto is healed and able to leave the hospital, I'll set up a team for you both so you can look also. I just pray that nothing bad will happen in the time it takes us to find-"

"He won't let anything happen to her." Kakashi said quietly as he looked up into the Hokage's eyes, seemingly all anger drained from his taut features. Now, he looked much older then he truly was – just a man who had seen more horrors in his life then the average shinobi.

"Excuse me?" Tsunade was confused. Who was he talking about?

"Uchiha." Neji and Shikamaru said simultaneously to themselves, bringing more confusion to the Hokage's face.

"Uchiha? Uchiha Sasuke?" Tsunade eyed the three in front of her incredulously. They had to be in shock or something!

"He always made sure to go out of his way to protect her. He may say he did, but Sasuke never really cut his ties with Konoha. He would never let Sakura get hurt, not back then, not now." Kakashi's voice had regained the strength in it that everyone knew and loved.

"I hope, for all of your sakes, that you are correct." Tsunade hissed as she stood up to her full height. "You may go see Naruto now."

"Hn." Kakashi nodded his head and then got up and walked to the room where his last student laid.

The walk through the labyrinth of hallways seemed to stretch on forever as Sasuke made his way back to his room. Every so often he would pass a guard, who more out of fear then respect, would step out of his way and bow their heads as he passed them by. An annoying habit, but one Sasuke had learned to just ignore. Why complain when people just turned to mush – only in some cases, others turned into a statue full of fear and terror at the sight of him – whenever the corrupt Sannin's apprentice was around? So, he just ignored the guard that had unintentionally stepped in his path and immediately pressed himself to the wall, head bowed, and continued on his way.

When he reached his room door, he automatically opened it, not caring about knocking to inform the other room's occupant, and then hastily closed it behind him.

He had heard them coming.

The fan girls.

It didn't matter if he was in Otogakure or Konohagakure. They were everywhere. If they had seen him or not, he did not know, nor did truly care, he just wanted to get away before they attacked him – well, started to drool over him and ask him stupid things like: 'Will you marry me?' 'Don't you love my new top?' or the forever favorite 'Will you give me the pleasure of helping you restore your clan, Sasuke-kun?'

Oh, how he loathed the fan girls.

His mind was ripped from his musings when, the moment he entered the room, he heard soft, muffled, crying coming from the bed. Even with his impeccable eye sight, the windowless room made it to dark to see anything, but going off of the chakra emitting from the bed, he figured it was Sakura, and she was in pain. Opting for the less hostile reaction, Sasuke ditched the idea of turning on a light and instead activated his Sharingan, immediately taking in the small bundle in the middle of the bed.

Sasuke slowly made his way to the bed and stood ominously beside it, waiting for the kunoichi to realize his presence beside her. Apparently she already had sensed him, because the soft sobs immediately muffled and she curled in even more around herself. He narrowed his eyes, easily recognizing that she hadn't calmed down; instead she was holding her breath, almost as if she were listening for what was to come. He slowly sat down on the bed, as to try to not scare her; however, he wasn't expecting her to scream and back into the corner when he set his hand on her shoulder.

"No…no…please…no…" Sakura whimpered as she backed herself further into the corner, eyes wide with fright as jade clashed with crimson.

"Sakura." Sasuke voice was its usual stoic, but held a slight, barely recognizable tremor at the sight of her looking utterly afraid at the sight of him.

"No!" She screamed as loud as possible.

Sasuke reacted immediately and lunged forward, placing his hand over her mouth while reaching out with his other hand to restrain her. She retaliated by kicking out and biting his hand, hard. "Fuck." Sasuke hissed while finally getting a hold on her upper arm, pulling her towards him. "Sakura."

"Please, don't… not again!" Sakura cried hysterically as she thrashed around in Sasuke's arms.

By this time, she had averted her gaze, now staring at the unseen wall opposite of them and she struggled and fought against the offender. She was quickly becoming more and more of nuisance as Sasuke fought with her to pin her without actually causing harm – which was easier said than done. Sasuke had noted that she was fighting with pure adrenaline, instinct, not with her shinobi trained mind. She was making it impossible to hit the nerve on the back of her neck to knock her out and she refused to meet his eyes. Finally, after an amount of time he flatly refused to admit to, he finally caught her eye, Sharingan immediately spinning wildly, sending the frantic girl into a deep trance. Sasuke rolled back onto his heels before leaping nimbly backwards from his bed and landing with a fluidity that only the most graceful of shinobi could master. His bleeding eyes narrowed as he took in the distress easily playing on the girl's face even as she slept. He let out a 'tch' and ran a hand threw his hair.

"What the hell is going on?" He hissed at the unconscious girl.

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