Hey Everyone. I'm back! Here is the sequel to Stand By Me, due to popular demand!!! You don't have to read SBM in order to understand this story, but i suggest reading it anyway! Enjoy!



"Brianna Mary-Elizabeth, please hurry we are going to be late!" Madison yelled up the stairs. She was met by the sound of scampering feet running in the hallway and quickly down the stairs.

Brianna came downstairs in a red little dress with a white collared shirt. Her curly, brown, hair was French braided with a red ribbon at the end and black paten-leather shoes. Brianna was in kindergarten now, much to the amazement of her mother and uncles, it seemed like just yesterday she was born.

Quickly, Madison handed her her back pack and they dashed off to the car. They pulled to the end of the street where the bus stop was to wait for the bus.

"Ok baby, Uncle Dean is picking you up from the bus stop and taking you to ballet lessons. He has your outfit with him, so you don't need to worry about it. Uncle Dean and Sam will sit with you until I get home."

"Mommy, what time will you be home?" the small child asked.

"No later than dinner, lady bug."

"Ok. Do you think Uncle Dean will play Pretty, Pretty Princess with me after school?"

Madison smiled at the thought of her older brother wearing earrings and a crown. I have got to see this, she thought

"I don't know baby, ask him. Oh, here's the bus, give me a kiss!" Madison hugged and kissed her daughter and watched her bounce off to the bus. Once she was sitting, Brianna waved to her mom and Madison waved back.

Once the bus was gone, Madison made her way to the office. At lot had changed in the past five years. Madison graduated from high school and college, all the while caring for her daughter and working to support her. And all she could do was thank god for her brothers.

They helped with everything, from school projects, pick-ups, and babysitting. All three adults arranged their schedules so that one of them was always with Brianna. Dean managed the local car garage from 6-2:30 so he could get Brianna off the bus and take her to practice. Sam taught political science at the local high school and was typically out of work by 4:30. Madison spent the mornings and nights after work with her daughter, as well as weekends. It was the perfect plan.

Madison worked as a meeting planner for a local company, setting up contracts with hotels for their business meetings. Never in a million years had she dreamed her life could be the perfect. Minus this pesky chest cold she had been dealing with for the past couple of weeks. It was allergy season, and both she and Brianna had seasonal allergies and colds.


"Shit!" Dean swore when he finally saw the clock. It was almost 2:50, and Brianna got off the bus in ten minutes and it took him at least twenty to get home.

Running to the Impala and peeling out of the drive way, Dean sped all the way home.

Brianna was everything to him, as was Madison. Both Sam and himself would do anything for them, and often did. Neither regretted it, it was just what family did, especially their family. They took care of each other.

Looking in his back seat he laughed. He had Brianna's frilly pink dance bag sitting next to her stuffed bear she kept in his car. "So you won't be lonely when you go on hunting trips," she told him, and Dean never took it out.

Brianna knew at an early age that things existed even though you couldn't see them. They didn't want to frighten her, but just educate her incase the work was brought home one day.

Dean pulled into Madison's driveway and found Brianna waiting for him on the front porch.

"Uncle Dean!" she squealed and jumped into his arms. He carried her into the house with one hand and her pink bag in the other.

"Hey ladybug! How was school?"

"Good. I made something for Mommy!" After being put down, she ripped open her bag. She pulled out a crumpled piece of paper, and handed it to him. Drawn on it were two stick figures and a heart.

"It's Mommy and me. Do you think she'll like it?" She asked earnestly, staring at her uncle with her big blue eyes.

"Of course she will, you made it," he kissed her forehead and led her into the kitchen for a quick snack.

After, Brianna quickly got dressed in her dancing outfit, grabbed Dean's hand and both were off to dance school.


Close to 4:30, Sam put his work away and packed to head home. His students have long been gone but he stayed late to grade papers and the like. Dean and Brianna would be home soon and Sam decided he would make dinner tonight.

Driving home, Sam felt nothing but completeness. He finally felt whole, and almost all aspects of his life were in check. He had his own house again, loved his niece and family, had a great, stable job, and even hunted on the weekends. He pulled into his driveway and ran into his house to change into sweatpants, a t-shirt, and flip-flops.

When he walked in the house he burst out laughing. Brianna had Dean wearing earrings,

a necklace, ring and crown on from Pretty Pretty Princess.

"Wow, Dean, you make a great princess!" Sam laughed.

"Well for your information, I am secure enough in myself to wear such d├ęcor, right Brie?"

Brie nodded her head, smiling at Sam.

"Well I'll leave you two princesses to your game while I make dinner."


Madison walked in forty five minutes later, just as supper was on the table.

"Mommy!" Brianna shouted jumping into her mom's arms.

"Hi love. How was school and dance class?" She asked, taking Brianna by the hand and leading her back to the kitchen.

"Great, we wrote the letter G today Mommy, it was hard. But I did it! Dance was great and afterwards Uncle Dean played Pretty Pretty Princess!"

Madison stared at Dean who had gone a shade of red.

"Really? And I missed it?" Madison whined. Brianna pulled away and retrieved her drawing from the counter.

"I made this for you Mommy!"

Madison looked at the drawing and beamed at her daughter. "It's great. Thank you!"

Brianna giggled and sat down next to Dean at the table. Madison helped Sam with the last minute preparations. She had been feeling under the weather all day, and while she helped the best she could, her coughing stopped her.

"Mad, are you ok?" Sam asked.

"Yea, I went to the allergist, said it was a cold. I'm taking Allegrea to help with it. Don't worry so much big brother!" She laughed affectionately punching Sam in the arm. All the Winchester's settled down and ate dinner together, just like they had almost everyday for the past five years.