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"Oh god Madison! I..we..I missed you so much!" Sam cried.

"I've missed you all too. How's Brianna?" She asked.

"She's ok, we're taking good care of her. She misses you like hell, though."

Madison nodded, "I miss her too. I miss all of you."

"Mad, what happened?"

"Well, I thought I died, but after I fell asleep, I woke up here. I know what's happening," she whispered.

"We do too. We're thinking of a way to get you out of here."

"No, you can't! Please you can't! Stay with Brianna; keep her safe."

"The only way we can keep her truly safe is by beating this evil bastard!" Sam gritted his teeth.

"You have no idea…what he can do Sam. He's different this time, nothing like what we've dealt with. I can't bear seeing you and Dean…and Brianna…" Madison couldn't even finish. The words were to frightening and hurtful to even say.

"And what about you? What are supposed to do? Leave you here?" Sam asked hurriedly.

"Yes Sam. I won't risk any of you!" Madison said, but signaled Sam to be quiet.

"You have to leave! Now!" Madison pushed him away.

"Why?!" Sam asked hurriedly.

"He's coming."

"Mad, I can't just leave. I don't know how!" Sam panicked.

"Shit! There's no time," Madison raised her hand and said a short incantation, and Sam became transparent.

"What the hell did you do?" Sam asked.

"Well, I picked up a few things after Angela possessed me. I just never told anyone. Listen only I can see and hear you. As soon as you can, leave!"

The door burst open and in walked a handsome looking Michael; he was huge compared to Madison, taller and more muscular. He smiled at her and entered. With a flick of the hand, the door was anew and they were alone.

He walked up to Madison and grabbed her by the hair. She tried to fight, but it was useless. He dragged her to the small cot over in the corner and forced her on it.

He ripped the small dress from her body and began to assault her. Madison fought but the bastard overpowered her. Her struggles became weaker, until she just closed her eyes and let him take her.

Sam was horrified, stuck in this vision, with nothing he could do. He screamed for him to stop, but his demands went unanswered. Madison heard him, and wished he wasn't there to witness this…again.

The demon thrust into her fiercely, and she whimpered in pain. Sam was going berserk, screaming and attempting to get to his sister, but he couldn't. The incantation Brianna put him on fused him to the spot.

When Michael finished, he stood up and threw her dress at her.

"Get dressed, whore," he sneered at her and turned to leave.

"How'd you like that Sam?" He asked. "The reason you couldn't move was because I held you there. Madison's charm may protect you, but I'm sure you still got a nice view. I can't wait to get my hands on the rest of your family. Oh and by the way, I'd watch out for your friends, Jim and Missouri," Laughing, the demon left.

Sam's attention was redirected to his sister; Madison slowly got dressed and crept to her corner again. Sam tried to make his way to his sister, but someone was calling for him

"No, I want to stay with Madison!" Sam screamed but it was too late. He opened his eyes and he was staring into Dean, Missouri's, and Pastor Jim's face.


"Hey Sam, you with us?" Dean asked.

"Get away from me!" He screamed jumping from the bed away from his friend's and family. He dove for his bag and retrieved his gun from it. He pointed it at Jim threateningly.

"Where is Brianna?" He asked crazily.

"Sam, its ok, calm down." Jim said,

"WHERE IS SHE?" He bellowed.

"She's right here Sam. She's asleep right where you put her," Missouri spoke calmly.

"Bring her to me." He said.

"I don't think that's a good idea…" Missouri said. Sam swung the gun towards Missouri.

"Now god dammit! You're not hurting my family!"

Missouri picked up the sleeping girl and placed her in Sam's arms.

"Uncle Sam, what's going on?" She said sleepily.

"Nothing, I'm just protecting you from the demon' ok?" Brianna nodded her head.

"Where's Dean?" He screamed.

"I'm right here Sam. Come on dude, you got to wake up!" Dean said.

"No Dean, please, they're the enemy. We've got to find shelter!" Dean hesitantly walked to Sam.

"Alright Sam, where are we going?"

"The church, they can't follow us there."

"Ok, I'll follow you ok?"

Sam nodded and led his family to safety.


"Shit!" Jim swore when they left the room. "Whatever happened in that vision seriously altered Sam's mind."

"Don't worry, he'll fix it. I know he will," Missouri said.


In the church, Sam sat with Brianna and rocked her..

"Hey Sam, what happened buddy? You have a vision?" All Sam did was nod his head.

"What happened?" Dean asked quietly.

"I don't want to talk about it." Sam said.

Sam and Dean didn't speak the rest of the night and spent the night in the church.

Sam woke the next morning with a killer headache. "Ugh, dammit," he sighed, sitting up to find himself in the church.

"What the hell?"

"Hey Sam, you feeling better?" Dean asked, sitting a few pews behind him, with Brianna.

"Hi Uncle Sam," she said smiling, and returned to her coloring.

"Hey, sweetheart. What are we doing in the church?" Sam questioned, clearly confused.

"Last night you had a vision, and after you kinda freaked. You thought Jim and Missouri were the bad guys and you bought us in here. We didn't leave because I didn't know if the vision would still affect you," Dean said

"Shit." Sam swore.

"Uncle Sam! Mommy says that's not a nice word!" Brianna scolded him, shaking a small finger at him.

"You're right. I apologize." Sam said, amused by his reprimanding.

"It's ok, I forgive you," she said sweetly, and continued to color.

"Well thanks." Sam stood up and stretched his sore limbs. "Well, we can leave now. I seem ok, right? Better than last night?"

"We're not leaving until you tell me what the vision was about," Dean said.

"No," Sam said, quickly walking to the other side of the church.

"Sam, wait!" Dean called, running up to his brother. "Come on man, you can talk to me. What's going on?"

"God Dean, do you really want to know what I saw? I saw Madison get raped by the fucking Michael alright? And I was fucking powerless to stop it…again!" Sam said in a fierce whisper, turning away from his brother's shocked face.

"Sam, you couldn't have stopped-"

"Dean, I was there. Literally. I held Madison before he came in and attacked her! She protected me, when it should have been the other way around!"

"Sam, she didn't want you hurt. She knew what she was doing. If the demon would have known you were there, he would have had your mind!"

Sam just stood there, knowing what Dean said was true, but still felt terrible. "I want to kill this thing Dean, I need to."

Dean nodded and lead Sam and Brianna out of the church.


Jim and Missouri were in the kitchen eating, when the three Winchester's walked in.

"How is everyone this morning?" Jim asked, eyeing Sam with some caution.

"I'm fine Jim and I'm sorry about last night. The vision rattled my brain."

"All is forgiven," Jim said with a kind smile.

"So what do we do now?" Sam asked shyly.

Dean looked around the room at Jim, Missouri, his brother, and finally the little girl in his arms. She looked deep into his eyes, giving Dean the courage he needed to fight. She gave him a gentle smile and kissed him on the cheek.

"We fight."