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It was a beautiful day in Konoha. The clouds slowly drifted through the blue sky. It almost seemed everlasting. A young blonde boy laid across the grass as his lover, Uchiha sasuke laid right next to him. "Oi, Dobe." The Blonde's blue eyes fell on sasuke. "Would you stop calling me that already?" Sasuke, ignoring the blonde's request continued looking at the sky. The blonde left hanging by what Sasuke was about to say, h shook his head before sitting up and folding his arms. He pouted and mumbled under his breath for a while. Sasuke sat up as well and looked at the blonde. He could only look at his soft blonde locks, his masculine body. His pants, to tight on his legs. His white ruffle collar hung off his shoulder freely.

All but a whisper came out of sasuke's mouth. "Naruto…." Sounding lustful and tender. Naruto looked over, only to find sasuke grabbing him into a tight hug and gently kissing his neck. The taste was sweet; the feeling off their two bodies close was unbearable. Sasuke began to nibble on his neck as he slowly made his way up to his mouth. Slowly laying down Naruto twisted and turned with every touch of the young uchiha's lips. Letting out a soft moan of enjoyment. "S-sasuke…"

"Naruto wake up already!" a voice came booming down on Naruto's head. He groaned in agony. He rolled over and pulled the covers over his head. 'What happened last night?' asking himself before he woke up to a room with clothes spread all over the floor. He looked under the blankets to find out he was wearing nothing at all. "Oh, right." Grabbing his head he pulled on a robe and walked into the kitchen. Naruto wasn't always the happiest camper in the morning. "Glad to see you woke up." Sasuke said while making some breakfast. Naruto looked down at the table. Sasuke had done it again. Seduced him, only to end up hurting him with his torturous and violent sex. Naruto looked down in disbelief that sasuke could only act like nothing happened.

"Hurry up and eat, I don't have time to watch over you dobe." His words seemed colder then usual. "I'm not hungry," Naruto said while looking away with saddened eyes. Sasuke turned around, "well I've made you this perfectly good breakfast," He walked over to Naruto pulling him up into chokehold. Naruto gasped for air as he clasped his hands around sasuke's. Sasuke pushed him up against the wall. Only pushing harder to have naruto's dic touching his. Naruto's eyes watered up, he tried to scream but couldn't. Panicking he looked around until his eyes met sasuke's devilish horney ones. Sasuke leaned up over his ear. He softly whispered, "Why waste it?" he viscously bit naruto's neck.

Using all of his might to push sasuke off, Naruto quickly gasped for air. Sasuke slowly wiped off saliva that had dripped out of his mouth when he was licking naruto's cheek. Naruto scared of what else sasuke might do to him, pushed himself against the wall for his own protection.

"Yo." Came a voice from a tall raven-haired figure. "What seems to be all the ruckus?" It was Uchiha Itachi. "Oh nothing really. Just making breakfast." Sasuke said, while returning to the stove. Naruto still covered in fear did not move. He just stood there looking at sasuke's every move. Itachi automatically knew sasuke had been up to his usual torture for his own sexual needs. It hurt Itachi to see Naruto so scared, so helpless, so….afraid.

He had been in love with the Blue eyed blonde ever since sasuke had first brought him to live with them. From the very first Dattebayo! To the very last smile. It had been a while since Itachi had seen Naruto smile. "Naruto why don't you get dressed, we can go out to eat today." Itachi said smiling. Naruto snapped out of his trance and his weary eyes met Itachi's. "H-hai." He said quickly leaving the kitchen.

"That sure is nice of you to treat Naruto out to a meal, but last time I checked I was the only one who was allowed to do that." Sasuke said in pure jealousy. "Well isn't it true that you have a mission today anyway? Think of it as me tending the little fox demon." Itachi said smiling as he left the room. Sasuke's eyes narrowed. "Don't get to comfortable with him brother."

Naruto came into the hallway just as wearily as he had left the kitchen. Itachi smiled at him, "shall we?" he gestured as he opened the door, taking naruto's hand and leading him out the door. Naruto's face flushed a small tint of pink as Itachi touched his hand. "It's really nice of you treating me like this." Naruto finally said after they had walked into town. "So? Where would you like to eat? Naruto-kun." Itachi still smiling that happy carefree smile at the young blonde. Naruto looked up and slowly raised his arm, it pointed to the ramen shop.

"Itachi-sama," Naruto began after slurping down the last bit of his ramen. "Hmmm.." he replied slurping up his own bit or ramen. "Thank you for treating me today," his eyes still saddened as ever. 'I wonder what runs through his head every day.' Itachi thought to himself. "Don't worry about it Naruto-kun." He said looking from Naruto to his empty bowl of ramen. "I don't know how I'll ever make it up to you." Naruto said still staring at his half eaten bowl of ramen. 'Oh I could think of something.' Itachi said thinking to himself. "Don't worry about it Naruto-kun." He said smiling at him. They sat there for a while in silence. Itachi looked over to see Naruto with that sad expression on his face. "Well actually there is "one" way you could pay me back." Naruto looked puzzled at what price Itachi would make him pay. "What is it?" he asked curiously.