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A fanfiction by MeLo-Chan

Chapter One – A Wild Wedding


Keitaro Urashima watched his 'beautiful bride to be' walk her way down the aisle. She was an absolute beauty, her nutmeg brown hair curled up and pinned, revealing the enticing nape of her neck, her smile bright and beaming and her eyes focused intently on him.

It was another wonderful dream come true for Keitaro. They had both fulfilled their promise, getting into Tokyo U together, and now he was to be married to the girl of his dreams. Beads of sweat formed on his forehead. This was his wedding for crying out loud and his nerves were rebelling against him.

What if I screw up my vows? What if as usual, I accidentally do something considered 'perverted' ? Nothing like a powerful 'Naru punch' to ruin the most important day of my life!

Keitaro tugged at his collar, suddenly feeling as if he were being choked. There was something wrong… Sweat continued to drip down his forehead. Something didn't feel right about all of this. His focus turned from Naru to the crowd, and then to the bridesmaids who were lined up on the stage.

Kitsune, Shinobu, and Su... They are smiling and look so calm. Why can't I be calm? This is supposed to be the happiest moment of my life!!, he tried to reassure himself. His focus went back to Naru, who was now struggling to hide the look of distain on her face because of noticing Keitaro's more than obvious discomfort. Then something dawned on Keitaro. He quickly turned his head to again look at the bridesmaids.

Where is Motoko???? Keitaro looked left and right; he looked everywhere! Naru's eyebrow begain twitching and she was gritting her teeth. Keitaro had better get his act together!

But Keitaro's attention and thoughts were far from his bride. Where could Motoko be at a time like this?! She's supposed to be in the wedding! And it's not like her to be late for anything! Keitaro jerked his attention back to Naru and quickly shook his head. Why am I so concerned about Motoko at a time like this? If she's not here it's her own problem. I'm not going to let her ruin this moment for me.

But he couldn't stop thinking about Motoko. Out of all the girls at Hinata apartments, at least next to Naru, he and Motoko had grown the closest. Sure, at first she had hated his guts and tried to practically hack him into a million pieces with her sword techniques a few times. Okay, several times… but now they had become close friends. He had wanted her the most, out of all the girls to share this important day with him. And she was nowhere to be seen.

"Keitaro!!!!" The forceful and threatening whisper from an angered Naru brought the flustered young man back into reality. He had been in such a daze that he hadn't noticed she had arrived at the stage. "What the hell is wrong with you? Get a grip!" she whispered through gritted teeth.

Keitaro put on a sheepish grin and nervously scratched the back of his head. "Sorry Naru, just a little stage fright…" he lied.

The priest glared at the bride and groom and loudly cleared his throat. Naru and Keitaro blushed, quickly straightened themselves and regained their composure. Keitaro held his breath. Oh hell, what is wrong with me? This is it!

The priest placed his hands on the podium and began the introduction to the wedding ceremony. "We are gathered here today in the sight of God----" But the priest stopped his speech short and his eyes grew wide as if he'd seen a ghost. Keitaro waited for the priest to continue, but the priest was silent. Naru was turning a bright shade of red, angered at the unsmooth start of her wedding. Keitaro, Naru, the bridal party, and the crowd all turned their heads to see what the irksome interruption of the ceremony was.

Suddenly, gasps erupted from the crowd and jaws dropped in shock. Eyes grew wide as dinner plates and whispers echoed throughout the room. Keitaro squinted. He could only make out that there was a tall figure standing at the end of the aisle. Damn these glasses! Is my eyesight getting worse? Keitaro watched the mysterious figure began walking down the aisle towards him. Everyone in the room's eyes were glued upon the intruder. Keitaro squinted harder…….and finally the figure came into his full view.

It was a woman, clothed in a beautiful, white, silk wedding gown. She held a bouquet of lavender flowers. Her long, raven black, silk-like hair draped over her delicate shoulders and her face was glowing with exotic beauty. Keitaro grew weak in the knees and his jaw dropped to his feet. He knew this woman.

"MOTOKO!!!" Everyone in the room now turned their heads to Keitaro. Did I just scream her name outloud?! Naru kicked him in the shin. "YOU IDIOT!!"

Motoko approached the bride and groom—er…..well, the other bride also, and stood in between them. Naru was infuriated and her voice did not hide her obvious rage. "MOTOKO! Just WHAT do you think you're DOING??!!"

Meanwhile, Keitaro couldn't tear his eyes away from Motoko. She's so gorgeous!

Motoko calmly cleared her throat, closed her eyes and turned her nose upwards, a look of seriousness on her face. She spoke boldly, "I couldn't just stand by and watch you take away the one person I value the most. I love Keitaro, and I want to spend the rest of my life with him."

Naru's hands curled up into fists and steam blew from her nostrils. "Well that's just too bad because he's MINE and there's no way you're going to steal him away from me!!! Just who do you think you are, interrupting and waltzing your way into my wedding and thinking you can take Keitaro?!!" Then suddenly Naru's features relaxed. She put her finger to her chin as if she were in deep thought, then she made a devilish grin. "Unless….Keitaro chooses between the two of us, right here, RIGHT NOW!!"

"WHAT????!!" Keitaro shrieked. Two exceptionally hot women were fighting over him. Of course any guy would extremely enjoy this, and enjoying it Keitaro was. But choose between them? Well that's easy. The obvious choice would be Naru…..Wouldn't it?!!! Why was he feeling so confused? This was ridiculous!

"Well, you heard her, Keitaro!! Make your choice! ME or HER?!" Motoko demanded.

Keitaro's whole body shook and he was drenched in his own sweat. How could they put him on the spot like this? He knew he was going to have to hurt one of the brides' feelings and as a result he would definitely get pulverized!

Okay, Keitaro Urashima! Get a hold of yourself and be a man in front of these women, in front of all these people! Announce that you are going to marry Naru!!

"I…..I….I uh…." Keitaro couldn't get the words out. I'm gonna get killed!

"What the HELL is your problem, Keitaro?!! You proposed to me! We made a promise to each other! IDIOT, why are you even hesitating?!" Naru hollered in his face.

Motoko butted in, "Isn't it obvious? He's hesitating because he WANTS to marry ME!!"

Naru blew her top. "SHUT UP you unfeminine, sword-wielding SLUT!! If you want him, you're going to have to get past ME!!!"

"FINE …," answered Motoko in her formal tone. She unsheathed her katana that had been hidden within the folds of her wedding gown.

What?! How'd she get that in there?! Keitaro liked being fought over, but this was going too far!

"GIRLS! PLEEEEASE!! STOP THIS!!" Keitaro flailed his arms about wildly.

"STAY OUT OF THIS!" the two brides yelled at him in unison. Naru screamed a battle cry and went wildly pulling Motoko's long strands of hair. She then smacked her upside the head with her bouquet of flowers. Petals flew everywhere. Motoko's complexion turned beat red with rage.

"AIR SPLITTING SWORD!!!!" she shouted, and a wave of powerful ki energy blasted Naru into the disconcerted bridesmaids.

"Oh my!" Kitsune declared in her heavy Osakan accent. "This party's just gettin' started!" She pulled out a flask of sake from her bosom and took a swig. Shinobu was crying and Su was doing cartwheels across the stage. "I never knew that weddings could be so exciting! But when do we eat???"

Motoko's secret sword techniques and Naru's infamous punches were destroying the auditorium. Guests ran everywhere screaming, trying to escape the onslaught. Keitaro began to feel very faint. The room was spinning and everything became a blur to him. "Once again I screw everything up…" Then everything went black…

"WOAH!!" Keitaro quickly sat up from his futon, awakening from the most awkward dream that he had ever had. Well maybe not the most awkward, (living in a dorm full of cute girls was bound to bring awkward dreams), but it was certainly an interesting dream. He inhaled and exhaled heavily, wiping the cold sweat from his face. "Whew…. It was just a nightmare."

Keitaro looked over at his digital clock. It read 2:30 a.m. He sighed heavily and reflected on the events of yesterday. It was no coincidence that Keitaro had dreamt about a wedding. Because yesterday he HAD had a wedding. Yes, Keitaro was now a married man. His marriage certainly hadn't turned out the way he had planned. Keitaro had always imagined an elaborate, exquisite ceremony, with close family and friends watching. He would marry that little girl he had made the promise to those 16 years ago, she would be grown up and a vision of loveliness in her wedding dress, she would be….Naru.

But Keitaro didn't have his elaborate dream wedding. And he wasn't married to Naru.

He was married to Motoko.

In room 302 upstairs, another person was wide awake. Motoko had a major case of insomnia. Flat on her back, she stared blankly at the ceiling. She couldn't stop thinking about the day before. She and Keitaro had lost the battle to her sister, Tsuruko. And as they had promised her sister, they were immediately married afterwards, (with an extremely brief and simple ceremony.)

"Married….I'm a married woman now," she whispered to no one.

Although she and Keitaro had pleaded with her sister incessantly, Tsuruko had not given in. She did however still allow Motoko to lead her life as a swordswoman. But of course, Motoko would not be inheriting the family dojo now that she was a wife.

Motoko's thoughts went to Keitaro, and how he must despise her. "I took away his dream of being with Naru…" Tears welled up in her eyes. "I'm so, so sorry, Keitaro."


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