Chapter 7: It's a Date!

Keitaro Urashima stared at his reflection in his full length mirror. "It's about time you bought some contacts," he told his reflection. "I'm so sick of the nerdy glasses look." Keitaro then stared at the contents of his closet. "What should I wear? Well, I certainly can't take her to a fancy restaurant so I don't have to look formal…. Wait a sec…." A wry smile came over his face as he pulled his Rurouni Kenshin anime shirt off of its hanger. "I haven't worn this in ages. I'll bet she likes that show…" He then opened one of his drawers and looked at his collection of Axe sprays. "Let's see…..Essence….Groove….Tsunami….AH HA!" He picked out the special spray deodorant and held it up high as if it were made of gold. "Sexy Scent Limited Edition Axe Spray! For just such a special occasion!" Keitaro vigorously sprayed the deodorant underneath his arms. "Heh…careful, don't want to choke the poor girl to death…" After he pulled his t-shirt over, he put on a pair of his best jeans. "Kay, ready to go!" Keitaro headed up the stairs to see if Motoko was finished yet. Then he suddenly remembered he had forgotten to comb his hair. He darted to the upstairs restroom. Keitaro grabbed a comb out of his pocket and stared at his reflection in the restroom mirror. He wet the comb in the sink and smoothed his hair back out of his eyes. "There Urashima, you may not be a stud, but you may just pass for what girls call 'boyishly cute.'"

"Talking to yourself in the restroom, Keitaro?" a familiar voice asked.

Keitaro jumped so high he hit his head on the ceiling. Man, now I have to comb my hair again!

"Naru? Hi! We missed you at breakfast…um…." Keitaro fumbled for words.

"I decided to study extra this morning. Todai entrance exams are only one month away, you know?" She was being surprisingly pleasant.

"Right. I really need to get back to studying, myself," Keitaro replied.

Naru grinned. "Well, you know. We could still get together sometimes and --"

Naru heard a door slide open down the hallway. Both Keitaro and Naru turned their heads to see who was coming their way. It was a girl with long, flowing, black hair. She was clad in a white spaghetti strap shirt and wearing a short, mini pleated skirt, with legs for days…

"Motoko?!" both Keitaro and Naru asked in unison. Their mouths were agape.

Motoko frowned. "If the two of you don't close your mouths soon, Tama-chan may just fly into--"

"So Motoko? What IS the special occasion?! I've never seen you wear a mini skirt before!!" Naru's hands were now on her hips, she had a wide devilish grin on her face, and her voice was dripping with sarcasm.

There was no way Motoko could overlook Naru's disdainful intent.

"Of what business of yours is it what I choose to wear?" Motoko's eyes were cross and her hand instinctively moved to the hilt of her sword.

"So you, Keitaro, and your sword are all going on a little date together, is that it? You just can't go anywhere with out that sword can, you? It's like a security blanket for you! I'm surprised you don't suck your thumb while carrying it." Naru stopped hammering a now enraged Motoko and turned to Keitaro, having a fraudulent look of sympathy on her face. "Keitaro, she doesn't trust you to protect her. She thinks she has to be the male and take care of all of the crooks and lecherous perverts that come to attack her because she feels that you fail her as a man…" Naru placed a finger on Keitaro's cheek and dragged it seductively down his jaw-line.

Keitaro buckled at the knees. WOAH! Why is Naru suddenly being so forward?!

Naru cooed,"Keitaro, you know that I would trust--"

"SECRET TECHNIQUE, AIR SPLITTING SWORD!!" shouted Motoko venomously.

"Motoko! NOOO!" Keitaro quickly shoved Naru out of the way of Motoko's ki energy blast and ended up receiving the blow himself.

Naru crossed her arms and glared at Motoko. "HOW dare you?! Now look at what you've done! Some good wife you are turning out to be!"

"You treacherous witch, you were manipulating him! I thought we were friends, Naru! Do we have to let this marriage come between us?" demanded Motoko.

Naru played ignorant. "I don't know what you're talking about! I was just trying to give the two of you some helpful, friendly marriage advice and you go on and sick your big, stupid sword on me!"

Motoko grit her teeth and glared at Naru. "I don't need any marriage counsel from the likes of YOU. If you wish to make trouble for someone then let your rivalry be towards me, but leave Keitaro out of this! He doesn't need you playing cruel love games with his heart. I used to believe that your feelings for Urashima were honorable and that you were worthy of his love. But I now know that not to be true. I will not allow you to continue to hurt him."

Naru daringly walked up to Motoko and stared at her face to face, with fury burning in her eyes.

"Not allow me to continue to hurt him? So what is this supposed to mean, Motoko? Are YOU in love with Keitaro?"


"Well…ARE YOU?!!" demanded Naru.

"That is none of your business!" Motoko said in a hushed, harsh tone.

Keitaro stirred on the floor and groaned. He sat up and scratched his head. "Now what was going on?!" he asked.

Naru turned her nose up in the air. "You, Motoko, and that sword, what does she call its stupid name? Chop-suey! You three were about to leave for your date, until she attacked me and ended up whipping your ass instead!"

"How DARE you MOCK the name of my sword! It's pronounced SHEE-SU-EE!! It means "calm water." You want chop-suey? I'll GIVE YOU chop-suey!!" Motoko raised her sword in an overhead strike position.

Keitaro quickly stood up and blocked her move with his hands. "Motoko-chan! Stop!"

"Urashima, step aside! This is between me and Narusegawa," stated Motoko.

There she goes with the Urashima again! This is not good!, thought Keitaro. He turned his attention quickly to Naru. "Naru, I thought you and I agreed we would be friends! Then let's actually BE friends and stop this fighting. If you're going to be my friend, then you must also be Motoko's friend because both Motoko and I are one now…"

Motoko beheld the look of seriousness on Keitaro's face. She felt her own heart melt. "Keitaro…" she whispered lovingly. He had said they were one.

The look on Naru's face was priceless. She was silent. She had nothing more to say, for once.

Keitaro outstretched his arm and opened his hand to Motoko. "C'mon Mo-chan, let's go out on the town."

Motoko smiled and glanced at Naru with a look of triumph. She took Keitaro's hand and they began to walk side by side together. But then Motoko hesitated and stopped.

"What is it Motoko?" asked Keitaro.

"Just one moment, I'll be right back."

She went back to her room and after a few moments returned to Keitaro. But this time something was missing….

"Motoko-chan? Your sword?" Keitaro looked perplexed.

Motoko turned her head and made sure she was looking directly into Narusegawa's eyes. "I've decided I don't need it." Then she tucked her hand underneath Keitaro's arm. "I trust you…..Keitaro."

"Oh WOW, Keitaro! How did you manage to get us such great seats?!" Motoko stared wide eyed with excitement at the martial artists down below in the field arena.

Keitaro and Motoko were amidst an audience at the great Nippon Budokan arena of central Tokyo. Motoko was ecstatic. She had been to many Kendo competitions, but never to one with Naginata, Kyudo, and Judo!

"Why, I just told the ushers that they had better make way for the great Motoko Aoyama Urashima of the Shinmei-ryū or she might Zankusho their buh-toosies!" Keitaro replied playfully.

Motoko shot Keitaro a look of annoyance. "Seriously, Keitaro?"

"I just told you! I proudly told them that you were an Aoyama warrior of the Shinmei-ryū arts and then they said, 'Oh! You mean Tsuruko-san's little sister?' and they let us pass right through."

Motoko sighed. "Always living in the shadow of my sister…" Motoko narrowed her eyes and gave Keitaro a puzzled look.

"Keitaro…..what is a 'buh-toosie'? I am not familiar with--"

"Look the JUDO competition is starting!!" announced Keitaro.

Motoko squinted her eyes and surveyed the field. Then excitement suddenly came over her face and she jumped up and down while pointing. "OHHH!!! LOOK KEITARO, LOOK!!!"

"What is it?!"

"WHO is it you mean!!! It's only the most famous judoka woman in Judo, RYOKO TAMURA!!"

"Ryoko Tamura? Never heard of her," he replied.

"Don't you know ANYTHING about martial arts, Keitaro?!!"

"Actually, I do--"

"SCORE for TAMURA!!!" shouted Motoko admist the cheers and applause of the crowd. The judo star had easily defeated her opponent.

"Oh Keitaro, this is so exciting!!"

"Hey Motoko-chan. Can't you call me Kei-kun?" he asked with hope.

"WHAT?! I can't hear you……OH WOW, look at that MOVE! Look at the TECHNIQUE!" She tugged on his arm and forcibly pulled him up out of his seat. "You'll get a better view if you stand up with me!"

Keitaro smiled on the outside and within. Seeing how he had helped Motoko to express her emotions so freely made him feel that he was worth something more than just a no-winner, lone ronin. She gave him purpose. Just to see her smile and hear her laugh made his day, the hours, hell, even the mere minutes worthwhile.

Two hours had passed since Keitaro and Motoko had arrived at the Budoken.

"The Kendo competition is coming up next, Motoko. Are you gonna jump out there and show 'em how it's done?" teased Keitaro.

"I wish I could…." Motoko stared blankly, as if she were dreaming. She looked sad.

Keitaro affectionately put an arm around her shoulder. "One day you will. I'm sure of it. And you'll be ten times more skilled than Tsuruko!"

Motoko turned her head and faced Keitaro. "Do you really have that much faith in me?" she asked solemnly.

"Of course I do! I've seen you in action! You've got the heart, the soul, the strength, and the passion for the sword. One day, you'll beat the crap out of all of these so-called kenshi!"

"But, my sister…she is so intimidating…after that battle we had….I don't think I could ever--"

"Motoko, you will. One day you will defeat your sister. Gain your confidence back in yourself, Mo-chan. That's all you have to do. Know that you can be the best…" Keitaro stroked her cheek lightly with his hand. "I believe in you…"

His eyes were locked with hers. She has such beautiful amber colored eyes...they're like honey.

Motoko returned his gaze. I love it when he stares at me like that. It gives me hope… that he's not just being friendly towards me, but that he may actually love me. Am I hoping for too much? Motoko placed her hand over his that was pressed against her cheek. "Thank you for believing in me," she whispered.

"EXCUSE ME! You two lovebirds look like you need some popcorn! C'mon, buy it while it's still hot!" The popcorn man had interrupted the intimate moment.

"Would you like some popcorn, Motoko?" Keitaro asked.

"No. I'm fine. Actually, I'm ready to go."

"Ready to GO?! But Motoko, it's the KENDO competition! Don't you want to see--"

"I've seen enough Kendo matches in my lifetime. I'm ready to stretch my legs."

And they're very sexy legs at that… Keitaro couldn't help but think as he glanced at her bare thighs exposed below her mini skirt. There I go again, being perverted!

Keitaro shrugged his shoulders. "I'd like to stretch my legs too, actually." Where should I take her next?

"That was a pretty cool movie, wasn't it Motoko-chan?"

"Yes, it was! I love pirates. If I weren't a swordswoman then I should like to be a pirate! Of course, I would make sure I'd keep up with my personal hygiene. I would hate to have ugly, rotting teeth…"

Keitaro laughed heartily at Motoko's comment. "I think you'd make an excellent pirate, Motoko! And I would be the parrot to sit on your shoulder!"

Motoko made an amused face. "That's one hell of a heavy parrot!" She poked him in the squishy part of his stomach.

"Hey, Motoko, that's not funny! I'm going to the gym now. That'll be gone one of these days!!" Even my own wife thinks I'm out of shape. How pathetic!

"I haven't walked the Ginza district since I was seven. My mother, sister and I came here on one of our very rare holidays."

"Really? I've been here lots of times with Shirai and Haitani, ever since we were little kids. It's a great place for shopping, that's for sure!"

Keitaro spotted a claw vending machine. He quickly grabbed Motoko by the hand.

"Motoko-chan, com'ere! I'm actually really good at these things! Pick out a toy that you want!" he asked excitedly.

Motoko crossed her arms and rolled her eyes. "Keitaro, these machines are rigged. It's impossible to get anything…"

"That's what you think! If you won't pick out something, then I will….I'll get you that panda bear wearing the t-shirt! Watch this!!" Keitaro slipped some yen into the slot. The machine came to life and lit up. The claw moved and paused at the right corner of the window. "Okay Motoko-chan, watch and learn from a pro…"

He grabbed the joystick and manuevered it to the right ever so slightly. The claw slowly traveled to the point where Keitaro had paused, hovering over the panda bear. The determined young man held his breath and pressed the red trigger button on the joystick down firmly with his thumb. Motoko was holding her breath as well. Is he actually going to do it? The claw dropped down and made its grip around the stuffed toy…

"YEEEEEEESSS!!!" shouted Keitaro. "What did I tell you Motoko-chan, huh? What did I tell you?!"

The claw carried the stuffed panda bear over to the corner of the cage and dropped it down the chute. Keitaro proudly took hold of the toy and held it up to Motoko's face. "Well, whaddaya have to say now, Mo-chan?!"

Motoko suddenly held her fingertips up to her mouth and blushed deeply.

"Huh? What is it?" asked Keitaro puzzledly. He turned the panda bear around and read the large red print bold letters that were on the bear's shirt. "RED HOT LOVER?!!!!"

"Ggggaaaaahhh!! I'm sorry Motoko! I can get you something different! I can--"

Motoko lay a finger to Keitaro's lips. "No. I like it. It's…..I hate to say the word……CUTE."

Keitaro liked the feel of Motoko's finger on his lips. It made him want to grab a hold of her hand and lightly suck on her fingertips in a sensuous way, like people did in the movies. And sucking on fingertips usually led to another thing, and then that led to another, and then that….. Ggggaaahhhh, I need to keep my mind out of the gutter!!!

Motoko took the naughty panda bear from Keitaro's hands and held it up to her face. A mischeivous grin came over her features. "This will always remind me of you Keitaro, you pervert…." Keitaro scratched the back of his head nervously.

"… sweet pervert," she finished. Keitaro's eyes widened. MY? SWEET?

Before he knew what was happening, Motoko lightly planted a warm kiss on Keitaro's cheek. Thmmmp…..thmmmmp…..thmmmmp…

Ho boy, I'm getting' warm again, what to do? Something cold! Ah Ha! "Motoko, look there's an ice cream vendor over there, do you want some ice cream?!"

Motoko blushed. Keitaro hadn't even acknowledged her kiss or what she had said to him. She felt humiliated. She had thought that this may have actually been a date between the two of them, like Naru had said. But maybe it wasn't. Maybe Keitaro was just being overly friendly and caring like he always was.

"Motoko? Are you alright?" Keitaro noticed her downcast face.

Suddenly Motoko's features became stern and formal. "I'm fine!!"

Keitaro felt like kicking himself in the ass. I'm blowing it! I'm such a screw up! This girl actually made a move on me and I'm too chicken to even...I just don't want to lose control and take advantage of her! I respect her! I... I need to stop thinking so much...Urashima, you are this woman's husband. Stop being a little boy and be a man for her!

"C'mon Motoko, I'm going to treat you to an ice cream cone." He gently grabbed her hand and led her to the vendor. Keitaro surveyed the different flavors. "I'll have the strawberry, and the lovely lady here will have…"

"Chocolate fudge," Motoko said abruptly. She looked cross and flushed. I feel like such a fool for what I did!, she thought.

Keitaro ignored Motoko's abrasiveness. He was going to make it up to her. In some way... After he payed for the ice cream, the young ronin led Motoko to the near by park.

"Here we go Mo-chan, this place is nice and peaceful… And it's beautiful in the spring time! Just look at those cherry blossoms." They sat side by side on a park bench underneath one of the beautiful sakura trees.

Motoko was very quiet. She was still inwardly scolding herself. Her anxiety showed as she rather quickly lapped at her ice cream. In her haste, a drop of chocolate cream trickled down her chin.

Keitaro stopped licking his own cone and chuckled. "Heh….Mo-chan you've got some ice cream there on your chin…"

Motoko blushed. She wiped her chin with her free hand. "Is it gone?" she asked with irritation in her voice.

Keitaro continued to ignore Motoko's irritablity. "Not completely…" There was still a smear of chocolate at the corner of her mouth. "I'll get it for you." C'mon Keitaro this is it. You can do it!

Keitaro slowly and cautiously brought his face towards Motoko's. She could feel his warm strawberry breath against her cheek. What is he doing? Her heart began to race.

Keitaro tilted his head to the side and delicately kissed the corner of her mouth. Then he slowly and sensuously began to lick the cream from her lips. Motoko nearly dropped her ice cream cone from the shock. Her entire body froze. She began to feel a burning within her body, she could feel her blood warming, and a part of her felt like she was aching….aching for Keitaro. Motoko completely forgot her ill feelings towards Keitaro and she returned his kiss passionately, melding her lips with his own, tasting the strawberry ice cream from within his mouth. Their lips embraced one another's for a few moments. Then Keitaro released her lips from his and smiled, gazing at her intently, a sly grin coming to his face. He suddenly took his ice cream cone and smeared the cold strawberry cream on her cheeks and mouth. Motoko gasped. Then Keitaro slowly sucked the ice cream from each of her cheeks and licked her lips clean once more.

Motoko now gave Keitaro a mischievous grin in return. Oh, two can play at this game, Urashima…

Motoko took her chocolate ice cream cone and tilted it towards the small area of Keitaro's chest that was bared by his t-shirt. The chocolate cream dripped from the cone onto his chest. Keitaro flinched at the feel of the cold cream on his bare skin.

"Ooops…" Motoko said delightfully. She lowered her head beneath his neck and slowly, teasingly dragged her tongue down his neck and chest, tasting both his skin and the chocolate. "How's that for you….Kei-kun?" she seductively whispered.

Keitaro was in absolute heaven. She called me Kei-kun. She's licking my chest. Could it get any better than this? Well actually, yes it could!

Keitaro could feel himself getting aroused. Ho boy!

"Oh Motoko…" he uttered under his breath in a husky voice. He smiled playfully. "We're going to be all sticky after this."

Motoko lifted her head up and met Keitaro's gaze. "Then we'll just have to get in the hot springs when we get home and fix that won't we?"

Keitaro's eyes widened. Motoko took pleasure in seeing her husband's look of surprise.

"But….but…everyone will--"

"Shhhhhhh….." She put two fingers to his mouth. "No one will be up as late as we're going to be." She gave him a sexy look.

Keitaro began to feel apprehensive. She's really serious. She actually wants me! And oh……I want her back! But…but, this is all so sudden! It's so fast! I feel like I'd be taking advantage of her. I can't do it. Not just yet…How am I going to tell her without hurting her feelings? Oh well, I'll just worry about that later tonight…Right now I just want to keep making her happy…Hell, I want to keep making BOTH of us happy!

Keitaro leaned his head down and kissed her lips once more, then slid his tongue ever so slowly into her mouth. Motoko felt a surge of heat enrapture her body. She gladly returned the favor and caressed his tongue with her own. They inhaled through their mouths and breathed in one another. By now their ice cream cones were tossed aside on the ground. Oh, I think he loves me…He must love me…I wish he would tell me.

She must love me…If only I could know for sure!

The lovers held each others' hands and watched the sun set. Brilliant red, oarnge, and pink streaks of color were painted across the sky. Then the sun set led to night. The brilliant stars began to twinkle and Keitaro noticed the way the moonlight reflected in Motoko's beautiful eyes. Their heads were leaned against one another; Motoko was enveloped in Keitaro's arms.

"Mo-chan… I think it's time we caught the train back home to Hinata." He wanted to stay on that park bench with her forever. But he needed to get her safely home.

"Okay, you pervert." She smiled at him teasingly and ran her hand lovingly through his hair.

Keitaro smiled back and gave her a quick kiss on the forehead. Then he unlocked his arms from her and stood up, taking her hand in his and helping her to stand. Motoko carried the "Red Hot Lover" bear underneath her right arm and held her left hand within Keitaro's. The happy couple walked under the starlit sky and went on towards their destination to the train station.

They arrived back at Hinata Inn at 11:30 p.m. Motoko led Keitaro by the hand up the stairs to her room. "Wait here," she said. She left Keitaro behind and went investigating about the apartment rooms. Then she returned and whispered, "Everyone's asleep. Even Koalla Su, believe it or not. Want to relax in the hot springs?"

Keitaro winced as if he were in pain. He wanted to join her so badly. But he knew that if he did, he would lose control and one thing would lead to another. Keitaro felt that he and Motoko weren't ready. He had only just discovered his love for her. And he wanted her to love him in return. She hadn't spoken the words. But hadn't it been obvious? Their date had been the best day of his life and she had even been the one to make the first move! But still, this wasn't the time. Not yet.

"Um…Motoko-chan. It's not that I don't want to join you in the hot springs…. I just feel like…..feel like you need your rest. You have a big day tomorrow, leaving Hinata and traveling to Kyoto. I just want you to be rested and ready." Keitaro closed his eyes and held his breath. He didn't know what her reaction would be.

Motoko was silent. She showed no emotion. She returned to her usual formal self. "Oh…….okay. I guess you're right. I do need to conserve my energy for tomorrow." She looked down towards the floor. "I enjoyed spending time with you, Keitaro," she said quietly. Her formality faded away. "I don't think I've ever had as much fun in my life as I did today."

"I'm glad…." Keitaro put a hand on Motoko's shoulder, but she stiffened.

"Good night, Keitaro," she said almost coldly. Before Keitaro could respond, she slid her door shut.

Keitaro curled his hands into fists. I am so stupid…I've hurt her! She's going to hate me now. She's going to think I've led her on! I should have just told her the truth. I should have told her that I loved her and respected her and just felt like it wasn't the time to be so intimate yet! Now I've gone and ruined it.

He reluctantly went down to his room and forcefully opened his door, fuming at himself. "Stupid….stupid….stupid!!"

The minute after she had shut her door in Keitaro's face, Motoko bursted into tears. She fell face first onto her futon and cried into her pillow.

"This was not how it was supposed to turn out. I….I wanted him. So badly. But he doesn't want to be with me. He couldn't even tell me the truth. Rest? He wanted me to get rest?! Why can't he just stop trying to be so nice to me and tell me that he doesn't think about me in that way! After that wonderful moment in the park, I thought he loved me. Now I won't see him for 3 whole months!" Motoko shuddered. Is he just as bad as Narusegawa? Is he playing games with me? What if he and Naru become close again while I am gone?

"Maybe it's best that I leave Hinata. It will give me time to think. And who knows, husband or not, maybe I need to forget about Keitaro. Big sister and Hahaoya will give me advice." Motoko gathered her pajamas and left her room, heading for the restroom. "Tomorrow, no tears. I will just treat Keitaro as I would any friend."


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