1She walked around the corner only to see House and Stacy together. Her heart stopped then shattered into a million pieces when she saw the casual touches exchanged between the two of them. In the 8 mos she had been working with Dr. House, she could count on one hand the number of times he touched her, and never like that.

She was hoping the date would change that, but it hadn't. It in fact made it worse. He kept his distance more now. No more sneaking up behind her in the lab, no more casual brush of the fingers when she handed him his coffee. He was ridge and cold. He was House.

Cameron wanted to go and find a hole to crawl into and cry for about a week but she decided defend her territory. She was staking a claim and there was no way some little bitch was going to come back into his life and ruin it. She had worked to long and to damn hard to get where she was at, and that wasn't very far.

She straightened her spine, took a deep breath and strolled over to him. Stacy didn't have to know that she was trembling on the inside. House didn't have to know either, but he would, he always knew. "Dr. House, here are the lab results you wanted. I think we should start him on IV antibiotics. There is some suggestion of infection, though we can not pin point it's location."

"Right. Fine. Start the IV. Good work Cameron." He muttered as he looked at the papers in his hand.

She may have not stopped them from talking, but at least they weren't touching anymore. One small step for Allison.

"Wow, she is cold." Stacy said to House. "Is there anyone in your staff that has a bedside manor?"

"Cameron is anything but cold, except to you, though I can't imagine why. You are always such a ray of sunshine. She is the best out of all of us."

"I would hate to be a patient then."

"Dr. Cameron has saved many lives due to her bedside manor, Stacy. And just remember, she is working on your husband, while you are here chatting it up with your ex." He told her as he walked away, after Allison.

Cameron was back in the lab, her heart only now finding it's natural rhythm. The thought of House and Stacy make her ill. She had missed lunch and now she was starting to feel the effects of low blood sugar. She heard a noise behind her, but didn't bother to turn around. It was either Chase or Foreman and she couldn't deal with either one of them right now.

"I brought you some lunch. I noticed you never took a break. Don't want you passing out. I'm not good at the whole damsel in distress thing." House told her as he slid a styrofoam container beside her.

Dammit there went her heart again. Fluttering like every other time she saw him. "Thank you." she said peeking inside to see what spoils he brought her. A gilled chicken salad with ranch dressing, her favorite. At the sight of it, her stomach rumbled and she decided to eat now. She could use the break.

She sat up on the counter, the container in her lap, facing House. He just sat there looking at her, not saying anything. She just stared back. She wasn't about to open herself up like she had on their "date" she couldn't take it.

"Thank you for being discreet about our 'date'."

"Well, what was I going to say? That you analyzed me, reduced me to a case. That you see me only as a two dimensional being, one that only knows one thing, how to fix someone or something and not how to love. No thank you, I believe I would rather keep that to myself."

"Yeah, about that..."

"Forget it House. I was wrong for putting you on the spot. I apologize. If and when you are ready, you know where to find me. I'm not going anywhere."

He regarded her with his eyes, those blue eyes that could look right through her to her soul. A quick, sharp nod was his answer. He rose and started to leave, not turning around he said, "There is nothing going on with me and Stacy." The relief those words gave her was beyond measure. Maybe she had a chance after all...