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While You Were Sleeping

Chapter Nine

Kagome and Gary vs Kikyou and Kouga: The Marriage Smack-Down

Kagome and Gary silently made their way to the Taisho home, both feeling ever so confused.

"You realize what you are doing right" Gary asked as he looked at Kagome angerly.

"What do you mean" Kagome said acting like she hadn't gone off lieing to every person the two of them knew.

"Kagome" Gary said sternly before she caved and looked at him.

"Gary He proposed to me" Kagome said as Gary smacked her lightly behind the head.

"He doesn't love you" Gary said as Kagome shook her head sternly not wanting to accept it.

"Ho proposed to me" Kagome said simply as Gary opened his mouth as if she was stupid.

"He Thinks he loves you" Gary said as Kagome nodded her head thinking he was saying she was right.

The Fourteen Year old almost blew up the car.

"HE DOESN'T LOVE YOU AND YOU KNOW IT" Gary shouted loudly enough that Seshomaru probally heard it even thought he was a good Thirty miles away.

"I know O.k" Kagome shouted back at her brother as his eyes went as big as Saucer plates.

"And yet you are still marrying him" Gary said as Kagome nodded and Gary looked at her like she was mad.

"I'll figure a way out" Kagome said as Gary nodded.

"You better" He said as he calmed down and started looking out the window.

"If I say something to you you promise you wont get mad" Kagome said as Gary looked at her with his eyes squinted.

"Promise" Kagome said as Gary pursed his lips.

"Fine" Gary said as he thought 'Nothing could be worse than this'.

"He thinks you have a Mental Problem" Kagome said as Gary's head grew ten times it's size.

Gary looked as if he was about to burst from all the pressure his inside screams where making.

Then all the sudden he calmed down.

"Kagome please pull over" Gary said as Kagome pulled over and he ran into the Gas station in which the car was parked in front of.

"AHHHHHHHH" was what Kagome heard as the whole place seemed to shake from the force of the scream that was from her youngest brother.

About Ten minutes later Gary walked out seemingly composed.

He aslo seemed oblivious to the Horrified looks he was receiving from the people getting gas.

"Ready to go" Gary said simply as he got into the car and a scared Kagome drove all the way home.

(Wedding Day)

After Her and Gary's "little" Fight in the car Kagome had come home to find Seshomaru was planing to get married to the next day.

Of course at this Gary ranted a little more.

"How do I look" Kagome asked Gary as he nodded and for the first time in two days, Smiled.

"Kagome are you sure you want to go thru with this" Gary asked worriedly as Kagome smiled down to him.

"Yeah" Kagome said as Gary nodded and hugged her.

"If you are going to do this then I'll just have to accept it" Gary said as Kagome smiled and they hugged one last time.

The two started to make their way down the Hallway but when they opened the door someone was blocking it.

It Was Inuyasha.

"Kagome may I speak to you for a minute" Inuyasha asked as he looked down at Gary who seemed like he wasn't about to leave his sister's side.

"Gary I-" Inuyasha was about to ask Gary but the kid cut him off.

"I trust you" Gary said as he quickly walked out of the room and closed the doors.

(With Gary)

"Sango, Rin, Ayame he is goign to do it" Gary yelled to the three bridesmaids as they ran up to him.

"He was waiting at the door wasn't he" Sango asked as Gary nodded and grabbed Rin's hand.

"May I be your escort to the Computer" Gary said as all four of them ran to the study and gary started typing in codes.

"I left the Camera on the Vanity so we should know everything that happens" Gary said as A movire started to play on the screen.

"Are you sure we should be doing this" Ayame asked as Gary looked at her weirdly.

"This will probally be better than Wrestiling" Gary said as the four started to whatch what was happening between the two Love birds.

(With Kagome)

After Gary had left Kagome had offered Inuyasha a small drink which he had accepted.

The two sat in silent for a while only drinking their drinks until Inuyasha spoke up.

"Have you ever thought that you make Decisions cause' you have to" Inuyasha asked Kagome as she looked at him for a moment and then averted her gaze to the window.

"Sometimes...Why do you ask" Kagome asked as she looked down at the crowd of people who were there for her wedding.

"No reason" Inuyasha said simply as she noticed he kind of tense up.

"Do you think that anything could change your choice to be with Seshomaru" Inuyasha asked as Kagome looked into his eyes feeling that same strange feeling she got every time she did.

Kagome seemed to think for a while not knowing what to answer.

'You like Seshomaru' Her mind said as she closed her eyes trying to concentrate.

'But you Love Inuyasha' Her heart said as Kagome felt something deep within her saying that she should follow her Heart.

But alas like many people she followed her Mind.

"I don't think there is anything that can change my desicion" Kagome said as she looked at Inuyasha.

His eyes looked so sad and at that moment she knew it.

'Inuyasha loves me' Kagome thought as Inuyasha suddenly lurched for and grabbed her.

"Would the fact that I love you change your mind" Inuyasha said as he suddenly kissed Kagome.

A Fiery, Passionate, Intense, Wanting Kiss that made Kagome go week at the knees.

(With Gary)

All Four of the Spies sat with their mouths open thinking of what they were watching.

"Oh My God" Ayame said as she snapped everyone out of their stupor.

"Inuyasha like Really love Kagome" Ayame said as Gary averted his eyes from the screen to look a the Red Head.

"How did you know that" Gary said his voice reeking of Sarcasm but Hard headed Ayame never catches that type of stuff.

"They are kissing" Ayame said as she pointed to the screen which still showed the two kissing.

"I just have to tell Everyone" Ayame said but before she could even move a Huge "Whack" was heard as a staff hit Ayame right in the head knocking her out.

"I never like Tha' Girl" Kaede said as she looked at the three remaining members.

"Mind if I take her seat" Kaede asked as she looked at Gary nicely.

"Sure why not" Gary said as they looked back at the screen.

"Dang that girl can kiss for a long time" Sango said as she looked down at her clock like she had been timing it.

(With Kagome)

Inuyasha slowly pulled away from Kagome as he straightened out his shirt and then gazed lustfully at the very dizzy girl.

"So does that change your mind" Inuyasha asked as he took her into his arms and hugged her.

Kagome loved the feeling of his arms around her, Just like she loved the feeling of him kissing her, Touching her or just down right looking at her.

But she knew this was wrong and she pushed him away.

"I'm sorry Inuyasha" She said as he looked back at her Sadly.

"But I love you" Inuyasha said as Kagome shook her Head.

"I'm sorry Inuyasha but I'm Marrying you brother" Kagome said as he seemed to let a small tear drop.

"I understand" Inuyasha said as Kagome looked at him sadly feeling as if her heart was breaking not his.

"If only I had met you first right" Inuyasha said as he chuckled slightly his eyes showing deep hurt and sadness

"You did" Kagome said silently but Inuyasha didn't hear her.

"Kagome just remember I'll always be there for you and Your family" Inuyasha said as he grabbed his coat and put it back on.

"Goodbye Mi' Amoure (My Love)" Inuyasha said as he closed the door and Kagome sat down on the Vanity chair.

And for the first time in a long time.

She cried for someone other than herself.

(One Hour Later)

Kagome came down the stairs wearing her Bridal gown having composed herself.

She felt truly terrible about hurting Inuyasha.

She also had felt terrible about the fight that had happened between her and her brother.

'He doesn't Love you and I doubt he ever will' Gary's words still echoed in her minds as she walked up to her Mother and Future Mother in Law.

"Are you ready Dear" Her mother asked as Kagome nodded and smiled at her mother.

"Your nervous aren't you" her Mother asked as she nodded and the woman hugged her daughter.

"Everything will be fine" Kagome's mother said as she let go of her daughter.

"I'll go tell them that you are ready" Sora said as she ran off leaving Kagome with Izayoi.

"You know Kagome" Izayoi started off as she caught Kagome's attention.

"There is such thing as marrying for the wrong reasons" Izayoi said as Kagome looked at her strangely... She coudln't know right.

"Like Marrying because your friend told some guys mother that you were engaged to him when you weren't" Izayoi said as Kagome looked at the woman fearfully.

"How did you know" Kagome asked as Izayoi raised her eyebrow.

"I didn't I was using that as an example" Izayoi said as Kagome felt like she coule litteraly die from the Mistake.

"Kagome listen you like a daughter to me" Izayoi said as Kagome smiled and hugged her.

"Now you have two choice to make" Izayoi said as Kagome nodded and looked at Izayoi.

"Either Go out there and Marry the person you think you love" Izayoi said as Kagome looked at the altar to see Seshomaru standing there with Mirouku, Inuyasha and Souta.

"Or go to the person you Know you love" Izayoi said as she pointed to Inuyasha who was smiling even thought you could see the sadness in his eyes.

"I think I have made my Decsion" Kagome said as the organ music started to play and she took her place in the middle of the rows of pews that surrounded the altar.

Kagome thought of every thing while she made her walk down the aisle not really seeing the kind and tearfull looks she was receiving from her Friends and Family.

'Like and Love' Thought as she got halfway there.

'Think and Know' Kagome said as she finally realized it.

"I Think I like Seshomaru" Kagome said under her breath loud enough thoug for everyone to hear it.

"But I know I love Inuyasha" Kagome said as she stepped in front of Seshomaru.

And then she turned to the croud.

"Everyone I have something I need to Admit" Kagome said as Gary looked up at her worriedly but she motioned for him to calm down.

"I'm in Love with your Son" She said to InuTaisho who nodded his head.

"Of course you love Him" InuTaisho said as he looked at the girl strangely wasn't that why she was here.

"Not this one" Kagome said as she pointed to a very confused Seshomaru.

"That One" Kagome said as she Pointed to Inuyasha and Ionuyasha's eyes glowed with Happiness.

"Inuyasha What Did You Do" InuTaisho shouted as Kagome jumped between the two.

"I think I need to explain myself" Kagome said as she sat InuTaisho back down and told everyome everything that had happened.

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After Kagome was done explaining everyone was Quiet.

"That explains a few things" Inuyasha whispered to Kagome as she looked over to him feeling the weight lifted off her shoulders.

"So do you still love me" Kagome said as Inuyasha smiled and looked at her.

"Forever and Ever Babe" He said as the he dipped her backwards and kissed her.

They received a few "Whoots" From Various people like Miroku, Souta and suprisingly Sora.

Gary just clapped happily feeling that weight of his shoulders as well "Go Kagome" he shouted as she smile within her kiss with Inuyasha.

Izayoi and her Husband were smiling and shaking their heads as InuTaisho looked at his wife sadly.

"We are going to have to plan another Wedding aren't we" He said as she laughed and kissed her husband lightly.

Kagome then started to look out the window of the Sanctuary feeling a little sorry for Seshomaru.

But Inuyasha pulled her face to his and looked within her eyes.

"No more looking out the window" Inuyasha said as he kneeled down and pulled out a little black box.

"Mother told me that I would be needing this" he said as he opened the black bow to reveal a Beautiful Diamons ring with Amethyst and Emerald Leaves on it.

"Will you Marry Me" Inuyasha asked as the whole Sanctuary silenced for a moment.

"YES" Kagome shouted as she hugged him.

Chapter End

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