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Brotherly Love 10: Epilogue

A fire surrounded them. Sesshoumaru nuzzled him gently and then lightly pressed his cheek to the skin on Inuyasha's face, soft skin and slashed markings rubbing against the side of his face. The warmth of a tongue against his neck broke his concentration, and he wondered why his vision had darkened until he realized his eyes had closed in pleasure. Forcing himself to sit up, half-liking and half-hating the submissive posture that Sesshoumaru had forced him into, Inuyasha struggled against his half-brother until he was able to face his brother eye to eye. Strangely enough, he discovered they were the same height, when they were sitting down; the taiyoukai simply had extremely long legs, which allowed him to tower over everyone else.

Reaching out, he stroked the purple markings on Sesshoumaru's face, and was rewarded with a nearly silent rumble. Not to be outdone, the older youkai took this opportunity to run a finger along the rim of Inuyasha's left ear, as if admiring its new, slanted shape. What was it about everyone else wanting to play with his ears? Next thing he knew, Kagome might try to rub his ears alongside his half-brother…

The thought of both of them touching him at once sent a shiver down Inuyasha's spine. Unprepared for his body's reaction, he whimpered and squirmed away from the contact, forcing Sesshoumaru to change his focus. Sliding his clawed hand through Inuyasha's hair, the taiyoukai accidentally sliced through any of the knots he encountered there, and the ex-hanyou winced at the slight tugging on his silvery mane. The gesture did not feel gentle, like when Kagome pet his hair and smoothed out any snaggles in his locks. It felt forceful and abrupt, as Sesshoumaru was wont to be.

Spiritual energy flowed around them, both light and dark – although the darker energy of demonic youki outweighed the miko's odd balance of the two. Feeling suddenly courageous, energized by the presence of so much power in one place, Inuyasha leaned forward and buried his hands in Sesshoumaru's hair, scratching his head. It was only fair that he return the favor – after all, the taiyoukai had messed with his hair too! And as for his half-brother's outer clothing, well, destruction of the haori was revenge for the way Sesshoumaru had ripped off the sleeve of his kimono in the courtyard a few days ago.

Torn as it was, the silk hung loosely on Sesshoumaru's frame. With one sleeve empty already, the cloth barely remained in place atop the taiyoukai's left shoulder. He could see a V-shaped piece of his half-brother's chest, well-defined, smooth and flat. Even before his transformation, he could not recall ever looking that way. His chest had always been rugged, a bit ungainly, and scarred by too much fighting in too short a time period. His muscles had developed quickly, compelled by necessity, not refined by years of practice or kata. Contemplating whether this was one more thing to be angry at his brother for, Inuyasha barely noticed the white-demon leaning forward until their noses touched.

Firmly holding his jaw, Sesshoumaru tilted his head to the side and captured Inuyasha's mouth in a slow, languid kiss. Without conscious thought his arms wrapped around the taiyoukai, and he pressed their forms together, drawing a sound of pleasure from the older male. Once again though, it was extremely distracting to have this new figure, because the annoying lumps on his chest seemed to get in the way of snuggling closer to his goal.

Sesshoumaru didn't seem to mind these soft shapes at all. Scraping his thumb lightly back and forth underneath and around the sides of one curvaceous breast, he relished the subtle moan Inuyasha released at the contact. All the while, Kagome was unable to look away, although her modesty continuously chided her for this fact, reprimanding her for remaining in the room. Inuyasha's outfit was bunched up around his waist, revealing strong, well-proportioned legs, although not entirely effeminate. Between Sesshoumaru's obvious masculinity, and her own petite frame, Inuyasha's figure hovered somewhere in the middle, creating much needed balance. But when Inuyasha shoved the rest of the taiyoukai's clothing off his shoulders, Kagome's eyes naturally gravitated toward Sesshoumaru's body instead. After all, she reasoned, she had seen Inuyasha last night – and he had been in a female form – so this was technically the first male she had ever seen up close. It was for educational purposes. She wasn't staring.

Suddenly, their embrace seemed less sensual, almost frightening. The two tumbled to the ground, rough-housing with one another like puppies. Garments disappeared in the jumble, and Inuyasha growled as Sesshoumaru tried once more to unseat him. Tussling for dominance, he glared at the taiyoukai. His half-brother had removed enough of his dignity by wishing him into a woman's form. No way was he letting the bastard be on top. He raised himself back up, pulling Sesshoumaru's hand along with him, replacing it on his chest. It distracted his opponent and damned if it didn't feel wonderful too. Kagome's touch was marvelous, but she didn't know how to use her claws yet.

As they joined together, Inuyasha gasped at the sensation, very different than what he had experienced in the past. The room was incredibly hot, the air stagnant and heavy, yet he felt buoyant and wild, thrilled to finally have so power over his ever-untouchable sibling. Dragging his claws down Sesshoumaru's chest, he heard a muffled yelp from the taiyoukai as he left a trail of thin white lines behind and. But it was allowed. Moving slowly, he leaned back, and a wave of pleasure broke over him, overwhelming him with youki and raw feeling.

When Inuyasha came to, he was cuddled against Sesshoumaru's chest. The taiyoukai gave him a strange look, but said nothing. The room smelled of sex and desire, and he heard tiny whimpers coming from the miko's direction. Sitting up, they inspected her; both of them had forgotten all about her presence.

"Ahaha," she laughed uncomfortably, her hands fluttering nervously in front of her. "Wow! So, the next time I ask you two if you 'need to be alone' what I'm really saying is that you should warn me if you are planning to do something like that, while I'm still in the room, because that was way more than I needed to see, and… Right. Wow. So, I'll go now." But when she moved to get up, her legs buckled and Kagome found she still sat on the tatami mats near the futon. Blushing furiously, she huffed and blew her bangs out of her face, fanning herself slightly with one hand.

Before she had even finished her speech, Sesshoumaru had looked toward Inuyasha in amusement. "Does she always talk this much?" he asked, as the miko struggled to rise.

Inuyasha huffed in agreement, "Ya, nonstop." Then, with a mischievous sparkle in his eyes, he added, "I'll hold her down, if you want. Oh! And she's really ticklish."

Kagome's eyes grew impossibly wide. "You… you… traitor!" she squeaked, mouth refusing to form the words. Sesshoumaru just smirked at her darkly.


In the end, she decided, things hadn't turned out so badly. Inuyasha had gotten much stronger after sparring so often with his brother. She had finally gotten the chance to practice her spiritual skills in peace and quiet, slowly developing into the most powerful priestess in the land. Shippou had moved in with them, giving Rin a playmate her age once she returned to the castle, and the entire group of them often visited their friends in Kaede's village by the well.

In fact, her life was ideal – she didn't have to study anymore (she had always hated school), and she lived in harmony with the two powerful dog-demons whom she loved and considered her best friends. Even her mother had relented, once she heard her daughter was living in a castle with a feudal lord. Of course, her mother carefully and conspicuously overlooked the fact that Sesshoumaru was a demon-lord, but as long as the aging lady remained happy, Kagome was too. The taiyoukai was even kind enough to support her entire family, sending a few small artifacts through time by way of the Bone Eater's Well. Kagome promised him that even the smallest of coins from the Warring States Era would be incredibly valuable in the future.

It also afforded her an opportunity to travel and visit her family in the future, whenever she wished. Sometimes, Inuyasha came too, although he was still embarrassed about being a girl now – her little brother Souta always seemed so disappointed in him, as though the entire situation was his fault. But even Souta forgave Inuyasha, once he laid eyes on Shouko and Heisachi, their two children.

Heisachi came first, looking exactly like his mother, with black hair, sea-green eyes and turquoise stripes. Unfortunately however, he did not inherit her peculiar blend of demonic-energy and holy aura. Kagome's son was a full demon. Then, there was Shouko, a white-haired, golden eyed, fluffy ball of energy. The baby-demons were born only three months apart, and although Heisachi was older, his sister constantly dominated him, beating him in every fight and winning at every game. Apparently, rambunctious, unrelenting, loud behavior ran in Inuyasha's blood.

She could still remember the day Shouko was born, and she was absolutely sure that if she hadn't already loved Inuyasha so much, she would have hated him after that day. It should not have been possible for one being to complain so much, that loudly. After all, she had gone through the same experience only three months earlier. But no, Inuyasha was determined that his experience was much worse than hers; men (even former-men magically transformed into women) were not supposed to have children. He had cursed at Sesshoumaru for weeks afterward, refusing to let the taiyoukai touch him.

And worst of all, the ex-hanyou seemed surprisingly uninterested in his child. Shouko was an adorable girl, all smiles and dynamic mischief. But while Inuyasha played with her, he remained content to let Kagome do all the intensive work of raising her. It exasperated her, but he merely explained she was a better mother than both of them put together, whatever that meant.

So, whenever she got fed up with Inuyasha's chauvinistic ability to shirk even the smallest of 'female' duties, she would take her niece and her son to the future, to visit their very grateful human grandparents. Of course, sometimes Inuyasha got over his embarrassment around Souta long enough to come too – completely ruining the effect of her sanctuary. For instance, right now he was laughing boisterously about something he had seen on the television, while Shouko crawled away to discover more items to break without parental supervision.

Honestly, it was like she had had twins! She was the one doing all the supervision, dressing, diaper changing, feeding, carrying, bed-time story reading…

Depositing Heisachi in the living room beside her mother, Kagome headed into the kitchen room to find Shouko once again. The little troublemaking demoness had pushed herself onto her toes, one hand supporting her weight on one leg of the table, preparing to swipe a plateful of cookies from its surface. (They had invested in a Western-style table for their food, puppy-proofing the house.) With a stifled sigh, Kagome moved forward to pick up her tiny niece.

But before she could do so, a striped hand swooped down, catching Shouko in one arm. "I'll take her," Sesshoumaru murmured, too low for Inuyasha to hear.

She smiled, despite herself. Who would have thought Sesshoumaru might make a good father? But then, he had always been partial to Rin…

A shrill giggle broke out between them, as Shouko rediscovered the joy of pulling on her Father's long, white hair. It called to her little fingers, begging to be yanked. Belatedly, Sesshoumaru realized he only had one arm with which to stop her, and this arm was already in use, holding Shouko to his chest.

Catching the priceless look on his face at that moment, Kagome could not help but laugh. In the end, perhaps even their mistakes had worked out for the best. They made a strange family, but each complimented the others' strengths. So, how could she regret the choices they had made, when those very wishes and actions had led them where they were today?

Stepping forward, she unwound Shouko's chubby fingers from Sesshoumaru's hair and hugged him tightly. Then, together they returned to the family room, where Inuyasha had staked a claim on the center of the couch, leaving his partners just enough space to rest beside him.