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"…oh ew."

Axel awoke with an unpleasant start as he was knocked onto the ground, a gross squelching sound accompanying the action. Blinking up and trying to get his bearings, Axel saw Roxas sitting up, looking himself over in disgust as he ran a hand through his sticky blonde locks. Giving himself a once over, Axel found that he too was a mess, and last nights events flooded back to him… The ice cream fight may have been fun at the time, but now the mess it had left behind was just a little repulsive, and a LOT uncomfortable. Roxas looked down at Axel, scrutinizing the situation, before standing up (making a face at the feeling of sticky ice cream remnants pulling at his skin and clothes) and making an announcement.

"We need to get clean."

Now Axel might have been a dog… sort of… but he wasn't stupid. First off, he knew that they had to get clean without Roxas having to tell him. But secondly, and more importantly for that matter, he understood that 'getting clean' most definitely was going to entail some sort of B–A–T–H. Even though the last bath Roxas had given him hadn't been that bad, and had involved a lot of very nice massaging and petting of his fur, Axel's instincts – developed from years of evolutionary fine-tuning by generations of his doggy ancestors – told him that bath equals bad. Run away from bath. Run away NOW. So with a yelp and a leap for the door, Axel tried to make his desperate escape, only to find that the door was, in fact, closed and locked. Of course. Whining pitifully as Roxas rolled his eyes and crossed the room to grab him by the scruff of the neck and drag him off, Axel prepared himself for his doom. So prepared was he in anticipation of the horrific upcoming event, that he was surprised to find that instead of being dragged up the stairs, Roxas was hauling him out the side door of the house, into the backyard.

In all of Axel's adventures in sniffing around Roxas's backyard, he had somehow failed to notice that there was a back deck. Which actually wasn't that surprising, considering that most of his interests in the outdoors consisted of foliage that he could mark, being the manly male dog that he was. But to the back deck was where Roxas was dragging him to, letting go of his fur when they reached the steps, and hopping up to retrieve a pathetic looking mass of rubbery plastic, dragging it back into the yard and hooking it up to a very noisy hose of some sort that was attached to a box machine thing that had a lot of air coming out if the little leaks in it. Humans sure owned some unusual stuff.

That's when things got a little odd. Right before Axel's eyes the mass of plastic began to GROW. Putting his ears back skeptically, Axel sniffed it. Ew. It smelled weird. Roxas, however, didn't seem to think anything of it, grumpily leaving it be and stalking off to grab another hose, this one attached to the wall of the house. Aw, the blonde was so cute with his clothes all rumpled and his hair all disheveled and his face all pouty and HOLY CRUD WATER CAME OUT OF THE SECOND HOSE AND ROXAS WAS BRINGING IT CLOSER TO HIM!

Yelping and tucking his tail between his legs, Axel took off, cowering in the far corner of the yard. "Idiot." Roxas grumbled, apparently not in a very fond mood today, as he slung the hose into the inflating plastic. 'Oh.' Axel realized. 'He's not going to use it on me. That's okay then.' Assured in the knowledge that he wasn't going to get sprayed with the hose, Axel trotted back over to Roxas to see what he was doing. The Inflating Plastic Thing was at this point taller than Axel could see into, about at Roxas's waist, but a lot of sloshing was coming from inside it. However, the sloshing didn't do much to hold Axel's attention for more than, oh, about a second, so he turned to observe Roxas.

Said blonde was still looking a bit disgruntled and irritable, so Axel gave him a reassuring lick on the hand, and then another when he found that Roxas's current taste was ice cream. Roxas didn't tug his hand away like he normally would have, but he sent Axel a rather unnerving smile. Axel cocked an ear in question, but Roxas just chuckled to himself. "Live it up while ya can, dog." He said. "Cause in a minute or two I don't think you're going to like me enough to want to be tongue kissing my hand, ice cream flavouring or no."

'Pfft, as if.' Axel smugly thought to himself. 'That kid obviously doesn't grasp the scope of my love. Nothing he could ever EVER do would make me not love him anymore.' With that in mind, Axel continued licking Roxas's hand, enjoying the taste and the fact that Roxas was allowing it. After a minute Roxas suddenly pulled away, and Axel didn't even have time to be disappointed, because the blonde had only pulled away so that he could crouch down in front of Axel, holding out his arms in a gesture that just screamed "I welcome you into my embrace!"

Happily leaping into Roxas's arms, not bothering to question the random and unusually open display of affection, Axel closed his eyes and nuzzled his sticky ice cream nose into the crook of Roxas's neck. "That's a good boy…" Roxas told him, sounding distracted and hobbling awkwardly as he struggled with Axel's weight and the fact that he was apparently stepping up and over something. 'Oh happy day!' Axel's brain rejoiced. 'Roxas thinks I'm a good boy!'

And with that last thought echoing around in his little doggie brain, Axel was unceremoniously dumped into a pool of water.

Confused and anguished howls and yelps filled the air as Axel flailed about, trying to get his footing. What was this debauchery!? Axel doggie paddled like his life depended on it, wanting – no needing – to get out of the water. 'Oh Roxas, why would you betray me so?' he internally bemourned. Roxas had been partly right a few minutes ago… Although Axel didn't think he could ever completely stop loving the traitorous blonde…

He had to admit – right now he liked Roxas a little less than usual.

"Oh come on!" Roxas laughed, grabbing Axel around the middle and keeping the dog afloat, seeming to be in a much better mood now that Axel was flailing about miserably. "It's just a little water!"

'That's what you think!' Axel angrily thought, still doggie paddling franticly, even though Roxas was holding him in place. 'To you it may be just a little water, but to me… IT IS THE ENEMY!'

"Oh here, quit struggling." Roxas said, hauling Axel awkwardly into his arms. "Your fur is a mess and I need to get all the ice cream cleaned out."

Twisting around, Axel could see that most of the ice cream had already washed off of Roxas, only a little bit still stuck in his hair. Other than that, the water had easily washed it off of his smooth skin, and it was no wonder the kid was able to take such pleasure in Axel's torment. 'Oh, I see how it is. Now that HE'S clean, my dirty fur and soaking wet humiliation are a source of amusement!' Axel huffed, not admitting that this sadistic side of Roxas was pretty hot. Nope, definitely not admitting it. Not even thinking it.

…oh all right, it was freaking sexy as hell, okay? There, fine, Axel could own up to the truth on occasion, dammit. Especially if it involved Roxas.

Ears laid back in what could only be described as a doggie interpretation of a pout, Axel quit his struggling and allowed Roxas to heft him up further into his arms, supporting Axel's thin frame and pulling him over to the edge of the pool where a couple of shampoo bottles had been set up at a convenient nearby table. Balancing the dog on his hip, Roxas grabbed one of the bottles, squelching a blob of overpoweringly fragrant goo into Axel's fur. Eeeeeeeeew, it was cold. Axel wrinkled his nose in disgust. Was it really any wonder why he hated baths so much? As the thick, gooey liquid seeped into his fur, Axel squirmed a little in Roxas's hold, not enjoying the sensation.

"Oh come on, it's not THAT bad." Roxas chided, a hint of amusement to his words. Axel gave a slight growl in return, not intending to follow through with an outburst of snapping teeth or anything of the sort, but serving as a warning nonetheless. A sort of friendly reminder, as it were. He was a beast of teeth and claws! Not that he'd ever use them on Roxas, but whatever. "Alright, alright, I got it." Roxas chuckled. "No more teasing, I'm sorry."

Roxas was true to his word after that, cutting out the teasing and working on massaging the shampoo deep into Axel's fur, getting all of the sticky ice cream out of it. As with the previous bath experience with Roxas, Axel soon found himself forgetting why he hated them so much in the first place. Sure, the water was cold and wet, and the shampoo was thick and smelled funny and fluffed his fur up all weird, but with Roxas lavishing so much attention on him… it tended to overwrite all the negatives. Axel found tingles spreading through his body at the blonde's touch, and he squirmed a little in the boy's hold. If Roxas giving him a bath like this was nice, he could only imagine what it would be like if…

"AXEL!" Roxas burst, in an angry voice that was trying to stay restrained, as far as noise level went. "You can't just change into a person outside! In the middle of my yard! Anyone could see you!"

"No they won't…" Axel purred, now able to stand above the water, using this to his advantage by turning and pinning the blonde up against the edge of the pool. "You have hedges, no one's going to be able to see…"

"You don't know that!" Roxas insisted, pushing in vain at Axel's chest, trying to get the taller boy off of him. "Come on, cut it out!"

"Mmmm… no." Axel grinned, leaning down so he was nose to nose with his prey. "I think I won't."

"Axeeeeel!" Roxas whined, pouting.

"Roxaaaaaas." Axel mimicked, adding a completely different tone to how he said it. A suggestive tone. Roxas blushed.

"Axel." Roxas stated, glaring and using his authoritative 'I'm-the-boss-you-listen-to-what-I-tell-you-to-do' voice. Yummy.

"Rrrrrroxas." Axel repeated in a teasing growl, before leaning forward and biting at the bare juncture of Roxas's neck and shoulder.

"A-Axel!" Roxas gasped, a tinge of panic in his voice. "S-stop it! We're in the middle of my backyard! You can't j-just – AXEL!"

Axel pulled back as he was smacked upside the head, although it didn't hurt too much. Apparently Roxas didn't take too well to having his neck sucked. Either that, or he took very well to it, and just didn't want Axel to know. And that was a chance Axel was willing to take.

Moving back in, Axel bit down on a nap of flesh, gently teething it and laving at it with his tongue. Shuddering breaths, along with garbled versions of Axel's name spilled from the blonde's lips, and Axel couldn't help but notice that the attempts at struggling away had become halfhearted at best. Working his way up Roxas's neck, Axel nibbled and licked his way to Roxas's jawline, where he kissed the soft skin briefly before gently biting down again, bringing a hand up into Roxas's hair, fingers weaving through the tangled golden strands.

"A…Axel, we shouldn't…" Roxas managed in a near-whisper, tilting his head to the side to allow for better access. "We're practically out in public and I… I…" Axel silenced him by sliding his hand down the blonde's back, pressing insistently against the small of it and pushing their hips together. The smaller boy lost his train of thought in a shuddering exhale, impulsively pressing closer and gripping onto Axel's upper arms to support himself, the rest of his weight being pinned against the waist-high pool edge. Axel smirked, moving his mouth up to Roxas's earlobe, gently taking it between his teeth and giving a tug. Roxas's breath hitched, and Axel could have sworn he heard a whimper in there as well, although he couldn't be certain. But at the moment it didn't matter – what mattered was that he was slowly but surely getting closer and closer to his goal of making Roxas his. Oh yes, sweet victory was on the horizon. He could practically taste­


Jumping nearly out of his skin, Roxas pushed Axel off, looking around frantically to see what was going on. Through some sparse patches in the hedges he could see the neighbours' car having some bizarre issues with starting, making a ton of noise as it crashed into some trash cans before pulling away and driving off. Really, they hadn't even known the disturbance they had caused, or that Axel and Roxas had even been out in the next yard over (let alone what activities they had been engaged in), but it was enough to break Roxas out of whatever sensually hypnotized state he had been in, and he stepped out of the little pool with a blush, stalking off into the house without another word.

'Damn.' Axel pouted, watching the blonde stomp off. 'So close.'

Roxas, meanwhile, rushed up to his room and locked the door, not quite sure what to think with himself. He had let Axel feel him up in almost-public and he… he had enjoyed it. Dear gods above, what was wrong with him? So maybe the attention was nice, but it was completely inappropriate! Axel just had no sense of shame. Roxas sighed, flopping down backwards onto his bed. Axel. What on earth had he gotten himself into when he picked that flea-bitten mutt off the street? Sure, the guy was kinda nice to be around when he wasn't being completely annoying, but that didn't mean Roxas approved of all the… other stuff. Argh, Roxas really didn't even want to think about that part, and he pressed the heels of his palms to his eyes in an attempt to rid himself of the thoughts. But alas, it was no use – they had already firmly planted themselves in his brain and were refusing to be kicked out, laughing maniacally at his attempts to get rid of them. Fine then, he'd just have to face them head on.

So. What did he think of Axel? Well… the guy was a complete freak, and annoying as hell. What a great start. But… really, if Roxas thought about it… all the redhead had ever really done was dote affection and love on him, even if Roxas had no idea where it was all coming from, or why. And really, if he was forced to admit it to himself… Yes. He liked it. He liked it a lot, dammit, which was why he tried so hard to deny it. Because he should think it was all wrong, right? He should hate it, and be disgusted and freaked out, and kick Axel out of his house, out of his bed, out of his life. But whatever it was that he should do, the fact of the matter was that he just couldn't. He'd grown stupidly attached to that redheaded freak, even if he did have a weird way of showing it. Roxas never had been too good at expressing his feelings when it came to the mushy stuff. Somehow his I-Kinda-Like-You's always got translated into Get-Away-From-Me's…

Before he could further delve down that path of thought, a resounding WHAM! came from the other side of his door, and as he jerked up and looked over, he saw it trembling on it's hinges. "What the hell?" he self-questioned, crossing the room and tentatively unlatching the door and pulling it open. Cautiously peeking out, he found a disgruntled looking Axel sitting cross-legged on the floor, massaging the side of his head and looking mighty ruffled. "Did you just throw yourself at my door?" Roxas asked, raising an eyebrow. Axel nodded, wrinkling his nose in pain.

"But it didn't open."

Roxas rolled his eyes. "Yeah, good job, smart one, that's cause it was locked." He looked Axel over, trying to deny that the miffed redhead was looking rather adorably endearing at the moment. "And put some clothes on." He automatically tacked on for good measure.

Axel wobbled to his feet, stepping into the room and picking up a discarded pair of Roxas's boxer shorts, slipping them on and setting down on the edge of Roxas's bed. "I'm sorry." He mumbled, looking downcast. Roxas raised an eyebrow curiously. Usually Axel NEVER apologized for his little grope sessions. What gives?

"I didn't mean to make you mad at me." Axel continued. Roxas was giving a disbelieving look, and he realized how weird the situation must have been for the blonde. Usually Axel couldn't care less if Roxas threw a little fit and blushed and ran off when Axel tried to put the moves on him, but he had never actually locked Axel out before. It was scary, having the one person you cared about more than anything else in the whole world lock you out. It made Axel feel like Roxas was sending some subtle sign that he wanted Axel not only out of his room, but out of his life, and upon finding the door locked, Axel had immediately been overcome with the need to amend the situation before it got that drastic.

"It… it's okay." Roxas finally responded, having decided to accept that Axel was being sincere. "I just… it's really awkward when you do that, can't you understand?"

"…not really." Axel replied. "I love you and I want to make you feel good, I don't see how that's –."

"Okay stop." Roxas cut in with a furious blush. "I get it. I, um… yeah. Just… don't do it again."

"Ever!?" Axel burst, looking horrified and hurt at the very suggestion.

"Well… I… I don't know!" Roxas exclaimed in frustration. "Let's just… I'm hungry. Let's make food."

Axel realized that Roxas was changing the subject, but oddly enough he didn't mind. For one, he had just realized that he was rather hungry as well. Eating was one of his favourite things to do, and they hadn't had anything yet today.

And also… he couldn't help but notice that Roxas hadn't said no.


Axel didn't like being cooped up inside. He just didn't. Call it a result of living most of his life outside as a streetdog, call it a fidgety nature, call it whatever you wanted, but the fact of the matter was that Axel just couldn't tolerate being kept inside for more than an hour at a time, if that. Therefore, he found it most frustrating to discover that Roxas was the kind of kid who liked to coop himself up in his room all day (when he wasn't working, that was) and play video games and eat junk food until he passed out. Axel wanted to go outside. And do things. Heck, he'd settle for another bath at this point, just to be doing something. But Roxas would have none of it. It was his day off, and he was going to rot his fucking mind out with video games and junk food, dammit!

"Rooooooxas…" Axel had begged, falling across the blonde's lap. Roxas, for his part, merely grunted and shifted, trying to look past Axel's head of spikes to see the television screen. He elbowed Axel over a bit, un-trapping his arms to better work the video game controller.

"Rooooooooooxaaaaaaas." Axel had whined again. "There's still so much daaaay left. Let's doooooooo soooooomething."

"In a bit." Roxas had answered, sounding distracted; his eyes glazed over, images of cars, explosions, and snipers reflected in them. "After I finish this level."

And a little while later, Roxas had finished the level. And then another one. And another one. And another one… And then he had started a new game. Axel had actually fallen asleep across his lap, so bored out of his mind that he had actually turned back into a dog. Hours passed, the sun set, streetlights came on… and only the glow of the television and the sounds of violence filled Axel's world…

"Axel… Axel… Wake up, Axel…"

'Huhwhut?' Axel incoherently thought, abruptly sitting up. 'Whasgoingon?' Blinking and focusing his gaze, Axel found himself looking up into Roxas's slightly sheepish expression.

"Hey, Axel." Roxas greeted. "Um… sorry I spent all afternoon playing videogames instead of paying attention to you. I just… had a stressful week and stuff. I needed to blow stuff up."

'Understandable.' Axel agreed in his mind.

"So… now that I'm done, I know it's dark, but did you maybe want to go for a walk?"

Oh man. Oh man. Oh man oh man oh man oh man! Roxas had said it. He said the word. 'WALK!' Axel's brain screamed, nearly short-circuiting. 'ROXAS IS GOING TO TAKE ME FOR A WALK!' Yelping happily and licking Roxas's face, Axel ran around in circles as Roxas stood up and fetched the leash. Roxas smiled and shook his head at Axel's antics, but when the fluffy red dog threw himself at Roxas, paws placed on his shoulders and tail wagging franticly, the blonde seemed to find it time for a light reprimand.

"Hey hey hey…" Roxas said, pushing Axel down onto all fours. "You gotta calm down, okay? We can't have you changing into a human in the middle of the walk. I know there's not a lot of people out here at this hour, but what would people think if they saw some kid lugging around a naked guy on a leash? And don't answer that question, I don't like the look in your eyes."

Axel doggie-laughed, his tongue lolling out of his mouth as he looked up at Roxas in amusement. By the blush tinting Roxas's cheeks it was obvious that he knew exactly what Axel was thinking of to say in response to that rhetorical question. Nevertheless, Axel allowed Roxas to tie the leash around his neck and lead him to the door. Once there the teen paused, looking down at Axel for a minute before telling him to "wait right here a minute" and running upstairs. Axel watched his retreating figure curiously, but stayed put like Roxas had told him to. A minute later Roxas was tromping back down the stairs, toting along a ragged old backpack. Axel tried sniffing at it, but couldn't smell anything out of the ordinary. It just smelled like Roxas's room. But before he could further dwell on it, Roxas was pulling him out the door and into the crisp night air.

It must have been very late, Axel didn't know how late, but the pair didn't see a single other person out on the streets, and only one or two cars passed them as they walked in the direction of the park. It was a nice night; not particularly cold, but not unnaturally warm either. The moon was a crescent in the sky; its faint light illuminating whatever the streetlamps didn't. Axel breathed in deeply before letting it out as a sigh, turning to look at Roxas beside him. The kid was just looking straight ahead, a bland but somewhat content expression oh his face, and – feeling Axel's gaze on him – he turned to look down and regard his canine companion. A smile lit his features, and Axel wagged his tail happily as they entered the park, his heart feeling especially full. They headed over to a bench and Roxas sat down, patting the space beside him. Axel happily hopped up, licking the side of the blonde's face before lying down and settling his head in Roxas's lap. For a few minutes they just sat there, Roxas simply petting Axel, and Axel just content to lay there and enjoy it, when faint approaching footsteps could be heard. Roxas ceased the petting, and Axel lifted his head, both annoyed at the loss of contact and curious as to who was there.

"Hey, kid, what are you doing?"

A portly police officer rounded the corner, and Roxas stiffened. It wasn't as though he had been doing anything wrong but when in the presence of authority figures even the most clean-record kid can get a guilty conscious.

"Uh, I was just taking my dog for a walk… sir." Roxas carefully replied, fiddling nervously with the leash in his hand. The cop gave him a reprimanding look.

"You are aware the park closes at ten o'clock?"

"I –" Roxas started. "No, actually I wasn't."

"Well it does." The uniformed man informed him. "And the current time is…" He looked at his watch. "11:35. So you'll have to be leaving."

"I, um, okay, sorry." Roxas mumbled, gathering the leash into his arms. "C'mon Axel, let's go." The dog jumped off the bench, giving a glare to the officer at the tone that the man was using with his Roxas. As Roxas tugged Axel down the path, heading home, the police officer called out once more.

"That your dog, kid?"

Roxas turned around, a puzzled look on his face. "Um, yes?" He received a skeptical glare from the officer.

"You sure? That animal looks like a stray, and it doesn't even have a proper leash, collar or license."

Roxas possessively clutched Axel's leash-rope a little tighter. "He's mine. I… I just got him, though, so I haven't had time to get him any of that stuff yet. But I'm going to. Soon. Tomorrow, actually." The blonde received another skeptical look from the uniformed man at this, and nodded fervently to confirm the truth of his words. The police officer opened his mouth to say something once more, but Axel chose that moment to let out a low, threatening growl. A questioning and scolding eyebrow was raised, but before the cop could say anything Roxas was cutting him off with a nervous laugh.

"Hahaha ha… ha. Um, yeah, he's real friendly – aren't you Axel?" The last bit was a little strained, as Roxas desperately tried to get the message across to Axel that he had better shut his fuzzy yap and behave. Oh ho ho, commanding!Roxas. Axel ceased the growling, but only to please his sexy blonde. If it had been just up to him, he would have loved to keep growling at that fatty night guard of the park. "Uh, anyway, we'll just be leaving now, sorry to be here when we weren't supposed to."

And with that they were off, Roxas purposefully striding away, and Axel turning back to give a warning snap at the police officer. Because nothing says 'lay off my property' like good ol' clack of canines. "Axel!" Roxas hissed, tugging the leash forcefully and dragging Axel off at a run.

Suddenly, Axel felt very alive. He was going on adventures in the middle of the night with the love of his life, they had just had a run-in with the law, and now they were running through the park. His heart started racing and a smile overtook his features, and with a violent lunge and a bark of joy, he found himself stumbling over long legs, having turned human once again in his excitement.

"Oh what!? AXEL!" Roxas shouted, looking around frantically before tackling Axel into a nearby bush. Axel smiled up at the boy sprawled across him, leaning up to give a playful lick to his cheek.

"Hi, Roxas."

"Axel…" Roxas groaned, wiping the back of his hand over his cheek. "What do you think you're doing? We're outside, in the middle of a public park, and that stupid cop is like… probably still lurking around here somewhere…" Axel shrugged, grinning apologetically. Roxas slapped a hand to his forehead. "God, I knew something like this would happen." He said, rolling slightly off of Axel and tugging his backpack off, rummaging around in it. "It's a good thing I thought ahead, you dolt."

Axel suddenly found fabric covering his face, and pulled it off to find that Roxas had tossed clothing at him. Both of them fumbled with getting it on him while still trying to keep out of sight in the bushes, and a minute later Axel was dressed in a random assortment of clothing that Roxas must have just gathered up at random, because none of it matched and everything fit him rather awkwardly. A hat was shoved oh his head at the last minute to cover his bizarre red spikes, and Axel grinned cheekily at Roxas, who just rolled his eyes in response. The blonde opened his mouth, about to say something, when footsteps were heard once again. With a gasp, Roxas reached out to slap a hand over both his own mouth and Axel's as well, going completely still. The footfall drew closer, and Roxas looked completely mortified at the situation. Axel attempted to give the hand covering his mouth a comforting lick, but from the look he received in response for it, he took it that it went unappreciated by Roxas.

The footsteps walked right past their hiding place, and only after they had faded away completely did Roxas heave a relieved sigh. "Oh my God." He whispered. "That was close."

"Mmm…" Axel murmured in agreement, rolling over on top of Roxas. All this danger and the slightly unusual setting was starting to excite him. Smiling crookedly, Axel offered a murmured "At least we didn't get caught…" before descending his lips upon Roxas's.

Spluttering indignantly, the blonde at first tried to push Axel off, but relented after it became apparent that Axel wasn't willing to be moved anytime soon. Sighing into the mix of lips, Roxas allowed the onslaught, and even reciprocated the smallest bit, pressing his lips back up to Axel's and joining in the movement. He had to admit… there was something about doing this in a public place, the danger of getting caught, and the thrill of being reckless that made the whole experience very… heightened.

Axel smirked as he felt Roxas give in. Moving his arm, Axel managed to wrap his hand around the back of Roxas's neck, cradling the back of the blonde's head and gently holding him in place, deepening their exchange. Roxas let out a small sound – Axel couldn't quite tell if it was in protest or approval – and wrapped one of his own arms around Axel's shoulders, pulling the older male down. 'Must have been approval then…' Axel reasoned, gently pulling at Roxas's bottom lip with his teeth. He situated himself more fully over Roxas, and although the smaller boy huffed a little under the additional weight, he made no move to push Axel off again. A nearby park lamp flickered, drawing them both back to the reality of the when and where of the situation, and although Axel feared it would snap Roxas out of it, the realization only seemed to spur him on more. Axel smirked, pulling away from Roxas's lips to sink his teeth gently into the boy's neck, and the blonde actually arched up into him. Axel wasn't quite sure what had gotten into the blonde, but he sure as hell planned on taking full advantage of the situation while it presented itself.

Roxas, for his part, couldn't believe what was happening. This was wrong, this whole thing was just so wrong, but he was willingly allowing it. Axel was chewing on his neck in the middle of the night in the middle of a public park and they could be discovered any minute… and Roxas was enjoying every second of it. As Axel began sneaking one of his hands up Roxas's shirt, the blonde surprised himself by doing absolutely nothing about it. Nothing, negative at least. Rather, he pressed himself into the touch, sighing at the feeling. This was so good but so… wrong. He shouldn't be doing it. Any of this. He just shouldn't. It was so very, very… wrong. And yet Roxas couldn't help himself from eagerly responding to every touch, every kiss, every nip, every shift of Axel moving on top of him. For as wrong as it all seemed in his head… it just felt so right. He didn't want it to stop, not for anything.

"Axel…" He pleaded as Axel sucked on his throat, laving at the skin with his sweeping tongue. "Axel please don't… don't stop... Okay, actually… okay, stop. Stop, stop, Axel STOP." Axel paused, his hand having snuck halfway into Roxas's pants, and gave his until-a-moment-ago willing partner a confused expression.


The gravity of the situation at hand suddenly sunk in for Roxas, and his face flushed in embarrassment. Axel's hand working its way past his waistband had been like a wake-up call. Had he really been willing have sex in the bushes in a park? In public, for crying out loud?

"Axel… Axel we can't do this here." Roxas told him, averting his gaze.

"Whaaaat?" Axel whined. "Oh come on, Roxas, you want it." He said, pushing his hips down to draw attention to the physical proof of this statement and make his point. Roxas's blush darkened and he squirmed uncomfortably.

"I… okay, maybe I do. Maybe. But… we can't do it here. It's just… we can't."

"So let's go home." Axel urged, the same way he had on several other occasions in the past. "We can do it there. In your bed."

"Axel!" Roxas chided, a bit embarrassed by Axel's straightforwardness. "We can't… it doesn't work that way, alright? By the time we'd get home it would be awkward, and it would be weird, and it would be… just… awkward. We can't do it like that, okay? If we ever do it at all."

"Urrrrrrrgggghhhh…" Axel groaned, dropping his face into Roxas's chest in frustration. So many times he had come so close, and he had been foiled every time. He was starting to wonder if Roxas was ever going to let down all of those defensive walls that he put up around himself. It wasn't just about "doing it" for Axel, although that would be nice too – he wanted to get past Roxas's walls to prove his love, to really connect with the blonde. But dammit, Roxas just wouldn't let him.

Roxas heaved another long sigh, gently pushing at Axel's shoulder. Understanding what Roxas wanted, Axel pushed himself up and off the smaller boy, offering a hand up, which Roxas accepted. Dusting themselves off, and gathering up the backpack and rope leash, Axel and Roxas headed back home, each lost in his own thoughts. Neither said a word, but about halfway home Axel tentatively reached out for Roxas's hand, and Roxas let him hold it.

Just as Roxas had predicted, things were a little awkward when they finally got home. The "heat of the moment" had work off, leaving an uncomfortable 'so… what do we do now?' hanging in the air. Both tried to force casualness, but there was an unmistakable tension so thick it was almost corporeal. "I'm going to bed" Roxas announced, shucking off his day clothes in favour of some loose pajama pants and a t-shirt and collapsing into the mattress. Axel sighed, following suit by stripping down to his (or rather, Roxas's) boxers and clambering in after the blonde. Roxas was softly snuffling in sleep within a few moments, but Axel didn't find slumber so easily.


Roxas wasn't sure what was going on, but he found himself in a pleasant, fuzzy haze. Everything was very warm and snug, and Roxas found the whole situation to be incredibly comfortable indeed. Very slowly, more sensations started to filter in, and things started feeling a lot more… real. The first thing Roxas noticed what that it seemed to be rather dark out. So then, he must be drifting in and out of sleep. That wasn't so weird. He would have been able to simply shrug it off and fall back into dreamland if it hadn't been for the fact that something else was tugging at his subconscious. He felt a pressure, some sort of contact, and the nagging feeling that something was out of place from when he was usually half-conscious in his bed late at night.

Shifting a little, and making some unintelligible noises, Roxas lifted his head, blinking into the darkness and trying to figure out what was going on. It took him a minute, but when he finally placed it, he wasn't quite sure what to do.

As his eyes adjusted to the darkness, Roxas could see that Axel was awake, propped up on one elbow and looking down at him. The older teen's other arm was stretched out down Roxas's side, Axel's palm rubbing slow, soothing circles on his stomach. It was rather random, but it actually felt really nice, very soothing and pleasant, and Roxas found himself dropping his head back to his pillow, bringing a fist up to his face to rub his eye.

"Axel, what are you doing?" he asked, voice a little thick with sleep. "It's gotta be like three in the morning."

"…nothing." Axel replied after a moment. "Just… looking at you while you're asleep. Touching you."

Roxas sighed. "Axel, if it were anyone but you who said that I would be so creeped out right about now."

"Sorry." Axel replied, leaning forward and dropping a kiss to Roxas's neck.

"S'okay." Roxas told him, still not fully awake yet. Axel continued his minstrations, kissing a trail down Roxas's neck and slipping his hand underneath Roxas's shirt to more effectively rub circles on Roxas's stomach. The blonde sighed. That felt really good. The tender gesture spread a warmth through his entire body, and occasionally Axel would press the heel of his palm to the flat plane of Roxas's stomach beneath his navel, and it spread a whole different kind of feeling through him, one that was still of warmth, but heavier, and with more tingles intermixed with it, a feeling of anticipation and growing excitement. It created a much welcomed and very pleasant pressure, and the gentle touch of Axel's lips to Roxas's neck only served to accentuate it.

"Axel…" Roxas sighed as the redhead's hands worked further up to his chest. "What are you doing? Really?"

"Loving you."

Roxas didn't quite know what to say back to that but Axel didn't seem to expect a reply. The taller male worked at getting his hand further and further up Roxas's shirt, but it started to get tangled and bunched up, frustrating him to no end. "Hey Roxas…" he began, sounding a bit unsure of himself. "Can I take your shirt off?"

Roxas's heart started racing. Was this going in the direction he thought it was going? Did he have any objections to it going there, if that was indeed where it was going? "Uh…" he started, but found that he didn't know what to say. He nodded a second later, however, giving his consent, and Axel eagerly took him up on it, grabbing the loose shirt by the bottom hem and tugging it up and over the blonde's head and tossing it aside. Roxas swallowed thickly, deciding in his head that this definitely was going where he had thought it might be.

Before he could further dwell on the direction their interactions were heading in, Roxas found Axel moving to lay on top of him, their bare chests bumping together as Axel lowered himself over the smaller boy. Roxas's breathing picked up, and he fumbled with words and thoughts in his head. Everything seemed to be going too fast… but at the same time it was as if every single moment was being played in slow-motion, so attentive were Roxas's observations of the goings-on. Axel must have picked up on Roxas's inner dilemmas with some sort of sixth sense, because he leveled his face with Roxas's, bumping their noses together.

"Hey, are you alright?" he murmured. "You don't even seem properly awake."

Roxas shook his head, trying to clear his thoughts. Axel was right, everything seemed rather dreamlike, and it was a little unsettling. "I… I'm okay, I just…"

Axel sighed and lightly jabbed Roxas in the side. It was an offhand gesture, not meant for anything more than a thoughtless poke, but when Roxas jerked and tried to squirm away a devious smile overtook Axel's features. A sudden means to get Roxas awake and possibly squeeze in a few good gropes at the same time had just presented itself. "You ticklish, Roxie?"

The blonde's eyes went wide and he suddenly felt at least ten times more awake. "No! No, Axel, I am not ticklish, so don't you even dare – AXEL!"

With a sudden onslaught of rapidly moving fingers, Axel attacked the blonde's sides. The atmosphere in the room abruptly changed from slightly muggy and confusing and just a wee bit tense, to one of outright attack. Friendly attack, but attack nonetheless. Laughter, broken by gasps and pleas for a cease and desist, burst from Roxas's mouth, and Axel was pretty sure he had never head anything nicer.

"A – Axel! Oh my – HAHAHAHA – Oh my God! Stop! I cant – AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA – I can't TAKE it!" Roxas gasped as he writhed beneath the older male. Axel grinned wickedly, attacking the blonde's sides with renewed vigour.

"You gotta tell me I'm the best thing since snickerdoodles before I'll let up." He taunted.

"What the – HAHAHA – hell, Axel? That's ridiculous! AHAHAHA!" Roxas managed, thrashing helplessly underneath the redhead.

"Well too bad, that's how it's gotta be." Axel snerked, mercilessly attacking Roxas's sides.

Roxas, however, refused to give in, and a slight tussle ensued, one that sent both of them nearly toppling off of the bed on more than one occasion. The whole situation was ridiculous given the hour of the night, but they were having fun and that was really all that mattered. Axel used his advantage in size to gain the upper hand, but Roxas was able to use his size as an advantage as well, being small enough to occasionally slip out from Axel's clutches. Every time, though, he was hauled back and the tickling resumed until Roxas almost couldn't take it anymore. But he certainly wasn't going to cave in and say whatever stupid thing Axel had told him to, oh no. It was time to bring out the big guns.

Employing a tactic he had been using for years, ever since he was a little kid, Roxas gave a sudden, violent thrust of hips in an attempt to buck Axel off of him. Axel looked like he had gone into a state of utter shock for a moment and actually let go of the blonde, but when he realized what Roxas's game was he quickly worked at pinning the smaller boy before he could make his escape. The game shifted from a tickle fight to a mini-wrestling match of sorts, with Axel bodily sprawled across Roxas, holding him down, while the younger boy made desperate attempts to throw him off.

"Axel, you fatty!" Roxas gasped, thrashing wildly. "Get off, you're crushing me!"

"Ah ah ah, not until you say the magic words!" Axel scolded, wagging a finger in Roxas's face rather annoyingly.

"Magic words my ass!" Roxas laughed, before bucking up again.

Suddenly the game came to an abrupt, screeching halt.

Any and all previous thrashing on Roxas's part had been purely made as a means to escape, and had been taken as such. This time however… this time there was a clashing of hips, fitting perfectly together, and Axel went incredibly still and closed his eyes, hissing in a breath and squeezing his hands around Roxas's wrists. Roxas's eyes went wide, suddenly becoming acutely aware of how much Axel was enjoying their little tussle. Roxas coughed awkwardly.

"Um… sorry."

Axel took a deep breath, seeming to try and control himself.

He failed.

"I'm not." He whispered back, and in the next instant he was clashing his lips with Roxas's, hand weaving into the boy's hair and tugging his head back for better access. Roxas was a bit taken aback at the abruptness, but easily enough went along with things. Making out with Axel wasn't unpleasant, per se, it was just always… unexpected. Roxas would have thought he'd have gotten used to the guy trying to shove his tongue down his throat every five minutes, but apparently he hadn't yet.

Axel suddenly drew Roxas out of his wandering thoughts by pressing his hips down insistently against Roxas's. Oh. Okay. That was new. And not altogether unpleasant, either. Roxas gasped, breaking away from the kiss and instinctually pressing himself back up against the older boy, bringing his arms up to encircle Axel's shoulders, clutching desperately. With a low growl, Axel bit down at Roxas's juncture of neck and shoulder, grinding his hips down once again.

'That…' Roxas's brain decided 'is really, REALLY nice.' Breath hitching, Roxas tossed his head back as Axel ran his hands up the boy's sides, stroking the expanse of bare skin and sliding his palms over Roxas's chest. The blonde nearly lurched out of his skin as Axel's hands ran over a nipple, and he had to choke back a strangled, very embarrassing noise. He felt Axel smirk into his neck and repeat the motion, this time going to far as to use his fingers to toy with it. Roxas was a guy. As such, he had never really paid much attention to that particular aspect of his anatomy. It had always seemed rather… useless. Superfluous. But now, with Axel paying so much attention to it… Roxas was blown away (and slightly embarrassed) at how good it felt. Axel chose that moment to once again bite down on his neck, and this time Roxas couldn't help the sound of enjoyment that spilled from his lips. Roxas was a bit humiliated at making such a noise, but it soon didn't seem to matter as he lost his thoughts to Axel's more fervent explorations of his body. Oh. So it seemed as those sorts of noises were not only acceptable, but appreciated.

Axel, in fact, seemed to be quite more than just appreciative, if his erratic breathing and growing enthusiasm was any sign of how he felt. It seemed to get them stuck in a vicious cycle – Axel diligently extracting pleasure from Roxas, Roxas unable to contain some of the sounds he made in response to said minstrations, Axel, as a result, increasing the enthusiasm he was putting to use on Roxas… it just went round and round. Letting out a shuddering breath as Axel rubbed slow circles into Roxas's hipbone with his thumb, Roxas tried to make sense of what they were doing… In all honestly, he hadn't known Axel for all that long. He'd spent most of his time with the redhead being immensely confused and/or frustrated. But at the same time… it seemed as though they had been working up to this all along, from the very first moment Axel had told Roxas he loved him, all that time ago. And to be honest… maybe Roxas liked Axel back a little. …Okay, maybe he liked Axel back a lot. It was hard not to when the guy was so devoted to him, and fun to be around, and… and doing that with his tongue.

"A-ah…Axel…" Roxas panted as said redhead laved his tongue down Roxas's chest, swirling patterns into the skin.

"Yes?" Axel questioned back with a knowing smirk.

"I… I, um…" Roxas tried, attempting to keep his composure. "Axel, I…" Axel chose that moment to place his hand not playing with Roxas's hipbone to the front of Roxas's pajama pants – which were growing a little taught – and press down, applying delicious pressure. "FUCK!" Roxas swore, effectively loosing any and all remaining composure he might have possessed up until that point, deciding to just let go. "Axel please!"

Axel wasn't sure if Roxas even knew what he was pleading for, but the redhead definitely planned on giving it to him. As soon as possible. Continuing his downward trail of licking and nipping, Axel scooted down further on the bed, kissing Roxas's trembling stomach, rubbing up and down his side reassuringly with the hand that had previously been stimulating his hipbone. Whispers of Axel's name fell from Roxas's lips, and Axel once more pressed down with his other hand, the one that still lay over Roxas's forming arousal. A loud gasp followed this action, and Axel was pleased with himself. Roxas was completely wanton by this point, not thinking of anything other than the pleasure the older male was so willingly doting upon him. Which was just the way Axel wanted it. No interruptions, no half-hearted attempts at getting out of anything, just him and Roxas. Together. The way it was supposed to be.

Nipping at the skin just to the side of Roxas's navel and drawing out a gasp from the blonde, Axel moved downwards still, pulling a bit at the hem of Roxas's drawstring pants. A breathless, questioning "Axel?" responded to the action, and in answer Axel's lips descended to the sensitive indentation of Roxas's hip. Another gasp of his name turned into a drawn out moan when Axel gently bit down on a nap of flesh, sucking fervently at the tender skin. Axel could feel Roxas writhing slightly, clutching at the sheets for lack of knowing what else to do with the situation. At this Axel smiled, placing long, open-mouthed kisses on the area he was working on, suckling tenderly. After a minute more of the sweet torture he let up, pulling back and observing his handiwork. A large red mark was left on Roxas's otherwise flawless skin, and Axel was sure the blonde would throw a fit about it in the morning, embarrassed to be marked. But Axel rather liked it, so even weighing the consequences it was worth it.

Looking back up to Roxas, whose eyes were still scrunched shut, mouth hanging open as he panted, Axel felt a sudden rush of affection, and hauled himself back up the bed to lay on top of Roxas once more, running long fingers through blonde hair and smiling when normally bright blue eyes, now slightly clouded over with lust, blinked open to look directly into his.

"Hey." He whispered, stroking Roxas's cheek.

"H-hey." Roxas answered, said cheek becoming dusted with a blush when he felt the evidence of Axel's current state of arousal pushing right up against his own. Leaning up, Roxas pressed his lips to Axel's own, opening his mouth to run his tongue along the crease of the older boy's lips. Axel overeagerly parted them, allowing Roxas's tongue to delve into his mouth, thrilled that the younger male had initiated the kiss. It was the first time he had ever done so, and Axel's heart swelled with emotion. So Roxas did like him back after all. Well alright then. All was right in the world.

Snaking his hand back down Roxas's side, Axel scooted over a bit on top of Roxas to allow room for massaging the boy's more…sensitive areas of his anatomy. Roxas let out a sharp moan into the kiss, arching up against Axel's hand and wrapping his arms around the taller boy's shoulders, digging the pads of his fingers into Axel's back. Groaning appreciatively, Axel gave a few more squeezes – delighting in the way Roxas got so worked up over each and every one – before taking his hand away. Roxas let out a slight whimper of disappointment against Axel's lips, but it soon turned into a gasp as Axel replaced his hand with his hips, sliding a leg in between Roxas's thighs and coaxing the younger boy to spread them. Which he did, quite willingly. Rocking forward and pushing his knee up between Roxas's thighs, Axel got Roxas to nearly sob into their still ongoing kiss, and he assumed Roxas had never been this… involved with someone else before. Well good, all the more for him to stake full claim on.

Indulging Roxas in the liplock and hip rocking for another minute or so, Axel eventually pulled away, placing one last kiss to the boy's lips before backing down the bed once more, getting back to where he left off. Roxas shakily propped himself up on his elbows, looking down at what Axel was doing. Pulling the hem of Roxas's pants down even further, he locked eyes with the blonde, slowly tugging the fabric away from his Roxas's body. When it got stuck around the younger boy's hips, Roxas's obligingly raised them, allowing Axel to effectively get them the rest of the way off. Axel swallowed thickly, not yet looking down at Roxas, who was now fully de-clothed. He suddenly felt almost… almost nervous. This was it. The moment he had been waiting for, dreaming of for what seemed like forever. As ridiculous as it seemed, Axel was almost afraid that if he looked down he would be broken out of some really, really good dream…


Snapping back to the reality of the moment, he turned his attention back to Roxas, who was looking at him questioningly. Axel smirk reassuringly at him, licking his lips before lowering his gaze to the entirety of Roxas's body, taking in the vast expanse of skin that was finally being revealed to him. Roaming his eyes over Roxas's perfect flesh, Axel felt his throat constrict at how utterly perfect the boy was. Wouldn't he love to just run his tongue across all of that pure, inviting skin…

Placing his mouth to the inside of Roxas's thigh, Axel swept his tongue up in a long, drawn out sweep, elicting a shudder and a strangled moan from the blonde. Axel continued with a few more laps over the boy's flesh, moving closer and closer to his goal. Distracting Roxas with a nip to his hipbone, Axel reached a hand out, firmly encircling the base of Roxas's straining erection. With a strained groan, Roxas thrust up, and Axel placed a hand over the blonde's hips, holding him down and scooting over a fraction, enough to give a tentative lick. As predicted, Roxas tried to buck up again, harder than before, but was effectively held down.

"Axel!" Roxas gasped, voice strained. "Axel, please!" Figuring he had teased the smaller boy long enough, Axel ran his tongue over sensitive flesh once more before taking a deep breath and…


After that things started to swirl together in Roxas's hazy, lust-addled mind. There was so much slick skin, so much suction, so much friction, so much pressure… Roxas could barely take it all in. Axel's mouth was on him, all around him, engulfing him, and it made his head swim. Jolts and tremors ran through his body and then Axel was pulling away, and Roxas was sure he'd never felt such loss before. But then the touching was back, different this time, and a little unsettling at first. Roxas wasn't sure what to make of it… Axel's hands and fingers were pressing, searching, inside of him, and it all felt so foreign but Axel was whispering hushed reassurances – "it's okay… just relax… you'll be fine… trust me" – so Roxas gave in and went with it. But it was weird at first, and hurt a little bit. He'd never felt such intense pressure, such fullness before, and it caused minor discomfort, but due to Axel's dutiful preparation it wasn't that bad. But still weird.

But then it got better again. Axel was moving and touching, and pressing in just right, and oh, that was it, hit that spot again… They fell into a rhythm, pushing and pulling and trying to get closer and closer until there just wasn't any closer they could get and still be two separate beings. Roxas was lost, arching up into Axel, and to him it felt like they weren't separate anymore, they were connected so deeply that there was no just Axel or just Roxas. They were two halves of a whole, finally fitted together.

They reached a frantic end, Axel growling and pushing deep as Roxas arched back into him, fisting the bedsheets and calling out the redhead's name, triggering Axel's own climax. Collapsing onto Roxas, Axel and the blonde fell into a tangle of limbs and sticky skin, breath coming in harsh pants and gasps as they recovered. Pulling out of Roxas after a moment, and rolling slightly off of him so as to not crush the smaller boy, Axel grabbed a sheet and did his best to wipe the worst of the mess off of both himself and the blonde. Roxas vaguely mumbled something into his pillow, turning over with a slight wince and wrapping his arms around the redhead, nuzzling his face into the crook of Axel's neck.

"You okay, Roxas?" Axel asked, dropping a kiss to the boy's forehead and wiping some of his damp, blonde locks out of his face. His heart felt so unbelievably full, and a feeling of absolute contentment washed over him. He was happy. Completely, one hundred percent happy, to the point where he didn't think any other emotion could have squeezed itself in even if it tried. But as happy and complete as he felt, he also knew he had a duty to inquire after Roxas's own well-being. "I didn't hurt you or anything?"Roxas gave an exasperated sigh in response.

"I'm fine, Axel. Stop treating me like a girl." In all actuality, Roxas was feeling extremely exhausted, and more than a little sore, but it wasn't anything important enough that it was worth mentioning to Axel. The guy would go all 'alpha male protective' over him and fuss over his well being. It was sweet, but a little annoying, Roxas thought endearingly.

"Only asking because I love you." Axel murmured vaguely in response, his head falling to the pillow beside Roxas's own and sounding like he was drifting off into sleep. Roxas couldn't blame him. He was feeling completely and utterly spent, himself.

It didn't take long for Axel to drop off into sleep, but it took Roxas a minute longer, his mind doing some last minute analyzing. The whole situation was weird, and new, and unlike anything he had ever imagined or expected for himself. But… it made him happy. Axel made him happy. Somehow that damn annoying redhead had shoved his way into his life, and his home, and his heart… And Roxas wouldn't have wanted it any other way. He reflected over the redhead's last words before sleep had claimed him, and it was with a small smile that Roxas finally gave into sleep, himself. Axel loved him. He'd said so, he'd showed so, so many times before, but Roxas had been hesitant to trust that the feelings were real.

But finally Roxas believed him.

"Goodnight, Axel." He drowsily murmured, cuddling up to the redhead's pliant body and settling in for the night. "I love you too."


The End!

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