In a Strange Land

Written for The FanFic100 Challenge: 025/Strangers

Author's Notes: The characters aren't mine, the plot (such as it is) is.

He never thought he'd be in this situation.

Motel rooms and strange women were creatures and places of myth, not reality. And yet, there he was, with a girl on her knees before him, doing things he'd only ever seen in pornos.

He'd always thought that if he ever did do it, he'd do it with someone he loved. Trusted. Knew. Not with the hooker who had smiled coyly at him from behind a curtain of bright pink hair.

Like April's had been.

The prostitute hadn't asked him about his shell or his oddly shaped hands or his mask. That should have been the first tip-off, he later supposed, but at the time he didn't care. She offered, he agreed, and the next thing he knew the motel door was closing behind him, and her mouth was on his skin.

It burned where it touched.

There was no emotion in her as she made her way over his body. He lost himself in her anyway, pretending even or a few moments that this strange and yet familiar woman was someone else.

It was over far too soon.

He left her before the sweat on his skin had dried. He had believed, for a moment, but a moment could only last for so long. Too soon he was returned to reality and he saw the dirty walls of the room, the neon halo of light peeking in through the parts of the curtains, the lines of time and trial on his partner.

He didn't say goodbye, and he didn't notice the tiny click that the woman's camera made as he was leaving the room.

A week later, the streets were flooded with monster-seekers and whispers of green men and sex. He was forced to remain underground for most of his time now, instead of in the sky and on the rooftops. As swarms of people passed above him, looking every-which-way except down, he gazed up through the sewer grates and wished for nothing but to see pink hair once more.