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The Eternal Sealing

Chapter One

Mio lay awake on her bed in her bedroom, the sunlight streamed through the window making the room seam bright and cheerful, though the occupant felt the opposite. It had been eleven months since she had escaped from the village. Eleven months since she had wrapped her hands around her sister throat and strangled the life out of her. In another thirty days it would be exactly one year to the very day she had done so. Silent tears fell unchecked down her pale cheeks. Her once black hair had turned a pure white before she was found crying wandering the forest where the All God's Village once lay. Mio and Mayu had spent a week lost within All God's Village. Mio hadn't spoken much since she was found, there was nothing for her to say. She had never found the courage to tell anyone what had happened in All God's Village or what she had done to her sister.

Mio stared at the dark wooden desk opposite her bed. She stared at the Camera Obscura and the Spirit Radio that rested on the tabletop. She looked a little more to the right of the Radio and Camera. Two female dolls stood proudly on the table they were both wearing white Kimono's with a red sash tying them together. The looked like the dolls that Mio had to use to get through the door to escape from Sae in the Tachibana House. She had found them in the Doll Room in the Kurosawa house, where she had found Mayu. Something had told her that she had to take them with her and so she did. On the bottom right foot of each doll was a name Sae was written on the left doll and Yae was on the right doll. They now stood as a reminded to Mio of her shame at not being able to withstand Sae's tricks and mind games, and how she had failed at saving her sister. They also stood for her guilt at killing her sister.

She had been living with her Uncle Kei since she had been found. She had become hysterical when she went home to her mother. She couldn't bare the thought of going home alone to the room she had shared with her sister, it would be yet another reminder of her failure at saving her sister. She closed her eyes and her hand made its way up to her neck where the red mark lay bright against her pale skin. The reminder of the pain she inflicted on Mayu. Her hand clasped around the charm that Mayu had dropped in the Osaka House within the Village. Mio kept it close to her, never taking it off since she had picked it up. She still had the collection of crystals that she found around the village, each giving testimony to the reality of the place and that it was not, as she hoped and wish anxiously, a dream.

Mio had drifted off to sleep once again only to be awoken by a soft glowing light, that lit the darker room as it was now dusk. Her soft brown eyes opened and looked around the room tying to find the source. It was coming from Mayu's charm that hung around her neck. She took it from around her neck and let it lay in her hand. It glowed a soft red, pulsing on occasion. She got up and went over to the Spirit Radio and placed the charm inside of it. She pressed the button and let the Charm be played.

"Mio… I'm sorry Mio… I was wrong… Not us… not us… Needs to be sealed for good… Yae, must find Yae… only Yae and Sae can seal it… The Eternal Sealing… Two become one… Help me Mio, Help me." Mio immediately recognised Mayu's voice. The recording was distorted and in the background Mio could hear the maniacal laughter of Sae.

"Mayu." She whispered brokenly as she sat down on her bed. She sat crying for a few minutes wondering what her sister needed her to do to help her. "I don't understand Mayu." She whispered to the still air around her. "Yae, how can I find Yae, Mayu? She must have died a long time ago. What is the Eternal Sealing? Does it mean the Crimson Sacrifice?" He voice filled with confusion.

She got up off the bed and went over to a shelf in the corner of the room, on the self lay a box full of the stones that she had found within the Village. Did any of them hold a clue as to what happened to Yae, where she might find her? Mio listened to them one by one, the words on them chilling her to her very core. None gave any clue as to where Yae had gone, only that she ran away from the village leaving her sister alone.

She heard the front door open, her Uncle was home from work. She knew that she would not be able to do anything else while he was in the house, she didn't want him to find out the truth. She knew that what had happened sounded unusual to say the least and down right insane at the most. She went down the stairs and made dinner for them both, her Uncle was trying to get her to talk once again, the only time she did was when she was on her own so that no one could hear the sadness and guilt that she knew filled her voice.

It was soon time for her to go to bed. She left her Uncle Kei writing in the study and went to have a shower before she went to bed. The soothing hot water helped her relax a little, giving her some time to forget what had happened not so long ago. She quickly got ready for bed and lay down. She looked across to the table and stared at the two dolls until she finally drifted off into a restless sleep.

// 'Mio was once again in the All God's Village. She stood on top of Misono Hill looking out over the village. She heard the tinkling of a bell behind her. She turned around quickly expecting to see one of the spirits that haunted the village about to attack her, instead it was a butterfly, a Crimson Butterfly. It tinkled softly in front of her. More Butterflies joined the first until there was so many that Mio couldn't see anything but them.

The butterflies formed a shield around her and tried to get her to move towards the village. She nodded and followed them going where they wanted her to go. She ran past the Osaka house and towards the large doors that led to Whisper Bridge. She pushed open the doors and ran across the bridge and into the grounds of the Kurosawa house.

Sae stood in front of her, her white Kimono stained crimson with the blood of those she slaughtered thanks to the madness of the Hellish Abyss that had seeped into her very soul. She laughed manically. The Crimson Butterflies that still sounded Mio rushed towards the insane woman and surrounded her.

The laughter stopped and the butterflies disappeared leaving behind the form of Mayu. Mio cried at seeing her sister and rushed forwards. She connected with her sister and held her, not wanting to let go of her. "I'm sorry, so sorry." She cried brokenly as she held on.

Mayu pushed her back a little, she smiled at her sister and said softly, "Nothing to be sorry about, and nothing to forgive. Sae was inside you as much as me." She wrapped her arms around Mio hoping to give her a little comfort, knowing of the grief and guilt the plagued her sister since her escape from the Village.

"Mayu, your charm, what were you trying to tell me?" Mio asked as she stepped out of the embrace and looked at her sister.

Mayu smiled and answered, "You have to find Yae. Find out where she is, where her spirit haunts. She is needed for the other half of the Eternal Ritu…" maniacal laughter had returned stopping her from saying anymore. "Mio go now, run, the others can only hold her off for so long, I'll see you again. Please go. If you stay she will kill you, you will never be able to awaken." Mayu told her, the gently smiled that had adorned her face had faded into wide eye fear.

Mio shook her head. "No I can't leave you again, please Mayu don't make me." She pleaded as tears once more made their way down pale cheeks.

"You have to Mio. Please run, get to Misono Hill. You have to get there to escape the dream, run now!" Mayu yelled, as the laughter got louder.

Mio nodded and started to run to the doors that led to Whisper Bridge. She turned around to take one last look at her sister. The Crimson Butterflies that had been absorbed into Sae reappeared as they burst from Mayu's body obscuring it from view. Mayu had once more became Sae. Mio knew at that moment that Mayu was still possessed by Sae that she had not truly become a butterfly. Sae now stood laughing where Mayu once was.

Sae's eyes looked up and saw Mio, the young woman started to rush towards her, Mio paled and started to run, she ran along the bridge and through the Village and started to run up the path that led to the top of Misono Hill.

Mio could feel Sae right behind her. "Yae don't run, don't leave me alone. Yae!" Mio's heart beat faster as she finally reached the top. The Shinto gate that Mio and Mayu had walked through eleven months ago that led into the village was glowing slightly. She rushed towards it making it through as she felt the life draining touch of Sae.' \

Mio shot up in bed screaming "Mayu!"

The door to her bedroom banged open as her wide eyed Uncle Kei rushed in. "Mio?" he said softly as he saw his niece sitting up in bed her brown eyes showing so much fear at what she had dreamed. He walked over to the bed and sat down next to her, he pulled her into a fatherly hug and brushed a hand through he pure white hair, hoping that the loving touch would sooth away the last vestiges of her nightmare.

Mio started to relax within her uncle's embrace. A few tears made their way down her cheeks. "Do you want to talk about it Mio?" Uncle Kei asked softly.

Mio shook her head and said her first word to her uncle since her return, "No."

Kei was slightly shocked and nodded his head. "If you want to talk later come and find me. If I am at work call me and I will come home." He told her. "Do you think you maybe able to get a little more sleep?"

"I'll try." Her words were soft and so quiet that Kei just about heard them.

Mio settled down into the soft and warm bed. She smiled at her uncle as he gave her a quick kiss on her forehead. "Sweet dreams Mio." He said as he brushed her white fringe out of her eyes. He walked out of the room leaving her to her thoughts.

She waited until she heard the door to her uncle's room close, when she heard the soft click she got out of her bed and walked over to her table. She grabbed a violet notebook that her mother had given to her to put her thoughts in and sat down. She wrote down what Mayu had said before Sae had interrupted them and what she thought she must do to do as Mayu asked of her. She read over what she had written.

Mayu wants me to find out where Yae's spirit rests.
What to do –
1) Find out what happened to her after she left the village, her full name is Yae Kurosawa, see if there is any record of someone of that name being found.
2) If she got married did she have children/grandchildren? Find out what happened to them.
3) Ask Uncle Kei if he has any knowledge of someone of that name being found in the past.

Eternal Sealing

1) Two become One.
2) Does it mean the Crimson Sacrifice, where the older twin kills the younger?
3) Other half of the ritual? Yae and Sae, do they make a whole?

Mio felt a little better having wrote down what she needed. She wondered slightly if the notes she had made while in the village after reading all the reports, notebooks and scraps she had found around the village, would be of any help in her search for answers. She had transcribed some of them as she couldn't take all of the notebooks and diary's she had found, but mostly she had written short notes about them. She told herself that she would look in the morning. All she wanted to do now was go back to sleep and hope that he could see Mayu once again.

She went back over to her bed, the sheets had cooled as she had sat at her desk writing. She lay back down and faced the twin dolls once more. The feelings of shame and guilt were still there but not as consuming as they were just a few short hours ago. She closed her eyes and fell into a restful sleep for the first time in eleven months.

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