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The Eternal Sealing

Chapter Eight

Mio woke up with a jolt, escaping from her nightmare, where she strangled her sister, once again waking up when her sister breathed her last. She looked around and saw Miku getting some food and water out of her bag. She nodded a greeting, seeing that Miku looked a little worse for ware, knowing that she must have had trouble sleeping. Mio got up and packed her sleeping bag away, Miku's had already been packed away. Miku handed her a sandwich packet and a bottle of water after Mio had sat down. The two sat facing each other, not saying a word, thinking about their dreams.

The were cleaning up as Mio spoke, "Which door shall we go to first today?"

"Bring out the map." Miku said as they sat back down and Mio did as bid, "this one, in the Burial Room." She answered, pointing to the room on the map. "There is something I want to see first before we head there, but it is on the way." She added as Mio put the map away and stood up, Miku following her.

"Where?" she asked as the walk to the full sized door in the room.

"Don't worry, it's in here." Miku smiled.

The two walked in and Mio followed Miku around to some sliding doors that led to the small observatory that looked over the Cherry Atrium. Miku took hold of the handles and opened the doors, and to her surprise it work and the slide open with ease. She walked out, Mio following closely.

The two looked around, they could see hundreds of Crimson Butterflies surrounding the area. Mio wondered what they were doing at Himuro Mansion. Miku looked down and saw Yae standing underneath the tree where she had hung herself, as though the spirit sense eyes on her, she looked up at them both, a crazed smile upon her face that reminded Mio of Sae.

Yae gave an inhuman scream and spirits shot from the ground and up towards the observatory. The Crimson Butterflies around the area quickly gathered in front of Mio and Miku protecting them from the four black shadowy spirits. The two went back inside the Tatami Room and closed the doors behind them. They went around the screen and were heading towards the door that led out to the Walkway.

Crimson Butterflies gathered in front of them. The gathered in the shape of a person, after a few moments they burst away and revealed a ghostly figure that Mio recognised as the younger version of Yae.

"What the…?" Mio exclaimed, "Yae? But?"

"I am the part of Yae that remembers All God's Village, the one in the Cherry Atrium has no memory of the Village or of Sae. She has to remember, I have to be with her." Yae smiled, "become whole once again."

"That's why I saw you outside the village, when you were young, and not the older version that is trapped here?" Mio asked her.

"The part of me that is tied to my sister died in a sense and remained with the Village, though not inside, I was trapped outside, unable to get back to my sister. I… I want to ask for you help to get back to my other half and go back to the village." Yae told them, a hopeful smile on her ghostly face.

"Don't worry, that is what we are doing. May I ask how you got here though?" Mio asked, as Miku watched the two silently.

"The butterflies, they helped me. All I remember was standing outside the village wanting to get inside, to be with my sister. Then they are around me asking if I want to be whole again, and be with Sae. Then I'm here, in front of you both." Yae answered, a slightly confused look upon her face.

"Do you wish to wait anywhere for us?" Miku asked the spirit.

Yae nodded her head and walk over to Mio, she looked Mio in the eyes and asked a silent question. Mio nodded and Yae walked forward and inside of her. Miku reached out quickly as Mio stumbled a little, almost taking them both down to the ground. The younger woman felt like ice to Mio's grips. Miku kept hold of her as the shivering died down and Mio opened her eyes.

"I'm alright, just a little cold, she isn't hurting me." Mio said, trying to reassure Miku and get rid of the concerned look in her eyes.

"Are you sure?"

Mio smiled, "Yes, she just wants to be with us to see if there is anything she can help with."

"Aright then, are you ready to get going again?" she asked as she let go of Mio.

Mio nodded and the two of them walked out of the room and into the Walkway. They walked past the mirror and headed towards the stairs when they felt an icy wind swirl around them. With cameras in hand they turned bringing them up and pointing them at the two spirits in front of them. Mio ran towards the Koto Room and Miku dodge them both and went towards the Tatami Room door. One followed Mio and the other Miku.

Mio turned to face the woman that had followed her. She lifted up the camera and aimed it at the woman, letting it charge up with spirit power leaked from the female spirit. The woman in black trousers and a red jacket wondered closer and then rushed in to try and attack. Mio kept her panic down and clicked the shutter down, getting a zero shot.

Miku heard the scream of pain coming from the spirit that Mio was dealing with. She then let the shutter go for a zero shot on Koji Ogata. He went backwards, right next to where the spirit of Tomoe Hirasaka was standing after Mio had taken a shot of her. The two women charged up their cameras and took a picture at the same time. Both of them getting double shots, the two simultaneous shots made the two spirits screech louder than before and they cried one last time as they disappeared leaving behind two stones on the floor.

Mio and Miku walked over and picked one up each. Mio held in her hand a pure white crystal, a Calcite, while Miku had picked up a medium blue one, a Angelite. The two looked at each other and placed the stones into the small side pocket on Miku's bag, where the other stones they had gathered were placed.

"We'll listen to them a little later." Miku said, "Lets get going again."

"Yeah, I don't know how you managed here on your own. The Village was scary, but I felt as though Mayu was with me all the time." Mio said as she fingered Mayu's charm that still hung around her neck.

"I just wanted to find my brother, he is… was so important to me. He was the only one that could understand what it was like to see things that others didn't." Miku answered as they went down the stairs.

"When I was young, Mayu fell when she was running after me, she hurt her leg, and I was told to always keep her safe, take care of her, I started to resent her. When we got lost in the village, she disappeared on me, I found and then she would get lost again. Then the last time I found her. I… I killed her. The ritual needed twins one to kill the other. I remember it, every little detail. I didn't feel like my self, it was like someone else had taken over. Then she was thrown into the abyss. When I found my way out of the village my hair was white, I couldn't tell anyone, no one would believe the truth, so I kept quiet. People think I have amnesia about the incident, and that something terrible had happened. They are right that something terrible happened. I miss her, I want her back, and this way maybe I will be able to get my sister back." Mio confessed to the slightly older woman next to her.

"I can understand, I left my brother here, he wanted to stay with Kirie, I could have made him come with me, but I didn't instead he stayed here, I dream of it constantly, wanting him to come back home with me. He never will, but I understand why he stayed, he fell in love with Kirie, finding out her past as he went around the mansion, and then knowing that she will be stuck here for the rest of eternity, never being able to have someone to share the burden that has been placed on her." Miku said with a sad smile.

They came to the door that led into the Burial Room, Mio went forwards with Miku holding her camera up, ready just in case. Mio opened the door and stepped aside to let Miku passed. Nothing was inside the room, the two walked around the partition and then the filaments on both cameras went blue. Miku aimed her camera and searched for what was causing the reaction. When she moved over the door the circle went blue and she took a picture. She shook the film and waited for the picture to come out. She image of a door appeared and then is a flash of blue flame it changed into a fragile piece of paper.

"The one in the shrine, writer he be, fight him then find the seal." Miku read out loud. "We have to go to the Narukami Shrine."

"Alright, do we go back the way we came or do we go through the fireplace area?" Mio asked as she got the map out and looked at it all.

"The way we came, would be quicker I would say." She answered as Mio nodded and the two started back out of the room and around up the stairs and into the Tatami Room.

The walked into the Antiroom and out to the Stairway. They walked to the Fish Tank Room. Mio opened the door while Miku went in first once again. Nothing appeared so they relaxed a little and went inside. They walked over the first plank and were halfway over the second one when the water sprayed upwards like a fountain. When it crashed down Mio yelled as she fell into the water.

"Mio!" Miku cried as she bent down and reached out a hand to help pull Mio back up. She felt an icy hand grab onto her, she pulled with all her might, put as the person she had grabbed onto appeared she screamed and stepped back, almost falling into the water herself.

Miku brought up her camera quickly, having to forget about Mio for a moment. The floating woman attacked and Miku got a low zero shot. She moved around trying to keep up with the fast moving spirit, taking normal shots with her Type 61 Film. After another three hits the woman screeched loudly and then disappeared leaving behind a stone, which Miku ignored as she went down and grabbed onto Mio who was clinging to the side of a plank, not having the strength to pull herself up.

"Mio," she said as she pulled her up and took off her coat and handing over to the shivering woman. "Here, I think you should go back to the Antiroom and change or something, get dry. I'll sort out the rest of this one. I'll see you went I come back through."

"O… Ok… ay." Mio shivered as she huddled into the dry coat and went out of the room, leaving Miku alone.

Miku watched as the door closed behind Mio, she went over to the stone and picked up the sky blue Celestite. She placed it in her bad and went out in to the Backyard and round to the Forest Path. She went up the stairs and through the doors to the Narukami Shrine.

The doors slammed shut behind her. She felt the cold draft of a spirit in the room, she turned around and came face to face with Takamine. Within a second her camera was up and a zero shot taken as he was trying to attack her. She moved to the middle of the room as Takamine started to circle her. He stopped and she charged up the camera, when he attacked she used the Type 61 Film and took a charged zero shot. He yelled as he was blasted backwards. He started to circle again and she charged up, the filament went off as he disappeared.

She yelled as she felt the icy grip of Takamine on her back. She shrugged him off and ran off facing him getting in another normal shot. She charged her film and took a zero shot, doing it again for a normal. He screeched as he disappeared leaving behind an orangey red Carnelian. She picked it up and placed it in her bag with the others. Her camera's filament went blue and she pulled it up gain and looked around for the source. She aimed it at the small shrine where a piece of the Holy Mirror once rested. She capture circle went blue and she took a picture.

She shook the film until the picture became clear. A man appeared in the photo, she turned it over and she watched as writing appeared on the other side, 'The Secret Keeper'. It trembled in her hand as she turned it over and watched as an image of a door seal appeared on the photo and then burned a brilliant blue, leaving the photograph untouched.

"Well done Miku, that's two taken care of. Only one more to go, though leave that for tomorrow, for now go to Mio and make sure she is alright." Came a gentle voice from behind her.

"I will Kirie, thank you." She smiled at her.

"Why did you thank me, I have done nothing but tell you the truth." Kirie said looking a little confused.

Miku gave a slight laugh and replied, "For loving my brother, I don't think he was ever truly happy with his life. When he came here looking for Takamine, he found something else, you. He stayed because he had fallen for you. He didn't want you to be alone."

"Oh, I am sorry for taking him from you." Kirie said as she bowed her head in sorrow.

"Don't be, he is happy with you. It took a while for me to realise that" she said with a true smile. "Anyway, I should get back to Mio, she maybe worried about me."

Kirie nodded and with a slight smile on her face she disappeared. Miku smiled one last time and headed out of the Shrine and down the Forest Path. She opened the gate and walked into the Backyard. She was going around the fence, passing by the covered well, when she felt a chill from behind her, she turned around and came face to face with one of the Priest. She felt another chill come from where she was facing a few seconds before.

She ran to one side, dodging an attack by one of the priests. She brought up her camera and slotted in the Type 90 Film. She moved around as she tried to get them to be within the capture circle together, letting her camera charge up as she did so. She finally managed it, with her back against the well she took a zero shot as they both started to try and attack her. They were blasted back and disappeared, her filament was the only thing that told her that they were still around.

There was at least one of them in front of her. She brought up her camera and took a picture as he appeared and sent something towards her. She felt a cold grip around her, draining her life. She broke free and walked away, not having the strength to run. She turned to face them both, bringing up the camera and aiming at them both, getting them both in the shot. She let her camera charge a little and then as they started to move towards in attack mode she capture them both. One of them screeched and the other gave an inhuman cry as it disappeared. She moved around a little nearing the fence that led back to the house. She turned and faced the Priest as he was throwing something at her. She dodged to the left and took a normal shot at him. He reared back a little and disappeared. She moved around, letting the orange glow of the camera's filament guide her to where the Priest was. He appeared and charged at her, only letting her charge the camera up a little before he tried to attack, but it was enough for her to get a zero shot, killing him. He screeched once and disappeared, leaving behind a small dark blue Azurite stone.

She picked it up putting it with the others and then quickly made her way out of the room, through the Fish Tank Room, up the stairs and into the Antiroom, grateful that she didn't meet any more spirits on her way. She saw Mio snuggled down in her sleeping bag.

"Hey Miku." She said with a tired smile. "Did you do it?" she asked as she sat up.

"Yes I did. How are you feeling?" Miku asked as she stood just inside the room.

"I'm fine, nice and warm at the moment. I've changed it a spare set of clothes I had. I've put the others over the Kimono over there, they should be dry after we have a sleep." Mio said, "Anything else happened with you?"

"I was attacked twice more, so I have a few more stones now. Do you want to listen to them while we eat, or wait until morning?" Miku replied as she moved into the room and got out her own sleeping bag and set it out.

"While we eat. I'll set the radio and you grab the food." Mio smiled as Miku handed her the stones that they had gathered that day.

Mio got out the radio and Miku sorted out something to eat and drink for the two of them. "We'll start with the one that we got from Koji Ogata." Miku said pointing to the Angelite crystal.

Mio put the crystal in and pressed the play button. A moment later a scared voice filled the air, 'I can't get out… help… me please…help me… find a way out… can't hide from… her… the ropes… her ropes… killing me.'

"Kirie was split in two, the bad side of her, the one that was resentful of her duty as a shrine maiden, killed him, using the same method as the way she died." Miku explained softly.

"Oh, Poor them." She said feeling sorry not only for Koji Ogata but also Kirie.

"Next one it the Calcite, from Tomoe Hirasaka." She said pointing to another crystal as she took a bite out of her sandwich.

Mio placed that in and let it play, a pleading voice was heard, 'What are you trying… to tell me…talk to me… let me help… I can help… talk to me.'

"Could she see the spirits?"

Miku nodded and told her, "She had a sixth sense like me, able to see things that others can't, but she wasn't able to help Kirie then. She was gotten by Kirie's curse as well."

"Oh right, which one next?" she asked, a sad look upon her face.

"it is the sky blue Celesite." Miku smiled as Mio was having a small sip of her drink.

"How come you know what the stones are?" Mio asked as she placed the stone in the radio, but didn't press play.

"It was a hobby of Mafuyu's, he was collecting them. He would sit with me when I was younger and explained each one to me."

"Oh, that nice, do you still have them?" Mio asked smiling brightly.

"Yes, I wonder if there would be anything on them, like these have little messages." she wondered aloud. "How about we try it when this is all over."

Mio nodded and pressed play, 'Please… free me… why can't I be free… free from the pain of… a living… death.'

"Who was that?" Mio asked curiously.

"It was the one that attacked us in the Fish Tank Room. Right, Takamine, that's the Orangey red one, a Carnelian."

Mio picked it up and put it in the Spirit Radio and pressed play, 'Koji… Tomoe… I'm sorry… for bringing you here… left this place… alone… curse would have been left… forgive me… my friends.'

Before Mio could ask, "He is the one that wanted to come here, he brought the two that we fought when we were in the Walkway. Right next, well last one, the dark blue Azurite. From the Priest that I had to fight in the Backyard." Miku said with a cheeky smile as she placed the stone in the radio and pressed play.

'I have… a duty… to uphold… one I despise… I wish… the Maiden… to have a full life… with the death… without the pain… to be free and happy.'

"I feel sorry for them, they had to do something they didn't like, they had no choice. They did it, and they paid for it, but they never deserved what happened to them." Miku said softly.

"I don't really understand, but I feel sorry for all of the spirits we have met here so far." Mio said as they finished they food and drinks, putting the rubbish in a small bag that went into Mio's backpack.

"Time for sleep I think." Miku smiled, "We'll mostly likely have a restless sleep, may as well get as much as possible."

"Yep." Mio grinned as they both snuggled down into the bed and drifted to sleep after an excitable and exhausting day.

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