A/N: This fic is for my online twin/triplet/nee-sama, Winter Marshmellow. She dared me to write Dirty Pair. I still can't write Hyoutei well for my life. But I think I'm getting better! Maybe.

Pairing: Dirty Pair (Oshitari Yuushi x Mukahi Gakuto)

Prompt: The New Pokémon Game

It was an unspoken agreement between the two to walk home together after tennis practice. Usually, they never walked in silence for Gakuto hated being quiet. But once in a while when there was a particulary long practice, he would just walk silently beside his boyfriend and enjoy the scenery.

But today was not one of those quiet days. Why? Simple. The new Poket Monsters game had come out.

"Yuushi! Guess what, guess what?" Gakuto said excitedly a few minutes after they left the gates of Hyoutei.


"I named my piplup after you!"

The redhead was apparently very proud of this and felt that the tensai should honor him.


Oshitari had no idea what his boyfriend was saying, but he pretended he understood. If he didn't, Gakuto would accuse him of not living up to his name as a tensai.

"Uh-huh." Gakuto pulled out his Nintendo DS from his bookbag. After pressing a few buttons and he stuck the DS infront of Yuushi's face.



"You named a little blue penguin after me?"


"A /female/ blue penguin?"

"Yup! And I'm going to breed you with my magnificent milotic I named after myself. Ooh! And maybe the baby will be a shiny purple piplup!"


A/N: Now where's my Trill Pair fic Marshmellow? DX

Oh, by the way, Pokémon is called "Pocket Monsters" in Japan. I used the American names because I just find it easier and it's less confusing for some fans. Also, I couldn't think of a good red pokemon resembling Gaku-chan, so I just used Milotic. And the red and blue equals purple thing was from a two previous dirty pair fics I read, Gender Confusion by KiriharaAkaya and Art Class by A Dallop A Daisy. I just had to include the red and blue thing, sorry if you two are offended by my terrible comparison.

Note that Piplup's shiny form is not purple, but more of a...weird shade of blue. Aqua? But Gaku-chan doesn't know that, so lets not dilude his fantasies.

On a side note, I just realized they spelled Yuushi's name wrong in the Shounen Jump translations. They put "Oshitori Yushi" and that had me baffled all day in school o.o"

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