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As far as Buffy Summers was concerned, the best part of any day was when she rested her head on her pillow at night. When the slaying was done, when she was finished training with all the slayers, when she finally got time to herself. It was the only time that Buffy got the chance to take a deep breath and think.

Her thoughts drifted over her friends and her sister first. She would smile at how lucky she was to have Willow and Xander by her side. Each day the three of them worked on repairing the damaged bonds that held them all together. During all the years and all the major life events, they were still friends and Buffy was grateful for that. Dawn would inevitable run through her mind and Buffy would wonder what her sister was up to. Nine times out of ten, she had nothing to worry about. Dawn was always in the house researching or training, anything she could do to help. This continued even after Buffy had a talk with her about working all the time.

"Trust me, all work and no play will make Dawn a cranky girl" she had told her younger sister.

Nevertheless, Dawn was just as much as a workaholic as Buffy. The Slayer took a little comfort in the fact that Dawn was safely in the house and not out patrolling in graveyards. Buffy would sigh to herself an vow to get Dawn a boyfriend. Well, maybe a least a puppy to occupy her time.

Then her thoughts would drift over all the other people in her life. Faith, Spike, the slayers, and everyone else that ran around her house all day. Buffy and her sister slayer had gotten surprisingly close in the last few months. Both women had come along way from the people they were all those years ago. Buffy a little less perfect in Faith's eyes and Faith a little less psychotic in Buffy's.

Right before Buffy fell asleep, her thoughts always went out to a man she hadn't seen in quite sometime. Angel. She could easily picture his face in front of her, smiling at her with his sexy smirk. She would smile back and everything was okay. He would recline next to her and she would rest her head on his chest and run his hand in her hair until she fell asleep.

That was Buffy's favorite time of the day. When she hugged Mr. Gordito to her chest and she and Angel could be together.