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Angel watched the color drain from Buffy's face.

"Giles?" she asked softly. Angel felt his body tense up at the name and watched Buffy carefully, ready to rip the phone out of the wall if she wanted him to. Buffy placed a hand on Angel's chest to steady herself and to let Angel know not to worry.

"Yes Buffy, it's me" her watcher said. "How have you been?"

Buffy blinked a few times. "Oh, you know me, the usual. Fighting the forces of evil, taking care of the slayers, finding out you almost gave Angel a death sentence when you didn't tell me he called."

"Buffy, listen, I-" Giles started to say, but was cut off by an irritated Buffy.

"Giles I don't know what you think you can say to make it better, but save it because I don't really want to hear it." Buffy slammed the phone down, missing the receiver completely and leapt off Angel.

"I need to hit something" she announced, on her way to the training room.

Angel watched her go and looked down at the phone where he could clearly hear Giles calling to Buffy. Angel sighed and hoped he wasn't going to regret this.

"Giles" he said simply, lifting the phone to his ear.

"Angel?" the ex-watcher asked.

"The one and only" Angel assured him. He heard Giles sigh and felt a little bad for the guy.

"Listen Angel. I really need to talk things out with Buffy. Do you think she'll hear me out?" Giles asked. Angel paused not really knowing what to say. He didn't really care for Giles all that much, but he knew that Buffy did, no matter what she said.

"Giles, you hurt her more than I know" Angel said. "She trusted you more than anyone else at times, but you betrayed her, not once, but three times."

Giles dropped his head in shame on the other side of the world. He knew Angel was right. First, he had gone against her wishes to trust Spike and had Xander help him try to kill the vampire. Then he had supported the potential slayers instead of trusting her instincts that had time after time proven to be right. Lastly, he had kept Angel from her when he needed her and that in itself told Giles that reconciliation was out of the question.

"But" Angel said after he knew Giles had thought about his betrayal. He could practically hear his ears perk up. "I have hurt Buffy very much in the past. You know as well as I do about that, and yet here I am in her life again. She forgave me and she'll forgive you."

Hearing the words from someone who knew Buffy very intimately gave Giles hope. "Thank you Angel, that means a lot to me."

"Anything for Buffy" Angel shrugged. "Listen if you want to talk to her, you are going to have to trust me and do what I tell you to. Can you do that Giles?"

"I'm listening Angel"

Willow felt her heart shoot up into her throat at the mention of the band playing tonight. She looked up on the stage and her eyes scanned the members. There was a huge blonde guy behind the drums and a skinny guy on the microphone. A few she couldn't see well walking on to the stage and then she gasped at seeing the last guy.

"Is that Oz?" Xander asked in shock. Willow nodded as her eyes followed her first love onto the stage. Oz looked as good as ever to her and she watched as he strummed his guitar, ready to play. He lifted his head suddenly and arched his nose into the air almost unperceptively. Willow knew he was smelling the air and wondered what he had picked up on. A second later, his eyes met her and his jaw dropped to the ground.

Willow smiled slightly waved at him, hoping he didn't run off in disgust or anything. She was relieved when he grinned back at her and walked over to one of the other band members, passing his guitar over and jumping down into the crowd. Willow felt Xander get up and leave to check on the girls and suddenly Oz was in front of her.

"Willow" he said, a smile playing behind his lips.

"Hey Oz" she breathed out. "How have you been?"

Oz nodded a few times and looked her over. "Good. You?"

"Pretty good" she said. "It's been a long time" Oz nodded and Willow felt nervous. She offered him a seat and he took it and she wondered what else to say. It had been a really long time.

"Oh my! Is that Oz?" Faith asked as she walked over to the table.

"Faith?" Oz said in shock. Last he remembered Faith was evil. Yet, here she was, taking Willow's drink and sipping on it before sitting next to the redhead.

"The one and only" Faith smiled. "So what's been up?"

Before Oz could answer, Spike and Xander walked over. Now, Oz definitely knew that Spike was evil. Yet, there he was laughing with Xander and placing a hand on Faith's arm. Oz thought that something might be very wrong, maybe a spell, but Willow caught the look on his face.

"Oh, no Oz. It's okay" she reassured him. "Faith and Spike aren't with the evil anymore."

"What? I'm so still evil!" Spike tried. Willow, Faith, and Xander glared at him and he sighed. "Yeah, well he doesn't know that and I have a rep to keep up."

Faith laughed and kissed him on the lips, realizing what she did a second to late. She simply turned to Oz and played like she hadn't done it. "So do you live here?"

"Yeah" Oz answered, still shocked at all the baddies that were now good.

"Faith!" yelled one of the slayers, running up to the table. "Lauren was talking to a creepy looking guy and now we can't find her!"

The group jumped up and caught the attention of the other girls. They all came over to Faith and she directed them to search for Lauren. Once they had all gone in different directions, Faith, Spike, Willow, and Xander searched the outside. They were joined by Oz and Yuki and then Connor and Dawn a minute later.

"Oz?" Dawn asked. She remembered him dating Willow years ago, but she was pretty young at the time.

"Hey Dawn" Oz smiled. The dark haired guy next to Dawn stepped in front of her and nodded at Oz. Dawn rolled her eyes, but felt butterflies in her stomach. She had seen Angel do that for Buffy before and if Connor was anything like his dad, then he was showing possession. Oz, being a werewolf, recognized this but he picked up a smell on the boy and lifted an eyebrow.

"Let's look over this way" Faith said. They group waked around the building and searched the alleyways. Turning the last corner, they found Lauren and the man she was with. Faith and Spike immediately knew he was a vampire and tensed. He was standing right in front of Lauren, his arms around her waist and his lips lightly touching hers.

"Hey! Back off!" Faith yelled. The vampire looked up lazily and looked annoyed. Faith looked at Spike and saw the same recognition in his eyes that must be in hers. This was the same vamp that Buffy and Angel had encountered. The one that had a picture of-

"Yuki!" the vampire shouted. Lauren backed away slightly and joined the group as Yuki headed toward the vampire. Suddenly she broke out into a run and captured the demon in her arms.

"Kyoya!" she shouted, holding onto the man tightly.

Buffy had just finished pummeling the punching bag when Angel walked in the room. He watched her cool down for a minute and then walked up to her and put his hands on her shoulders. She looked up at him and sighed. Angel stepped behind her and ran his hands down her arms, taking her hands. He lifted her hands up to the ceiling and pressed his chest to her back.

"You need to stretch after a workout like that Buffy" he whispered in her ear. She shivered slightly and he lowered their arms out in front of them. Buffy let him guide her movements as he took her through his favorite cool down. His body stayed pressed to hers the entire time, leaving Buffy feeling stretched, relaxed, and really turned on.

Angel smirked at her as she turned in his arms and started to kiss him deeply. He gathered her body in his arms and held her as close as he could. Buffy tugged at his lips and ran her tongue over his. He pressed her against the wall and attached his lips to her neck, gently bitting at the scar on her neck that marked her as his. Buffy whimpered as his tongue ran over the wound and one of his hands pulled at the tie on her sweat pants, his hand finding its way under her panties and stroking her. Buffy cried out, ecstatic at the thought of Angel touching her again after so long.

A car door slamming outside, brought them both back to reality and Buffy cursed under her breath at the impending interruption. She heard Angel growl lowly and he picked her up and pressed her against the door to the room, the hand that wasn't teasing her bracing against the entryway preventing anyone from coming in. Buffy smiled at him and then gasped as his motions became more frantic and his lips claimed hers again. Buffy was so close to exploding when they heard something she couldn't ignore. Yuki was crying loudly as the group entered the door. Angel's hearing picked it up too and he backed away from Buffy, panting slightly and then fixing her clothes. She kissed his chest lovingly and they walked out into the main entryway.

The group had walked in with two surprising additions. One was the vampire that they had seen a few nights ago and the other was Oz of all people.

"Oz?" Buffy and Angel both asked together. Oz nodded and didn't speak. Yuki was still crying and the couple looked to Spike and Faith, who were holding the vampire between the two of them.

"Yuki what happened?" Buffy asked, noticing the confused looks of Spike and Faith.

"Buffy! My brother is a vampire!" she cried. "Please don't kill him, please!"

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