Goody Kitty

Epilogue 2

Warnings: Character death (eep!), humanoid and human sex!


This night was particularly chilly, especially for an Uchiha who felt like the whole world had betrayed him. A cold, yet gentle breeze brushed through his hair, whipping his ponytail to and fro.

"Itachi?" His younger brother, Sasuke, stepped out onto the veranda and cautiously approached the older Uchiha. "Itachi, we need to talk." Ever since Kisame's death, the older of the brothers had been unapproachable; secluding himself in his room with the door locked. But just this morning, he had seemed a little more receptive to Sasuke. It didn't last long though and he was right back in his room behind a locked door.

Sasuke had become fed up when he hadn't seen Itachi anymore that day. When his concern for Itachi became too much, he decided to pick the lock to his brother's bedroom door. Once he was in, he was disappointed to see that the room was vacant of his older brother. Sasuke was about to turn and search elsewhere when he caught sight of something black and red drifting in the wind outside on the balcony.

And so, here the man and teen stood on the balcony, facing the bitter air of an approaching winter; Itachi in his scarlet, silken pajamas and a black robe with red clouds decorating it and Sasuke with his midnight-blue, turtleneck sweater and his cream colored slacks.

Itachi's skin was paler than the moon and his deep, brown eyes were listless from depression.

Sasuke couldn't stand to see his brother like this anymore. He realized that for a while now he had done the older Uchiha wrong by keeping the shark and him apart, but Sasuke's pride still continued to shake its annoying finger and tell him that it just wasn't healthy. Then he would find himself asking that emotion if it had really been the right thing to do. The answer was always the same in the end. 'No! He had done something of great consequence to Itachi.' It wasn't until after Kisame's funeral that Sasuke found out from Tsunade that Itachi had shared a deep bond with the shark; a bond that was looked down on in many communities. So how come Sasuke didn't find it as disturbing as these so called 'communities' did?

"Itachi," Sasuke tried again, growing a bit irritated that the older Uchiha was ignoring him. "Please… You don't have to look at me, but say something at least…"

The young man leaned forward on the railing of his balcony, ignoring the fact that it was whining under his weight. He looked up over his shoulder, his eyes narrowing with such deep passion of loathing. "What do you want me to say, little brother?" He said this scathingly as he pulled away from the creaking rail. "There is a reason why I haven't been talking to you or anyone else of late…" He turned his deadly gaze down to his feet, as if hoping something sharp would fall from the skies and pin him to the spot. Maybe that way he wouldn't ever have to worry about moving away from his spot and starving himself to death. It was hard anymore. Itachi's chest would throb painfully every time he thought about his partner. It wasn't natural, and he realized this. "…It was entirely your fault," he murmured callously. His head shot up as he pointed an accusing finger at his little brother. "I should fucking kill you!"

Sasuke flinched at the exclamation and took a step back. If his brother hadn't been part of a dangerous organization, he probably wouldn't have taken that threat so seriously. But as it were, he quickly composed himself and stared firmly at his older brother. "I thought I was doing something good for you two! How was I supposed to know you were infatuated with that humanoid-shark?"

"That's the problem!" Itachi was seething now. Normally, he wouldn't get carried away like this. It was pointless to just flaunt your anger around like it was something to be proud of, and it wasn't. "You, thinking! Next time, don't concern yourself with me! I don't need your damn help!"

The breeze suddenly became dead and this time Itachi was faintly aware of the groaning from the decaying metal. But he was too preoccupied at the moment to put any thought into it. "Please," he stated more calmly this time. "If you think you're doing something right for me, don't. You're just going to do more harm than good."

It was Sasuke's turn to fume. "Well excuse me for trying to look after the only family I have left!" He never thought about his next words. Sasuke was so enraged; it was hard for him to mull over anything before he spoke. "Do you know that mother and father would frown on you for having such a disturbing relationship with a humanoid? They would probably disown you and…" He didn't even get to finish that sentence when his nose was met by Itachi's fist. He yelped in agony and covered it with his hands keeping the blood from gushing out onto his shirt and balcony. "What the…" He grunted as Itachi tackled him to the ground and started punching him in the stomach.

Sasuke hastily grabbed his brother's wrists while at the same time trying to regain his lost breath. They struggled violently, one trying to avoid getting hit while the other was working on getting his hands free to continue punching his little brother's lights out.

Finally, the teen was able to kick his brother off him, sending him straight back into the railing. A few metal pegs broke loose from the rough treatment. Another peg groaned loudly before also breaking loose.

Itachi never noticed as he got to his feet with the help of the metal railing and leaned heavily against it. "I don't care what mother or father would have done! I loved him…" Just as he was about to have another go at his little brother, the main bar broke in half and he was sent hurdling over the edge. He was faintly aware of Sasuke crying out in alarm and reaching out for him. The tips of their fingers barely brushed against one another. But it was too late. Itachi could only see the moon as he descended toward the cold, hard concrete below him...

He couldn't hear his little brother crying anymore. Maybe it was because of the pain searing through his spine and into the back of his skull and the ringing in his ears. He could feel warm liquid pooling around his shoulders and red blurring his vision. Itachi closed his eyes and sputtered feebly on his own blood rising into his throat. When he reopened them, his brother was leaning over him and screaming. He could hear small words falling from Sasuke's lips, 'I'm sorry' and 'don't leave me. You're the only one I have left…' Itachi swallowed deeply, cringing at the thick, bitter tasting liquid there. It even hurt to do so. He tilted his head to the side in Sasuke's direction, but was then unable to move it anymore. He stared at his little brother in remorse before his vision finally blanked out, along with the pain.

Sasuke's vision blurred from the burning tears as he leaned down and kissed his brother's forehead and then pressed his own against it. "I'm sorry, Itachi… I wish you would have forgiven me." He closed his eyes tightly as his tears dripped onto his brother's face making it appear as if he was crying too. If only…


Five Months Later…

Suigetsu swam eagerly from one end of the tank to the other as his owner approached, dressed in nothing but his swimming trunks.

Day after day, Suigetsu would grow more excited as his master visited more often. He finally stopped swimming like a frenzied shark in blood to greet Sasuke in the water and wrapped his arms around the teen's waist from behind.

Sasuke blushed and nearly lost his grip on the side of the tank. "Suigetsu…easy…"

The shark wedged himself between the glass and his owner and broke the surface to where their faces were only inches apart. He wrapped his arms around his master's back and grinned as Sasuke leaned forward to press their lips together. It was the most pleasant sensation Suigetsu had ever felt. His embrace tightened, as the teen's hands came down around his neck and their kiss became more passionate.

"Hey, Sasuke?" Naruto walked into the dimly lit aquarium, pulling a reluctant humanoid-tiger behind him by a chain. "What did you want me to do with him? Did you want me to leave him in the house for you?" He blushed brightly when he realized that Sasuke and Suigetsu were becoming intimate…and that Sasuke's trousers were half-way down his legs.

Sasuke peered up at his employee unabashed and then over at the tiger who was staring back at him with interest. "No, just leave him here, Naruto. I'll take care of him. You can go home early today if you want. It isn't going to be very busy for a Wednesday."

Naruto nodded as he unclasped the tiger from the chain and shut him into the building with Sasuke. He sighed in relief as he wrung his sore hands together. Lately, the tiger had been a pain with his walks and where he wanted to go for a walk. He would constantly yank on the chain and snap his teeth at the blond until Naruto finally gave in and just followed after the nuisance.

The tiger snorted as he waited for the tell tale signs of the blonde's retreating footsteps and then turned back toward the owner of the endangered habitat. His tail swayed lazily as he approached the tank and climbed up the ladder to nuzzle Sasuke's neck.

The dark haired teen let out a contented sigh and leaned his head back to get a better view of the tiger. "Have you been a good boy, Juugo?" He smiled lovingly as he reached up to pet the spiky, orange hair and listen to him purr. Sasuke gasped as Suigetsu brushed his sharp teeth over the arch of his neck and his hands moved slowly down to his aching groin. "Mm…feels so good," he rumbled softly. His lips were then met by Juugo's shy ones. It was an upside down kiss, but a very pleasant one. They broke apart momentarily as Juugo stripped his clothes and slid into the water with the shark and his owner.

The humanoids shared a short moment of gentle kissing and stroking before turning their attention back to Sasuke.

Outside, Naruto was heading back to the Uchiha manor to clean up and then start back for his apartment where his own pets would be waiting for him.

After he stepped over the line that ended the Uchiha compound's province, he would turn to stare at the entrance and smile fondly. Since the day he started working for Sasuke, he would always look up at the gate entrance where a large sign was hanging and read


The Uchiha Itachi Foundation for Endangered Animals

Not a single day would pass where Naruto wouldn't think of Itachi and that humanoid-shark when he read the sign. He missed them both, even though he didn't know them as well as he would have liked. But they had left an impression on him that would stick forever and it was waiting for him at home.


Genma mewled happily as Naruto stepped into the living room and kissed him on the temple. "Hey, Genma," he whispered affectionately. "Where are Kakashi and Iruka?" He looked around the living room and in the kitchen for his elusive pets. He found Karasu relaxing under the kitchen table shirtless, apparently trying to keep cool in the hot weather. The pup had grown slightly. He was now up to Naruto's chest, but he still acted like an excited puppy…well, when it wasn't hot outside anyways.

He chuckled with amusement before turning up the air and then heading down the hall to Kakashi and Iruka's bedroom. He twisted the knob to see if it was unlocked, and to his surprise it was. He peeked at the bed and smiled. They were both lying on top of the comforter and holding each other. As he watched them for a little longer, he was relieved that it was summer and not spring. Tsunade had warned him that beta mates would go into heat every spring, and sometimes winter. At least he was better prepared this time.

Naruto closed the door quietly and made his way down to his own room and whistled for Genma. As soon as the feline was in the room, he closed the door and started to undress.

Genma watched intently as he perched himself on top of the bed. Ever since the day he had been brought here, he constantly looked forward to when the blond would finally accept him as a mate and then allow him to claim the blond. He wasn't a cat for nothing. He had long patience and Naruto knew this, otherwise he wouldn't be walking straight right now.

Today though? Today was actually going to be a treat for the feline. After seeing how comfortable Sasuke had been with Suigetsu for the last five months, he decided that maybe it wouldn't be so bad.

"Genma," Naruto started, cautiously approaching the bed. "Get undressed."

The feline perked up and quickly obeyed. He watched Naruto slide onto the bed and then leaned over to capture his lips. Genma slipped his tongue into the blond's mouth and purred at the appreciative moan from the teen. He forced the blond to lie back onto the mattress and started grinding their erections together.

Naruto broke away from the kiss to release a heated moan and wrapped his legs around Genma's waist. He may not have seemed it, but he was definitely nervous and he was fairly certain that the feline could sense it. Naruto closed his eyes in anticipation, but was hardly expecting the other to start kissing him all over his face. He gradually started to relax, enjoying the butterfly touches of Genma's lips. The last kiss was placed against his lips and he returned it fervently. "Genma… My Genma," Naruto whispered.

The bed creaked as Genma leaned over the side to grab the bottle sitting in the drawer of the nightstand. He smiled when he saw the blush on his future mate's cheeks and kissed them. He gave a soft meow as reassurance before he started coating his fingers with the lube and then inserted two fingers into Naruto's opening.

Naruto arched his back off the bed and bit into his lip to keep from crying out. "Genma," he whimpered and stretched his legs open to better accommodate the feline. He then brought his knees up to his chest and moaned.

The two digits curled and struck the blond's prostate. There was a gasp and a thrust of his hips against the two intruders.

Genma gave an interested sigh as he inserted the third finger and waited for Naruto to get more comfortable. As he did that, he used his free hand to squeeze a decent amount of lube onto his erection and smeared it around. He looked up when his master started thrusting himself onto his three fingers and whimpering. Genma curled them again, and this time got a better reaction.

Naruto cried out and clenched the sheets tightly in his hands. "Hn…Genma…inside…!"

The feline withdrew his fingers and positioned his cock at Naruto's entrance. He pushed in slowly, watching for any signs of pain. At the most, he only got grunts and clenches of discomfort. They both took long breaths as Genma finally completely sheathed himself within Naruto's tight heat. He gave nudges and kisses to the blond's face, trying to distract him from the uncomfortable feeling. Genma was going to wait a bit longer for his lover to get more situated when the blond started thrusting his hips against his own.

Naruto ground his teeth together as Genma pushed his legs back further and held them there. The position was a little uncomfortable, but it made for an easier entrance and more pleasure. His distressed grumbling steadily turned into low keening and urgent pleas. He moaned as his own erection was grasped and then pumped in time with Genma's thrusts.

"G-Good…Genma. That feels…good," Naruto murmured incoherently. He gasped when he felt sharp teeth graze his collar bone, nipping and sucking on sensitive areas that caused him to arch and mewl wantonly. He tangled his fingers into Genma's dirty-blond hair, bringing him closer to his body.

Genma started to thrust faster and harder as he felt his release approaching. His grip tightened slightly around Naruto's member, causing the teen to lurch his hips forward and cry out with pleasure. He did this a couple more times until Naruto finally went rigid and came with a guttural moan. Genma followed closely after as the blond's muscles clenched around him tightly and milked him of his seed. He gave a relieved grunt before releasing Naruto's legs and lying down on top of him.

Naruto panted softly and tried to remain conscious as he came down from his orgasmic high. He closed his eyes in exhaustion, about to retreat into the world of sleep anyway when he felt a stroke of a slick tongue slide up his cheek. He shuddered before hazily looking up at the culprit. "Genma…" He sighed as he wrapped his arms around the humanoid's back and stroked him gently. Naruto smiled when a loud, vibrant purr erupted against his chest and laughed softly.

The feline gave another lick before inserting his tongue into the awaiting mouth and passionately kissing his new mate.

Naruto felt something meld between them. It was an even stronger bond than they had shared before. Was this how Itachi and Kisame had felt? It must have been and Naruto wasn't sure if he liked it. Anxiety began to build up until tears started sliding down into his hair and onto the pillow. He didn't want to feel the same way that Itachi did when Kisame died. He wouldn't be able to bear it. So now was he starting to regret what he had done with the feline?

Genma looked up at his mate and frowned, concern clearly evident in his features. He kissed the blonde's tears away and stroked his cheek affectionately.

There wasn't any way of undoing the bond now. Naruto hated himself for even considering it because they had both been craving to be closer. He wiped the rest of his tears away and looked up at Genma with blurred vision. "I'm sorry, Genma. I didn't mean to make you upset." He kissed Genma on the nose and chuckled when the feline wrinkled it cutely.

The feline pulled out carefully and stretched out at Naruto's side. He purred with contentment and nuzzled the teen's ear.

Naruto rolled into Genma's chest, nuzzling the humanoid's neck and kissing it. "I love you, Genma. I hope you understand that." He felt the other's arm wrap around his waist and tighten its hold in a comfortable embrace. "I guess you do," Naruto murmured with amusement. He closed his eyes and hummed a soft, unfamiliar tune. Before long, they both fell asleep within each others' arms.


1 Year Later…

"Where did you get her?" Naruto asked as he took a seat in front of Sasuke at the picnic table.

Sasuke had invited him and his horde of humanoids out on a friendly get-together at the park near the Uchiha compound. Naruto was more than willing since his pets were getting a bit restless being cooped up twenty-four/seven in his apartment, with the exception of Genma who was constantly trying to bed the blond teen. Most of the time, Naruto would allow the feline to do as he pleased since he was too exhausted to fight back.

"I got her from an elderly woman who wasn't able to take care of her anymore. Her name is Karin," Sasuke explained as he looked over at the female hawk. "Her wings have been clipped."

Naruto peered down at his empty plate with contemplation. "Isn't that a good thing though? She won't fly away."

"Yes, but imagine if she was released into the wild. She would be wide open to predators with no way of escaping." Sasuke looked up when the blond let out a fatigued sigh. He could tell that Naruto wasn't in the least bit interested with the humanoid hawk. "What's the matter, Naruto?"

The blond fidgeted with the rim of his shirt. "Uh… Nothing…really."

Sasuke frowned in annoyance. "Don't give me that bullshit. I know there's something bothering you." As long as Naruto had been working for him, it wasn't hard to tell if the blond was bothered by something. Naruto always lowered his gaze and fell disturbingly quiet.

For three minutes, Naruto didn't say a word and Sasuke was about to lose his patience. "Naruto…"

"It's Genma," Naruto finally responded. He sighed dejectedly as he peered at his feline lover trying to fight off the playful hawk.

"What about Genma?" Sasuke also looked where the blond was staring and frowned. He was about to tell Karin off when Naruto interrupted.

"He's been acting kind of strange lately. It's like he's waiting for something to happen." Naruto leaned over the table top, placing his forehead against the palm of his hand, as if he were about to cry. "Is there something wrong with him? Is it a sign that he's about to leave me?"

Sasuke chuckled, causing the other to look up at him with disdain. "Nothing is wrong with him, Naruto. It's natural for the way he's acting. He's expecting you to bear him a kitten."

"W-What? How do you know that?" Naruto blushed profusely. How was he going to give Genma a kitten unless he adopted one? And he was fairly certain Genma wouldn't accept it. He was startled from his thoughts when Juugo leapt onto the table at the far end and stared at his caretaker predatorily.

He crawled toward Sasuke until he was practically on top of him and brushed his lips against his master's.

Sasuke smiled before running his fingers through the wild mane of the tiger's hair and tugged on it. "Sit," he demanded softly.

Juugo did as commanded and leaned against Sasuke's shoulder while purring contently.

"Suigetsu was doing the same thing." Sasuke moved his arm around Juugo's shoulders and stroked the feline's side affectionately. "He was getting aggressive with his mating and it was by that that I figured out he was trying to get me pregnant. He was even trying to fight Juugo off when they normally get along very well."

Naruto paled. "T-That's exactly what Genma has been doing. How did you handle the problem?"

"By giving him what he wanted." Sasuke smirked when Naruto blinked at him in confusion. "Technology has become so advanced; it's quite easy to have a child now."

The blond's eyes widened with disbelief. "How did you do it? I don't remember you being fat while I was working with you! Oh wait! I know. You had a female shark carry it."

Sasuke growled with disgust. Even if he did love Suigetsu, he wasn't about to become pregnant for the humanoid and he certainly wasn't about to allow another to carry HIS child. "No, they used my genetics to create an egg and Suigetsu's seed to fertilize it. It was grown within a test-tube." The caretaker moved into a more comfortable position when Juugo stretched out across the bench and laid his head down on his master's lap.

"Test-tube babies…" Naruto murmured. "How is the baby doing?"

"He's doing fine. We were finally able to bring him home just last month. Suigetsu was ecstatic. He won't allow anyone but me to approach him."

Naruto chuckled. "Over protective father."

"Possessive if anything," Sasuke sighed. "But yes, he's also very protective."

Naruto's expression fell again. "I don't think I could afford it."

"Actually," Sasuke started, a smile spreading across his face. "They're the ones that pay you. They're looking for willing test subjects everyday. And they'll pay you for each failed experiment."

"Eh…" Naruto didn't like that Sasuke acted like it was no big deal. A failed experiment meant losing a child before it was even created...or born. It would be miscarriage in a sense. "How many times did yours fail?"

"Only once. But I was their second test subject and using a humanoid's seed nonetheless. The first one was from two male humans and the scientists had failed five times before they finally figured out where they were going wrong. If I'm not mistaken, the parents are living happily with a healthy three year old daughter in Hong Kong. You might get lucky though and it'll be a success the first time."

Naruto smiled at the more or less endearment by his employer. "Hai. I might give it a try then." He looked at Genma who was perched on a tree limb out of reach of the humanoid hawk. He gave a catty smirk to the bird and lounged back against the trunk of the tree. Naruto chuckled and averted his gaze toward Kakashi and Iruka. Karasu was stretched out across both his parents' legs, apparently napping. Everyone looked content and happy…well except for Naruto. He seemed a bit hesitant on his decision.

"Hey, Sasuke? Is that why you wouldn't allow me into the aquarium to take care of Suigetsu? If so, why would you lie about it?" Naruto turned to look at Sasuke whom was now running his fingers through the tiger's spiky hair.

Sasuke sigh. "Yes. Until our son is a bit older, I can't allow anyone into the aquarium. And I didn't lie to you, dobe. I just said I would be taking care of Suigetsu for now on." He smiled reassuringly at the blond, letting Naruto know that he'd be able to see the shark pup soon.

That's when Naruto decided to tease his former rival. "Since you're considered the mother, does that mean it looks like you…only with a shark tail?" He snickered at the resentful expression on the dark haired male's face.

"Baka! Yes, for your information. He looks a lot like me. And yours is going to look like you too if you decide to go through with the experiment." Sasuke tugged on Juugo's black and white ears gently while earning him a playful growl.

Naruto blushed at the comment. "Teme." But he couldn't help smiling at the idea.

12 Years Later…

A little blond boy with a pair of orange stripped cat ears and tail was seen running toward the aquarium and giggling excitedly. "Hurry up you guys!" He waved at both his fathers and squeaked as one quickly caught up and scooped him into their arms. His father started tickling him on the ribs and he tried desperately to fight it off.

"What did Uncle Sasuke say about running, Tanoshii (1)," Naruto scorned half-heartedly.

The kitten stopped giggling as he looked up into his father's blue eyes. "Not to run?" He smiled innocently, which seemed to have the needed effect on the older male as the grip loosened around Tanoshii's waist. "Can I go play with Taro now?" He grinned excitedly when his father nodded in approval and disappeared into the building to greet his best friend.


Said blond peered over his shoulder at the individual who was calling him. "Sasuke?"

"Naruto, I just wanted to tell you we have a new edition to the family coming soon. He's a tiger cub." Sasuke blushed as he admitted this and it seemed to brighten when realization dawned on the blonde's face a little too quickly for his liking.

"Sasuke… You mean you and Juugo?" Naruto didn't know whether to congratulate his friend or laugh. He saw it coming, but he just didn't know when. It actually took longer than he expected. Nonetheless, Naruto chose to praise his friend and patted him on the back. "I'll be looking forward to seeing it."

The darker haired male smiled weakly and nodded. "Good, because Juugo won't want to have anything to do with it for a while... Not until it's capable of talking and walking."

Naruto laughed. "I never could imagine Juugo being very patient with an infant like Suigetsu was."

"It's not that… It's just in his instincts. He's not like Kakashi, Genma, or Suigetsu when it comes to rearing young. Male tigers are solitary creatures. He'll change in a few years though. He'll treat his offspring like he had raised it from an infant."

"Well…until then, I'll be more than happy to play nursemaid." Naruto grinned foolishly as he moved back toward the entrance of the aquarium to watch his son.

Sasuke didn't know what he did to warrant such a friendship with the blond, especially after what had happened to his brother. He had always blamed himself for Itachi's death. In a way, he still did. But Naruto was a constant reminder that good friends had their uses and it was always for comfort and support.

As Sasuke started back toward the mansion, he noticed from the corner of his eye how Naruto was enjoying Genma's kisses and hugs. How old was that feline now? He must be pushing 50 in his years. That made him about as old as Suigetsu and Juugo then. Sasuke smiled sadly. The only ones he would be able to keep around longer than his two 'mates' were his son and Tanoshii. It was the same with Naruto too though. Pretty soon the blond wouldn't have Iruka, Kakashi, Genma, or Karasu. It's hard on an owner when they lose a humanoid-pet that's almost always been there for half their life. It was nothing like losing an average pet.

A gentle breeze brushed against Sasuke's bangs. He tilted his head back and looked up at the brilliantly clear sky. It was nothing like losing your brother either.

The End…

(1) Tanoshii - cheerful

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