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The NCIS Dark Angel


The Truth About Abby

The young woman sat in her lab in NCIS, her heavy rock music blaring. Abby Scuito bopped her head to the music, and she smiled at her henna tattoo across her neck, kick ass and practical, it distracted from the barcode on the back of her neck.

Abby frowned, bad topic, depressing too. Too much like her stalker ex boyfriend, Kate's death, why the stupid idiots kept trying to make her wear more 'appropriate attire for a lab'. Abby snorted looking at her outfit, a black top with open parts down the sleeves and a short black skirt with buckled black heeled boots.

What was wrong with her outfit, it was fine to her. Abby had a very strong feeling against any type of conforming or uniform reminded her too much of Manticore.

"Bad subject Abby"The forensic specialist told herself, bad subject equaled bad vibes and a lousy day.
She picked up her Caf Pow resolutely and sucked on it. That felt better, but only by a bit.

Stupid Manticore, stupid Lydecker. She sucked harder, Lydecker was nothing like Gibbs. She couldn't trust him and he was hunting her down like Ari had Kate… geez it had really burned to let herself be protected and not to see Ari aiming for her. She would have ducked if need be but then she would have exposed herself.

Abby was now sitting down and frowned. She really had been hard on Ziva, the assassin had tripped major flashbacks but at least after their talk in the elevator they seemed to be okay.

But Abby wasn't okay. The goth forensic scientist was a genetically engineered killer… and she was out of black nail polish.


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