"Today upon this day I place a seal of death upon you. Today you are to become a demon."

Such words were said to me upon the day of my birth. No choice just fact. Just reality.

In this surreal world I live in this is the only reality there is.

"Life is amazing…" what a fantastic lie. Nothing is amazing. Everything is just as it should be. Nothing special about it….nothing at all. Yes. Everything is as it should be.

Even me….I never deserved to live in the first place.

Oh mother, my mother, I'm sorry. Its all my fault you died.

Were you afraid? Was it….painful?

You hate me but I can't help but cry for you. Such irony….

Now as I look out at the full moon as others sleep, I think of everything that has happened in this thing called "life". And as I cry my tears become nothing but dust in the wind….

Nothing can hurt me. Nothing except everyone…..

Painful memories haunt my mind tormenting me. Glowering stares. anxious

Looks. They are all just as painful as the sword in which you try so desperately to kill me with. Death…what a fantastic lie…..

"a wound of the heart…"

Yashamaru….he was right.

"A wound of the heart is a tricky thing to heal. Sometimes it never heals."

Never heals…..incredible

"The medicine is tricky as well…..it's love"

Upon hearing those words I knew I would never be healed. Cursed to be forever lonely…

Love….what a fantastic lie…..

Everything is a lie….