Another SSB story from me, though this one doesn't really contribute anything to the main plot. Just did this for fun, but I hope you like it anyway.

Mainly this story is to see the result of my grammar correction. I have been using mainly present tense words in the past, but now I have learned how to use past tense correctly. Therefore I hope my stories will be more attractive now that it has improved grammar. Enjoy!


Chapter 1: The Wonder Above the Clouds! Angel Land!

Our story starts where the previous story, Super Smash Fairy Tales, left off.

The Smashers are currently at the table still eating breakfast and reading morning papers. They just learned that the leader of the PURIST, Bob, had escaped from jail, but they're not scared of it. And that's not the main point of the story either.

While Mario is reading his newspaper, Luigi said to him, "Mario, how was your trip to Angel Land while me and some few others went to Monstry?"

Note: That was the story In Monstry.

Mario looked up from his paper and replied, "Oh, I forgot-a to share with da trip to Angel Land!"

"It was a really lovely place," said Peach, still at the sink washing dishes. "I really love to stay there forever."

"It's all thanks to Pit that we can go to such a lovely place!" said Ness.

"Yeah! It really is a heaven there!" said Young Link.

"I never knew such a beautiful place exists!" said Pichu.


We are now traveling through what looks like a tunnel made of clouds…

"My ears hurt!"


"Hang on! We're almost there!"


After a short while, the Final Destination shot out from a sea of clouds and stopped moving. "We're here, guys!" said Master Hand.

Mario, Peach, Pichu, Ness, Young Link, the Ice Climbers, and Pit opened their eyes, and before them is a beautiful land above the clouds!

"Wow! This really is Angel Land?" asked Peach in amazement.

"We're in heaven!" exclaimed Nana.

"I can't believe we're up in the clouds!" said Popo.

"Yes, we are currently 10,000 meters high above sea level," explained Pit. "This is my homeland!"

Pichu felt dizzy and fell onto the surface of the FD. "Oooo… I feel sick…"

"It's sort of hard to breathe…" said YL sickly.

"That's because oxygen is thin high up here," explained MH. "Don't worry; you'll get use to it soon enough."

"I'm starting to get-a used to eet already," said Mario.

"Not so fast…"

The FD moved towards an island of clouds visible in the distance, and they stopped at what looks like a beach. "Here we are at Angel Beach," said Pit, jumping down onto the solid cloud.

Pichu jumped down and landed on it, and said, "The cloud feels like sand!" He digs his hands into the cloud and picked them up, and they fell through the gaps between his tiny fingers like sand.

"Wow! These really are sand!" said Ness. "But they look every way like clouds!"

"And this is water!" said Peach, letting her feet down into the watery cloud below. "You really can't tell it just by looking!"

"Mamamia! Theez place eez sure amazing!" said Mario.

"There's a lot more to see in the city," said Pit. "I'll show you around and then we'll go to goddess Palutena's temple."

"You guys enjoy your trip!" said Master Hand. "I'll come back to pick you after two days! Have fun!" And he left on his FD and dove back into the clouds.

The Smashers followed Pit along the single path made of solid cloud that felt like dirt, and eventually, they came to a large city made of marbles and beautiful stones. There are many people walking around and doing stuff like what people in the world below would do, except all these people have wings!

"Wow! I never expected a city like this to be up here!" said Peach with excitement.

"Hey look! They have game stores too!" said Ness, pointing to a shop that sells video games.

Pit took them around the place for a tour. They shopped at markets, marveled at wonderful sights, played at various places, and ate at restaurants. The whole experience is way too awesome to describe; one must be there to truly experience the fun.

After they had their fun time, Pit led them towards a large Greek-style temple on top of a cloud hill. "That's my home before I came to live you with you all," said Pit. "I'm sure the goddess will welcome you."

"I can't wait to see what's inside!" said Nana.

They reached a large gate with two winged soldier guarding it. They recognized who Pit is and after some explaining from our winged friend, the guards opened the door and let them in. Behind the gate is a beautiful garden of white stuffs. Miles of endless grassy clouds can be seen and not to mention trees in the form of clouds. There are even birds and insects frolicking around!

"Wow! This place is so beautiful!" exclaimed Peach.

"Hey! There are insects that we don't see in the bottom too!" said YL.

"True; there are indeed undiscovered animals living here," said Pit. "These creatures are adapted to live this place."

"So how are we going to get to da temple?" asked Mario. "Eet seems like a long-a walk."

"I've prepared a cab to ride on already."

Immediately, a large cloud the size of a car came down from the temple and parked in front of them, and there's a driver on it too. "This is the cloud cab, the cars of our world," explained Pit. "Its movement is linked with the rider's mind and will go according to where you want to go."

"Cool!" exclaimed Pichu.

They got onto the cloud cab and the driver took them to the temple in a few seconds, as the cloud moved very fast.

They stopped in front of a tall and grand staircase leading to the entrance of the temple. Immediately, winged attendants came to pick their luggage and carried them up the stairs while the Smashers climb up the stairs.

The moment they set foot on the first step, the whole staircase began moving upwards and carrying them along! "Wow! It's an escalator!" exclaimed Popo.

"It sure is!" said Pit.

They got to the top of the staircase in no time and marveled at the beautiful pearly door before them. "This is too beautiful!" exclaimed Peach with glittering eyes like pearls.

"Wario would-a really like theez!" said Mario.

Despite the door being really big (I do mean BIG), the guards were able to open them easily. They stepped inside and were amazed at the beautiful decoration all over the place. The whole place is decorated with beautiful gemstones and clouds. One may think that they have come to heaven.

Immediately, a beautiful woman in blue dress approached them and said, "Welcome, Smashers. I am Palutena, the goddess and ruler of Angel Land. I have heard about everything you have done, including your raid on Alias Lobby."

"Doh… That's-a what-a we're known for lately…" said Mario.

"I can explain everything, goddess!" Pit said to her.

"Don't worry; I understand your intentions to rescue a friend from her dark past," said Palutena. "I believe that the government is corrupted at times and what you did I do not consider a crime."

"That's good!" said Pichu.

"Thank you a lot, goddess," said Pit.

"I hope you enjoy your stay here, Smashers," said Palutena with a smile. "We will attend you in every way you like."

"Thanks!" said the Smashers.

The Smashers were led to their rooms—males in one room and females in another room.

Mario plopped onto one of the beds and lied down on its soft and fluffy surface. "Ah! Da beds are so comfortable!"

"Weeee! It's so bouncy!" said Ness and YL as they bounce up and down on their bed. YL bounced too high and hit the ceiling and hurt his head.


"Looks like the walls are solid," said Popo, touching the wall. "They're made of marble, not solid clouds."

"Makes you wonder where they got all these stuffs," said YL, rubbing his head.

So the Smashers took a small tour around the temple and they just cannot get bored at the wonderful architecture. There are huge lovely gardens with fountains and several unique animals, not to mention a large swimming pool! The water, of course, looks like cloud, but acts and feels like water. And that's exactly where they are currently.

"Last one there is a squashed Goomba!" shouted Ness as he ran towards the pool.

"I'm not gonna lose to you!" said YL. The both of them rushed towards the pool and dove in there at the same time.


Mario is relaxing on a chair at the side of the pool and is attended by beautiful maids. "Ah, theez eez life!" said Mario.

"I wonder what will happen if I try to freeze the cloud water?" wondered Popo. He blew icy wind onto a portion of the cloud water, and to his surprise, the cloud froze into a block of ice "What do you know? Frozen cloud!"

Meanwhile, Peach is at the garden taking a stroll while accompanied by servants. "Ah! This is such a wonderful place!" she said. "I wish our mansion has this beautiful garden too!"

She stopped by a tree to pick the white, fluffy, cotton-like flowers, and is immediately greeted by butterflies with fluffy wings. "So cute!"

And then some fluffy rabbits came, and she bent down to pat them. "So cute!"

And there are snow white birds that landed onto tree branches and began to sing in beautiful songs.

"What a wonderful song!"


Back at the pool, the kids are playing water polo while Mario is still being a pimp, attended by beautiful women. Palutena came to the pool and asked, "Are you all enjoying your stay?"

"We sure are, goddess!" replied Nana.

"Good to hear that!"

"Goddess," Pit asked her. "How is Ms. Kaori lately?"


Well, this is the first chapter. Attention grabbing enough? I hope you look forward to the next chapter! Feel free to ask any questions so I can do my usual SBS!