Final Chapter: A Happy Ending to a Wonderful Vacation in the Skies!

And the Storm Dragon exploded in wind, not in flames.

"We did it!" cheered the Ice Climbers happily as they give each other a high-five.

"All right!" shouted Ness and Young Link.

"Yahoo!" exclaimed Mario as he jumped up and raised his hand in victory.

"Sweet!" said Peach as she gave a peace sign.

"Haha! You couldn't have done it without my help!" said Takosuke proudly.

"At long last, the Storm Dragon is defeated," said Palutena happily. "I never dreamed that this day would come." She turned to the Smashers and said to them, "I have underestimated you. You have helped us a lot in defeating the Storm Dragon."

"You shouldn't say that," said Ness.

"Yeah, that dragon was nothing compared to what we been through before," said YL.

Pichu slowly opened his eyes and looked around. "What happened? Where's the dragon?" And he was told that the dragon was defeated.

Pit slowly got back up; despite the pain he still has from using the impact dial. "We did… it…"

"Pit! You're still hurt!" said Peach. "We must give him treatment at once!"

"I'm sorry for dragging you all into this…" he said.

"Stop that nonsense!" Ness said to him. "Don't blame yourself! We defeated the dragon, didn't we?"

"I wanted you to have a good memory here, not something like this…"

"Stop being such an emo!" said YL. "I actually enjoyed this fighting experience! I prefer something like this over long relaxing rests any time!"

"I'm sorry…" said Pit one last time before he collapsed onto the ground again.

"PIT!!!" gasped everyone.


"But in the end, we still had a great time," said Peach. "It was one of the most beautiful places I've ever been too!"

"I can see that," said Zelda, looking at the pictures that they took there using dial shells.

"I even brought-a back some dials!" said Mario, showing the others the dials he brought. "Theez eez wind-a dial, theez one eez flash dial…"

"No impact dial?" asked Bowser.

"That-a one eezn't necessary."


Everyone got frightened by the sudden sound of explosion coming from outside that they fell off the chair. "What was that?!" asked DK, who miraculously heard the sound.

"It must be bounty hunters again!" shouted Luigi. Everyone ran to the window and saw Ness and YL out there with a shattered rock next to them and not to mention a dial shell.

"What did you do just now?" asked Fox.

"I was testing this impact dial on this rock," said Ness. "And you know the rest…"

"Mamamia! You brought that-a here too?" asked Mario.

"Yeah," said YL. "We thought it might come to use some times…"

"Eez your hand-a hurt?"

"I was wearing my baseball glove when I used it, and it absorbed most of the impact, so my hand didn't hurt much, but…" He held up his baseball glove, which is in rags.

"Wow… I can't believe a single shell like that is able to break a rock!" said Bowser in awe.

"You mean the fact that I can shatter rock with a single punch isn't amazing enough?" asked CF.

"You're not the only who can do that! I can shatter rocks with just my claws! I can even leave a dent in steel walls!"

"I can do that to! If I want to, I can break through it, which I have done before!"

The Smashers returned to the dining table and continued their talk. "So anyway, did the Parody Team or whatever they're called come after you again?" asked Marth.

"They kept-a their promises and left-a us in peace," said Mario.

"Legendary Eightfold Dragon," Roy read out loud from a book. "This is the name given to the 8 mighty dragons that are said to exist in the world."

"What are you reading, Roy?" asked Marth.

"A book about dragons," Mewtwo told him. "Yes, I've heard about the Eightfold Dragons during my travel around the world, but I have yet to encounter any of them."

"The dragons of fire, water, wind, earth, lightning, ice, heaven, and darkness," continued Roy. "The leader of them all, called Kaiser, is said to arise when all eight are slain."

"Whoa… I never knew about that…" said Peach.

"Actually, the Holy Dragon also resides in the sky," said Pit as he walked into the kitchen.

"Really?" asked Pichu. "How come you didn't tell us about it?"

"I have brought you enough burdens with the encounter of the Storm Dragon; I didn't want you to encounter something else like that."

"But if he's called the Holy Dragon, shouldn't he be a nice dragon?"

"The Holy Dragon, you can say, is a good dragon, but he takes justice way too seriously that you can consider him to be evil."

"Sort of like CP9?" asked CF.

"You can say that. He is very zealous sense of justice; every small mistake he considers it a big crime and will smite people down with his holy powers."

"Just like what CP9 would do," said Marth.

"Man, those people make me sick with their crazy sense of justice," said Snake. "I never want to see anyone like them again."

"I found another interesting thing here," said Roy, still reading the book. "It talked about several years ago, a battle between the Royal Hand Family and the most powerful dragon."

"A battle between the Hands and the most powerful dragon?" said Link curiously.

"That did happen," said the voice of Master Hand. The Smashers turned to the window to see him out there. "I was young back then, but I still remember it very well…"

"So was it like?"

"You do not want to know… The most powerful dragon… A large number of Hands were wiped out by that monster… I can never forget how powerful that monster is…"

"So what happened in the end?"

"My father was able to seal him away; the dragon was way too powerful to be defeated…"

"That was scary…" said Luigi. "I sure do not want to encounter him…"

"Most powerful dragon?" said Mewtwo. "You can't mean…"

"Shinryu was his name," Roy read out loud.

"Exactly," said MH.

"Shinryu… I should have known!" said Mewtwo.

"You know him too?" asked Pichu.

"I've never met him, but during my travels, I have visited the site where Shinryu was sealed, and I can tremendous energy coming from the place he was sealed in. The dragon is still alive, struggling to break free from his seal. I tell you, I have never sensed such terrifying and powerful aura in my life. Honestly, I was trembling and sweating violently when I went near there."

"Is he that scary…?" asked Luigi, who is trembling too.

"That's how terrifying Shinryu is," said MH. "I believe he can single-handedly own all the Eightfold Dragons by himself. I haven't heard much about Kaiser though, so I do not know much about him."

"Indeed, Kaiser is perhaps the most mysterious dragon in the world," said Mewtwo. "Even I do not know much about him."

"Hey, I've been wondering," said Snake. "If Shinryu is that powerful, would he win in a fight against… What was he called again…? It starts with O… but I do know some people call him The An…"

The moment Master Hand heard this, he shouted out loud, "STOP!!!!!!! DON'T MENTION THAT NAME!!!!!!" He shout was so loud that all the birds flew away and the Smashers fell down from their chair. "Oops… Sorry for overreacting… It just brings back bad memories… Gotta go…" And he left.

"What's with him?" asked Zelda.

"Yeah, and what were you gonna say, Snake?" asked Link.

"I was going to say… The Ancient…"


Somewhere, in a place that looks very grand and well decorated, but at the same time very dark…

A man clad from head to toe in bulky, dark blue armor, is kneeled down before a person whose identity is hidden in the shadows. "Don't get too happy just because you were rescued from prison, Bob," said the mysterious person.

"I am thankful for being rescued," said Bob in a polite voice. "I will repay you however I can."

"Enough of this… I will give you another chance. You are restored to your position again, the Extremo Negativo."

"I am most thankful, King N."

Behind Bob, several shadows can be seen. Six of the shadows can be seen sitting on well decorated thrones while a seventh throne is empty, but is later occupied when Bob sat on it. Behind these seven seated shadows, there stood 11 shadows.

The mysterious leader, King N, spoke to them, "My loyal followers, the time for our plans to be unleashed is about time! Our ultimate project, Gamfax, will soon be complete and the world shall become ours! As promised, you will all have a portion of your land to rule! It will be a land where nobody can stop us!"

Suddenly, a loud and terrifying voice echoed throughout the whole room. "Do not forget about me, Earthling. Though I am now your follower, I will not hesitate to kill you if you turn down your promises!"

"Relax," said King N with a wicked smile. "I am a man of words; I never break promises." The smile becomes larger and it eventually turns into maniac laughing, like how bad guys would. "Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!"


As you can see, the last part is copied from the last part of my other story Super Smash Fairy Tales, but with grammar correction and the approximate numbers of the shadows behind the thrones. Now can you try to figure who all the villains are according to previews you've seen so far in other stories?

Just so you know, I may or may not post a few chapters of Rise of the Negativities and then leave it on hiatus until more SSB Brawl news is released. Below are the chapter titles of chapters I have already completed.
1. The Darkest Time in World History! Age of Gamfax!
2. Crisis in Fourside City! Smashers to the Rescue!
3. The Negativities Revealed and the Plans of the Government!
4. Negativities Begins Their Move! Time to Set Off, Smashers!

Just so you know, I have no plans for the other 7 dragons to show up in Rise of the Negativities; however, I have plans for the most powerful dragon and The Ancient. Be on a lookout for those two, if you know who they are…

So long!