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Charmed- Today, Yesterday and Tommorrow

What have I done?

Billie fell to the floor on her knees the pain, overwhelming. She felt the tears, the pain overwashed her.

Christy please, it's over, just come home.

The tears didn't hurt as much as the raw pain. Fifteen years of searching for her sister had ended in this… this? Why, why, why.

"Billie" The young woman barely registered Piper's voice and she realized the Charmed one was now standing outside the door. Billie wasn't standing across from where her sister had once stood she was sitting on her bed back at the Manor.

She couldn't help it. Billie cringed expecting for Piper to yell at her or blow her up. She deserved it after all she had put the Charmed ones through, the three had become like sisters.

Instead Piper sat on the bed with her and wordlessly Billie leaned against her crying. "I killed… my… sister… I didn't want to… I hurt you"

"Shh" Piper said to Billie, stroking her hair. "It's not your fault, the Triad took your sister, and they killed Christy a long time ago"

And Piper had almost let them take Billie, so obsessed with saving Leo she had almost lost everything.

Choking out a sob, Billie's words came out heartbroken. "Christy is dead because of me-it should have been me!"

Prue, I'm cold. I-I-I can't feel my legs.

"Listen to me" Piper said making it so Billie was looking at her. "The Christy before the Triad took her, that Christy was your sister, she wouldn't have wanted it to be you, I know this is hard, believe me I know what it's like to lose your big sister" To have meant to be dead instead of them.

Blinking back her tears, Billie looked at her, seeming to beg for Piper to keep talking and the older witch obliged remembering words from her youngest sister.

"There are going to be hours that this feels overwhelming, and ones where it doesn't feel so bad, you can survive this"

She stayed until after Billie fell asleep and Piper stroked Billie's hair again. "I'm not losing anyone else" A photo album fell of the shelf and the pages flipped to a picture of Piper, Phoebe and Prue, and Piper smiled. "I miss you too Prue"

Life has sure changed for me since all that time ago. It took awhile but eventually Piper was right, I could live past the sadness. I finished college and started living life with and more importantly without the magic. I continued to help the sisters just without so many of the accidents, screw ups and disasters.

Okay disasters continued when it came to dating, well what is a witch to do sometimes but eventually I had the best gift in the world better even that a normal life…

Piper opened the door and smiled widely at Billie who was holding a small sleeping girl with golden hair.

My daughter Kristianna. Named after my dearest older sister who died at the age of seven… and was put to rest at twenty three.

The girl woke up in Billie's arms. "Auntie Piper" The girl squealed and squirmed making Billie put her down.

Unseen Prue watched smiling but sad, and Christy stood behind her. "I wish I could tell her it was okay" Christy said sadly. "That it wasn't her fault"

Putting a hand on her shoulder, Prue smiled. "I think she already knows" And so does Piper.