This is a story I wanted to make for a while. I posted two drafts that didn't go anyway, but this one is the revised and polished version that was spawned during a serious bout of depression. Rather then mope around I wrote meaningless sentimental dribble, which I decided to allow other people to read. This story does not follow the storyline of the Pokemon anime, but it does share some instances that are the same. It also does not follow the games as faithfully as it should, but that's barely worth noting.

The rating is accurate though the prologue is tame. It's rated for some grim scenes and sexual content later on.


DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the characters or locations used in this story. They are owned by Nintendo/Game Freak/The Pokemon Company. I wrote this story, however. I do not mind if people post the story elsewhere, but I request that they ask my permission before doing it. Thanks.

Flashback 01: My Journey

I ... am a monster.

One may think that all Pokemon are monsters since their name is derived from the word, but they aren't. Naturally born Pokemon are the most naive creatures on this planet. Such innocence makes them easy to use and manipulate by anyone who has a strong enough will to do it.

Humans live under the common misconception that they are the only ones that can exploit a Pokemon for their own gains. They are sadly mistaken. Pokemon have fought for dominance over members of their own species centuries before the first man thought to tame them. Even today in the wild, there are alphas and omegas, leaders and followers, supervisors and workers, or whatever term you wish to use to describe having control over another. No matter where I roam on this planet the strongest and most intelligent will always rule over those too weak to govern themselves.

I am the world's strongest Pokemon.

Though I had no thirst for absolute power over the world I did feel the instinctive need to assert myself shortly after leaving Purity Canyon. I missed having the clones I created around to tend to everything. I missed knowing that these Pokemon depended on me for protection. I missed it all, but it would be selfish of me to take away my clones' newly gained freedom. They were the closest kin I had except -

Mother. The incident began as a simple visit to pay tribute to my mother, and to apologize for nearly destroying her many years ago. Mother Mew could sense that I was troubled the moment I came into the Tree of Origin. The conversation changed swiftly to focus on this developing problem.

" You're lonely. " Mother said simply as she tended to the mountain of toys occupying her nest. Her tiny paws grasped a small rubber ball that she threw over towards me. Must have been some ill attempt to calm my nerves. " You said that even before your clones returned to the wild they were settling down and having families. "

Raising my hand, I stopped the ball before it could bounce off my snout. " I do not want a family. " I did not mean to snap at her, but I could not imagine going through the grief of rearing and disciplining any offspring. My strength would not allow me to be caring, and gentle. " I just want to have control. "

The ball circled around my body once to gain momentum before being tossed back to mother, who giggled as she caught it with all of her tiny body. That innocence again ... I didn't know to be jealous or annoyed by her behavior. " Maybe you should stay in the Tree of Origin and watch over the Pokemon here if you want control. Since humans are trying to infiltrate more places like this we will eventually need more protection. I can even show you how to use the wave ... "

That was the first time I heard about such things; the power to be able to see and control just about anything if your body is strong enough. It was a life risking power that required an intense amount of training and dedication. The conversation flowed for hours along with the tentative passing of that rubber ball until mother informed me that even if I began studying aura now I could only be on her level, and even she could not reach the heights that an aura specialist could. A lone Pokemon had the potential to tap its seemingly endless powers ...

I wanted to know. " ... who? " This time I caught the ball with my paw and tossed it a bit harder then mother could catch. It arched high into the air and disappeared into the canyons around the trees.

Mother looked towards the falling ball with a frown. " ... It is an incredibly rare Pokemon called Lucario - "

I couldn't imagine the shock on her face when she turned around to find that I'd abandoned her for a personal mission.

To be Continued ...

I normally don't write in first person, but I don't think I can properly tell the story without doing so here. There may be some mistakes in tense, and general awkwardness abound, and I apologize for that in advance. :3