Final Chapter: My Conclusion

I've never felt so alone …

Honestly, I'd been alone for the majority of my life after my escape from Giovanni. Nearly I year I spent in solitude building machines on New Island with only the Pokemon that I trained as company. Those events brought about the creation of more clones, though; more 'brothers' and 'sisters' who shared the same terrible secrets that I did, but even then I was alone. They themselves were just stronger versions of the average Pokemon that looked no different from their ancestors. I was only related to them by mere coincidence.

Tonight I sit alone in the rustic log cabin I built in my time after leaving Cameron. I sat in the cabin's single room on a cot made of soft grasses and hay, looking through the lone window on the opposite side. There were often times I pretended to sleep so I wouldn't find myself lost in thought, specifically thinking of all that happened to put me in this pitiful situation.

The betrayal and lost of my mother; the only true kin I had.

Now she is only a mother by blood: a donor of DNA.

The loss of my fighter often plagued my mind at night.

I wondered how we'd be if we both survived …

Then I rounded it out by thinking of all the other lives extinguished.

I was not the only one who was without their mate tonight …

Though my heart went out to them I knew there was nothing I could do. Not now that my powers vanished without a trace. Telekinesis was my life, and I found it increasingly odd that Lucario was trying to discourage me from using it during our training. At first I thought he'd been jealous because he could never have the precision with it that I had. Now I wonder if he may have known that the loss of my powers was inevitable.

Once I read that a star has its greatest outburst of energy before withering away into nothing; a supernova. The outpour of energy during 'the incident' put a terrible strain on my body, so perhaps that is what happened …

I've grown accepting that I may never use my powers again, and in fact learned to function quite well without them. Just as the first humans who roamed this world made tools to help them better survive it I enacted my own tactics for survival based on what I could find. I made tools and weapons that I kept in a stone container beside my cot, and build this cabin to keep out of the rain. Building this place with my bare hands gave me a sense of accomplishment in a time where I felt useless, but it was still inadequate.

Most of my days and nights were spent in the safety of my cabin; a place the other local Pokemon would not dare roam by in fear of the strange beast inside. I only left the safety of my home to search for food and water, and I effectively took care of both problems early. My cabin is built at the edge of a quiet lake, the soil fertile enough to support the many berry trees that grew in the area. There were fish in the lake, but after all the bloodshed I'd seen I couldn't bring myself to hunting … yet. Whether or not I could suppress my instinct to hunt has yet to be seen.

Tonight I choose to merely practice.

The majority of the day I spent fashioning a weapon to hunt with; a spear. I'm the most advanced form of artificial Pokemon in the world, yet I hunt with spear! A carved stone handle about three fourths my size had a stone arrowhead fashioned to the end with some vines, nothing more. It is a plain, sterile, white as it's one of my favorite colors from my time in the laboratories.

The Pokemon gathered lakeside dispersed the moment I emerged from the cabin. I'd long since given up trying to convince them that I wouldn't bring harm to them. Instead they'd just stare at me wide eyed from the safety of the bushes while I wadded through the water. The feline in me recoiled at the thought of being knee deep in water, tensing my muscles, but I continued on until it reached my waist …

I smirked. I just remembered I didn't know how to swim …

Just as well; I wouldn't allow myself to be carried any further out by the flow of the water in any case. Hoisting the spear in the air with on hand, I stood still as a Nosepass waiting for the fish to calm. This lake was filled with common water Pokemon; Magickarp, Goldeen, Lummineon, and the occasional Feebas. I took aim at the Magikarp not only because they were the least intelligent, but because my spear would not likely piece the scales –

The Magikarp was lucky.

It darted away as I threw.

My spear hit the rocks at the bottom of rocks … and something usual happened. The rock broke apart from the strength behind the throw, and a sharp ray of light shot out through the cracks. Needless to say that this sent the fish, the Pokemon watching from a distance, and even me myself retreating back a distance. I only took a step back before remembering my spear. Taking by the handle I yanked it from the rocks, causing it to crumble to reveal …

" … An egg? " I muttered to myself as the egg floated to the surface of the water. If it floats there must be air inside, and if there's air the egg was close to hatching.

That wasn't what struck me as odd; it was the type and location of the egg that did. Aquatic Pokemon usually don't hide their eggs in the middle of the rocks, and other types of Pokemon didn't hide their eggs in the water. No doubt this egg was hidden, possibly sealed, but it was definitely not something that belonged in the middle of a lake.

The egg is a milky, pure, white with little blue speckles that glittered in the light. It was not a pattern owned by any of the common Pokemon I saw around here. Against my better knowledge I reached over to touch the strange egg. If its mother was still around there was no doubt she'd strike out now, but it seemed that I was not going to be harmed. The egg was … soft, almost silky in texture with a shell as hard as steel.

This mysterious egg was a type that I'd never seen before, yet … I felt extremely comfortable touching and handling it as I did. A preposterous thought crossed my mind, and a moment later I had the egg in my arms as I left the water. Perhaps it was the ache for loneliness and meaning that caused me to do it, but it was ridiculous none the less.

I didn't know the first thing about children.

All of my clones had been 'born' adults …

One week passed since I found the egg in the water. With no mother coming to claim the egg it was officially mine to keep, which was just as well since I formed mild attachment with the nearly inanimate object. The egg held a special place in the cabin, a nest, that I painstakingly constructed the following morning the house it. A traveling human's leftover crate made up a base filled with the same materials I used to make my cot, and the egg rest on top of it all. Every morning I took care to clean the egg, turning it around every four to six hours.

The egg made me feel a little more whole, even if it had not been born yet.

I could feel it moving as I turned it, and let my hands linger a little longer than they were supposed to in doing so. In the end I concluded that I was simply too fascinated by natural life to allow an opportunity like this to slip through my fingers. My entire life revolved around artificial life and death, but this was my first opportunity to have a hand in the natural process.

To make better use of the experience I decided to record everything that went on in the little Pokemon's life for future reference. I doubt that I'll ever love again after the loss my heart endured, let alone a female, so I'll use it for personal research.

In my search for paper I turned up the breeding book that I didn't return to Cameron Castle. My curiosity got the best of me. I glanced through the book … and froze.

This was becoming increasingly disturbing …

The book was a Pokemon Breeder's guide. From picking the ideal mated pairs, to delivering eggs, to incubating and raising babies. I never even glanced at the book before today having grabbed an assortment from the shelves by the same author, but it seemed ironic that this was the one that I took for myself on this journey. It must have been the first book I pulled from the shelves to be the last on the pile, but it didn't fit along with the other themes. Perhaps it was just a coincidence that made it so …

… Or maybe it was something I could not explain.

Just I took the book into my paws to read there was a flash of light that illuminated the entire cabin. In all honesty I could go without having lights signify disaster at every turn, but this is something one would come to terms with in this world. I glanced over and gasped; the egg …

There were cracks in the egg through the light!

I almost snapped open the book to try and skim through for a way to handle this situation. Instead I found myself conflicted between just rushing over and reading through the book. Instinct over knowledge; that damnable battle my mind always fought.

Just as the little form inside of the egg began to take shape I dragged myself to the side of the nest, the book still beside me, to watch with my own lavender eyes what happened. A tail formed, little ears, and four paws that curled up just seconds after birth. The light dispersed, leaving behind a shivering little Pokemon whose eyes hadn't quite opened yet.

The species of the Pokemon was unknown to me …

… but it's shape and color was strikingly familiar …

" … Lucario? "

The Pokemon that hatched from the egg was no Lucario, but it was also not a species of Pokemon that I've seen before. This Pokemon did not cry as much as I expected the typical infant to cry. Just the occasional howling mewl that was a derivate of the fighter's sharp barks. From those occasional outbursts I concluded that the Pokemon's name was 'Riolu' or 'Leorio'. I'd need more time before knowing for sure.

I choose to call her, a female, Riolu for now.

My days were spent tending to Riolu rather than recording my experiences as she is an unusual, fascinating, and overly dependant little beast. Riolu enjoyed waking up at dawn, and an ominous aura filled the air that indicated that she needed nutrition. The little imp doesn't eat any berries except the rarest ones in the forest; dry beauty berries a specific color of blue that put delight in her eyes. She'd growl at anything else.

Minutes after finishing her meal she was off; literally bolting out the door at speeds that would make a Rapidash jealous. I spend the majority of the day just trying to keep up, and saving her from the occasional peril that she undoubtedly found herself in. Within a few days I gave the forest something to fear me about; the ideal of harming who I took as my own child was a price too heavy for most to carry. Though my powers eluded me I still had my superior intellect on my side, and used it to give myself the upper hand.

Riolu was often thankful for the help, and by time I caught up to her she'd been ready for lunch. More berries, some water, and a quick nap that'll hopefully leave her subdued for the remainder of the day. These were the times that I enjoyed the most. Only when Riolu was tired did I have the chance to hold her and form a lasting bond.

I remembered the first word she said …

... " Mama. "I quickly corrected her, though she still calls me 'mama'.

Riolu's boundless energy and need to explore the area forced me to implore strict discipline so the child would at least be safe from predators. My first attempts to restrict her from going outside at all were foiled when she displayed her first ripple of potential; she literally ripped the newly installed door off its hinges. At least I had no doubt as to her type now. Once further restrictive action failed I decided to take an alternate route.

One that I thought I'd never see again. " Today we train, Riolu. " I said it simply.

The sleepy little canine blinked once towards me, then nodded. " Okay, mama. "

Riolu came incredibly close to defeating me today.

It would not be shameful to lose to a creature I considered my own daughter now that I lost use of my true power, but I'd feel flustered none the less. A psychic's body is too frail to take the repeated blows of a fighting Pokemon, I know, but it didn't stop me from trying. I blocked whenever Riolu tried to hit me with Force Palm, and it hurt. There were times I needed to call her off to ensure she didn't fracture the bone.

Riolu would always apologize to me then, and give me a hug.

I'd smile in return and tell her it's going to be all right.

I myself feel that everything will be all right, now.

I came to my revelation too late to save the hundreds of lives lost in the Tree of Beginning's collapse, but it came just in time to save this little life right beside me. I did not need to be the strongest in the world. I did not need to make a name for myself. I did not need to go on quests for glory and meaning to find happiness. I did not need to try and change the lives of those around me to better fit my own designs. The only thing I needed in this life was knowing that I would be missed when I was gone, that someone loved me, and possibly depended on me for support.

That was all I ever wanted.

In an ideal world I wouldn't be raising Riolu by myself, and I wouldn't be going to bed alone at night. Three month old Riolu never questioned who her real mother and father did, and in doing so allowed me to heal even more from the incident. Though there were times I myself questioned her origins I grew to accept that it was little more than fate, or invisible force smiling favorably on me.

Feeing that today's training was over I scooped Riolu up into my arms and gave her a loving kiss on the cheek. She giggled in return and wrapped her arms around my neck while I steadied her. Smiling in content to myself, I turned, but didn't get farther than a step before a voice cut through the air.

" … Now isn't that sweet. "

I turned to face them completely, and froze.

" Life goes on within you and without you. "

The End.

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