Note: I was just going through my documents when I saw this rewrite that I did some time ago. I think I did this after the manga ended. Only the last two drabbles (which are both manga-based) are new so go straight to 1 and 0 if you've read the first 5 chapters. Please consider this as some sort of bonus chapter. Happy reading!

4 times Suoh Tamaki Failed to Properly Kiss Fujioka Haruhi (and 1 Time He Did)

- Jess


"You don't look too well."

"I don't feel too well."

Haruhi frowned at him, slightly amazed at how he could manage to look both pitifully sick and sparklingly handsome at the same time.

Tentatively, she asked him, "Is there anything I can do?"

Tamaki brightened immediately and if it weren't for the dark bags under his eyes, and his runny nose, she would've sworn he was putting on an act.

"There is one thing." He batted his eyelashes at her and gestured to lean closer, a child about to whisper a secret.

She does so, foregoing suspicion, in favor of his infirmity, for surely, he wouldn't try anything in his current condition.

Slightly chapped lips against her cheek and a self-satisfied smile tell her otherwise.






"Haruhi, please. Only you can help me—us now!"


"But, Ha-ru-hii."

He looked up at her with woe in his puppy dog eyes.

"How about Kyoya-sempai?"

"He refused." The reminder of the rejection brought a pout to Tamaki's lips.


"Haruhi, do you not have pity? Look into his eyes. Those beautiful beads of onyx mingled with—"

Haruhi wordlessly took Kuma-chan from his grasp and promptly kissed the place where it's—his, as Tamaki insists—left eyes used to be.


Haruhi would've been fine with a simple, "yes." Tamaki, however, insisted on launching himself into her arms and giving her a fierce hug that could've cut off her blood circulation if it lasted a moment longer.

Some time later, in the privacy of his room, he would press a kiss on the same spot where Haruhi had kissed Kuma-chan earlier before going to sleep.





"Trick or treat?"

Haruhi blinked back the glitters from her line of vision (literally and metaphorically; Tamaki's costume required that he be surrounded by a cloud of glitter), fumbled for the pack of sweets she carried around with her, and handed him a strawberry-flavored candy.

He almost looked crestfallen for a second, but he took the sweet nevertheless.

She watched curiously as he popped the candy into his mouth.

And then he smiled at her.

Which was nothing new really.

Haruhi, however saw the warning signs, as Tamaki prepared to lunge himself at her. For someone as physically clumsy as her, Haruhi managed to duck and she quickly introduced Tamaki's face to the floor.

Because really, no one can have both a trick and a treat.

Even Tamaki-sempai.





"There was some gruel left and… there are also rice balls as a side dish. You said that your cook was on holiday so if it's okay with you…"

Tamaki did it without thinking. He cupped the side of her neck, leaned forward a bit, just the tiniest bit (she was so much closer than he realized), and pressed a kiss on the top of her head.

"Thank you Haruhi."

He's grateful he managed to smile, and as he walks away, he second-guesses his recent expression of affection. Was it okay to kiss her? He is her father.


Shouldn't he have aimed somewhere else?





She was blushing again. Haruhi was starting to get frustrated. She still hasn't developed immunity against Tamaki. It was of utmost importance that she did so because her boyfriend was so touchy-feely.

The hand on her waist inched towards her hip and squeezed. His other hand cupped her neck, and tilted her face towards him.

"Haruhi, I finally got rid of them. We can now have some peace and quiet." Them referred to their fellow host club members. While she appreciated quiet now and then, she could never be totally at peace with Tamaki in close proximity.

"You're still here." The blush on her cheeks cancelled out the remonstration in her tone.

He flashed her a mischievous smile and that was all the warning she got before he pressed his lips against her.