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IN Little Red Secret:

Oliver Wood: age 20

Ginny Weasley: 5th year. age 15

Harry, Hermione, Ron: 6th year. age 16

Miranda Roy : 6th year. age 16

Jamari, George and Fred Weasley: 7th year. age 17


Harry looked around; there was Ginny running toward him; she had a hard, blazing look in her face as she threw her arms around him. And without thinking, without planning it, without worrying about the fact that fifty people were watching, Harry kissed her. (Rowling 533) Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

It had been a year since Harry and Ginny had become the talk of the school. Although it was a castle, the word went around quick, even the ghosts and portraits knew.

Each time Ginny thought of the night after the game, when they first shared their first kiss in the Gryffindor common room, Ginny could not help but smile.

They both were oblivious of the people around them, they knew some would disapprove of their relationship, but they didn't care. Only they alone mattered to one another.

"Harry.. Haaaarry.. HARRY!" screamed Miranda to the teams seeker.

"What?" asked Harry in a dazed state.

"Will you two please pay attention!? Now if you could please tune in with the team, I was just about to announce... I have some... big news for you all." Grabbing her stomach Miranda smiled at them. Miranda had been the Gryffindor quidditch team captain, ever since Oliver Wood had left. Becoming the youngest captain in Hogwarts history.

"Oi Miranda, get on with it woman!" Fred Weasley chuckled, when Miranda responded with an obscene hand gesture

Fred blew a kiss at Miranda "I love you too, bloody gorgeous witch! now get on with it!"

Miranda could only smile at them all. "Okay, well you all know how I have sat out in the past two games?" everyone nodded.

"Well, guy's - George please come up here- George and I... are expecting a little one" she finished, as George grabbed Miranda's hand.

If it were not for Fred, choking on his drink. There would have been total silence.

"WHAT? George! why didn't you tell me, I am your brother... your TWIN! git!"

"AND I YOUR SISTER!" said Ginny getting up on her feet.

Standing up together Fred and Ginny both questioned the couple. "Since when have you two been SHAGGING!?" they said in a duet.

The quidditch team burst into laughter.

Miranda and George looked at them questionably.

Harry walked towards the hand holding couple, grabbed Miranda's free hand and kissed it. "We all knew already mate, it was obvious"

"How?" asked Miranda astonished. She had been sure she was hiding it the best she could. And if they knew, then who else knew too?

"Well-" began Fred "-for one, you have been having horrid mood swings, and I mean far worse then usual. The oddest cravings, and George has had little sleep and-" Fred tried to continue, but his twin cut in.

Covering his mouth with his hand George coughed out "Don't forget the heavy gas." Miranda looked at him before punching him playfully.

The team stood up and hugged her before settling back down.

Grabbing Ginny's hand, Harry smiled at Miranda. "Mate, I have a feeling that's not the all you have to tell us".

"Well, actually no, it isn't. I uh.. well actually George, maybe you should sit down for this too, because I have not told you this." Miranda said sadly.

"What is it?" asked George.

"Well my mum and da-" Miranda began in her heavy Scottish accent, looking down she played with her hands "-when I told them I was expecting this little one, they made me choose, to stay at Hogwarts and abort... or have the baby, and kick me out of their home.."

George immediately stood up. "What?, darling why didn't you tell me?" He asked, bringing her into a hug.

Ginny brought her hand to her mouth, and got up to hug Miranda. "Miranda, for Merlin's sake, how could they do that?... OF COURSE YOU CHOOSE to keep the baby right?" Ginny asked Miranda.

George stepped away from his sister and girlfriend. Waiting for the answer. He honestly feared to hear anything negative.

Miranda looked at George, grabbing his face she pulled him to a kiss before turning back to Ginny and the rest of her team mates... her friends, but mostly, her family.

"Of course I am. But one way or the other, I cannot stay at Hogwarts any longer... I have nowhere to go, and a child raise, George has been wonderful, and said he will help raise our baby." Miranda explained.

George pulled away from her, "I will be right back." He said.

Miranda looked at everyone, who in return all shrugged. They knew as much as she did right now.

A few minutes later George came back.

"Miranda.. look you know I love you, and I really wish your mum and dad could have reacted different, but I wish I could have made this more special" Getting on his knee he pulled out a small box, making the whole team gasp, and Miranda to begin and tear up.

Opening the box, it contained a ring, with a very small diamond. "Miranda, I know I am not the most mature wizard there is, and I know you could have picked so many other guys who have money and looks, and I still do not know what the hell brought you to even accept me as your boyfriend, but it would be the greatest honor any woman could ever give me, if you became my other half... er-" George said looking at Fred. Maybe he should have reworded that differently.

Looking back at Miranda, he continued. "- well you know, what I mean. Look Miranda, I promise I will take care of you and our baby. And I know this is our last year here, but I much rather spend it with you and our baby, anywhere else. I will gather the money I have saved and build us a-" he rambled on.

Miranda, still crying covered George's mouth. "George, I do."

Two weeks later

Ginny sat in the Gryffindor common room. Reading a book, she sat on the warm comfy sofa next to the fire place.

"Gin, you never told me how your mum took the news." Putting her book down, Ginny looked at her brother Ron's girlfriend.

"Oh, I'm sorry Hermione, I completely forgot. Well She was not aware that George even had a girlfriend. So she had a big shock when we told her he had left Hogwarts, with his pregnant fiancée. She was really mad at the fact that he did not bother telling her, he was going to leave Hogwarts, but really proud of him for being very mature, and taking on the responsibilities." Ginny said.

"How are George and Miranda anyways?" Hermione asked.

"Actually Harry just went to send a letter for me, that I wrote them." Ginny said.

"Oh, that's good. Well I am going to the library, could you please tell Ron when he wakes up, to meet me at the Great Hall." Hermione asked.

Ginny nodded as she watched Hermione step out the portrait door. And watched an out of breath Harry walk in.

"Gin, you better be happy I love you this much to have walked all that in the snow, to send a letter I was not allowed to even read!" Harry said, still breathing heavily. Harry wasn't sure if it had been the walk to the owl shed. Or walking up all those flight of stairs, that wore him out.

Ginny patted the spot next to her.

"Well when I become Mrs. Ginny Potter, you will be doing more bidding for me." She said smiling.

Harry pretended to play dead as Ginny began laughing. Pushing her hair back behind her ear, Harry kissed her. "Do you really mean it?" he asked.

Laying down on the sofa Harry felt Ginny's weight as she laid on top of him.

"Mean what?" she asked. She could feel his heart still beating fast, and she could smell the cologne he wore, that she loved.

"That one day you will Mrs. Ginny Potter." Ginny met his eyes.

"Harry I loved you before I even met you. I read stories about you, and fell asleep thinking you would some day come back to the wizarding world and ask me to be your girlfriend, you know the typical little girl fantasy dream-" She let out a shy smile "- and when I found out my brother was best mates with Harry Potter, well wow, I thought maybe my dreams were going to come true. But then I met you, and I saw how you looked at me, I was just a little girl in your eyes. And now... look at us. So you actually think I will throw this all away and not want to become Mrs. Potter some day?" she asked.

Harry smiled at her. "I was stupid, I don't know why I did not ask you out earlier, I had to be an idiot and waste my time chasing Cho Chang, before realizing there was this beautiful little red head for me. And It took me 6 years to realize how much I want to spend the rest of my life with you." Harry said.

They were about to kiss when they heard some one clear out their throat.

Ginny got of Harry. "Oh.. Ron, Hermione asked me to tell you she would meet up with you at the Great Hall." She said rearranging her clothes.

Harry fixed his shirt, "Hey mate, had a good sleep? Got up to eat huh?"

Ron yawned acting like if had not just seen his little sister getting cozy with his best mate, he was happy to see them together. But he still was not used to the idea of seeing them so romantic. "I am starving!" He said yawning. "Hey do you guys know when our next practice will be? I had a terrible dream, that Slytherin had won." He said as he followed behind Harry and Ginny.

All three walked out the Gryffindor common room, and where now making their way for dinner at the Great Hall.

"Well George sent me a letter yesterday, and it said Miranda had asked one of her best mates to come and coach us a bit. For this years last game against Slytherin. So he should be here I would assume this week." Ginny said.

Harry and Ron looked at each other "Wonder who she sent, but who ever it is I am sure they will be great, Miranda was really looking forward to the big game."

Ginny jumped the last step. "Don't know, she said something about him being some professional quidditch player, or something like that." She said walking backwards, as she looked at Harry and Ron.

Harry and Ron shrugged. Walking into the Great Hall they joined their house table with their mates. The smell of fresh baked ham, sweetened to perfection with pineapple, and mashed potatoes, fresh baked breads. Corn on a cob. And chocolates cakes, and fresh cut fruit.