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Song for this last chapter: 6 underground by Sneaker Pimps.


Oliver opened the door leading to outside.

"After you." said Oliver

"Thank you." responded Ginny.

She stepped out to the cold, She hugged herself with her cloak.

Walking side by side, around the school towards the Great Lake, Oliver looked around. He saw no one, and wrapped his arm around her, he kept her warm.

They both walked in silence to the Great Lake.

Oliver waved his hand at the snow around the tree that was by the lake. Ginny watched as the snow melted away, and left a dry grassy patch for them.

Oliver sat down, and motioned Ginny to sit in between his legs. As she did, he reached over and wrapped his arms around her, keeping her warm.

She rested her head back to his chest.

"Oliver... I was wondering." began Ginny.


"Well you know how Jamari said, that we would have to tell people if it got serious?"

"yeah..." Oliver said slowly.

"... are we getting serious?" asked Ginny.

Oliver kissed her neck.

"Gin, you know I love you. And I would love to shout it out out to the world... but you know we can't just go around telling, and expect them to be okay with it." said Oliver almost in a whisper.

Ginny nodded. She knew it was true. And the last thing she wanted, was for him to lose his dream and passions because of her. Even more land in Azkaban and get a bad rep.

"I know." Ginny whispered back.

They stood quiet for a moment.

"You have a really nice voice Ginny." said Oliver, referring to when she was singing with Jamari.

"I'm rubbish compared to Jamari." she responded.

"Sing for me?" asked Oliver.

Ginny shook her head.

"please?" asked Oliver

Ginny stood quiet and finally gave in.

She began humming the music of one of her favorite

song: 6 underground by Sneaker Pimps.

"take me down

6 underground

the ground beneath your feet

laid out low

nothing to go

nowhere a way to meet.

i've got a head

full of drought

down here

so far off of losing out

round here

Overground, watch this space

I'm open to

falling from


Ginny had flashbacks of Harry.

The first time she read a book about him, the first time she saw him at the train station, him visiting her house, his owls, kissing him, he asking her to be his girl, she saying yes, he asking her to wait for him...

"calm me down

bring it round

too way high off your street

i can see

like nothing else

in me

you're better than I wannabe-"

Ginny stopped singing, she and Oliver heard screaming. They both got up to their feet fast.

"What was that?" asked Ginny scared.

Oliver pulled out his wand.

"I don't know... I think it's coming from inside the school." said Oliver. He broke into a run towards the school.

Ginny ran behind him.

"GINNY STAY BACK!" Oliver yelled over his shoulder as he ran.

"I'm not leaving your side." she said, now running by his side.

As they drew closer to the school they could hear more screaming. They were both still hidden by the shadows.

Oliver grabbed Ginny by the shoulder, and stopped her. Ginny followed his gaze as they both looked up. The Dark Mark clearly visible in the sky over Hogwarts.

" can't be... but Dumbledore is h-" said Ginny

Oliver covered her mouth. He hugged her, and pulled her back, becoming consumed by the shadows even more.

Ginny saw why he did it, as she saw death eaters landing off their brooms in front of the school.

Suddenly the front doors opened of the school. And Ginny saw Draco smiling, his wand in his hand.

"We already shot off a few of them father." said Draco as one of the Death eaters walked up to him, he pat Draco's back.

"Good work Draco. Did you let thew others in? asked Lucius Malfoy

"Just like it was planned, let them in through the secret passage." smiled Draco, his chest puffed out.

"Very well. The Dark Lord will be happy. And Dumbledore?" said Lucius.

"Hybrifer killed him. The old fool was trying to protect a few of the filthy mudbloods." sneered Draco.

Ginny and Oliver watched as a few students ran out the door. But they stopped in their tracks as they saw the death eaters. They screamed and tried running back inside.

Oliver saw as a few of the death eaters raised their wands to kill the students.

Oliver apparated in from of the students. With his wand he used a protecting spell. Knocking Draco, who was close, off his feet and to the ground.

Ginny screamed as she saw the death eaters all begin to throw killing curses towards Oliver's and the students way. Ginny ran behind Oliver, as he pulled the shield spell off just fast enough for her to get behind him. She took her wand out and began doing the same.

Jamari came running to them.

"Oliver, Ginny! Their everywhere! What should we do? They stunned all the teachers." said Jamari almost crying.

"Help... us!" screamed Oliver. He was screaming to anyone who could hear him. Fred, Hermione, Ron, Lee, Neville and a few other upper years all ran to him. Often turning everywhere and stunning a few of the death eaters already in the castle.

They all saw what Oliver and Ginny where doing, and helped. Making the shield thicker. The death eaters outside where all screaming in rage, and pounding air shield blocking them form entering Hogwarts.

"What's... happening? I thought... no one.. knew where the... exact location of.. Hogwarts... was." said Hermione through gritted teeth. This shielding spell was taking alot out of them quickly.

".. that little...git... Malfoy.. let them in." said Ginny also tiring out.

"Guys... you .. all.. think.. you can hold.. on a bit more?.. I have.. to go... help.. the kids." said Oliver, as they nodded quickly, he turned and ran.

From all around he saw kid's screaming, crying, running all directions. A few of the upper grades were fighting against the death eater. And to much of Oliver's disgust a few lay dead on the floor.

"AVADA KA-" said a death eater as Oliver turned around and stunned him. The death eater fell.

A few of the students rounded up on his, taking wand and kicking him on the ground.

"PROFESSOR WOOD!" screamed a few of the students.


Oliver saw a few more death eaters, he started shooting out spells that the kids had never heard before. Killing and stunning as many as he could.

"GO TO YOUR HOUSES, AND USE THE FLOO NETWORK! PROTECT AND HELP THE ONE'S WEAKER, SLOWER, AND YOUNGER THEN YOU!" screamed Oliver. As he watched many students nod and run towards their houses locations. He watched as a few of the upper years grabbed the hands of the younger years and run with them.

"NOOO!" screamed Ginny. Oliver turned to see Neville Longbottom, Lee Jordan and Luna Lovegood and a few other students who were helping on the floor. Dead. Oliver's stomach did a nasty turn as he saw them.

They had tired out and the shield had broken. The death eaters who were outside all ran in. Jamari pulled Ginny who was crying up. She slapped Ginny hard.

"GINNY!" she screamed at her.

Oliver stun a death eater who was about to curse Ginny and Jamari. Ron, Hermione and Fred and a few other students all began using curses back.

Oliver joined them, and their battle began.

Ginny was trying as hard as she could to keep the death eaters off. She was becoming more and more tired from the shield charm they made done earlier.

Ginny was so focused on fighting off Friop a deatheater in front of her, that she did not notice the one behind her. But Fred did.

Fred watched as the deatheater pointed his wand to Ginny's back.

"AVADA KAD-" he began. Fred ran and pushed Ginny. Screaming the curse back.

Friop and Fred where both hit from one another killing curse. Ginny sat up form the floor and saw Fred dead.


Harry's scar was burning. He grabbed on tightly to his broom. His mind suddenly Voldemorts, he was happy. Very happy. He had given the Malfoy kid a mission. To find a way to let his followers into Hogwarts and rid of Dumbledore and anyone else who he wished. It so happens that the kid had asked him to pledge him as a full Death eater. Allowing him to choose whom he wanted, to bring back to the dark lord, rape, kill and stain his hand and wand with the blood of the victim. Draco choose Ginny to be his victim, who better then the girl who his enemy loved?

Harry came back to his end of the world. He sped up faster. He knew Ginny was in anger, maybe even the school.

Harry was still in pain.

Mentally: from Sirius's death

Physically: he was still recovering his wounds. His bones, were still in the last process of growing back. Since Sirius did not have any Bone Growing potions, he had to use things he could find to be a weak and longer to work substitute.

But right now any sort of physical pain didn't matter to him.

He grabbed the chain he had around his neck, and rubbed the matching ring he had given Ginny. All he knew was that the love of his life was in danger. The girl who he knew loved him and would remain faithful and loving at his side...


Oliver stun one more death eater before running to Ginny. Who was hugging Fred's body, she too crying just as much as Harry did for Sirius.

"GINNY! GET UP! GINNY I'M SORRY BUT YOU HAVE TO FORGET FRED RIGHT NOW, THERE ARE MORE PEOPLE IN DANGER!" said Oliver loudly, over the screams and curses being thrown around.

Ginny yanked her arm away from Oliver.

She bawled her hand hard around her wand. Her knuckles turning white.

As she did she and Oliver turned to where they heard someone screaming and crying.

Little Alexandra, the girl that had asked for Oliver's autograph was against the wall, her feet dangling. Draco holding her by the neck up in the air. His wand pointed at her chest.

"Put her down Draco." said Oliver, getting closer to him.

Ginny was still by her brothers side, from around her, the death eater's were going down, but they were still winning the battle against the students.

"DON'T GET ANY CLOSER WOOD. OR I'LL KILL HER!" snarled Draco, his blonde, almost white hair down, almost covering his eyes. His grip around Alexandra's neck tightening, making her turn red faced even more. She was trying to pry his hands away from her. But he was by far stronger then her.

"Draco, you don't have to hurt her." said Oliver, stopping in his tracks.

"Your right I don't, and nothing will happen to her if you hand over the filthy blood traitor over there with that dead rubbish." said Draco.

"What do you want Ginny for?" asked Oliver.

"That!-" began Draco, his grip even tighter. Alexandra was turning blue now, her eyes were beginning to roll back, her small legs jerking around now. Her mouth was wide open trying to grasp for air.

"-is none of your business Wood. What's it to you?" spit Draco.

"Malfoy, let Alex down, she's just a child." said Oliver. His heart almost breaking at the sight of the small girl.

Draco pulled her a bit away from the wall, and slammed her head back to the wall.

"GIVE ME WEASLEY!" screamed Draco.

Ginny who could not hear what they were saying, turned to see her friends. They were losing...

"Someone help us." She whispered. Her hand on Fred's cold hand.

"WHAT DO YOU WANT WITH HER!" screamed Oliver back.

Ginny turned to Oliver and Draco, she saw little Alex dying.

This is all because of him. That little fucking git. Thought Ginny. She stood up, and ran towards Draco. Her wand pointed at him. Draco who was to busy with Oliver did not notice her right away.

"HEY MALFOY!--- AVADA KEDAVRA!!!" screamed Ginny as she shoved Oliver hard from her way.

Oliver fell to his side, just as Draco and Alexandra did too.

Alexandra began coughing and grabbing her neck, she started crying. She got up and ran up the stairs quickly towards her house common room.

Oliver looked up at Ginny who was breathing hard, her face and eyes red from crying. He couldn't believe she had just used an unforgivable curse.

"..Ginny..." said Oliver loud enough for her to hear.

Lucius had turned in time to see what happened. He ran to his son.

"DRACO... DRACO!.." he turned to Ginny.

"You fucking bitch! how dare you!- CRUCIO!" said Lucius

Ginny dropped to her knee's then side. She began screaming loud. She was twitching, She was in pure agony.

Oliver got to his feet, he was about to curse Lucius when Lucius got to him first, he pulled out his daggers he had, and threw it at Oliver's direction. Piercing him through the heart and neck. Oliver fell back, stunned. Pain shot through his body.

Ginny still being tortured looked at Oliver. she screamed both in her pain and at seeing Oliver bleeding to death now.

She turned to her side, her back to Lucius who was still pointing his wand her. He was going to take his time using the Cruciatus curse on her, before killing her.

She saw death eaters and a few students dead on the floor. She could see a few of them still alive fighting against the death eaters. Ron and Hermione still among the one's standing.

Then in a odd faze, she thought she saw Harry...

'No it can't be... Harry's dead...' thought Ginny.

"HARRY!" screamed Hermione. From all around death eaters lost their guard to see Harry. And the students fired killing curses at them.

Harry ran to Ginny stunning and killed a few death eaters.

"SECTUMSEMPRA!" said Harry pointing his wand towards Lucius. Normally this spell would have created large gash's that would make him loose loads of blood. But with his anger. the gash's created on Lucius were more damaging then thought.

Lucius fell back, drenched in his own blood. He was unrecognizable.

Harry bent down and hugged Ginny who was shaking.

"Harry... I thought... I thought you were dead... the ring.. it was blue" said Ginny hugging him hard and crying.

"I was dying. But Sirius helped me... he's dead Ginny. And I could have lost you." chocked Harry, trying not to cry, he hugged her hard.

When Ginny heard him say I almost lost you, she remembered about Oliver.

She got up quickly and ran to him. She started crying as she saw him twitching, the knifes still in. He was bleeding to death. His eyes felt heavy.

He looked from Harry to Ginny. Sadness in his eyes. He reached over with the last strength he had. And caressed Ginny's face.

"I.. lied.. I would have.. given everything up.. for you... I love you G..G..Gin-" but he couldn't finish. His body slumped.

She grabbed his hand and bawled.

Harry looked at Ginny's and Oliver's hand, and noticed she did not have the ring on.

He looked at her for an answer, and realized what was going on. Ginny had never even waited for him. he had lost his godfather, fought and killed many for her. And this is how she repaid him back.

"Ginny... how could you?" asked Harry in a whisper.

Ginny looked at him. "I'm sorry Harry."

"HARRY!" Screamed Hermione.

Harry turned to see a few death eaters running out the door, away from Hogwarts looking scared. The student's wounded and tired all screamed in happiness. They thought they had won. But Harry knew what was going to happen.

"RUN! HIDE HE'S COMING! VOLDEMORT IS COMING!" said Harry. He got up, winced a bit in pain as his still healing ribs hurt.

The students all began running up the stairs to the Gryffindor, Ravensclaw and Hufflepuff rooms to use the floo network.

Hermione and Ron stayed next to Harry.

"We are not going any where!" said Ron

Hermione looked down at Ginny who was still holing Oliver's hand and gasped, she covered her mouth.

"Oh my gosh! Oliver." said Hermione.

Ginny looked at her with red teary eyes.

Harry looked at Ginny at shook his head sadly.

"Ron.. Hermione... go and take Ginny with you." Harry said.

"No way mate, we are sticking by your side. To the end mate. Even if it means that the end is now." said Ron.

"NO! You know that it's me and only me who can kill him." said Harry

Ron and Hermione were about to protest, but Harry pushed them.

"AND TAKE HER WITH YOU!" said Harry looking at Ginny in rage.

Hermione grabbed Ginnys. Ginny looked at Harry sad.

"Harry.." Ginny began, but didn't know what to say.

"But mate." Said Ron

"Ron please." said Harry.

"I love you Harry." said Hermione crying, she kissed his cheek.

"Thank you two for everything." said Harry

Hermione grabbed Ginny who was still looking at Harry, and ran with Ron up the stairs.

From upstairs, they could hear Harry screaming at Voldemort.

"So this it Voldemort. It ends tonight, even if it mean's I die, but I will make sure I take you along with me!"

Ginny pulled and tried running back down to Harry, but Ron and Hermione caught her and pulled her up the Gryffindor tower.

"WE HAVE TO HELP HARRY!" she screamed at them

"Ginny, he wants to do this, he's right. Only he can do this." said Ron.

"It was all in the prophecy." said Hermione

They got inside the common room, to see the last Gryffindor disappear in the fireplace.

Ron, Hermione and Ginny stepped in. Just as Ron said The Burrow, Ginny jumped out the fireplace.

All she got to hear was Ron and Hermione scream.


But it was too late, they were gone, and could not come back.


"Protego Horribilis!" said Harry blocking another killing curse that Voldemort threw at him.

"Why fight me Potter? you know your going to lose." said Voldemort, his red eyes looking at him intensely.

"It's not over yet-- AVADA KEDAVRA!" said Harry

But Voldemort too blocked it.

"So hows the old Sirius Black? dead as a stone?" Voldemort gave a loud nasty laugh.

Harry tried ignoring the pain he was still having from recovery. Voldemort could sense his pain.

"What's wrong Potter? you want mummy to kiss your little booboo's? To bad she's as dead. Hows does it Potter? to know everyone you love and care about is dying because of you? Your mum, dad, friends, Dumblefore, Sirius" said Voldemort laughing, his arms showing around the room.

Harry saw students he knew dead.

"And that's why you must die!" said Harry

At the same time both shot the same curse, their twin wands battling out to over power the other. From all around them the spell was also effecting everything around them. Hole were being chipped into the castle walls, a few of the dead bodies were being torn apart.

Ginny came running down the steps.

Harry and Voldemort both saw her. Harry broke the spell, and got a full blast of the spell straight in his chest. He screamed and fell back.

Ginny screamed out his name. As he fell back next to Oliver Wood so did Voldemort, except he fell to the other side of the room.

Voldemort confused soon realized what was happening.. it dawned on him... the connection between them was stronger.

Harry must have destroyed the 6th Horcrux after Harry had recovered from dying, that's why Voldemort had not felt none of the pain Harry had felt when he was on the verge of dying. But now that there were no more of Voldemort souls hidden in objects, he too had felt the spell.

Ginny ran to Harry and Oliver, she was crying.

"I.. had done this all for you.." Harry whispered before he gave her one last and dropped his head to the side. His eye's lifeless.

At the other end Voldemort too dead.

Ginny couldn't take it no more. She fainted, her hand grasping both Oliver's and Harry's.


8 years later

"Ginny dear, look who has come to visit you." said a older Mrs. Weasley.

Ginny looked slowly to her side from her bed at St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries.

Six year old Harry Ronald Weasley ran to his aunt and hugged her.

"Aunt Ginny!" the small boy hugged his aunt. Who looked at him uninterested.

The small boys parents both walked into the room.

"Hi Ginny. How are you?" asked Ron and Hermione together.

"The medi's said she is doing much better." said Mrs. Weasley for her.

Ginny just looked out the window.

Mrs. Weasley tried turned and tried not to cry. Her daughter had never been the same after the night when The boy who lived and the dark lord died. She had not spoken a word since, and went to a silent and at time violent craze. She had to be taken to St. Mungo's. Where she was visited often by her family and the few of her friends she still had.

Although when they did, she never seemed interested.

"Mummy, what's wrong with aunty Ginny?" asked a curious Harry Ronald

"Maybe one day when your older you will understand , okay sweety? said Hermione kissing the top of his head.

Ginny, closed her eyes. And drifted into one of her wonderful dreams. The dream she frequently had, where she was in paradise with the loves of her life.