AN: So, I was reading my fic "Painted Feelings" again, and I suddenly thought of a sequel. So here it is; hope you like it! This takes place in the girls dormetry.
Tip: Read Painted Feelings first.


Oh, I do not own these wonderful characters, these are the creations of brilliant JK Rowling! Yeah, you didn't expect that, did ya? No, I can't be a genius full time, sorry

"Katie? Kate where are you?"

"Katie's in the library."

"Wow, Angelina, you startled me."

"Do you hear that Alice, I startled him!"

"Ehm, what are you two doing?"

"Looking at Katie's paintings."

"Ah, her paintings.."

"I wonder why she likes the colour red so much."

"I'm sorry?"

"I wonder why she paints so much red paintings."

"Yeah, that's a bit odd, so many red."

"Hey, captain, you feel a little red today don't ya?"

"Hehe, you look like a tomato!"

"Shut up, show me the paintings."

"Why, what's in it for you?"

"Yeah, what's in it for you Oliver?"

"Oh, hello Katie. What's with the red?"

"Ask Oliver."