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He saw her walk into the house, and enter the room just next to him. He turned off his Byakugan relived that she finally came home. Her late trainings always made him nervous. He preferred when she stayed home where he could keep an eye on her. Where he could make sure no one will hurt her and that no one will get to close to her.

When he was appointed her protector, and when he moved into the room just next to hers, he thought he would spend more time with her. But her reaction was contrary to his, she did not want him to be there, first time in her life she stood up to her father saying that she will not allow him to walk around with her, he could sleep in the next room, train with her, but nothing more. That meant he could not watch over her when she left the house with her team and friends, or when she left the house for her late evening trainings. He left furious. He was willing to sacrifice his time for her and she refused! How did she dare to refuse to him! Never in his wildest dreams did he imagine her to refuse to him! He was her protector, her guardian, but she just told him that he was her protector but not her father or warder! She had her private life and she demanded it was HER private life! He could feel the rage grow in his veins, he wanted to yell at her, push her, kick her, and make her recognize him, and his sacrifice for her.

He had enough he had to talk with her and yell out all the fury and pain.

We went to her room and without knocking walked in. She stood there wrapped in a towel because she just came out of the shower. He could see drops of water on her skin just above the towel and on her neck. He could see her surprised eyes and blush on her face. He could see her breast move up and down with every breath. He saw her several times before without her coat but this was something he did not expect. He kept staring at her with anger but a different feeling came into play. The feeling of need and the feeling of lust. He had to make her his, this only made him more angry, she was his and yet he had no right to her! She talked and smiled to others, Kiba Shino and Naruto got all her smiles, they could spend time with her, go out with her, and she refused to him! He was her protector, so she should be spending time with him!

He looked back to her face, noticing her wet hair and beautiful smoothness of skin. But then he looked her again in the eyes and noticed to his surprise that she was mad. She was mad at him.

"What do you think you are doing here?" She spoke angrily. "This is my room, it's the middle of the night, and I don't want you to be here!" To his surprise she did not stumble at all. She spoke clearly, pronouncing very word with disgust and rage. This only made his anger even stronger.

"I bet you would prefer Naruto to be here with you" he hissed.

"Yes I would, he at least as the decency to knock, and he does not come when not asked!" she replied swiftly. Her admittance to the fact that other men were in her life, made the fire in his veins even wilder. The anger he felt in that moment was humongous, he leaped to her grabbing her hands and pushed her against the wall.

"You think you can play with me like this. I am supposed to protect you, but how can I do that when you keep spending time with those idiots" he whispered with rage.

"They are not idiots, and don't you dare talk like that about my friends!" she hissed back. "I have the right to spend my time with who I wish! And that's not you! I never asked you to be my protector, so get lost! You're fired! Free to do what ever you choose just get out of my room" she almost yelled out the last words. He did not reply to those words, he had reached his limit.

He just leaned down and brutally shut her up with his own lips. He kissed her and demanded her to comply, but she fought hard. She struggled only to find that his hands were holding her tightly and that his body was pushing her even harder against the wall. It made her even angrier, "Who gave him the right to do this to me! How dare he kiss me without my consent?" she thought, and simply bit hard the lips that were kissing her.

In the moment of surprise he let go on her hands which she used immediately to attack him. But she had no chance. He was the genius of the clan, he was older and stronger. He repelled every strike and finally after a long struggle he pinned her back against the wall. This time making sure he held her even thither.

"You think you can win with me? You always have been weaker! And I won't let you go!" he hissed starting to kiss her again. In response to those words she bit him again, and she kicked his leg. But he did not let go. She ripped the towel off her, exposing her naked body to the moon light which came thorough the window. She looked so beautiful, her dark hair, her sweet body and her angry eyes. He always admired her when she was shy and blushing, but this Hinata, with the fierceness in her eyes made the blood in his veins flow very fast.

He wanted her even more then before. This angry Hinata was worth fighting for.

He could feel his numb body demanding her. He could see her fury, but at the same time he could feel the response of her body, the shivers that came down her spine, her fast breath, he could felt her heart beating fast against his chest. In her face he saw anger, but he could see the same lust that flew in his veins. She wanted him, even if she would never admit it.

"So call for help if you don't like this, but I can promise you one thing, you will scream tonight but not for help." She shivered even more hearing the last words he spoke. He slowly let go of her hands, and instead he held her breast. He did it brutally, squeezing it hard, and moving his hands around the sensitive nipples, playing with it as he always did in his wild dreams about her. She felt the cold of the wall behind her, but his warm hands, and moves he did made her warm.

"He is right" she thought "I am nineteen years old and yet he knows me better then I know myself." She did not move, accepting all what his hands were doing with her body. She began to fight with him again when he leaned down to kiss her breast, but the movement of his hand between the tights made her give in to the powerful feeling. She wanted him so much; she wanted what he was doing with her. The feeling of him playing with her breast and kissing it, the feeling of his hand gently caressing her womanhood indeed made her scream, but it was not a cry for help, but a symbol of her downfall.

He could feel her wetness and warmness, and he felt so happy that she made that sound of pleasure, she was still struggling a bit, but he just stood up and looking her straight in the eyes he moved his fingers thorough her curly locks and slipped two fingers into her. He could see the lust in her eyes, the same need that he could feel in himself. He pushed harder against her, so that she could feel his body, he leaned and kissed her once more, hushing all the sounds of pleasure she made while he was giving her pleasure.

Soon she was shivering even more, he could feel her body get even wetter and he could feel her walls clutch around his fingers. First time that evening she kissed him, as if thanking for the flight in the stars he had just gave her. She never thought pleasure could be so fulfilling. She never let Naruto or Kiba kiss her, and never in her wildest dreams did she image such lust and pleasure to exist. She was shocked that it was Neji who made her feel this way. Her own cousin.

But the fight was far from over. She could see that in his eyes, her body was satisfied for the moment but his lust was still there, burning and willing to burn her.

Seeing that she finally had her climax he lifted her and put her on the bed. She did not move she just watched him get undressed. He slowly took off his shirt and boxers, and stood there for a moment.

She looked at him with hunger, his body was perfect, not only well trained, but so smooth, so beautiful. Looking at him, his manhood and his eyes full of lust and anger she felt her lust come back. She had a feeling that the ecstasy she had before was just the beginning and that there was much more to be discovered. He looked at her, this time as if asking for permission to come closer, as if he needed her acceptance. She could feel that he was hesitating, she could see that his anger was slowing going away, and that a different feeling emerged. She lifted her hands in invitation to him, and when he came she hugged him hard.

"Do you think I will let you go now?" she hissed taking over control. She pulled him on the bed and sat on him. He was very surprised that she took over the initiative, but it made him feel good. She took her time torturing him, touching him everywhere, and kissing him all over. She wanted him to feel as helpless and as dependant from her as several minutes ago he made her feel. She was gentile but decisive at the same time, she did not let him move, moving her body on him, moving her lips and hands over his skin. But soon it was too much for him.

He grabbed her hands and pulled her down under him. He pushed his body hard against her, knowing that it might hurt her a bit the first time. He slowly opened her tights for him and pushed himself into her. She had a look of surprise on her face. She did not expect the feeling of pain to come, but soon it was gone, and all she felt was even more lust. She wrapped her legs around his hips and moved up to meet his body and push him further into her.

This time it was he who started screaming, and it was she who hushed him with a brutal kiss. They started fighting like never before, pushing one body against the other, kissing and biting, hugging and pushing away. It was fast, and it was brutal, but it gave both the feeling of belonging to each other. The matched perfectly, they had the same rhythm, their blood was filled with the same lust, and they never felt so good before. They both cried when they reached their climax, and soon they feel asleep hugging each other.

He woke up, but it was still dark outside the window. He looked at the woman he held in his arms. He was very surprised in what happened earlier. He knew he wanted her, but only now he realized he was jealous about her for at least several years. He was very surprised with her response to him, and to find that her body matched his perfectly. In his dreams she always was tender, quiet and almost dead and not responding to him, but her anger and her lust made it even better. He hugged her tightly and he knew he would never let her go. She was his. And by this night he finally gained the right to spend time with her and to be with her. Never before did he feel so happy.